Jerry Rice: Jim Harbaugh is gone, and it’s affecting the 49ers

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Jerry Rice, the Hall of Fame former 49ers receiver, thinks Jim Harbaugh is heading into his final eight games as the head coach in San Francisco.

Asked by Sports Illustrated if Harbaugh will remain with the 49ers beyond this season, Rice answered, “I really don’t think so, I think he’s gone no matter what happens this year.”

Rice added that he believes the players will be influenced by doubts about Harbaugh’s long-term commitment, even if everyone insists that they’re totally focused on the task at hand.

“Maybe that’s starting to wear and tear on the team and it’s taking its toll,” Rice said. “The team, they try to say, ‘Well, we’re not affected by it.’ But you are.”

On PFT Live today, Rice said the 49ers are playing with no confidence.

“It’s up to the players to re-focus,” Rice said.

Rice sounds like he thinks the coach is focused on getting another job two months from now.

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  1. Harbaugh will be coaching the Raiders next season. The 49ers will be looking up at the rest of the NFC West next season. They were terrible before Harbaugh, and they’ll go back to that after he’s gone.


  2. Jim Harbaugh is going across the Bay to Oaktown; Book it! He’s got two marquee play-makers on both sides of the ball to build off of (Khalil Mack, Derek Carr). It would be exciting to see Alex Smith battle Harbaugh 2x a year and see the Niners in the basement in the NFC West; Told you guys SF was a cheap organization. Priced out all of your diehard fans and hasn’t even awarded your coach yet. Pathetic.

  3. I’m a life-long 49ers fan but I have absolutely no love or respect for current ownership. Between the Alex Smith situation, not securing Harbaugh and now the Ray McDonald situation, it’s getting harder and harder for me to care about this team anymore.

  4. Would love for Harbaugh to come on down to Tampa and fix the systematic damage the last 3 coaches have wrought on the Buccanneers. For as rich as they are, NFL owners can be the biggest boneheads.

  5. Meanwhile Mike Zimmer, the historic Minnesota Vikings head coach has turned his team into a Super Bowl Contender and top 8 Defense in the league.

    Be jealous.

    The Lombardi is ours.

  6. Harbaugh will win wherever he goes, for a few years. Then his act will wear thin and he’ll be on to the next stop. Listen to the way some of his former players at Stanford talk about him, the guy just doesn’t isn’t liked. Great coach, at first.

  7. Sorry Oakland fans but Harbs isnt that dumb to go to that mess…and the guy talking Derek Carr marquee playmaker???? HA settle down.

    Harbs will be coaching the Falcons next year. That you can book. My friends uncles cousin is his barber he already said its a lock, he ran into Artie Blank at Home Depot one day and they hashed out the deets.

  8. Remember how Deion Sanders was the first to say this and people on this site made fun of him and called him names?

    Funny how things work.

  9. ebpatton says:
    Nov 4, 2014 3:35 PM
    Harbaugh will be coaching the Raiders next season. The 49ers will be looking up at the rest of the NFC West next season. They were terrible before Harbaugh, and they’ll go back to that after he’s gone.



    He’ll be gone but even he’s not crazy enough to work for a guy who has the haircut of an 8-year old, play in a stadium that’s actually about as old as the actual Colliseum or work with a geriatric roster that he could play on apparently.

    Harbaugh will be in Miami next year.

  10. Now we have a has been whiner chiming in, hey lets make Jerry the coach. Hairbaug has been a runner all his life what do you expect.

  11. Never been a fan of Harbaugh. He behaves like a bratty, spoiled child ranting on the sidelines having his little tantrums and not the leader of an NFL team. You really know if a guy can coach and lead after year 3 and where are we now? His “shtick” has gotten old but we know the NFL is a recycle league and he’ll end up somewhere else with his exhausting wah wah. Get me a real X’s and O’x guy and one that knows how to lead men not this crap

  12. I don’t get this team. Sure, they’re loaded with injuries…who isn’t? But even so, they’re still loaded with talent on the offensive side of the ball. Compare that offense to Seattle’s….no comparison.

    You play for yourselves…to heck with the coach! There’s no legitimate reason why the 9’er’s should not be a playoff team, this year….their talent says they are…get your act together…leaders need to step up and be counted…forget what’s happened to date. Next game…championship game…C’mon guys!

