Whatever the NFL does with Peterson, it needs to do it quickly


Adrian Peterson landed on the rabbit-from-a-hat-or-some-other-orifice Commissioner’s exemption list pending the resolution of his legal case.  His legal case is now resolved.

The NFL has opted to be aloof and coy regarding Peterson’s status; the timetable is there is no timetable.

That doesn’t cut it.  It’s one thing for the NFL to drag its feet during the offseason, when games aren’t being played.  It’s quite another for the NFL to take it slow when every Sunday has a full slate of games.

In this specific case, the league got a little lucky.  The Vikings don’t play this week.  The NFL can take six days to figure out whether to reinstate Peterson or to impose further discipline beyond the eight games he has missed.

The NFL must use that six days to make a decision.  It’s not difficult.  Get everyone with an interest in the situation together in a room and figure it out.

When Peterson was on track to play in Week Three, the NFL moved quickly to strike a deal that sidelined him.  That same urgency should apply now; it’s the right thing to do for the player and for the team.  Whatever the outcome, the decision needs to be made quickly.  While the league office will be distracted for the next two games with the Ray Rice appeal hearing, the first order of business for Friday should be figuring out what to do with Peterson.

Frankly, the decision already should have been made.  Plea bargains happen all the time.  The NFL should have realized that a deal was possible for Peterson, and the NFL should have been ready to move with the same speed that applies to any other questions of player availability during the season.

But if the NFL decides that it should take more time because of the precedent that will be set, then reinstate Peterson and let him play until a decision is reached regarding his suspension.  Plenty of players play while suspensions are pending under other policies, including the PED policy.  If a guy accused of cheating the game can still play until his status is resolved, why shouldn’t Peterson be allowed to play, too?

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  1. The NFL will predictably mess this one up too. It has gotten everything wrong since the Rice disaster and now Goodell’s job is literally in jeopardy. If he lies at the Rice hearing or embarrasses the NFL in any way during his testimony, he’s a goner.

  2. I don’t condone beating your children, and hate the Vikings, but the NFL needs to back off. We have a judicial system and it is not the NFL. Know your role, sit the frank down and let Peterson play. Preferably after week 12. 🙂

  3. You make it sounds like they haven’t made a decision. It’s entirely possible they have, but don’t want to tell us right away, make it look like they struggled and debated it before coming to it. Or just want to wait until a Friday or Sat. news dump so that it gets discussed and then people move onto the games being played that weekend without so many days where it’s the main story.

  4. This is a no brainer, time served, monetary price, activate back to team immediatelly. AP admitted wrongdoing, was not legally prosecuted for Domestic violence, served 6-8 game suspension already. What more do you want from the guy, and if this whole Ray Rice thing never happened this wouldnt be an issue, so dont penalize AP for ray rice

  5. I completely agree with your thoughtful analysis.

    (Translation: I just picked him up on a waiver claim in my Yahoo league)

  6. Unfortunately for the media, and the fans, the NFL owes you nothing and is under no obligation to make any decision swiftly. Peterson is getting paid to sit on his couch and work out. It would be great if they would move swiftly of course, but that doesn’t mean they are obligated to.

    The right thing to do would be to reinstate him immediately since he was only convicted of a misdemeanor following his plea deal. But with the constant “Darned if they do, darned if they don’t” corner the media has boxed the NFL in, they may be inclined to flip everyone the bird.

  7. why do they need to hurry?

    why do they even need to suspend him?

    according the the CBA (ie law of the NFL conduct) he didnt breach their standards.

    this makes no sense….

  8. Seeing as how he already missed 8 games.. doesn’t seem quite fair to suspend him. Sure he got his game checks, so they should give him the max fine amount.

  9. The legal system has agreed to a misdemeanor charge here. Does the NFL normally suspend players convicted of misdemeanors?

    If so, take six of his game checks from the games he missed, reinstate him and put him in the first time offenders list for smoking dope.

    That said, for the NFL to do nothing here would be the biggest mistake of all.

