Dez Bryant hopes to become an “icon” with help of Jay-Z’s firm


On Sunday, word emerged that Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has parted ways with agent Eugene Parker, hiring Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.  After Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals, Bryant discussed the decision.

I feel like it fits me,” Bryant said, via Tim MacMahon of  “It fits what I’m trying to do, what I’m trying to accomplish in life.  I want to be the best that I can possibly be.  It ain’t about a contract.  It’s about me branding myself and being an icon for these kids.  I love kids and they look up to me.

“I come from dirt — point blank, period — and every day I’m writing my story and it’s getting better.  I feel like they were the best choice for me.  They can help me get to where I want to be.  That’s what it is.”

While Bryant said the change isn’t necessarily about his next contract, he shared his views on the possibility of being on the receiving end of the franchise tag.

“I’m going to tell you the God’s honest truth,” Bryant said.  “I’d be highly disappointed.  I’d be highly disappointed.”

It sounds like owner Jerry Jones already is disappointed by Dez’s decision.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the change occurred against the wishes of Jones.

Jones will get a chance to address the situation directly on Tuesday, when he appears on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas/Fort Worth.

73 responses to “Dez Bryant hopes to become an “icon” with help of Jay-Z’s firm

  1. Jay Z is a “musician.” I’m not shocked in the slightest that Jerry Jones would rather deal with an actual agent as opposed to someone who just wants to turn a football player into an “icon.”

    Dez – turn into an icon on the field. That’s the best way to go about it.

  2. What kids are those Dez? Please I hope for societies sake that kids don’t emulate this “take my ball home if I don’t get my way” example.

  3. Dez is a fantastic player. He has an amazing ability to make every catch and turn any of those catches into a big play. The Eagles fan in me hopes that he leaves for another team and stops beating up on our secondary, but I doubt it. For as much as I hate the Cowboys and Jerry Jones, he got a good one in Dez

  4. Looking to become an icon for off-field reasons is a huge red flag. First take care of things on the field and the off-field opportunities will follow. Look at Matt Leinart as an example. His off-field profile dropped right along with his decline on the depth chart.

  5. OK everyone – I demand that you to give Dez every bit as much hell as you did Cam Newton for saying “I want to be an icon.”

  6. Well fellow Cowboys fans… Hope you enjoyed that 6 game winning streak.

    Randle, Dez signing with a rap mogul, Romos back.

    This is about to get bad.

  7. The agent change was against Jerry Jones wishes? He expresses opinions on these things? If so and I’m a Cowboys player I’m switching to Roc Nation too. If Jerry Jones doesn’t like them, it’s because he knows it will cost him more money.

  8. Dez, first pull your pants up. If kids look up to him, they come from a messed up back round.
    As far as a agent, he is entitled to hire whoever will get him the most money whether it’s his childhood buddy, JayZ or Drew Rosenhaus.

  9. JayZ is not negotiating Dez’s contract. It’s going to be negotiated by CAA, while Roc Nation takes care of the marketing/endorsement area.

  10. Hey Dez…you want to get paid?Start being a difference maker on the field.what have you done in the last two weeks other than always looking to the refs for a flag!

  11. Zac F. says:
    Nov 3, 2014 1:56 PM
    Jay Z is a “musician.” I’m not shocked in the slightest that Jerry Jones would rather deal with an actual agent as opposed to someone who just wants to turn a football player into an “icon.”


    Jay Z’s agency got the Seattle Mariners to outbid the Yankees to the tune of $240 million. This is why Jerry is dissapointed.