  13. Here’s why Harb’s WON’T go to Michigan —

    (1) At the core he’s an über-competitor and going to Michigan would only be a *major step down after being very successful at the highest level. Florida would have a better shot at Michigan than Michigan would.

    (2) It’s Miami…..Stephen Ross is a moron but he’s smart enough to know that Harbaugh instantly brings credibility to a franchise compared to the “Pilgrim” Philbin.

    (3) Harb’s has to sell his wife on wherever they’re going. It was easy to sell her on U-SD…then Stanford and SF. Miami will be next. Hmmm Miami or Ann Arbor, Michigan in the winter…..???

  14. If the Niners front office is dumb enough to let Harbaugh go, then they deserve any hardships or negative consequence that come with it. It’s just a shame cause me and every other long time fan who stuck by them during the dreadful Singletary/Nolan years will also have to suffer the consequences. I do believe the fallout from such a move would be catastrophic. Harbaugh coming in and instantly turning the team into a contender when so many other coaches couldn’t proves that.

  15. Harbaugh can go to Oakland. He would fit in fine with that dysfunction.

    Anybody really think that with all the talent and a solid GM coaches won’t line up for this job?

    Mr Gruden, Niners on line 1…

  16. He’ll go to Michigan on a multi-year contract. Dream job, if that doesn’t work, the Pete Carroll round trip route and back to a NFL team that needs him at the time. OR Woody Johnson gets desperate this year, nabs Harbaugh for LT contract for Jets but not without Niners getting New York Football Mets’ 1st rounder for tampering.

  17. This is so ridiculous the Defense is playing their best d without our best players our offensive line needs a swift kick in the keister don’t know why we have so much resistance to our team but all I know last year we kicked it in gear in the last half of the season so I still have faith in our coaches and our players until we are officially out.

  18. harbaugh is such an overrated coach…he is awful with timeouts…never makes adjustments and him and roman don’t use kaep properly…he’s not a pocket QB..his legs are what makes him special and they never let him use them any more

  19. You Seahawk fans must realize somewhere that Harbough leaving or the 49ers “imploding” is the last thing you want right? If they do go back to the bottom next year which is possible that is the end of the only meaningful rivalry your team has really ever had. Its not good for us, not good for you or the league so why you are pretending to enjoy it is beyond my grasp

  20. Harbaugh has his methods that work for him and he can’t or won’t change and there is no reason for him to change. I personally would rather play on a winning team while being unhappy with the coach than to play on a losing team for a coach that doesn’t fit personality wise. My wallet would be happier too.

  21. Keep dreaming that Jim Harbaugh is going to the Raiders.

    The guy is going to be able to write his own ticket after this season and he will have offers from the best positions available at the pro and NCAA levels.

    He’s not a dented can like Mike White, Hue Jackson, Lane Kiffin, or Joe Bugel who were happy to work at the NFL level for any organization.

    Jim Harbaugh will either be going back to his alma mater, University of Michigan to replace Brady Hoke. Or, if he decides to stay at the pro level, he will be the next head coach of the Chicago Bears when Marc Trestman is fired following this season. Harbaugh would love to be back in Chicago where he was a player under Coach Ditka.

    Both are plum jobs. The Oakland job, on the other hand, is a dented can.

  22. what happened? is this the same guy everyone was like “hoo ho” after he left usc (or whatever college he coached)?

  23. I can’t stand UofMichigan and since Harbaugh went there you’d think I can’t stand him. I thought he was great as a player. I only have a few memories of him playing and one when he was with the Bears and he called an audible which resulted in an INT (not sure if it was returned for a TD but it cost them the game). Ditka was not happy. You could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears on the sidelines. In the post-game press conference they asked Harbaugh about it and he said he was no longer allowed to call audibles. The situation was kinda funny (unless you were a Bears fan).

    I thought the job he did at Stanford was incredible. I thought he was crazy for taking the Niners job because they absolutely SUCKED for years. I thought Alex Smith was a bust too. All that changed when Harbaugh took over. It’s undeniable how he turned that team around and like him or not he did a good job.

    I think the media (Deion and Jerry Rice) have done a disservice to Harbaugh and the Niners by continually bringing this up. Who knows if this is actually the case but by them bringing this up it seems to be perpetuating itself when it may have been a complete non-issue. This is an example of the media (possibly) creating something out of nothing. I’m not a fan of that type of journalism.

    I think he’s a great coach and I actually like him. He’s a character and he plays hard-nosed, physical football. I don’t like that they didn’t do anything about McDonald and how they have enabled Aldon Smith.