  10. lol. now the “legalize it” guys are calling for APs head because he admitted to smoking weed.

    you guys are always good for some needed work laughs.

  11. Mike, why does the decision have to come so quickly, again? Are we forgetting that this guy did in fact abuse his 4 yr old kid?

    So many people are willing to forgive and forget so easily. While our disappointing judicial system may have let this guy off the hook with a slap on the wrist, it doesn’t mean the league, the vikings, the media or the fans should. While everyone has a right to redeem themselves, the guy needs some help by way of psychological counseling and needs to serve the minimum 6 game suspension (without pay) before he is allowed back in the league.

    I find it ridiculous, how the media and the league have crucified some players careers over things like smoking pot, saying they have serious problems, need rehab, are bad seeds. But those same people want to give these abusive idiots a free pass.

  12. He already served 8 games. Fine him 8 games worth of game checks and let him play. Half the players in the league have misdemeanors on their records. People are just on a witch hunt for AP. People want him not to play in the NFL, how would that help his son? Take away his dad’s income. Nice! In the grand scheme of things why does it matter if he gets to run around with a football or not.

  13. No, the NFL doesn’t HAVE to do anything.

    AP made the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings, his employers, look bad publicly.

    The media has portrayed AP to be a “victim” through all of this. He is NOT a victim. HE beat his kid, not the NFL or the Vikings yet the NFL and the Vikings get ripped to shreds for what AP did, not AP.

    Screw AP, he deserves nothing.

  14. How is it not fair to suspend him? He plead guilty. He was suspended for the conduct that led up to his arrest. And now he needs to be suspended for his criminal conviction. Suspend him for the rest of the year. If he were at all serious about learning from this episode, then let him take his extra time off to help his kids and to educate others.

  15. Ban him, there are more guys who dont beat their kids/spouse that cant get an NFL roster spot because he is holding one.

    Its privilege to play in the league, treat it like one.

  16. Fine him and let him play.

    In the total scope of off-field NFL malfeasance this is at worst middle of the road, shoplifting tighty whiteys is the shallow end, while killing people (including teamates) is the deep end.

  17. Isn’t completely up to the Vikings organization at his point? As he is not currently suspended, but rather placed on the exempt list by the GM, if they wanted to they could have him show up today.

    Granted, the NFL could eventually impose discipline, but it’s not like the Vikings really have to wait for them if they’re going to take their time.

  18. The only decision should be a fine. He already sat out 8 games which is more games than anybody would have demanded if this happened in the off-season. He likely would have gotten 4 games suspension post Ray Rice, and 1 game pre Rice.

  19. Funny how the people howling the loudest for Peterson’s head are fans of teams who would have to . . . play against Peterson were he reinstated.

  20. I’m getting so tired of the pity parade for AP. He beat his son well beyond a point of simply disciplining a child and he pretty much got off a with a slap on the wrist. He’s been paid this entire time while he’s been going through this whole process. Something the average 9 to 5 worker would never be afforded to have. Let’s not make this out as some form of cruel punishment for AP and there’s no way this should be looked at as time served. What kind of suspension is getting paid millions of dollars for not having to play and given the opportunity to take care of a legal matter?

    Let’s also not forget the worst part of this as AP still doesn’t know what it is that he did wrong. He’s about as ignorant as they come and yet he’ll be treated like a hero upon his return to the Vikings.

  21. For once I agree with Florio, wholeheartedly. He went overboard on disciplining his kid. He needs some counselling regarding that. Fining him millions of dollars (6 game checks) or suspending him further would be unprecedented and should have the NFLPA in an uproar. Let the man play.

  22. It’s the Steelers organization who has six Lombardis. You have zero Lombardis to go along with your zero class.

  23. Fwiw, the NFL ought to allow him to be immediately reinstated to the team, so he can workout/practice with them.

    Then hand down the decision/penalty on when he can actually play again, and leave it to the team on how they want to proceed after that.

