Kaepernick: I know I scored a touchdown, even if ref didn’t see it


Colin Kaepernick says his last play in the 49ers’ loss to the Rams on Sunday should have been ruled a touchdown, not a fumble.

With seconds remaining and the 49ers trailing 13-10, Kaepernick tried to score a touchdown on a quarterback sneak. But the ball came loose, and when the officials unpiled the players, Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis was holding the ball. The ruling on the field was a fumble recovered by the Rams, and no replays definitively showed whether the ball crossed the goal line before Kaepernick lost it.

I know I crossed the line,” Kaepernick said, via CSNBayArea.com. “Yeah, I did bobble the snap, but regardless.”

Kaepernick added that he’s sure he was across the goal line because “I was looking in the end zone” and he saw that he had the ball over the line before he lost control. Kaepernick acknowledged, however, that if he had played better in the first 59 minutes of the game, the 49ers wouldn’t have been in a position where they needed a call to go their way in the final minute.

“That’s why I’m here, to make plays regardless of the situation,” Kaepernick said. “I have to be better back there. I’m here to make plays. I can make people miss. That’s part of my job.”

Sunday’s loss dropped the 49ers to 4-4 on the season, and put them in big trouble in the playoff race. If the 49ers miss the postseason this year, they may look back at that last-second fumble against the Rams as the play that turned their season into a major disappointment.

114 responses to “Kaepernick: I know I scored a touchdown, even if ref didn’t see it

  1. I know you lost. We all saw it.

    Its the Rams at home, son. It shouldn’t come down to short yardage at the goal line.

  2. Marcus Lattimore had a better chance at running the ball in….why not hand it off to Gore?!?!? Bad play call IMO plus I have Gore on my fantasy league and I needed him to get that touchdown lol

  3. I thought he scored on the first replay I saw. But then I looked at another view from the side and Kaepernick was much further from the end zone line on the sneak attempt. Regardless, the NFL should put a microchip sensor in the football that will tell the refs if the ball crossed the line.

  4. And I never called anyone the “N” word.

    Its okay Krapernick you just have a case of the Costanza’s…..

    “just remember, its not a lie if you believe it”

  5. He really is becoming just like his head coach, a big whiner.

    This along with him whining over a penalty that had nothing to do with his team losing to the Bears!


  6. I know I would be the starting centerfielder for the Boston Red Sox if only the scouts had showed up to my games…

  7. “I can make people miss. That’s part of my job.”

    That’s all you can do and even then, sometimes. A Qb you are not, sorry.

  8. Am I the only one that sees him play and thinks he is Uncle Rico? And then, I read this article, and think, he even sounds like Uncle Rico. Next he is going to tell us he would have won State if coach had put him in, and he can throw the ball clear over those mountains…

  9. The coaches and players in red & gold have both regressed this year from what I can see from the couch. The O-line was DREADFUL yesterday as was Kap’s inability to hang in the pocket and look past his first read. Plus more play clock snafu’s, red zone issues, blah, blah, blah.

    Here in the bay area it’s hard to complain tho. Fall is in the air, we’ve just hoisted a third World Series trophy and have appeared in 3 NFCCG’s and one Super Bowl in the last 3 years.

    Some years, it doesn’t go your way.

  10. on the microship idea – how would you know if he still had possession when the ball crossed the line?

  11. The Rams had 2 scores taken off the board due to bad calls. This may no have been the right call but it certainly was the just result.

  12. I went 11-1 in my picks and won my poll. Could of went 12-0 Kapernick it didn’t matter all other 30 people picked the niners to win and you blew it.

  13. fivechampionships says:
    Nov 3, 2014 11:50 AM
    on the microship idea – how would you know if he still had possession when the ball crossed the line?

    Well, throw a temp sensor in there, and you’d know when he let go of the ball?

    It’s not like the NFL doesn’t have the cash to build up their own tech start-up…

  14. He’s right of course. How could the refs be standing right there and not see it? If they didn’t, then they also have no clue when the fumble occurred because they didn’t see that either, so they are left in the position to make the call any way they want. Something is not right with them having that option.

  15. Wah wah wah!!!! Hey Klapperdink — hold onto the ball and you won’t have to whine about the refs!!

    And — maybe if you could hit your wide receivers more ofte then the ground, maybe you wouldn’t be throwing your passes into the ground as much.

    I’m just glad you gave your nut job head coach more ulcers. But he won’t care when he’s coaching college kids next year.

  16. The way it was called is the way it was called. He can’t get it back. Also… it’s partially his fault that it came down to that play. Move on.

  17. “Hahaha, you lost to the RAMS and now you’re whining about a “controversial” fumble at the end of the game.”