  12. He does have a brand. It’s a sketchy dude that beats on his Mom and gets kicked out of high-end malls.

  13. dsjcn3 is the only person on this thread that knows what he’s talking about…personally I’m rooting for Dez Bryant to reach his goals…for every one Dez Bryant there are 1000 other young black males from disadvantaged backgrounds that are struggling for various reasons
    dsjcn3 says:
    Nov 3, 2014 2:07 PM

    JayZ is not negotiating Dez’s contract. It’s going to be negotiated by CAA, while Roc Nation takes care of the marketing/endorsement area

  14. RomoIsGod says:
    Nov 3, 2014 2:17 PM
    Jay Z has ruined music and he will ruin sports next.
    I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man! – Jay Z

  15. These comments about Dez growing up are silly.. if you have ever played a sport and lost you know what it feels like. You want to bring out the best in the teammates and sometimes that takes a little anger and passion. as far as his off field issues are we really going to talk about his pants being low in a mall 4 years ago? really? Dude had a crap childhood and has turned his life around with the help of dare I say it Jerry Jones… I’m happy for this YOUNG man. He deserves all the money he is about to get..

  16. i hope this isnt about money… He will get the franchise tag for probably 3 years in a row if he doesnt sign a contract.. I hope he takes whatever deal has been presented and allows the signing of a DT like Suh next season.. If being a symbol means that much then become a Champion. Kids like Champions, not over egotistical WR divas

  17. I have no problem with a guy wanting to be an icon, make money, whatever. But you’re not going to become some kind of superstar outside of the sport you play by signing with Jay Z. Signing with Jay Z will, however, help make Jay Z an icon.

    Of course, Bryant is too young and stupid to know this.

  18. This is why nobody likes this guy. He needs Jay-Z as an agent to make him an icon rather than using his play on field and a stand-up attitude to make him an icon. Think Peyton or Brady uses a particular agent to make them an icon? No. I couldn’t even name their agents. They use their play on the field to make themselves an icon. This guy is a moron.

  19. If he wants to be a football icon he would be better served by working at his craft and focusing on his play rather than hiring someone to promote him.
    Jay-Z may be good at promoting musical artists there is something about the entire concept of a needing a promoter that goes against the standard set by HOFers. Maybe what he really wants is to be Hollywood Dez Bryant; look at how that worked out for Matt Leinert!

  20. Maybe he should take some helping-with-humility lessons from Warrick Dunn. Dez doesn’t seem to be talking like he’s going to be grinding out charitable projects, putting families in real homes, etc. Instead it’s about, you know “being an Icon”.

  21. ” It ain’t about a contract. It’s about me branding myself and being an icon for these kids. I love kids and they look up to me.”

    Maybe it should be about you going back to 3rd Grade and brushing up on your grammar.

    Just a thought there slick.

  22. Anyone tells you that it is not about the money when millions of dollars are at stake must think we all are stupid. The endorsement that this joker needs is one from Kleenex; with all of the crying and moaning he does on the sidelines when the Cowboys are losing. #DezisaJabroni

  23. Being an agent has 1% to do with the play on the field… Its about cultivating a brand… NO one does that better than the music industry… How else do you explain how much horrible music you hear all over the place?

  24. “It’s about me branding myself”
    Key quote here. All some people get these days is greed and chasing wealth, to be he degree that they see their greatest potential as becoming a commodity to be bought and sold.
    Oh, the irony.

  25. This is really similar to what’s happening with Ndamukong Suh. He’s a very talented ballplayer who has a somewhat unsavory reputation and has been convinced by Jay Z that he can put him in a media market where he will be idolized. But Dez, like Suh, has done some things on the field that leave fans less than enamored with him, and unless that stops no amount of image building will turn him into Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

  26. Wow another self absorbed diva right in the mold of T.O.. The dez train is picking up speed soon to be derailed.

  27. Agree with ebpatton on this one. Signing with Jay Z doesn’t make you an icon, but signing with Jay Z does make him an icon. So true, so true.

    You just got used kid. By a real hustler. Now keep bringin dem checks to daddy Z. He wants HIS cut.

  28. Now Dez can move on to Tampa Bay like VJ did make max $ and be on a team that wins nothing. Great move Dez in making your career irrelevant.

