Reports: Goodell testifies for two hours on Wednesday

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The first leak has emerged from the Ray Rice appeal hearing.  Even though it’s not much of a leak.

Per multiple reports (which means that there’s someone who’s talking to multiple reporters), Commissioner Roger Goodell testified for two hours on Wednesday.  Most of the questions were asked by NFLPA lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, a long-time nemesis of the NFL who undoubtedly relished the opportunity to get Goodell under oath.

As legal proceedings go, two hours isn’t an excessive amount of time to testify.  Goodell’s deposition in the Super Bowl ticket fiasco, for example, began at 9:34 a.m. and ended at 5:21 p.m.

The duration isn’t nearly as important as the content, and no one has leaked anything about what Goodell was asked, what he said, whether any objections were made, or anything else related to the testimony.  Yet.

It remains inevitable the the information will emerge.  Technically, the gag order issued by Judge Jones should have prevented the disclosure of the fact that Goodell testified for two hours.  She’ll probably remind the lawyers of that fact when the hearing reconvenes on Thursday.

25 responses to “Reports: Goodell testifies for two hours on Wednesday

  1. The real question is – which version of events is he giving? Or has he come up with another new version — or is he finally abandoning all the obvious, easily proven lies and starting to tell the truth?

  2. Whatever is bad for Roger Goodell is good for football and human decency in general.

    Seriously, Goodell comes off as nothing but a (starts with “d” and ends in “k”).

  3. Per multiple reports (which means that there’s someone who’s talking to multiple reporters),


    (which means no one talked to you)

  4. Why is Goodell on trial? Was he somehow present or involved in Ray Rice punching and knocking out his wife? Did Goodell order a code red?

  5. I wasn there but im sure goodells testimony went something like this:

    Goodell: Ray told me an entirely different story than what appeared on the video.

    Kessler: how so?

    Goodell: Ray told me an entirely different version than what appeared on the video.

    Kessler: what exactly was different

    Goodelll: Everything

  6. #Can someone explain what these hearings hope to
    #accomplish? Did the NFL break some law? Is there some
    #civil suit?


    The NFLPA is challenging Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension on the grounds that he was already suspended for the same offense and that no new evidence had been presented to warrant a second ruling.

    Basically, the NFLPA believes that the NFL had already seen the tape when it issued the 2 game suspension. If this is true, then the second suspension would be a violation of the policy.

  7. Furthermore, an indefinite suspension doesn’t even match Goodell’s own REVISED domestic violence policy, which was 6 games for a first offense, and this is Ray Rice’s first. That sleazy rat needs to be fired already.

  8. Give me a break. Goodell has made over $40M a year for 8 years, he can afford the best and most expensive attorneys in all the land. His testimony is very well coached prepped and self-serving. Not a chance anybody is going to get anything on him. He is more Teflon than than the President.

  9. Ray rice is a scumbag. Only difference between him and hard, or AP is that the guy did it right on camera. We all seen it. If hardy did the same thing, or AP beat his kid that bad, they all deserve to booted from the league. Disgusting actions. Goodell is trash, but for once im glad he did what he did to Rice. He deserves worse.

  10. Roger Goodell is a scumbag…..punishing a player twice for the same offense is illegal under the CBA only Goodell could make Ray look like a victim…smh fire him already and lets move on…..

  11. Going first means he can come back later in the proceedings to fill in the gaps in his memory discovered in other testimony.

    It’s good to be the king.

  12. It probably took him all this time to prepare a set of lies that cover up the first set of lies.

    And in the end the set of lies probably didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

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