    – 49er fans to Seahawk fans 2 weeks ago.

  18. I’m absolutely sure that’s how he sees it in his mind. He also saw what the headlines were going to look like after he got the go-ahead score. More’s the pity…

  19. Typical of him, taking no responsibility and blaming others. He does it every time he gets the chance.

    He also throws high heaters to his WR’s and can’t get past his first read.

    KC goes to the SB before SF, and it is because of the QB. Funny, idintit?

  20. One more tat and a smoochy for his upper arm, and he could have held on.

    They should let him wear his beats on the field, cuz you all just don’t understand.

  21. It was a risky and peculiar play call/design, but that being said it did look like he regained possession after the ball became dislodged and likely that he broke the plane with possession intact. The only way to conclude that is to spend a lot of time reviewing the play and using some kind of sophisticated method of matching up all the clues of the video or a computer-aided method of processing the clues to determine where that ball is, but the way they review these things and with the equipment they use I am not surprised that they thought it was more practical to just go with the ruling on the field.

    I’ll take his word for it since it looked plausible to me that it could have been a TD according to the rules. It’s time to move on and hope for more favorable calls in the future.

  22. Rams won that game, the Refs blew two huge calls that would have put the Rams up by two scores anyway. The refs honestly have taken two other victories from the Rams this year. A damn shame

  23. Coulda woulda shoulda.

    Mean time, Animal’s kid made the play and got the Rams the W. Ohhhhhhhhhh, what’s a rush! (I know that’s the late Hawk but still).

  24. “After mishandling the snap on the biggest play of the game I managed to gain control of the ball and score just before once again losing the ball.”

    That’s essentially what his statement translates into. Not sure that is exactly the message I’d be putting out there in his place. He’d be better off going the Peyton route and just admitting he stunk.

  25. Go home and look at your juvenile tennis shoe collection, pose for more instagram pictures with it and you’ll feel better.

  26. These comment sections are filled with the biggest haters I’ve ever read. Harbaugh is ‘known’ as a ‘whiner’ but he clearly stated yesterday that they didn’t play enough good football to win. Explain the whining in that?

  27. There are goal line photos showing the ball in his possession across the plane of the goal line, however, this play should have never happened, Crabtree caught the ball across the goal line on 1st and Goal.

    Did San Francisco play like crap and deserve to lose? Yes! However, a call like that (those) should never determine the outcome of games, these refs need to be held accountable for their calls.

    Jerome Boger needs to be fined/suspended, he is an absolute joke of an official.

  28. Stop your whining Kipperneck! had you scored more than 10 pts in the previous 59:58 minutes of the game, it would not have mattered!!!!!

  29. Harbaugh, Id like to introduce you to the best RB in your teams history, His name is FRANK GORE why do you continue to ignore him in your play calling? Especially on the goal line. Didn’t learn from the goal line mishap in the Super Bowl did you?

  30. Gotta admit he is consistent. Anytime the game is on the line, Kap will choke and the game slips away!!!

  31. 4 chances to get in. Poor 1-4 goal line plays called. Remind anyone of the SB against the Ravens where the 9’er’s kept trying to force the ball to Crabtree 4 straight plays?

    Keep your chin up…you’ve Alton Smith returning, and many others soon I’m sure. Still time for your team to get its act together.

    Look on the bright side…least you have Offensive players with potential…unlike my team…the Seahawks…Which should drop from 30th to 31st in NFL offense….Can’t believe this is what the front office created for this season…oh well, 1 and dun is better than none and dun. Good luck to the 9’er’s.

  32. fivechampionships says:
    Nov 3, 2014 11:50 AM
    on the microship idea – how would you know if he still had possession when the ball crossed the line?
    Micro-Chip their hands with Termite PAINT mean gene!

  33. He might be a great athlete, but he sucks as a QB! Have a running back who has gained over 10,000 yards for the team !st & goal with about a football length too punch it in & he never touches the ball!! They will be lucky to finish 6-10 this year!!

  34. There is class and classless

    After the Broncos game yesterday Manning had a press conference and told the media, “I stunk.”

    Kaepernick doesn’t take the blame.

    Enough said

  35. Ummmm….Kap….the 2 replays show you never had possession?

    Yep…just watched them again and you didn’t control the ball either time. Sorry

  36. BTW, the officiating….terrible. No whistle on the pile drive? And taking the fumble recovery away from the Rams b/c the whistle blew? Huh? The play was still going on and he was driving forward?

  37. beastmode5150 says:
    Nov 3, 2014 11:43 AM
    Santa Clara is a joke. Kick the field goal dorks.


    The Rams scored more against Seattle than the Niners. So if The Niners are a joke, the Shehawks are a bigger joke. Both teams are trailing Arizona.