    As far as this year, they have had a LOT of people miss games for injuries and suspension. Then you have the new well-paid QB not playing up to his salary and you end up with the record they have. It’s a shame because for the first time ever I’ve really been a fan of the Niners.

    Here’s hoping management isn’t stupid enough to let him go. I really don’t think he wants to go to University of Michigan and some other NFL team will throw a truckload of money at him.

  24. I think Harbaugh ‘s coaching style is a better fit at the college level. I believe Harbaugh is too polarizing and this has an effect on how the zebras and the league “manage” games. Harbaugh’s fine if he has total control but Trent Balke is in the way and ,I believe, much closer to the ownership of the 49ers. Balke stays,Harbaugh goes.The final piece: is that the team was going to trade Harbaugh and the team and Jim have not extended his contract. If the team was rolling right now all bets would be off but the team is in circle the wagons mode.

  25. Rice would know. He was on the Raiders 2001 squad when everybody was speculating about it being Gruden’s last year and the Raiders lost like 6 games down the stretch. Once we got in the playoffs though they started smashing even on New England- despite that bogus Tuck Rule.

    Harbaugh is gone and Levi Stadium will be empty, and The Raiders will rule The Bay. Just the way it’s supposed to be.

  26. I think Oakland would give Harbaugh or Gruden the ability to hire the GM so it is actually an easy sell when you have complete control of the ship .

  27. He’s going to the Kansas Jayhawks because his wife loves it there. At least that what Jayhawks fans think. Seriously no joke they think that!

  28. Kapernick is going to be super pumped and motivated when he realizes he gets over 2 million in De-Escalators when he doesnt make the All Pro team and his team misses the NFC Championship. His agent royally screwed him, but ultimately its on him to go over the contract with his agent. I am guessing he lacks comprehension skills and just said “yeah, cool dog, sounds good, lets sign it”

  29. There is ZERO chance he’ll go to Michigan. It’s not his “dream” job, he’s not going back into the minor leagues and, regardless, they can’t afford him.

    The teams that will be in line for Harbaugh are:

    NYG (Unless Sean Payton takes it first)
    DAL (unless they make NFC Championship game, and then if Sean Payton doesn’t jump over)
    + outside chance for SD if they collapse in the second half
    … + whoever fires their coaches

    The front runners will be Chicago and Dallas.

  30. HAHA, if only Harbaugh didn’t have such a bromance crush on his prodigy Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is a bust, Kaepernick sucks, Kaepernick plays just well enough to get you into the playoffs and then lose in the 4th quarter via fumblesand interceptions. Kaepernick played just well enough to secure a $126mm contract, almost the instant before the rest of the league caught onto his weaknesses. Now, he gets beat by the Rams, who are sharing their blueprints for how to beat Kaepernick: pressure, cut off his runs, and force him to throw within the pocket where he will misfire almost every time.

  31. Au revoir Harbaugh, and it would make my day if you took your lame brother with you. I still can’t believe the league didn’t investigate you two for collusion in the Boldin trade….cheaters!!!

  32. mike holmgren will be the next Santa Clara 49ers hc. the biggest problem that holmgren will have is that he will be stuck with such a bad qb

  33. IDK. As soon as you say “book it” or “my fantasy” I move on in search of intelligent life.

  34. This Seahawks fan could care less if Hairball stays or goes. I don’t care for the guy – HOWEVER – his sideline antics may be annoying but I only see them twice/yr during the regular season and maybe once during the post season. Having said that, I can also say that playing a better team makes us a better team and we do play each other VERY well so the competition is great and the win usually well earned.

    My personal opinion is the 49ers have other issues that need addressing before messing with Hairball. Besides, who would be a good fit for Santa Clara, seriously?

  35. With all this crazy talk about where Harbaugh will land, I will throw out the most unlikely place of all. The midwest giving back to SanFran for winning the world series. He will be coaching at the University of Kansas next season… I know, I know…. Pete Carroll 2.0.

  36. The funniest comment has to be from the jets fans who believe he will coach that failure. His wife LOVES the West Coast. He is not going to that east coast disaster no matter what

  37. The forty-whiners won’t make the playoffs and need to dump coach Harbaugh…and that fraud Kapernick can’t go with him!
    Yah Baby!

  38. He’ll go to the Falcons. Matt Ryan is better than any QB he’s had in the pros by far. Harbough will make something of the Birds again, just in time for the new stadium.

