Arians tells Cardinals not to let anyone else dress in their lockers


So far, the Cardinals have stared down the supposed jinx that goes along with hosting the Super Bowl, overcoming every obstacle that fate has thrown in their path.  But coach Bruce Arians doesn’t want to simply weather the storm; he plans to be the storm.

As noted by Peter King of, Arians has told his players, “Don’t let anyone dress in your lockers.”

In other words, Arians wants his players to consider the indignity of having players from another team in the NFC (the home team in this year’s game) using their locker room for the Super Bowl to be played in Arizona’s stadium.

Of course, it’s more than that.  Someone else (presumably the NFC champion) would be using Arizona’s facilities all week long, an extended insult to a Cardinals team that currently is being disregarded by most experts and pundits.

Even at 7-1, with wins over the 6-2 Eagles, 6-3 Cowboys, and 4-4 49ers, many don’t regard Arizona as the best team in the conference, or in the league.Arians surely loves that, because it gives him more ammo for keeping his team from getting soft.  And to keep them from seeing someone else use their locker room on February 1.

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  1. They are not the clear favorite because they don’t have a elite QB. They have a good one. Plus they are all around excellent team in all phases. Well coached as well.

  2. It’s funny that Whiner and Shehawks fans call the Cards overated. Zero national love. People are just hoping that we stumble. 4 home games to go, no body is gonna taste victory in AZ this season. BIRDGANG!!

  3. It’s crazy to think about a Super Bowl for the Cards right now. But it’s great to say they have a chance this year. We have never been able to say that in AZ.

  4. Clean up a few of the brain farts on offense and it’s not unimaginable.

    I’m not going to pretend it’s a shoe-in (a-la Seattle fans*), but 7-1 is a good start.

    *am I the only who’s noticed the absence of Seattle bandw…. Uh, fans around here lately?

  5. I am one Seahawks fan that does NOT think Arizona is overrated. I respect them, as their record is what it is, they earned it. Do they have anyone that scares the crap out of me on that team? No, but i respect them, as they are on top of the division and my team is looking up at them.

  6. They are the best team in the NFL right now. Their defense is no joke, they are extremely well-coached and they don’t need an elite QB. Just one that can do enough and not make mistakes. Palmer can throw it downfield fine without being dumb.

    Larry Legend and Michael Floyd are great receivers. Ellington is a beast.

    Why yes, I could easily see this team winning the NFC.

  7. Glad to see Arians have success after the Pittsburgh fans made him the target of all their blame for years.

  8. Maybe it’s refreshing to hear, or foolish to say, but what happened to the “one game at a time” thing coaches and players usually say. Seems early to be talking about the Super Bowl.

  9. Re: too soon to be talking about the Super Bowl, Arians has said they discussed this very concept at the beginning of the season. They still take it one game at a time, but unlike past Cardinals teams, these guys have reasons to believe they have what it takes to play in February at home.

    When I look at the other quality NFC teams, I get concerned at playing any of them on the road in the playoffs (Green Bay, New Orleans, Seattle, Detroit, Philly and I suppose even Dallas); that said, should the Cardinals prove the doubters wrong, there isn’t a team in the NFC wanting to play Arizona in Glendale.

    And, should they go even 5-3 in the final half of the season, there’s a good possibility the Cards get home field throughout. Not bad considering there was no way they could even make the playoffs since the Seahawks (who are still tough) and the 49ers (who are not) were untouchable.

  10. mwatts1 says:
    Nov 3, 2014 1:07 PM
    It’s crazy to think about a Super Bowl for the Cards right now. But it’s great to say they have a chance this year. We have never been able to say that in AZ.

    Are you new to the sport? The Cardinals played the Steelers IN the Super Bowl a few years ago. You dont think anyone said they had a chance that year?

  11. So you’re telling me that working at the Jets facilities rubbed off on Peyton Manning last Februday?

  12. Long season, but who’s better in the NFC right now? Maybe New Orleans in the dome, but it doesn’t look like Arizona will be going there anyway.

  13. Wont be long until palmer starts being himself..Stumbling head over shoulder..proclaim your victories now, but come feb that locker room will be free of any red bird stickers…

  14. Nice illegal chop block on the Dallas defender by your (Arians) offensive lineman. Was it the dirties hit you’ve ever seen.

  15. I’m a Seattle fan and I remember hearing about the Cardinals being contenders for this year last year, so I don’t know where some of you are getting the “no respect” or “Seahawk fans are hiding” attitude. There are a lot of conference games left however so at this point there is nothing to crown you for. Name call all you want, kids, you haven’t earned a derogatory nickname yet. 🙂

  16. And, should they go even 5-3 in the final half of the season, there’s a good possibility the Cards get home field throughout. Not bad considering there was no way they could even make the playoffs since the Seahawks (who are still tough) and the 49ers (who are not) were untouchable.


  17. cards will get no respect unless they win the sb and even then it will be the other team lost not that the cards won. media bias for east coast. ten stories on romo one for the cards whippin their butt.

  18. Look Pretty darn good to me.

    Arians is a GREAT coach.

    Not a good coach, not a Real Good coach, he is a GREAT Coach.

    How did all of the NFL miss on this guy for so long?


  19. Everything will be okay as long as all that playoff experience that Carson Palmer brings to the table shows up___________________crickets.

