Jason Garrett optimistic Tony Romo will play on Sunday


Yesterday’s loss to the Cardinals may be the only game Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo misses.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said today that he believes Romo will be available for Sunday’s game against the Jaguars in London.

“Hopefully, he just progresses,” Garrett said. “He’s gotten better and better every day since the injury. Hopefully he’ll feel better from a pain standpoint and hopefully that’ll positively reflect his ability to move around, get some stiffness out. We’ve got a couple days before we practice. Hopefully he’ll handle the flight well, get over there, blood will be flowing through his body, and he’ll feel good.”

Romo has two fractures in a small bone in his back, and Garrett said that’s an injury that usually only requires players to miss one game. Romo has now missed his one game, and that means the Cowboys expect him back.

If Romo can go and play effectively, the Cowboys should beat the Jaguars and end their two-game losing streak. If the Cowboys have to start Brandon Weeden again, they could be ripe for an upset. Everyone in Dallas is hoping Romo is good to go.

45 responses to “Jason Garrett optimistic Tony Romo will play on Sunday

  1. Dr. Jerrah says that the boy is ready to go. He feels that his whatchamacallit is healed, and that the thingamajig is 100%. Doctors … they talk all that medical stuff.

  2. Even if he plays he’s not going to be moving so well. And one more bad hit and he’s hurt even worse. Not sure it’s worth it, from a team standpoint or from his own interests.

  3. Trade a 1st and 3rd to Cleveland for Manziel-Romo can’t stay healthy.

  4. I really hope Romo thinks of his quality of life after the game. He’s made a ton of money and it would be unfortunate if he risk his ability to live a normal life after football just to please that narcissistic, ignorant piece of crap that owns the team…

  5. Being a doctor on the Cowboys staff must be awesome.

    Doctor: Don’t ask me about injuries, ask Jerry. I haven’t evaluated the patient. Hell, I’m not even in Texas. I live in TriBeCa and just collect paychecks for allowing Jerry to do whatever he wants.

  6. If he doesn’t, the ‘Boys have no shot. I’m no acout but after watching “Rusty” in Cleveland the last few years, I could have told Jerry he can’t play. Dude is seriously clueless.

  7. Even that terrible backup Weeden could beat the hapless Jags. Why not give Romo a full three weeks of rest, including not forcing him across the pond, figuring you’re getting a W in London no matter who starts?

    Now, Tony goes to England and risks further injury. He will probably be fine, but why take the chance? Seems like a boneheaded move with little upside.

  8. The Jaguars need to BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ and lower their helmets right into Romo’s back over and over.

    Make him feel the pain and try to take him out.

  9. elimanningup says:
    Nov 3, 2014 2:18 PM

    The Jaguars need to BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ and lower their helmets right into Romo’s back over and over.

    Make him feel the pain and try to take him out.


    Are you a sports fan? Or a psychopath? Those are the rantings of a truly disturbed mind.

  10. Cowboys should be able to beat the Jags without Romo.. if not they have bigger issues than him not playing.

  11. Jags D has been playing well. I saw them a couple weeks ago against the Fins. Also against the Steelesrs. If Romo plays they should blitz like it’s no tomorrow.

  12. Romo has two fractures in a small bone in his back, and Garrett said that’s an injury that usually only requires players to miss one game.

    Nice to see Dr. Garrett doing his residency under Dr. Jones. However, someone might wish to point out to the Cowboys’ medical brain trust that Romo has a prior history of back problems.

    I read somewhere on this site that that kid at Baylor (?) had the same injury and only missed one game. Okay, that’s great if you’re 19 and never had any other back issues. Romo is, what, 34? And he’s already had multiple back surgeries?

    Jerry Jones really couldn’t care less about anyone other than Jerry Jones. And strippers.

  13. Shaking my head….

    Do we need him? Yes. But his long term health is at risk. He has 2 kids under four years old and a hot wife. As a fan, I want him to get out there and lead my team, but not at the risk of permanent injury.

    That said, there is nothing they can do to heal it. It will heal on its own and it really does come down to pain tolerance and being able to move properly. But holy crap, we’re talking about two fractures in his back!!

  14. @imthatkidyourparentswarnedyouabout says:
    Nov 3, 2014 2:24 PM

    Hey, if the Jaguars get chances to put hard, legal shots on Romo (should he play), then they should absolutely take them. What else are they supposed to do? Take him flowers and boxes of chocolates? If he plays, they have to hit him as hard as they can as long as they can do so before the whistle.

    But, as someone else said, they absolutely should be able to beat Jacksonville even with Mickey Mouse playing quarterback. Let Romo rest. You need him healthy in December and January, not against the Jags. But no, Dr. Jones can’t fathom this.

  15. Just remember when tony is in his wheel chair it will be one of those good ones where you can steer it with his mouth Jerry takes good care of Romo only the best for him.

  16. Romo needs rescuing by the NFLPA or the commissioner now. What does anyone think will happen should this man become paralyzed on the field. As usual, they are going to be caught unprepared and not being proactive enough for player’s health that does not involve a concussion. Their intervention will also happen only after public’s outcry just like those other events of late.

