Major protest in Minnesota over Washington name

The bus accident is new.  The controversy over the name isn’t.

But an unprecedented protest apparently is unfolding in Minnesota against the Washington name.

The protest is “bigger than I expected,” notes Tom Pelissero of USA Today on Twitter.  Mike Wise of the Washington Post, a leading voice in opposition to the team name, writes that “[t]his is the scene of the largest ever physical gathering against the Wash. NFL team.”

Wise’s twitter feed has plenty of photos and quotes that will serve as a reminder that the issue, which has been simmering throughout much of the season, isn’t going away.  It also should put to rest conclusively the idea that few if any Native Americans are offended by the name.

Today’s protest shows that they are.  And it’s likely not something that will be going away.

[Photo credit:  @MikeWiseguy]

135 responses to “Major protest in Minnesota over Washington name

  1. Good. Glad to see a real protest unlike the 6 people who showed up to protest them in Houston.

  2. The Redskins is the name of an NFL football team, end of story, full stop. Get over it and move on.

  3. I wonder what % of those people are the “professional protesters?” If you have a problem with the Redskins name, fine. I don’t care if you are a whiteskin, blackskin, redskin, greenskin, purpleskin. If you think the name is offensive fine. Don’t just focus on Washington though, what about the Cleveland Indians and chief wahoo. Equally if not more offensive than redskins.

  4. There should also be a protest and arrests for the Vikings impersonating a NFL football team.

  5. One of my sources says Snyder “will never change the name, you can use caps.” Stay tuned for more

  6. Keep in mind this is the same state who gave you Jesse Ventura as a governor and Al Franken as a senator.

  7. Yanno ..i often found the taco bill photoshops more offensive.. But now that you have a platform and flushed him, even though they were Hilarious, shows your hypocrisy., doubt this will make it

  8. You sure they’re not protesting the fact that they got the snot taxed out of them to build a new stadium for a substandard franchise in MN?

  9. I still remember these for the 1991 Worlds Series (Twins vs Braves) and the 1992 SB (Bills vs Redskins)

    I expect the same result…..23 years later.

  10. Meanwhile there may have been a few hundred protesters but there are tens of thousands who want the Redskins name! Checkmate

  11. During a Chiefs game at Arrowhead the entire crowd can do an “Indian” chant coupled with the tomahawk chop but yet no protests.

    As a Cowboys fan
    Redskins Redskins Redskins

  12. correction – “an” airhead.

    The picture looks like a bunch of people walking toward the stadium entrance. Not many signs, maybe half a dozen. Kind of embarassing, considering they were handing out free firewater.

  13. Meanwhile there may have been a few hundred protesters but there are tens of thousands who want the Redskins name! Checkmate


    Then rally to show your numbers.

  14. Good. The only thing worse than that racist name is the play of the team that resides in Maryland but calls itself Washington.

  15. How many of the people in that picture are just standing in line waiting for the gates to open? #distortedliberalspin

  16. It’s never about meaningful change. It’s about feeling good trying to “do something.”

    Meanwhile, there are actual people in their own city going hungry or in need of somebody to help them learn to read. But there aren’t any cameras rolling there…

  17. That pic looks suspiciously like a whole lot of folks just standing in line to get into a football game. Maybe they are protesting high beer prices and the fact that it takes so long to get into an NFL game?

  18. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Minnesota has a big Native American population and a lot of Native American culture, considering the State, many cities, lakes and areas all have Native American names. If you go into any Mall you can find stores that sell all kinds of Minnesota crafts that are Native American. I’m sure the Dakota’s and Wisconsin have the same.

    I’m not taking sides. I’m just not surprised. Freedom of speech works both ways.

  19. Give it up people! This is a boring topic! The Redskins are going to stay the Redskins until Mr. Snyder decides to to change it, or he passes away, sells the team, (as if) or has a change of heart about his stand!
    He won’t be bullied into it, and if you stupid people had approached him in a civilized manner, this may have turned out differently.
    As a native American, I’m not only not offended, but proud of what the team does to honor us as a race of people! And if you really want our heritage remembered, how better to keep our race in’ the national eye?!
    We have much bigger issues as a people, to be so concerned about a perceived derogatory term!

  20. Anyone else find it ironic that this “protest” is taking place at a VIKINGS game, where the mascot is an unflattering caricature of a Norwegian fisherman?

  21. Why does this “conclusively” end any argument? Unless more than half of every person that identifies themselves as Native Americans are there it doesn’t conclude anything.

  22. Agree that all this PC and activism motivated by other personal agendas has made me tired, bored, uninterested and even unsympathetic…..over a sports team nickname?!!!!! C’mon man!!!

