Peyton: I don’t usually stink, but I stunk today


There are a lot of quarterbacks who have never thrown for 438 yards in a game and even fewer who have done it and then referred to the game as one of the worst performances of their career, but that’s just what Peyton Manning did after he and the Broncos slumped to a 43-21 loss in New England.

Manning added two touchdowns and two interceptions to all those yards and said after the game that he thought his play was “below average” and well below the standard he has set throughout his career.

“I don’t usually stink, but I stunk today,” Manning said, via the Boston Globe and presumably not in the cadence of the Nationwide jingle.

Manning noted that the team moved the ball well for much of the game, but called one of his interceptions a “bad, bad throw” and lamented the team’s inability to convert third down opportunities all day long. One thing he didn’t do was chalk the loss up to playing in Gillette Stadium against the Patriots.

“I guess I’m not smart enough to draw that many connections,” Manning said. “I kind of take them one year at a time. [There are] different players and we didn’t on offense do the things we talked about doing. That starts with me — I’ve got to play better. That’s pretty plain and simple. When the quarterback stinks, usually you’re not going to win too many games.”

Sunday’s loss makes it likelier that a rematch in the playoffs this year will be held at the same place, so Manning may have a chance to redeem himself in a few months. It won’t be easy, though. The Patriots have now won 34 straight regular season games at home against AFC teams and they’ve won 14 straight at home overall, leaving a tall task for Denver and anyone else in the conference that has to go through New England this season.

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  1. It definitely changes the AFC playoff landscape. That dreadful place is an advantage. Maybe New England will draw Kansas City I’m the first matchup and lay another egg like they did against the Chiefs a few weeks ago.

  2. Crowning the Pats already huh? Guess you didn’t look at the remaining games they play. Here is a prediction: Broncos end up with the #1 seed and NE loses in Denver in the playoffs again…

  3. Manning is a great QB..incredible numbers.

    BUT, the bottom line…is throughout his career, he has failed miserably in big games. Not only post season, but regular season too.

    His inability to win those big games keeps him a few steps behind Brady…no matter how many touchdowns he’s thrown.

    Numbers are nice…but wins much much better…and Brady wins.

  4. In fairness to Manning, I didn’t see a bunch of other Broncos stepping up and making plays..

    Free agent superstars Talib, Demarcus Ware, and TJ Ward must have missed the team plane.

  5. No Peyton, you didn’t stink. That over rated defense, now they stunk. Did Ware play? I never even saw him. people need to understand Denver only played 2 road games before yesterday. 5-0 at home, 1-2 on the road. Only 3 home games left.

  6. At least a 100 of those yards came when the defense was much more relaxed and the Pats had a sizeable lead.

    Another game of piling yards, another big game gaining a loss.

    See you in January, Peyton.

  7. Tom Brady got double the points, on 100 yards less passing.

    You don’t suck, Peyton. You’re just not as good as Brady.

    But then again, who is??? 😉

  8. Tom Brady & the Patriots showed up.
    Peyton Manning and the Broncos did not.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  9. It’s ok Peyton. All of us intelligent football fans know that you’re the greatest of all time and Brady is nothing without spygate.

    It’s hard to beat the refs and spygate.

  10. The whole team didn’t play well.

    It’s only one game in the big picture.

    The Pats laid an egg against KC.

    It happens, come playoffs is when it counts.

    But between these two teams home field advantage is huge. That may be the key factor.

    The Pats have some tough games coming up.

  11. PM didn’t stink, he wasn’t great, but he sure does have his problems vs. Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots.

  12. Peyton missed the obvious connection that the Patriots out played in all three phases of the game! There were some tough calls on both sides of the ball but when it comes down to it the game was pretty evenly called as both teams had good and bad calls go for and against them. Peyton did make some bad throws and had receivers drop some great throws as did Brady, the latter had less drops and more success when it was needed. Edelman was spectacular as was Gronkowski, LaFell caught on eventually and the O line played like a veteran line with few mistakes and good protection. Peyton had plenty of time to make throws but the coverages used by the Pat’s D was outstanding. The game was not the fault of one player, he may be super human at times and carry the team when all seems lost but there were plenty of things out of his control as he doesn’t play defense or special teams which accounted for a big part of the difference in the score. All in all the team was out played in all three phases and didn’t make enough plays to win, that’s how it goes sometimes!!!