  29. The people that voice desire to be Icons have 2 things about them.

    1.They never reach it (Cam Newton)

    2. By the time they do thier head is so inflafted people are sick of it

  30. There is a sucker born every minute and while Jay-Z was able to hustle Seattle out of a crazy-10-year -$240 million contract for a very good player but not a superstar in Cano—Jerry Jones is not that stupid. Jay-Z reportedly offered all kind of endorsements for Cano to sign with him firm. Unless all of the endorsements have been running in Seattle, then I have yet so see any. While I would love to see Dez get his “just desert” (money) but with the plethora of athletes that Roc Nation has signed, where are the formidable endorsements for these athletes that Creative Agency is supposed to be acquiring? Like one of the other bloggers earned, Iconic status is earned not created. Sometimes bigger is not always better when it comes to agents.

  31. The main thing players like Dez and Suh are forgetting about promoting their “brand” is that they have to actually be a likeable person that people want to associate with. You can hire a rapper to enhance your “street cred” and get shoe contracts but if you are not a universally liked and affable person then it won’t matter.

    Athletes like Payton Manning, Michael Jordon, Shaq, etc have had lucrative promotional careers because (perhaps with the exception of Jordan at times) are generally regarded as pleasant likeable personalities that a company would want to have associated with their brand.

    Suh doesn’t fool anyone when he’s smiling on a Subway commercial. The minute he isn’t trying to use his name or his image to sell something he scowls and ignores everyone else. Some guys relish the villian role and they are fine with it but it doesn’t win them any favor in the eyes of the fans and the media.

  32. You know how you become an icon? Dont tell people you want to be an icon for starters.

    The guy has a year or two of football left in him until he cant keep it together any longer.

    The guy is not likable and without SUPERSTAR stats, he has nothing which indicate he will be a type of player who can crossover to any other medium. He can probably get some good offers from local car dealers.

  33. You can’t make yourself into an icon. Acquiring “icon” status is more about how others feel. When you start looking for those feelings you are seen as disingenuous and you will never truly get there. You are a football player. Go be the best you can be for that and stay out of trouble. If you earn feelings towards being an icon so be it. You cannot buy them, manipulate them or deceive them. You must earn them and no marketing gimmick will help you there. BTW, there are very few that can legitimately be considered as “icons” so your odds are pretty slim as it is.

  34. All this self promoting tells me that whatever team he signs with will have to overpay, and what owner wants to have that trophy on their shelf? Like T.O., this guy “loves me some me”.

  35. Reading these comments I can tell that a good portion, if any, of PFT don’t come from the inner city. When he said kids that’s exactly who he was talking about, inner city kids. Drug addicted mother, no father, going from home to home and so on. Black kids see his story and see themselves, see their communities that they live in and then inspire to be like that person as they’re the one that was able to get out.

    Same with Jay-Z who comes from the same mold and was able to do what few have done in the hip hop world. Only other one that is close is Dr. Dre. In short Roc Nation is the best way to go, branding is something Jay knows.

    But what do I know on what Dez is talking about, I only come from the same areas.

  36. Yep, talking about everything except winning a Super Bowl. Bryant has always been a ‘me first’ player. in college and now in the NFL. A leopard can’t change his spots.

  37. Dez you’re already an icon. You’re the only grown man that had a babysitter due to your immaturity to the best of my knowledge. And it appears you’re still at the same maturity level.

  38. Jay-Z’s Roc Nation brand is a burgeoning empire. They have the ability to offer their clients more than the average agency.

    Do yourself a favor and research Roc Nation, their many doings and all that they can provide for their clients before voicing your uniformed opinions.

  39. As soon as the “icon” and “branding” talk starts, the falls comes shortly thereafter.
    In 4 years he’ll be on his third one year deal.
    Shame. He could have been great.

  40. Former Chiefs star running back Larry Johnson did the same exact thing. How did that turn out for him?

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