Rams win as late Kaepernick fumble seals 49ers’ fate


The Rams’ defense was all over 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick today. And in the end, the Rams ripped the ball — and the game — from Kaepernick’s hands.

With just seconds remaining and the Rams leading 13-10, the 49ers had the ball at the 1-yard line on third down. Kaepernick took the snap and attempted to plunge into the end zone on a quarterback sneak, but he fumbled and Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis recovered. The Rams celebrated a hard-fought win, and Kaepernick walked off the field shaking his head.

The Rams had been brutalizing Kaepernick and his offensive linemen all day, recording eight sacks. (The Rams had only six sacks all season heading into today.) It was an amazing performance by the St. Louis pass rush, and a terrible performance by the San Francisco offensive line.

For the 49ers, linebacker Chris Borland had a huge game, with 15 solo tackles. And the 49ers’ defense held the Rams to just 13 first downs and 193 total yards while intercepting Rams quarterback Austin Davis twice.

But it was the Rams’ defense that made the biggest play when it mattered, and St. Louis pulled an upset to improve its record to 3-5. The 49ers fall to 4-4 and are looking like a long shot to make the playoffs. That Kaepernick fumble may be the play the 49ers look back on at the end of this season, when they think about how things went so very wrong.

128 responses to “Rams win as late Kaepernick fumble seals 49ers’ fate

  1. That was the worst performance I’ve ever seen in the Harbaugh era

    Two weeks off and you come out and play like absolute crap

    No excuses

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  2. That was either a touchdown or he was down. Terrible call. Also refs blew the safety call that should have gone against the rams.

  3. How do you not win when you have the ball at the 1 foot line with 10 seconds and a time out. Look for Jim to head out of town following the disappointing season.

  4. Total joke. Kaepernick had broken the plane before the ball came loose. Add the close-up shot to the shots from various angles and it’s impossible to conclude otherwise. But that kind of common sense isn’t enough to overturn a poor, reactionary call from officials who had no idea what was happening in the pile. So a game’s outcome is based completely on not having a camera in the right place.

    Football is cool. The NFL’s rules make football a joke.

  5. Ben Roethlisberger, Colin Kaepernick, and Darren Sharper walk into a bar.

    The bartender gives a disapproving cluck to Kaepernick and says “Sorry, we only serve Super Bowl champions here”.

  6. Hilarious. Niner fans complain about last call but forget that Rams had a TD taken away on a horrible early whistle in the first half.

  7. 49ers are done for the season… So sad to have this much talent on one team and still be this bad at something you’ve done your whole life and getting paid millions to do it, yet you just say oh well win or lose I’m paid.

  8. LOL so much for the guaranteed 2nd half comeback, SF fans! That Rams win over the Seahawks isn’t so funny now, huh? I think Arians and co. take care of business next week, but this is a tough front we got to face. They’re going to try to grind it out, it’s going to be fun to see how the running game fares against the Big Red Curtain. Bye, bye, Harbaugh! You arrogant, classless, fair-weather Forty Whiner fans go back to hiding like you were before Harbaugh came. That bandwagon has collapsed for good; couldn’t happen to a more deserving, classless fanbase. At least Seattle has better fans, even though they had some bandwagoners. Oh well, I’ll prepared to see some AZ bandwagon fans the next couple weeks. Nice win, Rams! Funny how they blew both games against Dallas & Philly; they could be 4-4. See you next week in Glendale! We’ll be prepared to see your A-game.

  9. Santa Clara curse continues … see Field of Torn Jeans to Raiders and move 49ers back to The City !!!

  10. So as I was laughing at the mile high thrashings last week, niners fans said how the rams beat us. How does it feel? I said kaepernick was the leagues worst his first year. Glad I’m right

  11. 49er fans crying about that last call. What about the fumble that was un challengeable? The refs gave you guys so many calls and you still couldn’t beat the Rams.

  12. bert1913 says:
    Nov 2, 2014 7:25 PM
    the Santa Clara 49ers curse lives on!


    Normally I’d shrug a comment like this off as just nonsense but the 49ers haven’t played one single game at the new stadium that could even remotely be viewed as good football. Today took that cake. That O-line was wretched at every turn. Beat at every turn. Their incompetence was incredible.

  13. Terrible refereeing decisions on five separate occasions (2 against the rams, 3 against the 49ers).

    Awful job by both offenses.

    Only the defensive players came out of that game with any credibility.

    The only saving grace was that the game didn’t go into overtime so someone could lose on a triple fumble recovery or a safety or just another idiotic referees whistle/blind-as-a-bat replay review.

  14. Um we still have it better then a lot of teams including the 3-5 rams (we are 4-4). Funny how low the intelligence level Is on PFT boards…

  15. Not sure how Niner fans are going to whine about officiating. Rams got a punt return for a td nullified, a Kaepernick fumble was blown dead and you were handed 3 PI/defensive holding penalties to help march you down the field to put you in position inside the 5 yard line. All you had to do was run it in and you fumbled it. You guys earned that loss for sure.