  13. I am not sure how I take the post game comments from Manning. He is well known to be a master of using the media to get his message across without actually saying it, like a politician. It is sort of a gift to be honest. With that said, any time a player throws for nearly 450 yards, and comes out and says, well gee I really stunk it up today, I have to imagine he is really giving you that wink wink, nod nod, I had another statistical game to prove I am the greatest of all time…

    I can accept “we didnt execute”, “we werent good enough”, “they outplayed us”, but the self loathing awe shucks I was awful out there today just doesnt pass the smell test. They didnt get beat because Manning didnt do his job. They didnt get beat because Manning sucked. They simply got beat. They did what they wanted to do, and failed. Simple as that. Saying “well I wasnt very good so we lost” takes away from what the Pats did. He should be saying we did our thing and they still defeated us, we will learn from it and be better the next time. They racked up 500 yards of offense and 21 points, Manning and the offense wasnt the problem. The problem was their defense is so over rated it isnt funny.

    The defense is built for being the front runner. Manning and the offense jump out in front every week, and the other team is forced to play catch up. Meaning they abandon the run, and when a defense knows you are going to pass the ball, they “pin back their ears” and get after the QB. The defense wasnt able to do that yesterday because they were behind, and it exposed their weaknesses. If Gronk hadnt burned Miller for the TD I woulndt have known Miller played. Where was Ware? If Ward wasnt out there getting owned by Gronk (and again diving at Gronks knees) I wouldnt have known he was out there either.

    In the offseason the Broncos fans immidiately crowned the Broncos as having won the offseason by bringing in Ward, Ware, and Talib, plus getting back their injured players, but yesterday none of them made any meaningful impact. Apparently Browner, Revis, and a healthy Gronk were more important than the “experts” in Denver realized

  14. Peyton doesn’t usually suck and you can tell because he used the word “suck”. When you play football and suck on a sunday it’s known as “Jetting”.

  15. It was a big game. So Peyton played the way he always does in big games. Greatest small-game QB in NFL history, however, no question.

  16. In fairness to the most overrated QB this side of the galaxy, he obviously got confused and thought it was a playoff game.

  17. Hey, didn’t also not give credit to the Seahawks for the Super Bowl beat down?

    Clearly, his bad play and the bad play by the Donkey defense was due to the Pats dominating the Offensive and Defensive line play as well as much improved play by the secondary. And yet the NFL’s pizza posterboy refuses to give credit to the Pats who the Donkeys played against?

    How Classless. You would never find Archie or Eli too proud to give credit to their opponents who beat them. Prideful Peyton, a real loser even though he’s got a ton of stats and records.

  18. “I don’t usually stink, but I stunk today,”

    Peyton couldn’t get any more full of himself if he tried. Just take the blame, so you stunk. There’s no need to say “I don’t usually stink”. We get it. The world knows you own 100 different passing records. Just get over yourself and try to win a big game for a change.

  19. Typical Manning game. Throws up a bunch of meaningless stats in a loss in a big game. Saying “he doesn’t usually stink” is classic Manning as well.

  20. Daylight savings time really confuses me when we set the clocks back. I mean the whole time I was watching that game I thought it was January.


  21. Although Manning wasn’t as sharp as he has been, I didn’t think he was horrible. The offense moved the ball all night, which is just about the only positive that the Broncos can take from the game.

    The most troubling thing about this game is that the revamped Broncos D came up small. It seemed like they were never able to come up with a key stop when they absolutely needed it.

    Hats off to Belichick, Brady and McDaniels. Once again, they did a great job of developing a game plan and executing it.

    The Broncos just have to pray that the Colts or the Dolphins catch the Pats on an off-night, because there is no way that the Broncos are going to win a playoff game in Foxboro.