  39. Jim Harbaugh will be coaching Notre Dame once Brian Kelly leaves for the 49ers in 2015

  40. Welp, that was fun ride hey Frisco? Back to mediocrity.
    At least you have a gimmick quarterback who makes things interesting when he runs around and stuff.

    It’s funny that the biggest thing people will remember about this recent run of success is that they played in a Superbowl where the lights went out.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base.

  41. buddysguys says:
    Nov 4, 2014 3:49 PM
    Sorry Oakland fans but Harbs isnt that dumb to go to that mess…and the guy talking Derek Carr marquee playmaker???? HA settle down.

    Harbs will be coaching the Falcons next year. That you can book. My friends uncles cousin is his barber he already said its a lock, he ran into Artie Blank at Home Depot one day and they hashed out the deets.


    Haha! You clearly listen to a lot of sports talk radio. I don’t think everyone saw the sarcasm font though.

  42. 3 str8 NFC Championships dont match up to 2 huge egos, its sad…I’ll always be a Niners fan and I’m ready to support in the coming lean year…I’m just disappointed in Baalke and management…give this guy his extension or fire him…simple

  43. While you’re changing things up, maybe move back to — you know — actual San Francisco.


  44. Hate to tell all you haters this, but Oakland will be THE hottest job opening next year. Mack is the real deal, If Carr continues to improve, he’s a franchise QB, got some good young talent, (Sio Moore, TJ Carrie, Gabe Jackson, Jelly, Mycal Rivera, Miles Burris, DJ Hayden shows some signs, Brice Butler, Andre Holmes, Menelik Watson), probably the No. 1 pick in this years draft, tons of salary cap space, steam picking up on finally getting a new stadium. Watch and see how this shakes out..Gruden, Cowher, and any of the top college coaches like D. Shaw at Stanford will be in line for this job…

  45. What the heck is the ownership doing? Harbaugh was the best thing to happen to the Niners since George Seifert. Yes, he’s obnoxious and loud-mouthed, but he gets results.

    Before the bandwagon Seadull Seachickens get on their high horse, you’ll be in the same spot when Pete Carroll cuts and runs too. You bandwagoners are the most obnoxious and arrogant fans in the league bar none.

  46. “Harbs will be coaching the Falcons next year. That you can book. My friends uncles cousin is his barber he already said its a lock, he ran into Artie Blank at Home Depot one day and they hashed out the deets.”

    “My friends uncle cousin”??? If you ever begin a statement with that and claim that it is credible then you should not be held accountable for saying anything as stupid as Harbaugh coaching the Falcons next year

  47. Harbaugh is an emotional guy, and even though he’s being true to his personality that will only last so long anyplace. If any of you have ever worked for an emotional tyrant I’m sure you remember it didn’t take long before they lost you.

  48. Why does everyone keep bringing up the Bears? You do realize that they pay coaches next to nothing, don’t you? If you’re laughing at Oakland being in the mix, you should be laughing at the speculation that the Bears would pay a coach top dollar. Same for San Diego

    Why I don’t think it would be the Raiders is because Reggie McKenzie has left his successor with essentially an expansion team, no matter what Mark Davis wants to pay somebody. The Falcons and Dolphins if Philbin can’t keep this up (and that’s no lock since Tannehill is playing well with one of the best defenses in football right now) are the front runners. People bringing up the Cowboys, Jerry Jones has only broken the bank once, for Parcells. Not going to happen either, not to mention that Romo might be about to retire with those back problems. Giants are another team that mythically people think pay top dollar for coaches. It’s the Falcons or Dolphins, maybe the Raiders if he’s just determined to do it.

  49. cubbystrickland says:
    Nov 4, 2014 6:13 PM
    “Harbs will be coaching the Falcons next year. That you can book. My friends uncles cousin is his barber he already said its a lock, he ran into Artie Blank at Home Depot one day and they hashed out the deets.”

    “My friends uncle cousin”??? If you ever begin a statement with that and claim that it is credible then you should not be held accountable for saying anything as stupid as Harbaugh coaching the Falcons next year


    You missed the point. He was mocking the idiotic claims people make when trying to appear to be in the know whenever there is widespread speculation about where someone is going.

  50. No fan base deserves this more than the whiners.

    Hawks fans may be obnoxious, but at least we actually won a S.B.

