Pegulas have no immediate plans to shake up the Bills


No owner buys an NFL team for the privilege of employing the team’s current G.M. and/or head coach.  And most owners take over the team with an idea or two about the persons who will be hired to fill those jobs.

In Buffalo, the new owners of the Bills won’t be making any changes in the immediate future.  Key word:  Immediate.

“We recognize, A, that we’re in the middle of a season and, B, the season’s not going too bad right now,” co-owner Terry Pegula told the Buffalo News on Wednesday.  “So I think the smart thing right now is to just let everything be and let the season play out.”

That’s hardly a guarantee that changes won’t be made, A, when the season is over and, B, if the season doesn’t turn out very well.  In fact, Pegula’s comments mesh with the impression many have had throughout the process of selling the Bills.  The new owner will hire a new coach and/or G.M. unless the guys currently do so well that the fans wouldn’t tolerate change.

Pegula, who was interviewed along with his wife and co-owner, Kim, hinted that changes could be inevitable.

“Hire good people and let them run with it; that’s my attitude,” Terry said regarding the intended management approach.

He said “hire good people” not “trust the people who already have the jobs.”  It may be nothing; it may be something.

It may ultimately depend whether the Bills parlay their 5-3 start into the franchise’s first postseason appearance since 1999.

27 responses to “Pegulas have no immediate plans to shake up the Bills

  1. Keep Swartz and the defensive staff. Fire Hackett, most likely Maronne. Keep Whaley. And the best move they made that this and seemingly no one seems to mention is that Russ Brandon has been retained business wise only. All business decisions no football decisions- which is a good thing.

  2. I live buffalo. I can see thex changes and process were making. Get the dougs out of here. And pay a guy like cowher whatever i mean whatever he wants and give him complete control. Kim and terry your fn loaded you know how much i pay to park in the stadium lot each home game? Or a beer at 9 bucks a glass. You can afford it. Pay the man.

  3. If this season continues to go pretty well, I think Whaley and Marrone deserve at least one more season (if nt longer, depending).
    You can’t expect things to be turned around over night and the team has definitely made forward progress since Whaley & Marrone took over. Bad teams stay bad by constantly changing coaches and GM’s.
    I’m still not 100% sold on either of them yet, but. Do like most of what they have done. Whaley has been pretty active in trying to improve the team. I’d like t see what he can do with some actual money to spend during the off-season.

  4. Good to hear…key word..Hire the “right” people.. Worked in AZ… Worked in Baltimore…Worked in GB… Worked in NE…Worked in NO….it more than assembling talent… Just ask the Vikings Bengals, Dallas, Cleveland

  5. Doug Whaley and Jim Monos should remain in place, no matter how the season turns out. They’ve built this team from nothing in a short period of time. Marrone may or may not be worthy of a head coaching position; time will tell. Whaley and Monos have to stay put.

  6. Jeez it was comments to a radio station not poetry. There’s not always a hidden meaning in everything.

    If the Bills are successful on the field there won’t be changes and if they aren’t there will be. Just like with every other team in the league, new ownership or not.

  7. I’m just very curious to know what his criteria is for what makes “good people” and how he shall go about finding and qualifying them. I think it would be fascinating to understand his perspective on that.

  8. Coach and G.M? You’re thinking too small. The necessary firings in the Bills organization need to be made up higher on the ladder. Buffalo’s old guard needs cleaned out. Guys like Brandon, Overdorf and Munson shouldn’t be around much longer.

  9. I hope they keep Whaley. We have a good young team thanks to him. I’m not as sold on Marrone and his staff but they have certainly improved on the job.

    But if we do the whole “wait guys we are the Bills we have to suck stop WINNING what are we DOING!?” routine in the second half of the season that always follows our few hot starts this century, I’ll change my mind. Bring out the fire hoses and scrub down the Ralph so there’s no remnants of the filth that kills my soul year after year. Hire every known exorcist and pray they eliminate whatever haunts One Bills Drive. Sign Doug Flutie and wheel him out to the coin toss and give him that start we pried from his magic hands 15 years ago.

    It is…the only way.

  10. Very refreshing! Being a successful Manager/Owner is business/life is really this simple –> “Hire good people and let them run with it; that’s my attitude,” Terry said regarding the intended management approach.

    Why do 90% of Manager’s/Owners not abide by this principle?

  11. I trust Pegula to make the right decisions for the franchise. His best decision so far was preventing the team from moving to London, LA or that non football market Toronto.

  12. They know what they’re doing. The Sabres are the way that they are for a reason. Look at all the teams in the NHL that are great now, Penguins, Kings, Blackhawks, all went through the same. The Pegulas know what they’re doing and the Bills will be thought of as a first class organization sooner than later.

  13. ” I’m 63, you never know when the senility is gonna kick in so no, I’m not ruling out completely any shake-up plans. I’m just saying in the immediate future I have no plans to shake up the team.”

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