  23. This doesn’t suprise me. The Upper Midwest is home to a large population of Native Americans, and apparently they felt that this was the ideal time and place to gather and send a message…

  24. They must have been offering free booze since that’s the only way to get that many indians to show up to anything.


    “Redskins” might not be offensive, but that is.

  25. There was also an angry mob outside of the Rams game. Just because a bunch of people want to party and yell doesn’t mean they’re right.

    BTW I have no dog in this fight. I couldn’t care less if they keep or change the name.

  26. Like I always say, there can be a compromise. Washington changes their team name, and Native Americans become part of the collective by paying taxes (casinos), pay property tax (reservations), cut all gov subsidies, and pay all the other taxes that their exempt from. If you want a strong voice in society, you need to become a full parpicipant in society….

  27. The word is, by definition, racist. There’s no ambiguity. This is the last pejorative name you can say in the workplace and keep your job, mostly. Slowly, some businesses have learned the word has its roots in the near-genocide of the Native population in North America.

    I am surprised by the turnout. I read that 5,000 people were expected, but from “boots and eyes on the ground,” it appears to be thousands more. I wonder when we’ll hear the “This is just PC bullcrap,” “Oh give them Injuns some firewater and they’ll go away,” and “My great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess and I’m not offended by it.” Typical and wrong assertions by those ignorant to the truest meaning behind it.

  28. Thumbs up if, like me, you have at least partial Native American ancestry and are NOT offended by the team name.

  29. How much did Mystic Lake, Treasure Island, St. Croix and Black Bear (casinos) pay the “protesters”?

    Follow the money…

  30. Daniel Snyder can still do the right thing. If people are offended, what’s the issue ??

  31. crapsandviche says: Nov 2, 2014 1:29 PM

    Like I always say, there can be a compromise. Washington changes their team name, and Native Americans become part of the collective by paying taxes (casinos), pay property tax (reservations), cut all gov subsidies, and pay all the other taxes that their exempt from. If you want a strong voice in society, you need to become a full parpicipant in society….

    Wow, I’m seriously surprised that that much sense and logic made it through the censor. More times than I care to remember a member from the nearby reservation has bought a car from our dealership and failed to make the payments. They take the car to the reservation and we can’t repossess our property without the consent of the tribal council. Anywhere else this would be GTA with jail time.

  32. “Wonder how many of the “protesters” are being paid?”

    Who would pay them? It’s no secret that a whole lot of people have real issues with the name, so why is it unbelievable that they showed up somewhere?

    Don’t be dumb, friend.

  33. OMG people, please find a cause that will help someone, not a name change. Will a name change feed more children, vaccinate more children, get them better homes, keep them warm in the winter. There are so many things so much more important than this. If you have to have a cause—-make it a worthwhile one.

  34. It’s mildly amusing that some of the very people who loudly and publicly espouse a commitment to free speech and tolerance are the same people who also insist that they are the ones most qualified to define the terms of that free speech and tolerance. They’ll summarily reject any disagreements with their views, and rejoinders that perhaps a more appropriate application of energy and resources would be to focus on issues of immediate concern, such as improving the educational opportunities of our Native Americans, are patronizingly dismissed. Thankfully, those of us lesser mortals have folks like them to keep us focused on what’s really important…like a team’s nickname…

  35. “Half the people out there – “what are we even here for? “

    Hmmm, let’s see – Standing up against racial insensitivity for starters?

    The Washington name is equivalent to calling blacks you know what. Bigots need to get over themselves and join the modern age. Change the name already!

  36. “If you want a strong voice in society, you need to become a full parpicipant in society….”

    Isn’t that code for – My forefathers slaughtered yours by the hundreds of thousands, stole their land, and imprisoned the very small few who remained onto small parcels of land. And now, to this very day, we celebrate that genocide and force you to experience in your mind over and again by parading those facts every NFL season with a team name that in short says – Genocide

  37. I Do Not Understand. The owner of a major sports team does not name his team something demeaning, he names his team something that is Strong, Resilient, something that will inspire winning. Native Americans have Always been resilient, winners. The history of Native Americans In this country, For this country has been nothing but strong and resilient. The PC Police have taken over and common sense has been put in the closet, to the detriment of our country. Instead of looking for ways to bring us together (and to name a major sports team for the better part of this country’s history) the PC police seek to break us apart. Does no one know about the (WWII) code breakers? Native Americans have contributed So Very Much to this country’s history, the name may be trite, but can we not realize that is an homage to their contribution to this country’s history? Come now, can we not come together and celebrate our diverse and rich history? Please?