  24. If they don’t let him play immediately, he’ll be stuck at home babysitting and do they want to be responsible for that? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  25. I’m a Viking fan and would love to see the team do well. Obviously Peterson is a great talent and the team could benefit by having him on the field. However, there’s something larger at stake here. Peterson beat and abused a 4-year-old child. I’ve seen the pictures of what he did to that little boy’s body. AP didn’t just discipline the child: he beat and abused him. We’re talking about a strong, big, professional athlete who drew blood by beating a little child. Sorry, but missing a few football games doesn’t make up for inflicting that kind of physical and emotional trauma on someone who’s nearly a baby. The child is the victim here, not AP, the Vikings, or the NFL. I want to know what all of these entities are going to do to help that little 4-year-old boy. I haven’t heard anyone say that they’re going to make amends to the child or that AP should be denied custody of the boy. I love my Vikings, but AP needs to be taught a life lesson here. A year’s suspension and mandatory counseling should be a minimum punishment for what he did to that little child.

  26. Loook, I’m a Vikings fan so albeit a little biased but a decision should absolutely be made sooner rather than later.

    He admitted to hitting his kid but I think the key here is that he wasn’t found guilty of that. He admitted to reckless assault and there is no mention of child abuse anywhere in his official record, whether he admitted it or not. There is no way he should be suspended further. Heck, you could make an argument that he shouldn’t even be fined because of what the official court documents say. However, I do think he should lose some game checks, somewhere in the 4 check range, and have his suspension be retroactive. He should absolutely be able to play next Sunday if the NFL makes their decision and the Vikings decide they want his services.

  27. It’s sad seeing posts getting thumbs down that point out the truth, AP beat his child. It’s weird how people get over stuff like that when it’s involving a star athlete.

  28. What about that boy? He’s scarred for life. No mention of him. Do the Vikings want to win that badly? The league is becoming ugly.

    Perhaps Peterson can become governor of Minnesota?

  29. Time served. Let Peterson suit up after the bye.
    He’s paid a big price for disciplining his child already.

  30. Disagree with the “4-6 game checks” fine. That’s a $4M fine the NFL would hand down, for what was a misdemeanor.

    No way they go that high. Probably $50k or something like that.

  31. This article is correct. The legal process has been completed within the judicial system. It’s now time for the NFL to make a determination on their punishment.

    Just remember how Adrian’s situation has been dealt with for purposes of future handling— Whether it be another Viking, a Packer, a Cowboy or any other team in this league…

    If allegations are brought against ANY player, then the commissioner better sit those players while their cases are pending too.

    It’s always easier to make an example out of one player– The tough part will be staying consistent.

  32. For you AP defenders:

    Do you not think what he did was wrong or well beyond what disciplining is about? Do you not think it’s wrong that AP doesn’t get it and will probably continue to beat his kids as a way of discipline?

    The fact is that this was child abuse no matter what the court says. That child has the scars to prove it and sadly AP will continue to “discipline” his many children this way because he nor the legal system cared enough about the child to bother protecting him.

    This is so beyond football, NFL, the Vikings, the players union, Goodell, etc. This should be about the welfare of AP’s children and not how quickly can we get AP on the field. AP is not the victim.

  33. Are people wearing purple colored glasses?? He was not acquitted, he was not exonerated, he was convicted of a crime. Just because he got lucky and copped a plea deal he is still admitted guilty! The only difference is his punishment, rather then a felony and time in prison, he gets a misdemeanor and a slap on the wrist. Thats what millions of dollars in your bank account does in this country.

    The difference in the Rice and AP deal… Rice knocked a grown adult out. AP beat a 4 year old until he was bloody I counted 14 lashes in the photos, rice hit his GF once. As I stated before, the Law and your right to work are two different things. And this guy does not deserve to earn a dime in an industry that gets special funding from society via tax dollars, breaks, and exemptions.

  34. Wait a minute. Well if they reinstate AP they NEED to reinstate Ray Rice.

    Let us not forget Ray Rice made a plea deal. Let us not forget that Ray Rice had already served his suspension. It’s double jeopardy.

    So if we are going by ‘what AP pleaded to’ and not on what really happened then AP and RR fates should be linked.

