Dominique Franks goes from starter to cut in Baltimore


On Sunday, cornerback Dominique Franks started for the Ravens against the Steelers. On Tuesday, Franks was cut.

The Ravens announced the departure of Franks less than 48 hours after he was a key contributor to the defensive meltdown that saw Ben Roethlisberger throw six touchdown passes in Pittsburgh’s blowout win over Baltimore.

Franks was the second cornerback cut by the Ravens today. Chykie Brown was also released.

The Ravens promoted undrafted rookie cornerback Tramain Jacobs from the practice squad to the active roster and claimed cornerback Danny Gorrer off waivers. At the moment, Jacobs, Gorrer and Lardarius Webb are the only healthy cornerbacks on the roster.

63 responses to “Dominique Franks goes from starter to cut in Baltimore

  1. I sincerely want to thank Mr. franks for his role in that amazing Steelers performance on Sunday night… Antonio Brown’s stiff arm on him will be shown for years to come guarenteeing that Mr. Franks will never be forgotten!! THANK YOU SIR!! Haha

  2. Ravens are grasping at straws here…just like when they signed flaccid to that mega-contract.

  3. ravenseers says:
    Nov 4, 2014 6:19 PM

    When was the last time your team won the Superbowl?…aha.. I thought so !


    Pittsburgh has won 2 Super Bowls in the last 8 years and leads the league with 6 overall.. But I’m sure you already knew that. That’s what turns me on about ‘cha, your attention to detail.

  4. Has to be the dumbest personnel move this year. Can’t wait to see them get torched in the next game and then have no answers whatsoever. Where was the D-line? I guess they were doing great while getting torched for six TDs. Stupid.

  5. Overreaction big time. This is more Big Ben playing out of this world than these corners playing horribly. Both those teams had great defenses before those beat downs. Should’ve given them a chance to bounce back next game like Indy did.

  6. Still trying to figure out why we waived Gorrer here in Detroit. It’s not like our secondary is real deep or anything.

  7. I don’t think the defensive line was the problem. They had three sacks and allowed a total of 55 rushing yards. The Ravens were outcoached. The Steelers made adjustments and the Ravens didn’t respond in kind. Not to mention the Raven’s anemic poor-performing secondary. A bruise ’em up game (as they usually are) and, for that night, the Steelers were definitely the better team.

  8. During the game I remember the talking heads praising Oz and Harbs because there are only a few players remaining from SB squad. I’d like to go back and watch that clip now.

  9. Something tells me the Ravens will bounce back. Just when they start to look awful and I get happy, they make a run and bring misery to the Maryland non ravens fans. Signed. Skins fan

  10. therealraider says:Nov 4, 2014 6:36 PM

    Pittsburgh has won 2 Super Bowls in the last 8 years and leads the league with 6 overall..
    Pittsburgh hasn’t won a playoff game in the last 3 years and leads the league in getting Tebowed too. 3 weeks ago the fans were screaming for Haley,Tomlin, and LeBeau to get fired.

  11. That’s odd, by all accounts on the Ravens rant board it was the officials that lost the game.

  12. Ravens fans are so precious. Get embarrassed in prime time and then want to compare Superbowl success with the team that has more than anybody.

  13. Pittsburgh hasn’t won a playoff game in the last 3 years and leads the league in getting Tebowed too. 3 weeks ago the fans were screaming for Haley,Tomlin, and LeBeau to get fired.

    Ravens fans are screaming for their entire defense, Harbaugh and Ozzie to get fired.

    But who cares; Tim Tebow broke the Steelers. The Steelers are at the bottom of the AFCN with the Ravens sitting high and mighty.

    Oh wait.

  14. Does anyone have any common sense here? I’m the last person that should be taking up for the birds but I can’t stand to listen to dumbass nonsense. The ravens had one of the top rated defenses in the league and still do. Had been number 1 in redzone defense and fewest points allowed. Their d line did pretty damn well all things considered. Sacked Ben 3 times in a row if I recall correctly and damn near broke his jaw. All this was is their top corner being injured , and Ben being on a hot streak. Simple as that. 2 weeks ago everybody was saying the steelers were done, things change from week to week, before all the bird haters get excited about them being in last place, that will probably change by Thursday night. So enjoy it while it lasts bc it will probably be short lived. (I know I will) as for Ozzie Newsome, I don’t know where you people get your information but he is well known around the league as being a genius. And harbaugh has one of the highest win percentages since he took over. They botched the rice thing but even harbaugh wanted him cut as soon as the incident first occurred. Can’t believe I’m saying a lot of this but state the facts people, hating / foolish comments is not a good look and easy to see through.

  15. I highly doubt the ravens are panicking. They always find a way to stay relevant. If anybody is hitting the panic button it is the bolts. They just got burnt by the fins and are on a 3 game skid.

  16. So, they have 7 safeties, and 3 corners plus Jimmy Smith, so after a bad night, the cut 2 of their 3 healthy corners, and replace them with a journeyman and an undrafted Free agent.
    Just… why? lol

  17. Lastly, I have never heard one single raven fan or anybody for that matter calling for harbaugh to get fired. That was a pretty stupid statement. Now I am done taking up for Baltimore- as I have a very bad taste in my mouth.

