Jay Gruden disputes “amateurish” report on Griffin

Before Sunday’s game between Washington and Minnesota, ESPN published a couple of reports regarding Robert Griffin III.  And coach Jay Gruden wasn’t happy about it.

Britt McHenry of ESPN focused on locker-room issues, concluding that Griffin has “alienated himself” from teammates.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that some believe the decision to start Griffin this week came from owner Daniel Snyder or president/G.M. Bruce Allen.

After the game, Gruden addressed the situation, presumably focusing (based on the question he was asked) on McHenry’s report.

It was an amateurish report,” Gruden said, via CSN Washington.  “It was totally not true. And for anybody who reads that to believe that, they’re an amateur. Anybody who reports that’s an amateur. It’s totally false.”

Gruden seems to think he team is being victimized by the media.

“They’re always gonna try to tear him down and tear us down, for whatever reason,” Gruden said. “But we’re gonna stay united as a locker room. And that’s that. We’re not gonna let anybody get to us. That’s some small-time reporter reporting fiction.”

Via the Washington Post, other reporters have disputed McHenry’s account from ESPN’s pregame show regarding locker-room noise from teammates at a time when Griffin was trying to talk to reporters. Specifically, the explanation from several reporters is that players have been making noise during interviews because P.R. has provided extra media availability.

49 responses to “Jay Gruden disputes “amateurish” report on Griffin

  1. I dispute that characterization. Adam Schefter is a professional hack, not an amateur one.

  2. I would love to slug “Schefty” in the face… have been for years. It’s not called reporting, its call shocking sensationalism… The bigger the headlines, the bigger the clicks…

  3. This is the worst run team in NFL history.

    The team WAS building towards a great team dynamic with McCoy at the helm but then they just had to bring back the Fragile Man.

    I am DONE with this Washington team as long as Dan Snyder owns it.

    I feel profoundly sorry for the team players that have to put up with this miserably run team.

    Thanks for the loss Fragile man.

    I am sure you have many left in the future-right here in Washington.

    Thank God I never bought season tickets.

  4. All the reports about Harvin were false … until he got traded and then suddenly it was worse than we knew.

  5. Stick to trying to coach, Jay. Rule number one: control what you can control.

    Now I have sympathy for you since you work for Mr Snyder, but still, you don’t do well with the media brief, particularly when you rip players. You are supposed to have their back.

    And think about Joe Maddon. Because you’re closer to Rick Renteria in such a scenario…

  6. Every local reporter who covers the team disputed this. Why should I believe national reporters from NY over the local reporters who are there at Redskin practices almost every day?

  7. Funny how espn comes out with breaking news about an interview that was two days ago. They try to make up a story for game day ratings.

  8. I can tell you what RG’s problem it, he is a clutz. All he had to to was toss a five yard pass and he trips over his own feet, throws the ball into the ground. Even the Mark Sanchez and Geno Smiths make that play.

    On two other occasions he got hit and got up like a truck ran him over. This guy just isn’t very tough period. Washington has to dump this guy and move on.

  9. Why is everyone getting on espn case ? How many coaches would pull the hot hand for a guy that hasn’t played in weeks ? Snyder probably “suggested” he play RGIII. Gruden should have stood firm and started McCoy until he lost a game. Its not like the skins are going places.

  10. Jay I cannot answer as to why the media is all over RG3. I do know why I’m loving watching him struggle- his career thus far, how he percieves himself, logo & statue.

  11. Bridgewater plays the game how rgknee should… Look pass, run if need be. Knee just yells hike and takes off running with no intention in mind. That’s high school ball, he will never be good in the NFL unless he changes his mentality.

  12. When was the last time RG3 won a game? Colt McCoy has won 2. Colt had the momentum, should’ve gone with him till he lost or was wasn’t performing. He earned this start. In any sport you always put the best players on the field. RG3 is not the best, he is just popular.

    And why don’t the coaches ever show emotions? They are always so passive. No fire in them at all. They have settled for less than mediocrity. They expect mistakes, expect to lose. I could say more but what’s the use? They need to get a gang tackling mentality. They left their man hanging today. Had just one player been there to hit the running back after his legs were wrapped up they could’ve won. Just plain terrible.

  13. Jay Gruden has had 9 quarters with Griffin.

    You think, maybe, he’s allowed a slight chance to coach him? Review a few game films and allow a few tweeks???

    Just wondering….

  14. Don’t know if the report is true or not, it is funny how it comes out on Sunday am right before the game. It’s the second time this season an exclusive “story” was released on Sunday am by ESPN.

    I like Gruden, RG3 is probably not the answer at QB, he looked frail yesterday. Colt McCoy might be our best bet, but really we don’t have any clear answer at QB.

  15. Common, really? “ESPN published a couple of reports” you can’t call ESPN amateurish

  16. colt mccoy or cousins start we win the game!! RG3 is a flash in the pan….lets move on …its not all about him….take the egg in the face Danny and move on idiot!!!

  17. I remember when Washington fans were gushing over him when he was hired and us Cincy fans were telling them to not get their hopes up. Well, here you go folks! Exactly what we told you! The man had no discipline on our offense last year. Wouldn’t get in anyone’s business if they screwed up so the mistakes kept happening. Now you see it in Washington. He’s too laid back. We said that and got blasted for it. Proof is in the pudding.

  18. mdpgc says:
    Nov 2, 2014 6:46 PM
    Hate is love…people who hate all the time truly hate themselves….#HTTR4Life

    21 Thumbs Up – 45 Thumbs Down
    Prove my Point…. HTTR4Life!

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