    AP pleaded to nothing with domestic violence… but we DANG WELL KNOW that beating a kid IS domestic violence.

    Just like RR made a plea deal and SERVED HIS TIME, only to have the rules change because of the video of domestic violence.

    So why are there two standards all of a sudden. Whatever the NFL does, both should be linked. IF AP is back RR should be back. If RR isn’t back then AP should not be back. Otherwise it’s selective prosecution by Goodell, NFL style.

    We know what happened in both cases, domestic violence. So why are people wanting different punishments?

    Their penance is 2014. In 2015, their debt is paid. But to let one off (a child beater) but not let the other off (who technically had ALREADY served his punishment AND also finished the legal process) is simply flat out wrong. The NFL would be literally a joke if they let one off and not the other.

    Goodell has to testify for Ray Rice, and this one isn’t a slam dunk for AP to return. Ray Rice would also have a ton of legal standing to sue the HELL out of the NFL, 9-10 figure style like Al Davis. You simply cannot serve a punishment and then get a 2nd punishment, and then someone else with basically the same crime, gets off without a formal punishment.

  35. @ richrod12345

    Well said. Just because the legal system failed this kid, doesn’t mean the NFL should also give AP a slap on the wrist. Sit his arse the rest of the season, no pay. See if that stings.

    And can we quit pretending AP is a parent that simply got out of hand? He has at least 5 kids (as many as seven) from three different women, and didn’t even meet one before it was abused (to death). Paying your child support does not equate to being a good parent.

    I’m glad the NFL is tackling concussions, and domestic violence. When are they going to address the issue of illegitimate children that these stupid players leave in their wake?

  36. Im curious to know the outcome of the ray rice appeal. If he is reinstated and time served is a factor then there is no reason peterson shouldnt start against the bears. However, the new personal conduct policy seemingly amended in lieu of the ray rice fiasco, he should forfiet 6 weeks salary and be allowed to play effective immediately. If they do not abide by the new policy how can it be enforced in any other situation?

  37. I want to see AP and the child get the help they need.

    *70% this season’s salary into trust account for the child
    *30% this season’s salary into a charity for abused children
    * Counselling for both

    I could get behind AP/NFL under these conditions.

  38. “That same urgency should apply now; it’s the right thing to do for the player…”

    No it’s not. He beat the crap out of his son. Just because the legal system let him off easy, doesn’t mean the NFL should. Tell me what is the “right thing” to do for the child involved? Did he get it? Nope, he just got beat up by the one person he should be able to trust will protect him.

    “Frankly, the decision already should have been made…”

    Funny, I have a feeling if they had come out with a decision as soon as the legal process was completed, you would have been saying how they should have taken their time to get the decision right. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it feels like no matter what action or inaction the NFL took at this time, the article would have criticized it.

  39. What AP did was not abuse. Henceforth why he was convicted of reckless assault. He admitted to it, never denied it, and it is what it is… reckless assault because he was a little too reckless with his discipline.

    The courts and the son’s mom do not want AP to lose his custody privileges, so to the people that pretend to care so much – who are you to judge?

  40. Nothing would surprise me from the Minnesota Vikings…….they re-elected that moron Franken

  41. I don’t want him back. But he’s coming back whether you like it or not. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a pretty big Vikes fan.

  42. How has AP been a victim in the media? If anything, they have torn him down to nothing. Remember the bogus report about his charity? They reported he was using money from the charity for personal expenses and that he was reportedly saying he was giving money when he wasn’t. Everything about the story was false, and few articles were in mainstream media denying it. His personal expenses were part of a different company, not his charity. The company that received money from the charity was the wrong company, but had the same name of another company. It was an honest mistake that was fixed.

    AP is thought of as the lowest of the low in the media. We have a justice system for a reason. He was guilty by public opinion, and many thought he should lose his job, injured himself, and thrown in jail forever. Everybody keeps building slippery slope fallacies. No, his testicles were not bleeding. The kid was accidentally hit by a piece of the switch that shredded. That’s what happens with green wood. It separates like string cheese.