  22. You are correct Sir… played surprisingly bad.
    I think it was punishment for trying to hock a “pizza” with fritos on it………yuk!

    hopefully we as a country and the Broncos as a team can move on from both of these disasters.

  23. Just about all the yards gained and points the broncos scored was in garbage time. Someone that only looks at stats might think manning had a decent game but, in reality, he did stink and is just acknowledging it. When the temp goes below 40 degrees and the conditions are not ideal, manning loses. Its laughable that some (fewer and fewer now admittedly) continue to deny at after witnessing this fact time after time after time after………

  24. Want to know the biggest, in my opinion, difference between Manning and Brady? When Brady loses, yes he talks about what he and the team did wrong, but he also gives credit to the winning team, saying something about how well they played. During last nights presser Peyton talked about the loss as if it had nothing to do with what the Patriots did, the loss happened because of what the Broncos did. Could you be a bigger cry baby Pey Pey? The loss had nothing to do with what the Denver O did wrong, you guys played well enough to beat almost anybody. Almost. The fact is Tom played better than you, admitting that is the first step to getting better.

  25. There’s what separates the mannings. eli would have and has in fact won this game before (I bet the beginning of these home winning streaks started after a giants win there).

  26. LMAO,,,,(CUE nationwide….) Losing feeling in my toes….

    I was on here yesterday and everybody,,,and I mean every guru said it was going to be a manning clinic….uh huh!!!!!

    The QB with the winning-est record in NFL history is not,,the hillbilly,,,it’s TOM BRADY,,,and it’s not even close,,he has like a 14 game lead on huckleberry,,,,

  27. I’ll tell you one thing that happened.

    Manning threw to Jacob Tamme 5 times in the second half and only managed 1 reception for 10 yards. Tamme is a guy that most teams forget about because most teams think this is fantasy football, and Manning can usually sneak a critical first down or a late TD to him. The Patriots actually watch game film and bothered to account for him taking away that failsafe. The DB play as a whole was outstanding.

  28. Listen to his whole press conference and you will hear that he did give credit to NE. I am also amazed that a guy flat out says that he played awful and gets ripped for it. Are people just waiting to pounce on manning when he does anything wrong. They are 6-2 after playing a brutal first half schedule with 7 teams with a winning record. Their 2 losses are AT Seattle and New England. Brady was awesome yesterday and I cant stand him but I will give him credit because he played well. The Denver D also needs to regroup because they got abused yesterday.

  29. When the season gets late, the days grow short, the temperature drops and the wind picks up Manning’s ducks just don’t want to fly.

    I guess that nerve in his neck doesn’t like the cold either.

    He’s an early season, warm weather QB now. Never going to win another SB. Denver should have traded him like GB did with Favre when he proved he couldn’t win the big game in the cold.

  30. Peyton,why not tell the truth and say that the better team won the game? You were outplayed and outcoached. You couldn’t even stick around to shake hands with Brady,you big baby. End of story.

  31. You cannot seriously argue that Manning is better than Brady.

    Highest winning percentage as QB in NFL history: Brady
    Most postseason wins by QB in NFL history: Brady
    Fastest QB to 100 wins in NFL history: Brady
    Brady record vs. Manning head to head: 11-5

    Just for perspective, Brady’s winning percentage (.775) is so ridiculous that only two other NFL QBs are even over .700 — Montana (.713), and Staubach (.746). So while this is America and you can think whatever you like, the simple fact is that Brady v. Manning is no contest.

  32. I can’t object to people who criticize Manning and say that Brady is a better player. They have excellent arguments that can’t be refuted, especially after games like yesterday’s.

    However, criticizing Manning as being selfish for taking responsibility for this loss is really weak tea.

    I say this because I can’t tell you how many times I have heard/read Brady fans talk about how much of a class act Brady is because he accepts responsibility for losses, in contrast to Manning, who always blames other people for losses.

    However, when he have Manning going on record and saying “this loss is on me” do any haters give him credit for taking responsibility for the loss, like Brady would have done?

    Of course not. Instead, he gets criticized for being selfish and classless because: (1) he wasn’t really the reason they lost; and (2) he didn’t give the Pats enough credit for what they did.

