Chiefs cruise past Jets for third straight win


The Chiefs started the season with a pair of losses that led many to question their chances of making it back to the playoffs after winning 11 games last season.

Five wins in the next six weeks have things looking a lot different for the Chiefs, however. They handled the Jets easily on Sunday, jumping out to a 14-0 lead before the end of the first quarter, adding a touchdown just before halftime and shutting out the Jets in the second half for a 24-10 win that leaves them 5-3 halfway through their regular season schedule.

Question the quality of Sunday’s competition all you’d like, but the Chiefs are winning with the same formula they rode to the postseason last year. Alex Smith played error-free at quarterback, Jamaal Charles ran well when the game was still in doubt and the defense got two sacks from Justin Houston while giving a bad offense nowhere to go. Throw in tight end Travis Kelce’s growing contributions and a playoff spot is a more than reasonable goal in Kansas City

They’ll be in Buffalo to face the 5-3 Bills next weekend in a game that will help determine how much more than reasonable.

No such goals exist for the Jets, of course. They’ll get to talk about Rex Ryan’s increasingly short future after an eighth straight loss and whether Michael Vick, who left briefly in the fourth quarter after hitting his head on the turf, should get another start, well-worn topics that will have to suffice for entertainment value in a season that’s providing none on the field.

19 responses to “Chiefs cruise past Jets for third straight win

  1. So you have Chris Johnson, Michael Vick, Chris Ivory, and Eric Decker and you decide to start Geno Smith. Woody Johnson needs to fire himself as we all know he had a hand in that decision. It wasn’t just Idzik. Pretty sure one of them also were the decided factor to but Sanchez in last year in a lost preseason game.

  2. Woody needs to go. Idiot needs to go. I like Rex but he’s gone. Just blow them up and start over. Maybe rename them back to the New York Titans or something.

  3. and you decide to have Geno Smith start the season* That’s what I meant. Vick should of been in from Week 1.

  4. Jets were out of it when the defense let Kansas City get up 14- 0 (or was it 21-0) at one point.

    I was giving Geno the benefit of the doubt, but the offense moved well with Vick and would have scored more points had the defense not had them down early.

    There lack of talent at WR is glaring, though having Harvin there has helped Decker out a bit. Looks like Jets should have made the switch back during the San Diego game. There year might look a bit different.

  5. Ha Ha Ha!! The #1 True American Team Cowboys will forever be America’s Team as they have forever been. Stop hatin can’t change what it is them Texas Boys will always be here!!

  6. @orivar

    That’s on Rex not the owner. The organization is the one who provided us those players and it is up to the coach to play them. Just another example of Rex playing his “buds”

  7. It matters not what you do nothing can destroy us. We will always be winners for us there is no such thing as defeat. The whole world knows we have what can’t be taken away true hart love the support up or down it is you haters that keep our team here in the headlines we love the support. Celebrate us and all our victory’s past present and YES future. COWBOYS 4 LIFE SMILE 4 THEM TEXAS BOYS

  8. ryann252013 says: Nov 2, 2014 4:20 PM


    That’s on Rex not the owner. The organization is the one who provided us those players and it is up to the coach to play them. Just another example of Rex playing his “buds”


    Wasn’t there just an issue on Woody’s potential veto on Geno being benched. Also the body language in the interviews. The statements by idzik during the off season and actions. There’s a lot of politics going on in that organization and it isn’t on Rex.

  9. You can’t blame the Jets on one person. I also thought that it was a mistake starting Geno Smith over Mike Vick. The offense responds better under Vick than Smith. That’s just a fact.

    However, Vick can’t play defense. He can play linebacker. He can’t block on the O-line. So Vick isn’t a savior because the Jets doesn’t have enough good, young players. You know you have issues when your best option is Vick because I don’t think that Vick even wanted to start for the Jets. I think he was perfectly happy having Geno trot out there, take that punishment as he held the clipboard for a change.

  10. We guess someone had to win. Hope these teams are starting their big boards.
    With losses to the Bucs and Browns, you better hope your Steelers have started their big board.

  11. I think it’s pretty clear that Vick should have been the starter from the outset – maybe he could have lead them to a 9-7 season. At this point, though, they should play the kids – all of them – tank the season, finish 1-15 and position themselves for an early pick to either take a quarterback or trade for a vet or a big pile of picks to rebuild with.

  12. Idzik is pushing the guys he brought in despite being 1-8. Guys like Harvin care more about personal stats then winning. Harvin will breakdown before the year is over.

  13. Trying times to be a Jets fan. We need to just pack it in and start looking at 1st Round QB prospects.

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