  18. Wow a couple of wins and the Pissburgh bandwagon is in full effect. They got hot (late) last year and still missed the playoffs. This will happen again and you’ll be seeing “fire Tomlin, Ben needs to go, D is old, fire Colbert, etc..

    Biggest group of fairweather fans in the league.

  19. Nov 4, 2014 7:51 PM
    Something tells me the Ravens will bounce back. Just when they start to look awful and I get happy, they make a run and bring misery to the Maryland non ravens fans. Signed. Skins fan ^WELL SAID

  20. Nobody here is screaming for Ozzie, harbs or anyone else on the d to get cut. We knew our secondary would be “exposed” because those 2 guys were back there. Just didnt think it would be quite that bad. Smith comes back and we’ll be just dandy. Steelers win 1 big we won 1 big. The difference was solely that our guys weren’t healthy.

  21. Let’s set some things straight.

    #1 The Pittsburgh Steelers do not have the most championships in the league. Check your facts.

    #2 The City of Baltimore actually has 5 NFL championships (3 From the Baltimore Colts) and started 40 years later than the Steelers, and also didn’t have a team from 1983 until 1996.

    Just merely stating some facts here and nothing else.

  22. Let me correct something. The Steelers organization started in 1933 and the Baltimore Colts started in 1953, so it was a 20 year head start. I apologize for my error.

  23. The Ravens are NOT in PANIC mode. We only have 1 game remaining on the schedule that is a likely “L” and that is @ New Orleans. We still have the Bye and Jimmy Smith will be back in a couple weeks.

    Keep on hating though.

  24. record of remaining schedule is 23-36. Ravens will be fine just like they always are. Danny Goorer is great pick-up. plays like a Raven

  25. Lets put this thing in perspective before everyone clowns on Ozzie Newsome. At the start of the season the starting corner backs were Jimmy Smith and Ladarius Webb, two good corners. Oh they also signed Aaron Ross and 8 year vet as insurance and had Asa Jackson in the mix. Chykie Brown was a special teamer who was forced into action.
    Since that time,
    A -Ross is out of for season, hurt
    B – Lardarius Webb got hurt in training Camp
    C – Asa Jackson is hurt and on PUP
    D – Jimmy Smith is hurt.

    Any discerning Ravens fan knew that this secondary was going to get torched this past week starting a gimpy Webb and Franks from off the street. And the safeties just are not very good.

    Some of Ozzie’s picks haven’t been the best in recent years. Elam can’t find the ball in coverage and so far Brooks hasn’t performed well enough to be on the field. But this is the same guy who drafted Mosley, Jernigan, and Taliafero who are all playing and playing well.

    Let the thing play out, enjoy the ride and stop with the Ozzie sucks, Joe’s contract, Panic Mode non-sense.

  26. When the QB looks like a deer in the headlights, and assists in 3 turnovers inside the 30, you can expect it to be the Defense’s fault.

    So, the people that don’t want to cover tightly, gotta go.

    Our offense needs to play smarter, and NOT turn the ball over, and go three and out. They needed to refocus on 1st downs, sustaining drives (not trying to get 30-40 yard plays when we need 3-4-5 years), and scoring points. We need to learn our defense doesn’t score points – the offense does (if we can keep them on the field). We significantly out-muscled the Steelers the whole game, but our guys forgot it was about 1st downs, yardage gained, and points scored – the Steelers remained focused, and didn’t get rattled after we hammered them.

    Starting fights, and being tougher doesn’t win games – staying focused does – our coaches are to blame for NOT understanding this!! They better focus on their job – coaching the players, getting them ready, and executing the plays that win games!

  27. Yes Big Ben torched us and it was painful to watch! Officiating may not have been the best but I certainly won’t blame the loss on that. Not sure if releasing players is a proper response as we’ve been the best red zone defense most of the year. Ozzie, maybe you should lean on the coaching staff considerably more as to how they scheme and make adjustments during the game. Heck, bring back the Oklahoma drill during the week if within the CBA! LOL! What you practice how you play. No practice of taclking then of course the results speak for themselves! Must put players in positions to succeed and if these CBs couldn’t cover why where they on the team? Best of the worst? But again, lean on the coaches – Pees: he stopped putting pressure on the pocket, Kubiak: didn’t stay focused on the running game. If we’re a running team then lets run the damn ball!

  28. General managers have to balance making more money for the organization and keeping as much talent as possible for the team to win games. Believe it or not this balancing act can be quite difficult- but the ravens management is one of the best in the league. I mean damn they only have 3 or 4 starters left from their Super Bowl squad and they still have a winning record. Give them some credit for staying relevant as they are rebuilding.

  29. Haha well what do ya know? All y’all steelers fans talkin bout the ravens bein in the cellar… It’s amazing how much can change in a week ain’t it? Y’all have now officially lost to pretty much the two worst teams in the nfl. This goes to show you should probably keep your mouth shut until all is said and done.

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