Seahawks claim Dobbs off waivers from 49ers

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With two games looming against their NFC West rivals and equally disappointing starts to the season, the Seahawks have plucked off waivers a guy who has spent the last three seasons in San Francisco.

The Seahawks have announced the former 49ers defensive end DeMarcus Dobbs has been claimed off waivers.  Undrafted in 2011, Dobbs has appeared in 45 regular-season games with the 49ers.

To create a roster spot for Dobbs, the Seahawks placed defensive end Greg Scruggs in injured reserve.  He appeared in three games this season after spending all of 2013 on IR.

The Seahawks face the 49ers twice in three games, starting on Thanksgiving night on NBC.

26 responses to “Seahawks claim Dobbs off waivers from 49ers

  1. Michael Bennett has three sacks this year

    Cliff Avril has two sacks this year

    Such a scary, scary pass rush they have in the mist city

    Eat our scraps and keep being jealous of our city and team

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  2. Reminds me of last season’s moves……..Take from the other team and get what you can…..

  3. What is up with 49er fans and their little brother complex against the Seahawks? I have no horse in this race but I’d say the 49ers are definitely having the more disappointing start. All that talk coming from their fans about how Seattle would crash back to earth after guys leave in FA as they have to give contract extensions, yet the 49ers are STILL sitting below the Seahawks in the standings at the halfway mark of the season.

  4. Also, remember when 49ers fans said they would beat have beaten the Broncos in the Super Bowl because of the Seahawks’ dominance? Don’t believe that drivel for an instant. SF got destroyed by literal Joe Flacco in the previous Super Bowl and let him win SB MVP, and predictably got emasculated in humiliating fashion against Peyton and the Broncos on primetime this year.

  5. To be honest I think dobbs is better than anything seattle has…..But in 49er terms he could never get past special teams….he was a undrafted project that was just ok….

  6. joey49er says: Nov 5, 2014 8:22 PM

    To be honest I think dobbs is better than anything seattle has….


    You should get one.

    I mean since internet.

    Really cool.

  7. Seahawks vs 49ers turkey day!!!
    Put aside the the win-lose records, because this will be a hard hitting bruiser game. These two teams will be knocking the stuffings out of each other. With plenty of penalties to boot !!

    Go Hawks !!

  8. Remember a long time ago last week when Niner fans were trolling the ‘Hawks about a tough loss in STL and cackling about them being in third place?

    Ah, the Good Ole Days. You Niner trolls are second to none.

  9. Hawks pick up Moeacki, who played at KC (who the hawks play in two weeks) and now they pick up an ex- 49er (who they play in three weeks.
    Filling a need…yes. Coincidence? Let’s juswonder who’s going to be on th scout team?

  10. Pump em up Pete will promise him with PED’s if he talks about the 49ers. Seattle looking pretty bad without the PED’s and being able to hold every receiver

  11. Had we not been forced to play most of the season without 3
    of our STUD linebackers, i guarantee we would be sittin at
    7-1 so all u chumps talkin smack please dont discount the awesomeness of BOWMAN, WILLIS, and ALDON ! We have had to play with A.BROOKS as the only one most games who just happens to be the worst of the 4 and HE is a 2nd team all pro. 49ers will NEVER look at Seattle with envy as we are one of the marquee franchises in NFL HISTORY along with the Cowboys,Steelers,Patriots, and Packers! Any other scrubs teams cant hold the jockstraps of those 5. Counting us out now will be a BIG mistake. Until we have more than 6
    losses,we are in the hunt, and once in the playoffs, we can do damage if we have our superstars back!

  12. Niners have 5 lombardi. Lol

    Hope you have a VCR to watch the games….

    Reigning Super Bowl Champs

    Go Hawks

  13. Won the SB last year which is great for Seattle but they would love to have super bowls to watch from any other decade. Don’t kid yourself. 2014 won’t be any less special down the road. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Us fans are nothing but lucky to have our teams win it all. I have the 49ers wins on dvd but that’s still a good line. We use that on Dodgers fans. A lot of people have to ask what vhs even is I bet. See ya on turkey day.

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