    The guy simply cannot win.

  33. There is a reason Peyton Manning only has one Super Bowl win: Rex Grossman. Without Rex, Peyton Manning would have zero Super Bowl wins. Big game fraud.

  34. I have no respect for a guy who pads his personal stats, doesn’t give credit to the other team, acts like “aw shucks I’m just a country boy,”scripts his own celebrations and has the players practice it, probably got the scoreboard guy fired, and changes rules because they don’t favor him. Tired of Lord Manning..showed his true colors yet again yesterday, and I wouldn’t want him as my qb in the SB for any amount of money. Where was the clinic he was supposed to show Brady and the team?? Give credit to the Pats, golden boy, you were manhandled.

  35. Peyton’s “system” doesn’t work when you know how to stop it. So much relying on precision and timing, and when things break down, Manning cannot improvise or extend the play.

    Though the entire team failed to show. Once again Fox and Del Rio work wonders (Miller on Gronk? 3 man rushes against BRADY?).

    Can’t play with that many mistakes against the Pats.
    Int= 7 points
    2nd int = 7 points
    Punt Return = 7 points
    Eliminating those right there makes it (all else consistent) 22-21, a whole new ball game. Tack on the missed FG, that’s 22-24.

    And the penalties!

    When Denver loses, it always seems to be a comedy of errors.

  36. Funny how so many Patriots fans need some kind of reassurance from Manning that the Patriots played well…so insecure.

    Also interesting to hear the comments about Manning not being able to win the big games when Brady is 4-5 in the playoffs over the last five years, 0-2 in his last two Super Bowls, and hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 10 years (and the ones he did win were more because of the defense and videos of the other team’s practices).

  37. The Ayers sack of manning on 4th down was a flagrant FOUL.
    why did not one announcer point this out?
    direct from the rule book
    “No defensive player who has an unrestricted path to the quarterback may hit him flagrantly in the area of the knee(s) or below when approaching in any direction.”
    Ayers had a unrestricted path right into Peyton Mannings KNEE and mostly below it.
    No One touched Ayers as he flew in to tackle Manning by his lower knee…
    The Patriots have the video up on their site showing this blatant flag.
    This should have been flagged and 1st down to the Broncos…
    If Ayers tackled Brady like that, Brady would have been crying to every ref he could find as to why no flag was thrown.

  38. Manning has zero class and I mean zero. He couldn’t just say the Patriots played a hell of a game. They kicked our butts. we’ll be better prepared next time around. Runs off the field with out shakin anybody’s hand. Real class there.

  39. I also forgot to add that Peyton did say in his presser that NE was the better team yesterday and the fact that he wasn’t fawning all over them is a weak argument. Also Manning won his SB against Grossman yet Brady beating Jake Delhomme and McNabb don’t get mentioned. The D was the real winner when they beat St. Louis and Vinatieri kicked the winner. Let’s also not forget about the “tuck” rule that got them going in the first place. Denver is most likely going to get home field just based on the rest of their schedule. NE has a very difficult next 4 with Indy, SD, GB and Detroit plus they have another game against Miami. Final note the last 2 times Manning met Brady in the AFC championship Manning is 2-0 with Brady throwing a game ending pick when he was trying to get the winning drive

  40. Patriots have the best set of defensive backs since the Ty Law ,Rodney Harrison days.
    The Patriots have been terrible in the defensive backfield for years but last night they weren’t.
    The Pats had the corners to play the aggressive man to man defense that is the best way to slow down Manning.
    You also need to add a great pass rush to actually stop Manning, which the Patriots lack.

    If the Pats front 7 could match up with Seymour,Washington,McGinest ,Vrabel ,Bruschi ,Phifer et al that would be nice 😉

  41. I believe winning the Super Bowl, not regular season games, is the ultimate standard of success in the NFL. Since the 2004 season, Manning has won one Super Bowl and Brady has won no Super Bowls – which pretty much makes Manning a better big game QB in that stretch than Brady. Sorry New England fans, since 2004, your team has been as irrelevant as every other team that failed to win the Super Bowl. As difficult as it will be, at some point you are going to have see Brady’s Super Bowl wins for what they are – ancient history….

