Seahawks sign TE Tony Moeaki, re-sign WR Bryan Walters


The Seahawks have added some pass catching and special teams depth.

The club has re-signed wide receiver/returner Bryan Walters and signed tight end Tony Moeaki, per the NFL’s Tuesday transactions.

To make room for Walters and Moeaki, the Seahawks waived linebacker L.J. Fort and defensive back Terrance Parks (injury settlement). Fort and Parks played on special teams in Seattle’s 30-24 win vs. Oakland on Sunday.

The 27-year-old Walters has appeared in six regular season games for Seattle this season, catching five passes for 44 yards, returning 12 punts for 109 yards and two kickoffs for 43 yards. His biggest impact could come in the kicking game, an area in which Seattle really struggled on Sunday, with a blocked punt surrendered for a touchdown among the miscues.

Moeaki was last with Buffalo, which released him with an injury settlement (hamstring) this summer. A third-round pick of the Chiefs in 2010, the 27-year-old Moeaki has caught 80 passes for 1,009 yards and four touchdowns in regular season play, all with Kansas City (2010, 2012).

Moeaki gives the Seahawks four tight ends, but starter Zach Miller (ankle) has not played since Sept. 21. Walters, meanwhile, is one of six wide receivers on Seattle’s roster.

25 responses to “Seahawks sign TE Tony Moeaki, re-sign WR Bryan Walters

  1. The Moeaki signing tells me the Hawks are tellin’ Luke Willlllllson to hang on to the dang ball or else. And Helfet better quit being such a pretty boy and start blocking, and for gods sake hold on to the ball on the on side kicks or your services on the hands team are over.

    Like Pete says, always compete, your jobs aren’t safe Willlllllllson and pretty boy

  2. orivar says:
    Nov 4, 2014 7:17 PM

    Wilson’s job is safe. He’s the franchise QB. Franchise QB job is always safe until they’re old.

    they are talking about the TE Luke Willson. ( two LLs)

  3. I wonder Bryan Walters will sleep with Russell Wilsons gf/ex wife too, then get beat up by Doug Baldwin. Probably, joke of a franchise that’s dysfunctional…

  4. Moeaki was awesome for the Chiefs….. 3 games a year when he wasn’t injured. Good luck tony. I hope you have better luck in Seattle, except when you play the Chiefs, of course

  5. The Seahawks fans complaining about Luke Willson forget that he helped Russell Wilson score touchdowns with outstanding blocks in the Washington and Dallas games. Oh and he scored the game winning touchdown against Carolina. The only thing he could do better is hold on to the ball when he gets hit.

  6. Moeaki is being added for DEPTH. Forget about about Bryan Walters and start THROWING the ball to Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson. Those guys are damn good, just watch!

  7. Mid Season, NEVER too late to nail down a fundamental position in the NFL I suppose?

    now they can move on to the holes that needed fixing last season like a deep threat (who Harvin was SUPPOSED to be) and shoring up the left side of BOOM along with the O-line

    they have been dealing with that O-line since the very beginning, injuries do suck its why you NEVER lose PRIME talent that can alleviate those injuries!!!!!

    a guy like Harvin is ALWAYS going to be a threat no matter where he is, what he get for the Jets? oh just 9 catches over 100 yards, almost as much as the entire Seahawk’s receiving core combined.. I see no one wants to EAT their crow like men, ALL the BS written about him now what?

    I hope this answers some questions as TO some “other” Hawks personnel capabilities? almost as bad as whats going on in SF, seriously 5 plays for the LOCK and you don’t run Gore even once? huh?

    Lynch and Harvin, how could ANY team have an o-line issue? seems you could drop 7 and juss jook em on the outlet? who is it going to be? couple key blocks from receivers and you get your 6 yards EVERY SINGLE PLAY!!!

    then drop a bomb now and then to stretch em out and keep em honest, thing is Harvin can single handily hold the attention of at least 3 defenders, he got 100 yards his first full week for the JETS, how could he even learn that many plays so fast?

    he DIDN’T, he ran simple routes and with his quickness and ability he GAINED YARDS, should I say that again, SIMPLE? juss don’t get it, nuther fix to get the Donks in the superbowl the world is fine.

    pathetic, no one even likes that team so is it just to get manning his rings and the HOF?

    why not juss FIX THAT SHIRT like you do everything else so we can get back to FOOTBALL!!!!

    GG manning was OLD 5 years ago?

    oh well, I guess every team can have a mid season rebuilding process if your the champs, everyone will just have to adjust on the fly, hopefully they bust out of the slump and get it done and start running over some officials, 8 games not one official taken off the field on a stretcher? gonna have to git you girls some skirts for the cause I suppose???..

    GO HAWKS!!!

  8. They will put them on the chemical training regiment and they will become all pros. It is the Seahawks way a needle in the rear will make them look like steals

  9. When Moeaki is healthy he is a fast, strong, soft-handed, pretty darn good TE. Simply tho dude is peanut brittle.

  10. “When Moeaki is healthy he is a fast, strong, soft-handed, pretty darn good TE. Simply tho dude is peanut brittle.”

    Well, if he can last a couple weeks until Zach Miller gets back, then he will be perfect.

  11. LJ Fort, linebacker by trade, was actually playing fullback for us. Because Tom Cable.

  12. Depth at TE is needed. Miller’s out (obviously); Willson can’t seem to catch any balls that are contested, but has improved blocking; and Helfet has shown great hands, but is still pretty green and misses some key blocks.

    Bryan Walters has yet to impress me at all, so there must be something in practices that he’s flashes to prove he’s worth keeping. He has yet to make any great returns on special teams and doesn’t seem to be any better than the rookie WRs on the roster. Resigning him is just a head-scratcher for me, but I hope he will prove me wrong.

    I’d love to see the Hawks use their rookie WRs better. Norwood seems to be fantastic on slot plays with tremendous hands. Paul Richardson is growing more confident everyday, but RW has yet to give him a deep ball on which he can make a play – he’s always under thrown deep, so launch it and let PRich burn the DB like he was brought in to do and make a play!

  13. Moeaki = three catches followed by a season-ending injury.
    If that’s what you are looking for then he’s your man.

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