  38. skawh, did you know Native Americans killed and slaughtered other Native Americans???? I know our ancestors did terrible things to their ancestors…..but that was a long time ago. At some point they’re going to have to move on and leave the old ways. Instead of reminding them, why not end the reservations and move them into the current society? Wouldn’t the reservation beconsidered a form of humiliation?

  39. The game is being played at a college campus…are you really surprised a large group showed up? Most of the protestors are likely 19 year old kids with an 8th grade education and less life experience than a house cat. But hey, they are ready to march for any “feel good” cause regardless of the facts.

  40. Even more humiliating than being the subject of the protest is losing to the Vikings!

    With super-duper all-pro franchise savior RGIII back.

  41. NFLisnotreality says:
    Nov 2, 2014 3:57 PM
    White Guys- Your time is gonna come. better start making amends while you still can. Every little bit helps.

    That was a GREAT Led Zeppelin song.

  42. “Most there thought they were getting free food stamps and a free Obama phone.”

    Real classy – and as racist as those continuing to support the Washington name.

  43. skawh says: Nov 2, 2014 4:08 PM

    “Most there thought they were getting free food stamps and a free Obama phone.”

    Is there a program where you have to pay for food stamps?

  44. Sung to the tune of Disney’s Frozen: Let it go, let it go, you’re the stupidist liberals I know!
    Let it go, let it go, this is idiotic PC , i know!
    The name never bothered me anyway!

  45. Funny how the headlines read major protest and show a picture of all the people outside the stadium. Actually law enforcement say about 3,200 protesters. I would consider that a major protest

  46. You would think that the protest would be for the purpose of bringing to light many of the issues that plague the reservations, such as the need for improved education, better housing, help with the issue of alcoholism and health issues.

    OH NO…the protest is about AN NFL team Name being offensive apparently to all the Indians in the United States of America.

    REALLY?????? that is the major issue that plagues the Indian population……FORGIVE ME for I do not understand

  47. Close there casino’s down then let’s see them protest for real, not because of some name that’s fictitious due some white dude putting it in a dictionary.
    Learn your damn history haters.

  48. Sad to see such a beautiful culture let themselves be victimized by a name that’s not even racist and was labeled by a Native American himself. Only in liberal America.
    Damn morons

  49. So I will ask this AGAIN. Will anyone’s life be any better if they change a name of a football team? I agree with hvoigt66 that perhaps the energy in this debate should be turned towards helping Indians on reservations and the issues they face every day. THAT would be something worthwhile not the name of a sports team.

  50. Who would pay them? How about highly disputed tribe “leader”, Halbritter, who runs a Casino and profits by the free advertising this brings.

  51. “It’s no secret that a whole lot of people have real issues with the name,” Its also no secret that these people are amongst the tiny minority who feel this way, including the tiny minority of Native Americans. The vast majority of which support the name.

  52. It was definitely a bigger protest than I had been expecting, and at the same time, not a significant inconvenience for those who were actually going to the game. I support the cause, but really did not want them to be a hindrance to attendance, so kudos on that.

  53. Everyone with a brain knows there is no reason for the name to change.

    What’s your reason again for changing the name? Oh, right. “Because I said so.” No facts, just wrong.

  54. Pretty sure that, if you’re not Native American, you’re probably not offended by the name Redskins.

    But if you just happen to be a Native American…

  55. Protesting over a team name. Now I’ve seen everything.

    These are the same people who are trying to make the Red Mesa Redskins change their high school mascot. The funny thing is that the Red Mesa Redskins are Native Americans who chose that school mascot for themselves.

    If it was so racist, then why would these Native Americans choose that name for themselves?

    Because it’s a name that’s meant to represent pride and respect, not racism.

    These protesters are amusing and are wasting everyone’s time with their straw man.

    People can call themselves what they want; get over it.

  56. The protests in Minnesota are the only ones with significant attendance because there is a large Oneida tribe right near the stadium.

  57. We all know politically Minnesota is it’s own country.

    And the Redskins name is a proxy fight over every other lib issue that can’t be waged or won.

  58. You’re right it’s not going away. The Redskins have filed suit against the Blackhorse family. The family tried to get it dismissed but a judge upheld it.


  59. What if the team kept the name but just changed the logo to that of a Redskin Potato or a Redskin Onion? I’m sure a lot of liberal loonies heads would explode!

    BTW American Indians called each other Redskins long before the first white man did!

  60. If it was so racist, then why would these Native Americans choose that name for themselves?

    Because it’s a name that’s meant to represent pride and respect, not racism.

    Good point.

    Could you imagine black people using the “N” word among themselves?

    Must be a term of pride, not racism.

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