O’Brien addresses report of frustration with Clowney

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Like Washington coach Jay Gruden, Texans coach Bill O’Brien had to spend time during his post-game press conference addressing a report regarding one of his highest-profile players.  Unlike Gruden, O’Brien didn’t lash out at the report that the Texans are getting frustrated with rookie linebacker Jadeveon Clowney.

“I don’t know anything about those reports, I just know what I see,” O’Brien told reporters after the 31-21 loss to Philadelphia.  “I see a rookie player that is injured and is trying to come back from injury and he had a little setback this week with the flu and hopefully he’ll be back ready for Cleveland.  He’s had a couple injuries here and a concussion, some of that is bad luck.  He got knocked in the head in the Denver training camp, he got a sports hernia injury, he’s got a knee [issue], that’s what I think it is.  I think the world of Jadeveon Clowney.  I don’t think there’s anyone here that’s frustrated with [him].  He and I speak every day, multiple times per day, text messages, phone calls, just like I do with all the rookies, and hopefully he’ll be ready to go.  It’s a big adjustment, it’s a whole lot different playing in this league than it is in college, and it’s an adjustment for all those guys.  He’s working hard to get over the hump and get back on the field.”

So maybe there’s frustration not directed at Clowney but at the circumstances generally.  Or maybe he’s not making that “big adjustment” the way some had hoped.

One adjustment that some outside the team believe he should make is to not post on social media during games.  Clowney apparently was doing that on Sunday; our pal Nick Wright of 610 SportsRadio in Houston pointed it out on Twitter.

“I’ll have to see that,” O’Brien said.  “I don’t know that yet.  You know, injured players during the game depends on who they are.  Brian Cushing, because of his years of experience, we had him on the sideline today, but rookies basically, they have the choice of going to the press box or staying in the locker room, so that’s where it’s at there, but we’ll have to see what that is.  You know, I don’t know anything about that.”

If/when O’Brien does, it’ll be interesting to see what he says and does.  Then again, we may never know what he says and/or does, because he may say it and/or do it privately with Clowney.

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  1. Todd Herrimans played with a torn bicep (something most people go on IR for), Clowney can’t play with the sniffles? Give me a break. #BUST

  2. We saw the same stuff last year at South Carolina. He will not play when he is injured at all. Most players play with the injuries that Clowney has. He is soft, and there is no way I would have selected him #1 overall.

  3. Wowzers – so much hate on these boards for someone who has never done anything to you personally. Man, your lives must blow…

    That being said, Clowney must be itching to play. I can speak from experience, it sucks to watch from the sideline when your brothers are out there laying it on the line.

  4. I see injured players tweeting all the time during games. If it’s to support the team, I don’t have an issue with it. It beats a player who is emotionally detached from the team if he’s not on the field.

  5. There are certain guys you can’t keep off the field. These guys love the game, play through pain, give it all they’ve got. Then there are guys like Clowney and Haynesworth who you can’t get on it. These guys are lazy, contract year guys, who will bust or flame out.

  6. Funny how in May, the vast majority of comments on PFT were ready to anoint Clowney as Defensive Player of the Year, and now barely halfway into his rookie season people want to label him a bust. I count myself as part of the former group, but I would hardly call him a bust this early into his career.

    Talk about being quick to judge a player.

  7. its such a shame…most of you fools new nothing of clowney before “the hit”…probably didnt watch one game…now i am a diehard usc fan, and he played injured every game..its so silly to call clowney a bust that it isnt even funny…people who call clowney a bust are the same ones who said tom brady was done, now look at tom terific…yall are clowns, period…clowney will come back and have one the best 2nd years by a defensive player, ever..would put my life on it.

  8. It’s a new world – “He and I speak every day, multiple times per day, text messages, phone calls, just like I do with all the rookies”

  9. Why did they draft him? To play keep away? He’s not a 3 technique in a 3-4. They’re playing him out of position. He is not a linebacker. They didn’t want someone else to get him and make them regret it for years, but using him out of position so that he cannot maximize his ability as a 5 technique in a 4-3 makes absolutely no sense.

  10. It’s so funny how fast people want to write this kid off. He’s hurt. And he was really good when he played in the preseason.

    I’m a Giants fan and this is all that happened with Odell Beckham. Coughlin (already a cranky old guy) got peppered the entire summer about Beckham’s bad hammy. Coughlin upset about all of the questions and the media turned it into how frustrated they were in ODB. Beckham comes back too early and re-aggravated the same injury.


  11. Clowney demonstrated during the preseason that he can play well in the NFL. But if he refuses to play unless he’s 100% then that’s just not okay.

    Hey Redskins: Clowney for RG3 straight-up?

  12. Meanwhile in Minnesota, Anthony Barr is keeping his head down, his mouth shut, learning the NFL game, and destroying opponents.

  13. I’ll bet if we go back and look, a lot of these people screaming “BUST” were some of the same ones saying we had to pick Clowney or we were idiots. Give the kid a chance – nobody is happy that he hasn’t contributed this year so far, but I still believe he’s got more than enough skills to play and play well. You’ll probably be either eating your words, or just saying nothing when he comes back and kills on the field. I’m betting the latter.

  14. I was heartily downvoted for saying he would play against the Titans in an effort to run up stats, and then vanish before the Eagles game.

  15. You and I know no one is going to admit to these allegations whether true or not. Someone will get offended or embarrassed. You just don’t admit to things like these in public.Although we know there just might be some truth behind this.

  16. When I think of Clowney and our marginal season start I can’t help but think things will get better and then I think of trading Matt Schaub and things just got better!

  17. They drafted him because after McNair blew up the 2013 season he had a wet dream about pairing CLowney with Watt, but Clowney retired at USC . He got his payday and now he can’t get back into playing….

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