    Tony probably would rather not play but the coach and owner are pushing for him to play. This is when an adult should step in to help all parties out, not after the negative event occurs.

  17. Drs. Goodell and Jones will make sure he plays no matter what. Book it. No way in h-e-double hockey sticks that Goodell sends America’s Team over to London against the scrubby Jags with Weeden at the helm. Goodell has circled this game on his calendar for years now. Showcase game for London and Romo will play.

  18. This is one time the Commission needs to intervene and tell Jerry Jones that Romo can’t play. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen for the NFL and flies in the face of the league’s mantra of “player safety”.
    Every medical situation is unique however, even if the broken bones are not actually in the spinal column, damaging the tendons and ligaments supporting them in the back could be debilitating and seriously alter the quality of his future life and be career ending. Romo needs to drive over and have a long talk with Kevin Kolb about life after football when you let these chuckle heads make the big decisions for you.

  19. Ok did some reasearch….a broken transverse process poses no threat to the spinal cord. It is also likely that it has nothing to do with the other surgeries. However it is very painful and often comes with swelling and decreased range of motion. Which makes it less likely that he can avoid getting hit again. Which puts him at more risk for long-term unavailability. It would be idiotic to let him play, especially since they have a bye the next week. But Jerruh is an idiot, so….

  20. the long and short of it is that dr. jones isn’t as good at cap management as he is as diagnosing back x-rays. thus he signed romo to a long deal hoping that he would luck out and amortize that bubble in the cap.

    having done all the cap tricks, dr. jones was left with very little room to play with. thus, he lost ware and hatcher cause he couldn’t pay them. he also decided to go cheap on backup qb. orton didn’t want to stay, so dr jones decided to save $3M in salary (what he squandered in orton’s signing bonus) by getting weeden for the vet minimum. and now his roll of the dice on romos contract (look at the dead money on that boy) has sevened out and he’s reaping the rewards of a bad bet chasing several earlier bad bets….

  21. Romo will play Sunday and there will be no risk to Romo long term health. You can read the article on National Football Post on Monday Morning MD. Romo will come out on fire an torch the lowly Jaguars, you can take it to the bank. Cowboys 45 Jaguars 0. How About Them Cowboys! ! Super Bowl Bound Baby! !

  22. @clssylssy – the commissioner? lol. That’s naive of you to think that soulless pod cares. In fact, he’s right there with Jones trying to get him ready to be showcased in London. You think Goodell wants the London game between Weeden and whoever the Jags qb is this week?

  23. For those of you thinking the game against the Jags will be cake walk I invite you to look at the scoreboard where it shows the Rams being 9 pt underdogs against the Niners and given no chance in hell to win and they did. Point being is any team can win on any given day.

  24. yeevie13 says:
    Nov 3, 2014 3:36 PM

    Somewhere in Buffalo Kyle Orton is cackling
    You mean the guy we wanted to stay but he quit on his team and took $3M and “retired” THEN took a job elsewhere? That Kyle Orton?

  25. @justintuckrule
    I said SHOULD…didn’t say would! I totally agree with you about Goodell’s character and agenda, but a real Commissioner with any integrity wouldn’t be such a hypocrite when a player’s health and welfare is at stake. Bottom line is that players can’t depend on these self-serving clowns to do the ethical thing and need to think for themselves! As someone else pointed out he has a family with small children who he may want to be active with after football.

  26. Somewhere in Buffalo Kyle Orton is cackling
    “You mean the guy we wanted to stay but he quit on his team and took $3M and “retired” THEN took a job elsewhere? That Kyle Orton?”

    Maybe Orton didn’t feel safe playing for Jerry Jones. Can’t blame him seeing the way he has hung out Romo.

  27. dalfanforever says:
    Nov 3, 2014 3:44 PM
    yeevie13 says:
    Nov 3, 2014 3:36 PM

    Somewhere in Buffalo Kyle Orton is cackling
    You mean the guy we wanted to stay but he quit on his team and took $3M and “retired” THEN took a job elsewhere? That Kyle Orton?

    yeev: no, we mean the guy who played supposed business genius g.m. dr. jones like a banjo. actually he got a $5M signing bonus from dr. jones on a 3 yr deal. then dr. jones added two dummy years to the deal to kick the can down the road. thus the $1.1M dead money this year and $2.25M next yr. even dr. jones knew he had given all the leverage to orton and decided to go cheap at backup qb. thats the kyle orton he was talking about……

  28. No, no you guys have Jeruh confused, what he saying is that “Romo will be fine post his NFL career, playing with his young children while cruising in his silver & blue starred Hoveround !!” No need to worry about his quality of life, it’s ALL good. lol (He should NOT play in this game)

  29. And somewhere in Cowboy LAND, Jones is telling Jason that if ROMO (most over-rated qb in th NFL) doesnt play, he and his staff will be fired!

  30. As much as I detest Romo and the cowboys, I have to respect the fact that he is one of the toughest SOB’s that ever played the game.
    According to the team physician, Romo is not in danger of further injuring himself and in no danger of being paralyzed, although some posters here think they are doctors.
    I am betting that not only does Romo start, but he destroys the Jags.
    Again, I hate the Cowboys and everything they represent but Romo deserves praise as he has earned it.

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