Terrelle Pryor works out for Washington

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Robert Griffin III is back to work, but Washington is still kicking the tires on another mobile quarterback.

Terrelle Pryor, the former Raiders quarterback who has been out of the NFL since Seattle cut him in the preseason, has worked out for Washington. A league source tells PFT that Pryor visited Washington today.

With Griffin now healthy and Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins established as the backups, it seems unlikely that Washington would sign Pryor. But they’re at least interested in seeing how he looks.

A supplemental pick of the Raiders in 2011, Pryor spent most of his first two NFL seasons on the bench before becoming Oakland’s starter last season. He showed flashes of talent at times but also struggled at times and had too many turnovers, and the Raiders decided this year that they were no longer interested in his services. Pryor also struggled in four preseason games for the Seahawks this year.

20 responses to “Terrelle Pryor works out for Washington

  1. Sure, bring in a different highly athletic, mobile quarterback with a tendency for turnovers – because the current highly athletic, mobile quarterback with a tendency for turnovers is working out so well.

  2. That’s what you call “putting someone on notice” A good move, that sends a clear message. The QB position is up for grabs and the organization will bring in someone else if they feel they need to.

  3. If this kid will just concede & try another position (WR or TE) he’d probably be in the NFL on some teams active roster. It’s crazy to waste all the talent he possesses w/the hopes of wearing a headset & holding a clipboard on some teams sideline. From the day I first saw him @ OSU I never thought he would be an NFL QB…no knock on the kid; I was just never impressed nor wowed while watching him during his college career. I don’t even think he would be a good CFL QB.

  4. Not sure why the Redskins would be doing this, I would think the Philadelphia team or Dallas team would be looking after last week.

  5. If QBs like Pryor and he-who-shall-not-be-named-but-is-beloved-by-Gator fanboys- and-Skip-Bayless would just swallow their pride and change positions, they’d very likely be enjoying NFL paychecks right now. They are clearly playmakers with the ball, but also very clearly not NFL QBs.

  6. @granadafan – Yeah, the Jets and the Jaguars sure showing the world they’re better off without Tim Tebow. Raiders are ripping it up since they got rid of Terrelle Pryor.

  7. I don’t think Pryor is big enough to be a TE in the NFL as he would get killed trying to block and not sure he has the route running skills to be a receiver. I think his NFL days are just numbered.

  8. Honestly, if there is any validity to this story, I think it would mean Cousins is on his way out. McCoy proved to be a reliable backup. Pryor would be a possible 3rd string QB. That would give the Redskins three QBs with similar skill sets. Instead of having to have a separate version of the offense solely for Kirk Cousins.

  9. Pryor didn’t really “struggle” in the Seahawks pre-season. He actually looked pretty good, and many were surprised that the Hawks kept TJack at #2 instead when the squad was cut down.

  10. because the current highly athletic, mobile quarterback with a tendency for turnovers is working out so well.
    Griffin really doesn’t turn the ball over as much as you would think….for him, it’s more on taking sacks when he could’ve got rid of the ball…he doesn’t really toss a ton of interceptions. the most he’s thrown in a year is 12, that’s not a lot. but to the real reason i commented on this. i would like Pryor as a 3rd stringer, but it’s kinda out of the blue here, but i think he would be a good project for Gruden to work on with RG3 starting and McCoy backing up.

  11. No offense intended, but Pryor is a dimwit. When he STARTED for the Raiders, the word got out that he could only handle maybe 15% of the playbook. And the plays they thought he knew he didn’t always execute. He was always going sandlot and trying to improvise.
    The guy is not an NFL quarterback. Not by a mile. He just doesn’t have the bandwidth. Or the skills, for that matter.

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