  20. The Cardinals are the team to beat right now. And they have their work cut out for them. They’ve played some tough teams, but the last half of the season will be even tougher. The NFC west won’t be decided until December.

  21. Huge respect for what Arians has managed to do from this Hawks fan. After the way AZ finished last season, I thought there would be a real battle for contention between Sea/SF/AZ for the NFC West, knowing whichever team got homefield would likely have the path to the SB, as I believed all three teams were superior to what most of the NFC could muster. That said, I have to admit I didn’t think AZ was going to be capable after all the losses to their defense. I was sure those injuries would result in lapses on defense, and Arizona would be good, but not great.

    Right now, they look like the team to beat. Not amazing in any phase of the game, but solid in all phases. Seahawks still have 5 of 6 division games remaining including both against AZ, but unless the Seahawks go 7-1 to finish the year, I don’t see them catching AZ at this point. Coach Arians has that team playing damn good football.

  22. Ah yes, the Palmer haters continue. It’s funny to see so much concern that he isn’t a quality QB. He’s 12-2 as a starter in his last 14 (on a team that is 13-3 in it’s last 16). He’s the right QB for Arians’ system and has limited turnovers this season.

    I still remember the nonbelievers saying Kurt Warner was washed up and couldn’t lead the Cardinals through the playoffs. Whatever…

  23. The scary thing is….they haven’t put a complete game together yet! If they get on a roll….watch out!

  24. Just don’t hang a SB countdown clock. Take it from this Giants’ fan…that motivational tactic doesn’t work at all.

  25. Who have the cardinals beaten? It seems like they don’t have any signature wins to be considered an elite team.

  26. My only request to the Arizona fans: have some pride this time and fill the seats come playoffs.

  27. Too many eediots posting nonsense.

    “theyll be that #2 seed that loses in the divisional round. happens every season” –> like you predicted the Cardinals to be 7-1 .. or even 10-6 last year. No one cares what you think – the Cards are playing with house money once they get into the playoffs because THE LARGE MAJORITY OF THE EEDIOTS/ANALYSTS OUGHT THAT THE CARDINALS WILL BE LOOKING UP TO SF, SEA, OR EVEN THE LAMBS!!!

    “Remind me of last years chiefs, solid all around.” – this Cardinals team is MUCH better than the Chiefs, who feasted on a pretty easy schedule last year. The Chiefs got exposed once they started playing real teams. And Palmer is NOT a game manager by any means, unlike Alex Smith.

    “Wont be long until palmer starts being himself..Stumbling head over shoulder” – he’s been playing well enough for the past 1.5 years. Gotten your head out of ar_se yet? If not, geez – get some glasses then!

  28. The Cardinals are the best team in their division. Their record says as such. In the conference? I don’t know. I think Green Bay is better. Detroit might be better. New Orleans at home is probably better. So, I would put them 3rd in the conference, maybe second.

  29. Another blind person said: “Who have the cardinals beaten?”

    Um.. let’s see:

    (plus 3 other scrubs)

    Those are some quality wins.. but then again, there are people out there who thought the movie “The Godfather” was terrible..

  30. Listen, I’m a diehard Cardinals fan and have lived through the infamy of crappy years and over-inflated expectations, so my expectations are tempered at best. That’s not a knock on the team or the coaching; that’s real life looking at us in the face.

    The truth is that there has been one weak spot in each game this season that either hasn’t been exploited by the opposition or been fortunate to not hurt as much as it did. Arians himself has said as much: they’re not firing on all cylinders.

    The other thing to consider is that if you look at the teams we’ve beaten, it’s always been the path of least resistance. A Romo-less Cowboys squad. A banged up Philly team. Etc, etc… The one team we face that is 100% on both sides of the ball and we get squashed. But I think we needed that…

    I’m stoked we’re 7-1. I’m leary about the rest of the season – and for good reason. NFC West is no pushover, regardless of record and I don’t think now is the time to get on any horses to ride off into the sunset.

    One game at a time, one week at a time, get better every week. Focus on St. Louis and move on from there.

  31. ^ I hear you sasquatchery… I’ve been a Cards’ fan since 1970. One game at a time.

    I agree about the weak spots each game… but the fact remains that good teams (particularly well-coached ones) win games that statistically they should lose. And the Cardinals are just that team that hangs around long enough to get it going late.

    Re: Romo-less Cowboys and banged up Eagles… the Cards have played without Palmer for three games (winning two) and have had numerous losses of defensive starters. Bottom line: you play the games on the date and time the NFL says. With whoever you have standing.

    Specific to the Broncos game: I’m not so sure the Cards couldn’t take it to them with Palmer healthy. Doesn’t really matter, though if they do play again, it’ll be in Glendale for all the marbles.

  32. The Cardinals are proving that football is a TEAM sport from the coaches to the players. No one player is above any one on the team.
    The Cardinals where Raider cast offs are starters … keep up the good work Reggie the Cardinals love you.

  33. As a Cards fan, the one thing I’ve been waiting for is for the Cardinals to have a game where bad calls go against them. This season they’ve had games with calls going for them, games where the officiating was 50/50 for both teams, but not a game yet where the zebras really penalized them more than the other team. On the other hand, maybe the reason that’s occurred because they’re more disciplined than the other teams.

  34. This is a team that is missing half their starters from last year on D…they have played with the second and third string QB and Ellington has been hurt… Don’t give me this bit where other teams have been off

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