  16. Am I reading this right? Did a Cardinals fan call 49ers fans bandwagoners? Are you serious? I actually LIVED in AZ for more than a decade and trust me when I say that Sun Devil Stadium (where they played at the time) was ALWAYS packed with the other teams fans. Always! Especially the Cowboys. Absolutely disgusting fanbase representation.

  17. As a 49ers fan it’s shameful to read when other 49er fans moan and groan about the refs.

    That product that was out on that field today…particularly that O-line was repugnant, absolutely abhorrent and wretched. EVERY play they were beaten. It doesn’t endear the refs when a unit is playing so poorly.

    They deserved in every way to lose that game. But it’s abundantly clear that (a) this team won’t make the playoffs (b) Marcus Lattimore will be released this week ending an unfortunate football return (c) the return of Bowman and Smith will be in vein and (d) this will sufficiently put to rest any lingering notion that Harb’s and Roman will be staying.

  18. But, but, but…….. Kaepernick is the future of the NFL!!!!!

    Haha. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Kaepeenick is over rated. Not to mention he is a horrible qb.

  19. I’ll tell you who would have lead their team to a game winning drive in that situation, Stafford, Carr, Ryan, Bortals, Hoyer, Colt McCoy, Orton, GenoSmith/MikeVike/MattSims, Teddy Smallhands, Austin Davis and possibly Jay Cutler but not so sure there. All those dudes> kaep

  20. Harbaugh: I told the League we couldn’t win unless they let Aldon off early. This is all their fault!

  21. Great Caesar’s Ghost says:
    Nov 2, 2014 7:27 PM

    but also,


    ^^^^^Ladies and gents……”that” guy who has lived life only looking through a rearview mirror.

  22. That tattoo freak gangster is finally showing us how bad he really is…lol At least Harbaugh did not cry like a baby after the game like he usually does.

  23. Not sure what’s worse:

    A. Losing to the Rams at home on a pseudo-fumble/winning touchdown run.

    B. Giving up 24 points to the Raiders and only beating them by six.

    You have to hand it to Cheattle Cheathawks and Chete Carroll fans, because their cognitive dissonance is second to none.

  24. hahahaha!!!! who has it better than us? the cowboys, the cardinals, and every other team with a better record that’s who lol

  25. I’m disappointed we lost on the same kind of play that cost us a Super Bowl. But not surprised, Roman has again called the same kind of needlessly risky play which kills the team.

    It was a hard fought battle by both defenses, the only thing worse than losing was knowing it was going to a team that wouldn’t benefit from a victory. Again the Rams will finish in last place and the Niners will have to settle for the wild-card because of our OC’s incompetence.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  26. When will the Packers learn that some of the best college football players are Badgers in their backyard. Chris Borland has a monster game and the Packers are stuck with A. J. Hawk in the middle of their defense.

    I still haven’t forgiven them for drafting Terrell from Florida State instead of Troy Vincent.

  27. Speaking as a Niner fan, yes I still find the Seahawks loss to the Rams funny. It’s kind of funnny we lost today with that pathetic performance by our offensive line. There were bad calls on both sides of the ball so can’t complain about that. Even if Kaep would have scored and we won, I feel like we didn’t deserve to win the way we were playing.

    Our great D that has been carrying this team year after year put us in a position to run away with this game. But our offense couldn’t handle the Rams D, bottom line. The Rams always play us tough so I expected a close game. But this is the worst I’ve seen my Niners play since Harbaugh took over. Terrible loss. Good game to St. Louis.

  28. R-o-b-b-e-d. The 49ers scored twice at the end. It is right there, the NFL is rigged,believe it. R-i-g-g-e-d.

  29. Typical Whiners’ fans!! Whinin’ about the non-calls. What about Tavons’ punt return that was called back on a bogus referee call?

  30. Tablescrappy is lashing out because his Santa Clara Fourty Convicts lost at home. Go ahead and make fun of the Seahawks for barely winning today if that makes you feel better. I’m sure The Patriots don’t care about barely beating Oakland either.

  31. Ah… Colin Kaepernick… the most overrated QB in the NFL. Second only to Tom Brady, of course.

  32. I can’t believe the 49er fans saying “the refs cost us the game!!!”. The refs practically handed you the game six or seven times. Quit your whining and take your loss like the little spoiled brats that you are.

  33. It all comes down to the play calling 1st and goal from the 2 and u pass 2 times in a row give the ball to gore enough said its obvious how does Greg roman have a job, just like the previous 2 yrs they failed to execute in the big games cause of terrible play calling its disgusting to see

  34. tablescrappy says:
    Nov 2, 2014 8:09 PM
    Not sure what’s worse:

    A. Losing to the Rams at home on a pseudo-fumble/winning touchdown run.

    B. Giving up 24 points to the Raiders and only beating them by six.

    You have to hand it to Cheattle Cheathawks and Chete Carroll fans, because their cognitive dissonance is second to none.

    Your team lost today didn’t it? LOL

  35. Looking at the remaining schedule, hard to see the niners finish above .500. Harbaugh’s 49ers peaked at the championship game last year. Time to move on. Unfortunately, I don’t see better options out there for the Niners. They’ll be playing catch up to the rest of the division for the next few years. Oh well.