    Niner fans have been crowing for three years about how they were the best team in football if not for bad calls.

    Window now closed.

  51. Jed is more like Eddie D then his own father so “results” equals a Super bowl win. Harbaugh has come up painfully short. Three last second devastating losses the last three years has caught up to them I believe. Jeds best move might just be to trade Harbaugh and move on. Harbaugh is anything but cool under pressure and it’s no coincedence the 49ers have failed in the huge moments. Also, if they wanted a pocket passer they should have drafted one. Play to Kaps strengths. He has no business throwing 40 times a game.

  52. I don’t believe in this nonsense. I’m a cowboys fan, and if you’ve ever played football, you know the best players (which mostly are in the NFL) put their head down and do the best they can for whatever coach. They have contracts to worry about. They want to make money, regardless of coach.

  53. These seagals fans are so cute. Hmm, interesting how the LOB rule and no PED intake (to the best if our knowledge) have brought Seasterisk back to the pack. If you want to repeat, you must re-PED.

  54. It could be worst, our QB could lose the locker room for not being “black” enough and having our star wr sleep with his wife. Poor Russell Wilson, he can never gain his respect back…

  55. Yeah. He’ll bail after saddling them with that nitwit quarterback.
    Maybe the next guy will have the offensive playbook done in crayon.
    That might help.

  56. I don’t know where Harbaugh will go, but I wouldn’t mind going to Oakland IF and only IF I had control of the roster and the owner butted out of any personnel decision-making. But, Carr looks like the real deal and Mack is a stud. Two pieces to build on, no doubt about it.

  57. When you have a quarterback like kaepernick, that is a gangster, he is hard to control, and the next step is losing control of the team.
    I am not a Jim Harbaugh fan, but he will change teams and be a winner again.

  58. Jim is a control freak with no Offensive creativity beyond a power running game.
    Had he managed to open up the Offense in the Red Zone in the past 3 years things could be dramatically different.

    Stubborn and, being an out of control control freak don’t endear him to many in the front office, or the locker room, when you can’t score enough points to win the big games.

    His antics have caught up with him and several players have already tuned him out.

    If not for the Defense, he doesn’t even get to the big games.

  59. For real, it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see Harbaugh needs to go. He sacrificed one of the leagues better QBs to promote his special touches, which clearly didn’t work. He taught the world that readjustment to your contract for the betterment of the team is a bad thing. It exactly what Alex smith did to obtain Crabtree and Ginn Jr., but yet he gets cut for a routine bell ringing. I am shocked that people didn’t freak out, rather than staying with the PC love of the inexperienced and less game plan, knowledge of Kaep over Smith. Smith may never be a Hall of Fame guy, but he could have been on the 49ers, because he didn’t care about the long term payout over championships. Harbaugh was a mediocre QB and lived on as a coach by playing Alex and using Singletary genius Defense. Mike S. was a nut on offense, but that same flavor rules Utah sports. All about Defense with no QB watch. Fire Whittingham as well or make him get a great QB. Sickening.

  60. What’s interesting is that the 49ers have more penalties from “the LOB rule” than the LOB.

  61. Seattle and PEDs?! Where is this coming from?! Please someone tell me the following:

    1) Who the last Seahawk player (that does not include practice squad hopefuls) was to get busted for ANY sort of PED, what that ‘PED’ actually was and when this happened. Next; compare that with the rest of the NFL teams.

    2) Name one Seahawk who ever ‘stuck a needle in his butt’, tell us what year this happened, etc.

    3) Tell us why you are bringing the Seahawks up with this charge when there are EASILY over two dozen other teams with worse PED-related issues than the Hawks have or even recently had.

  62. somehow I doubt Rice said anything so ridiculous, maybe he said “Ok” to some walnut writer who said he would kick down if he could use his name but Rice didn’t get the numbers he has cuz he’s an IDIOT!!

    niners have been to the conference dance 3 years in a row and are 4-4, care to guess how many coaches and teams are worse?

    OC might be gone as he has BLOWN some very important games on the line in the same fashion, pass pass pass, when you have Frank Gore? yea they weren’t expecting a QB sneak were they….

    but at the same time the Rams deserve some props at the very least..

    when fans realize the NFL want the Donks to WIN the Superbowl at all coast then what the niners are doing might make more sense

    C’MON man!!!!!!!

  63. All this blabber about Harbaugh’s departure isn’t helping the team focus on their next opponent.

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