    But hey, go ahead and enjoy a mid-season win…

  42. Tom Brady doesn’t have to do childish Papa Johns commercials every week so I guess what is why he has more time to concentrate on being a great NFL quarterback.

  43. The funniest part of this post, Manning never said what the headline implies. “Click, click!”

  44. No Pats fan has forgotten the KC beatdown. We see it as the turning point. Haven’t lost since,have they? Not to mention,they are doing without Chandler Jones, Jerod Mayo,and Stevan Ridley. That says alot.

  45. I also enjoyed how Manning wasted 20 seconds before each play shifting his protection around and shouting random nonsense. This was on a critical drive with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, by the way.


  46. Did you know that 9 of the last 13 games in the so-called “Manning vs. Brady” rivalry have been played in Foxboro?

    That is by no means an excuse or a complaint. However, it’s a key point that people seem to overlook in their analysis.

    In reality, both QBs have pretty much held serve at home in the matchup, with each stealing only a couple road wins.

    You ignore this key factor at your own peril.

  47. manureman says:Nov 3, 2014 10:27 AM

    just wondering if any of you brady backers remember the afc championship game 3 points in 3 quarters. now that is stinking


    I remember that game, but I tend to believe that the past doesn’t matter. If you want to bring up the past there are plenty of playoff games that were embarrassing to Peyton too.

    Also, if you are the type that believes in the past, then you might want to know that the Super Bowl loser hasn’t returned to the Super Bowl since the 90s bills did it and they haven’t won since Miami did it in 1972-73.

    But, Denver can make it back and win this year, because the past really doesn’t matter.

  48. renbutler says:Nov 3, 2014 11:46 AM

    Did you know that 9 of the last 13 games in the so-called “Manning vs. Brady” rivalry have been played in Foxboro?

    That is by no means an excuse or a complaint. However, it’s a key point that people seem to overlook in their analysis.

    In reality, both QBs have pretty much held serve at home in the matchup, with each stealing only a couple road wins.

    You ignore this key factor at your own peril.


    The Patriots haven’t had to beat Manning in the playoffs most years.

    Baltimore, San Diego, the Steelers. There are more teams for them to worry about come playoff time. Manning can blow a home game in the Playoffs. So can Brady.

    There is still a great chance these two teams will not meet again this year.

  49. And if you really want to talk about class–How about Brady’s wife calling out Welker after the SB in Indy??? Real class act.

  50. These comments are ridiculous.

    Peyton did give the Patriots credit and did take blame. But he’s criticized here for not doing either. You might as well know what he said before you complain about it.

  51. This article shows why I don’t like Peyton. It’s all about him – I sucked, we lost. Nothing about the rest of his team or the other team. “I’m too dumb…” yeah, you are. Maybe if Manning realized he’s part of a team, playing another team it would allow him to adjust and win.

    At least he highlighted the so-called “elite” QB myth. Yards thrown mean nothing – wins are what counts. Manning threw 400+ yards and lost. A whole bunch of other QBs threw less yesterday and won. Guarantee he’d trade some of those yards for a win.

  52. Manning has zero class and I mean zero. He couldn’t just say the Patriots played a hell of a game. They kicked our butts. we’ll be better prepared next time around. Runs off the field with out shakin anybody’s hand. Real class there.
    Did you miss the press conference?

  53. Not making excuses for manning and not opining who is better, i don’t have a horse in that race.

    but i will say it seems like every time they play each other in the regular season it is at foxboro. home field is a huge advantage in football and it just seems like the pats get that advantage against manning in particular.

  54. Peyton did indeed stink, and so did the rest of the team.

    The Pats came out with a ton of attitude

    1) take-no-prisoners attitude
    2) If-it-moves-knock-it-down attitude, and the Broncs couldn’t match it.

    Football is not a contact sport, it is a collision sport, it is a sport of physical domination.

    Great game.

    Pats haters – I see not too many of you are here today. but (as always) the whine you bring for us to have with our cheese is excellent.