  36. “scoob766 says: Nov 2, 2014 7:33 PM

    Um we still have it better then a lot of teams including the 3-5 rams (we are 4-4). Funny how low the intelligence level Is on PFT boards…”

    Sure Scoob. You lost to a pre-season offense with 2 starters missing on the line, the 3rd string QB, the #1 receiver out and the #2 went out this game. You were up against 3/4 corners that were rookies and one returning from a pre-season injury. So sure, you got it better than a lot of teams. If that makes you feel better.


  38. Greg roman is an idiot and it still doesnot help to have your 3 starting line backers out who are arguably the best in the leauge I’m not making excuses for kap cause he is overrated he has to many weapons to play as bad as he does so much talent around him

  39. The more I see games end like this, the more I realize how much of a joke that the NFL has become.

    “Breaking the plane” LOL

  40. Not sure what’s worse:

    A. Losing to the Rams at home on a pseudo-fumble/winning touchdown run.

    B. Giving up 24 points to the Raiders and only beating them by six.

    You aren’t sure what’s worse winning or losing? Yikes someone is in crazy town after a tough loss. Seahawks were up 24 to 3 at halftime and held on for the win while the 49ers fumbled away another opportunity and failed yet again at home after scoring just 10 pts. Kap gave away the game…the rams didn’t take it. That is your qb.

    At the end of the season a win is a win and nobody cares how it happened or who it was against.

    Let me give you a clue: the niners loss was much much worse than the Seahawks win.

  41. Two of the most OVERRATED qb’s in the league in the same OVERRATED division. Kaeperstink and Wilson are nothing without their defense winning them games.

  42. Niners didn’t deserve the win plain and simple. Regardless of the safety or posession with 2 questionable non TD’s they just played plain awful. O-line worst in the league. Roman, worst in the league.

  43. sweetnlow44 ..sure it is, given the fact that about the only place Seattle can win is at home.

  44. Don’t blame the 49ers o-line for all the sacks. They are built for a power running game, yet we play out of shotgun majority of the time and kap runs backwards far too often, rather then stepping up and making a throw. Injuries on the defensive side of the football or not, Kap is clearly holding this team back from even being considered good. Harbaugh can take Kap with him wherever he coaches next season, as his time in SF is coming to a close.

  45. SF is imploding, the Harbaugh experiment is over. He is too edgy, too polarizing to last long in any one place. They may not make the playoffs this year, and Harbaugh will be gone next year and a major rebuild will start. The Rams are ascending, that is not up for debate. They are playing with a backup QB and still being competitive.

  46. 1st off Crabtree scored a TD on that goal line play. niners offense played terrible. Please get rid of OC Greg Roman, calling those 2 plays on 1st and goal on the 1 instead of running the ball baffles me. Greg Roman’s offense gets anemic in the redzone. OC Greg Roman calls some plays in the redzone when the game comes down to the wire that makes me scratch my head. (SB47, 2013 NFC champ game) you cant put all of it on him but his play calling does not play to the offense strengths and he puts too much of the game on Kap.

  47. Said watch out for Karma when the Niner fans were laughing at the Seahawks for losing an away game to the Rams.
    How does it feel to lose at home against the Rams Niner fans?

  48. “Who has it better than us”?
    This is the question.

    Please provide the answer for I do not know.

  49. As a Chiefs fan I would like to thank the 49er front office for making the wrong decision. Alex Smith may be a game manager but he’s still a smart, tough QB that’s hitting his stride in our WC offense now. Good luck with Kaepernick he looks like a hot mess right now even more so when you lose to the L.A Rams

  50. Thanks to Kaepernick, the hot seat of the most overrated head coach of my lifetime got less hot when he doesn’t deserve to be back anyways.

    It’s a shame that a great team like San Fran never gave it to Frank Gore near the goal line, but a guy who puts the “suck” in success gets no criticism.

    It’s also a shame that Harbaugh’s on a hot seat when Jeff Fisher has been a bad coach since 2009.

  51. Kaeper-Vick is overrated. He’s a right-handed taller version of the #7 formerly known as Ron Mexico

  52. Harbaugh better not go to the Bears. We didn’t like him even when he was the QB. Harbaugh’s screaming method of coaching works in college where kids are willing to put in 4 years for a pro career payoff. It won’t work long term in the pros because they don’t want to continue to be treated as children. Kaep has never impressed me as having the heart of a winner. Look at Wilson on the goal line with Denver getting into a wrestling match for the ball and winning (despite his small size) versus Kaep with the game on the line and just one job – hold on to the ball – and can’t get it done. 49ers will have a tough time making it to the SB this year, but given all the division games at the end of the season they still have a chance, and definitely can play the spoiler to any of the other NFC West teams.

  53. As much as I dislike the Niners (GO HAWKS) it seems this is when things get going. Their a team with pride. I fully expect the 49ers to be playing meaning full games at the end. As for the Cards, they have played solid football for a year and a half so their for real. This is going to be a hell a second half in this division and the Rams play all of us tough (always have).

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