  38. on the microship idea ;

    How many chips do you actually need? You would have to cover the entire outer surface of the ball with sensors as any part of the ball that touches the line causes a touchdown, if in possession.

    Then the next problem is deciding if it is possessed. Good luck with that.

    Good to see Hairball lose. I hate that guy.

  39. Are people still going to have this conversation anytime Kapernick looses or Smith looses, each team decided to go with the QB that they deem fits their scheme offense or what not. Both have won games and both have been succesful, both have had trials and tribulations but that is par for the course in the NFL.

  40. radar8 says:
    Nov 3, 2014 1:54 PM
    beastmode5150 says:
    Nov 3, 2014 11:43 AM
    Santa Clara is a joke. Kick the field goal dorks.


    The Rams scored more against Seattle than the Niners. So if The Niners are a joke, the Shehawks are a bigger joke. Both teams are trailing Arizona.
    If that is how you judge how good teams are, then i don’t know what any of us can say to you. Good luck in your quest to learn the game.

  41. I have an idea for a commercial. Kaep attempts a goal line sneak, drops the ball, but he doesn’t care because it’s all drowned out by his cool headphones.

  42. Scientists have just discovered a new increment of time faster than the nanosecond….

    It’s the amount of time after a 49er loss that they blame the refs.

  43. No team is “stuck” with any player. This isn’t baseball. I bet you think he’s getting $121 million too. Saying he thinks he scored isn’t whining. Get a grip. Funny someone brought up IQ here. Judging by some of the comments 40 is very optimistic for some of you folks. I think it’s time for a fresh voice for the 49ers. Harbaugh isn’t built for the long haul.

  44. I agree that it appears he may have crossed the line. No replay was clear enough to overturn. It also helped me to realize why players signal that they have the ball whether they know who has it or not.

  45. Is this the same guy who publicly suggested a referee was lying about what he said on the field awhile back? To save himself 5k, or something.

    They don’t forget.

  46. Yep, sure, sure we know, just like every prisoner locked up is really innocent. The way it’s called is the way it is; right or wrong. Your record is 4 – 4 go from there.

  47. This was a tough situation. What was inexcusable was what led up to the play. First down pass was either TD, incomplete, or ball did not break plain (ruled on field). If as ruled on field, the player rolled directly out of bounds. Review should have provided for dead clock, not hot clock which was what happened. SF was cheated–should have had 20+ seconds and dead clock, instead ball was snapped with clock running and somehow they ended up with two plays, not four–not to mention the panics that evolved.

  48. Some things never change, including Kaepernick’s complete inability to accept responsibility for his own actions.

    Ya, he’s a real leader, your face of the franchise, and a complete loser.

  49. packfaninthehook says:
    Nov 3, 2014 11:36 AM
    Cool story bro.

    Except you dropped it in the middle of a scrum and even a goal line cam couldn’t have helped. Maybe hold onto the ball next time.


    Yeah…Kap was too busy kissing his bicep before he crossed the goal line…the rest is history.

  50. Who would of thought in the preseason that San Francisco and Seattle would be chasing their tails while Arizona runs off with the division??? LOL you can’t make this stuff up! 😀

  51. Alex Smith will win a Super Bowl ring before Cameron Kap does. Nice trade by the 49ers, the Rams have tons of picks next season and will own the NFC West.


    It will be nice to see the Rams play at the Rose Bowl in perfect weather in 2015 and play in the Super Bowl in Santa Clara.

  52. I like Kap and I think he will be a good QB for a good long time but this like the 3rd or 4th time he’s the opportunity to win a game on the last play and so far he’s come up empty. He won’t win the big one until he gets over that hump.

  53. Arrogant and ignorant like his coach…

    Calling a QB Sneak for the CHOKE with the game on the line at the end of the game when you have a rookie center in his 1st game = total failure.

    At the very least try a trick fake to VD or just run gore or rush the CHOKE to the corner of the end zone, but NO you have to do a CHOKE sneak behind a rookie center in his 1st NFL game and choke the game away…

    Really shows the true arrogance and “push the envelope” attitude and thus folly of Jim Harbaugh.

  54. You could sum up the entire 49ers franchise under Harbaugh with one word:


    That’s all I hear from this dude. All he does is make excuses. And that’s what separates this bum and his team from Russell Wilson. Wilson takes the blame and works to improve. Kaepernick just keeps making excuses and whining like a child.

  55. This guy has looked scared the entire season. Seriously, how can you miss it? He looks scared like he’s going to cry even… Niners’s are done, it was predicted and now it is so! Oh and their new stadium sure seems to be a blessing… For the opponents!

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