  55. ve the hate conments and excuses!
    “It wasn’t mannings fault, but the team’s ”

    If it were the other way round, Brady would get the heat.

    “Patriots knew the D ‘s plays ”

    If that were true, they’d have stopped the blitz and Brady would not have taken a beating.
    Fact : Brady sees the rush, throws a pinpoint strike for a TD and immediately gets pummeled.
    Fact : If pouty peyton took even ONE of those hits, he would have had 38 yards.

    Did you even WATCH the SB?
    On pouty’s second int, he saw the rush and closed his eyes tightly before he even wound up to pass and kept em closed till after the rusher brushed his arm.
    Don’t believe me? They showed the replay FOUR times.

    Pouty is an accurate passer, but an NFL caliber Qb, he is not!

  56. Fun game. The home underdog won and that is always exciting. I am a Patriots fan and, despite the score, admit I didn’t get real comfortable until the clock went under 4 minutes to play. The refs called each side for about 70 yards in penalties but (thank god) mostly let them play. These two quarterbacks are always the show but last night Gronkowski, Edelman, Browner, and Ninkovich and the Patriots special teams showed why the Patriots win or lose as a team. Personally, I would take Brady over Manning but the debate is mostly childish and takes away from the joy watching these guys and their teams compete, which any real fan should appreciate.

  57. Here are a few thoughts:

    A few weeks ago Brady and his Pats were demolished by Kansas City, yes it was in the past, but the annoying Bronco fans were running their mouths because Brady “stunk and choked that game away.” Now, all the annoying Patriot fans are doing the same to Manning…even though Mannings game yesterday was better than Bradys against KC.

    Did anyone really think that this game was going to be a guaranteed cake-walk for Denver?…If so, you must have a football IQ of a dog. The Patriots are generally dominant at their home field, this game was no exception, but all you Patriot fans better hope that your team doesn’t lose another game, because Denver will not, and at Mile High it will be an entirely different game if both teams are there.

    Did any of you haters watch the press conference and the after game scenes?, if so, you would have noticed that Manning shook several Patriot players hands before exiting the field…we don’t know if he shook Bradys or not, the camera did not stay on the two of them the entire time…also Manning did give credit to the Patriots during his press conference; but furthermore, if he had not blamed himself, all of you haters and unintelligent idiots would have said that he was throwing his team under the bus…which one is correct?, the guy never gets a break from all of you Brady worshipers. There is just so much jealousy toward this man that it is actually funny that any of you think you know anything at all about being classy and respectful.

    That said, congratulations Patriots…you played one heck of a game and I hope to see a re-match come the playoffs…I just hope that this time it is at Mile High.

  58. Can you imagine Cutler saying ‘ I stink ‘ after one of his many terrible games !

    That’s why Manning is a Superbowl winner…he owns up to when he stinks….Cutler, he pouts and is condescending to the media….and I am a Bear fan.

  59. However, criticizing Manning as being selfish for taking responsibility for this loss is really weak tea

    It’s all noise by little people.

    Brady and Manning always exhibit class and have a lot of respect for each other. There are countless examples of this.

    Many of these people posting garbage trash talk on here are missing out on a great reality.

  60. This team wouldn’t have went for it on 4th down so much if this kid could kick balls through the uprights withing 40 yards…Seriously, this directly effected the game…They totally, purposely were giving up kicking field goals

    Broncos head coaches suck period…They have 2 lame duck coaches on this team John Fox and Jack Delrio. Seriously, their kicker kinda sucks too, letting go of Prater was a MISTAKE…. They had NO confidence in kicking field goals and this is the PINK ELEPHANT in the room that seems to be ignored, it pretty much handicapped the game in Patriots favor. “Oh, these guys can’t kick field goals, we basically don’t have to worry about that”.

    Patriot fans….Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves…Patriots have played last 4-5 games at home, Broncos dominate at home…Remember they got destroyed in Kansas City? I do, and you guys lost to an average Miami team on the road. Let’s not jump the gun.

  61. Pats travel to Mile High next 3 years, assuming records stay somewhat similar.

    How people don’t understand the schedule is a mathematical equation each and every year is beyond me.

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