    If anyone has been hit by something small with force, you’d know that it rarely leaves an immediate mark. In fact, the marks look the worst after 5-7 days, which is when the illegal pictures were taken (illegal as in leaked, not taken…). Bruises turn an awful purple, blue, and yellow color then. The skin is not immediately broken. It is marked, and the blood rushes away from the hit and back to it. The pores open up more over time and blood seeps out. It wasn’t as if the kid was ripped open like a knife and bled all over the place.

    It is more than likely that AP didn’t know the harm it was causing until well after. This is NOT abuse by definition. It is recklessness, which is what he pleaded to. Abuse is knowingly injuring on purpose. Reckless is injuring someone, but not on purpose. Unless you people can prove he did it with the INTENT to injure the child, shut up. It’s not possible unless AP says it himself.

    All that said, he was too harsh on a 4-year old kid. However, I honestly believe he was trying to discipline his kid, but didn’t know the harm it would do. He deserves to be suspended and/or forced to repay salary he received while on the exempt list for the equivalent of 6 weeks.

  43. Say, he admitted smoking weed but what did the urine analysis show! Cuz if it came back clean no harm no foul

  44. I can’t believe the extremes in opinions there are here. Some say he shouldn’t have any punishment at all and others say he should be kicked out of the league forever and he should never see his kid again.

    In my opinion, the NFL shouldn’t be the moral authority here. We have a legal system and the process played itself out. Being convicted of a misdemeanor doesn’t mean he didn’t abuse his kid. We know he did, and it’s right that there should be some sort of NFL punishment because that’s what has been collectively bargained. But the NFL can’t ban him for life because they don’t think he was punished enough by the legal system (they probably shouldn’t have banned Ray Rice, either).

    Impose whatever fine or suspension is warranted based on existing policy. Leave it up to the team to determine if he’ll stay on the team and leave it up to the fans to determine if they’ll cheer for him.

  45. Well said, tdteddyin.

    And by the way, I think when a player is fined by the NFL, the money goes to charity. It isn’t like Goodell is fining guys and then stuffing the cash in his pocket.

  46. Everyone saying let him play probably just picked him up or have been sitting on him in Fantasy Football lol.. He was never suspended by the league for his conduct, he was suspended by the team. The league should still suspend him a few weeks without pay. That is the only way to send a message. The judicial system is a joke, and basically pandered to a star athlete (not that it doesn’t happen all the time)

  47. To all of you who are commenting that Peterson admitted to smoking dope…get your facts straight! It was the prosecution who filed the motion that Peterson allegedly “told an official” that he smoked pot. But where are the dirty drug test results? Where was the actual admission of guilt from Peterson himself? It was nothing more than hearsay. It was a simple, and badly executed, ploy by the prosecution to strengthen their case.

  48. The last thing Goodell wants to do is to make a decision on this case. Since he works for the owners he will , or has, discussed this with the Wilfs to see what they want and will attempt to craft a decision that will have the least impact on him.

  49. I like to see you haters out there try to put leafs or do any harm to AP and see what would happen. If you condemn some one for doing something you don’t agree with than you must be a dog and wife beater yourself.

  50. this guy went way past discipline, he abused a kid. to pretend like this guy is getting treated unfairly is sad.

  51. Forget what we think *should” happen, look at what the NFL is doing.

    Ray Rice has been suspended for 9 games and counting, with no end in sight.

    Goodell will not allow Peterson to play again this year.

  52. I’m sorry… Where was he convicted of abusing a child? He was not! Was he convicted of any domestic crime? NO! Unless the CBA has a provision where every athlete who commits simple assault is suspended, There is NO conviction that warrants any league punishment.

    As a matter of records, The judge did not even find him guilty, it is deferred for two years, At which point it will likely be dismissed and not even appear on his record.

  53. Hey sports guy get the facts first before you speak. For a condition of his bond he is required to take a test and admitted to it to the administer of the test. It’s amazing in the desperate attempts to apologize for him the posters come off sounding more ignorant than Peterson himself.

  54. So let me get this straight. Josh Brent kills someone, gets a 10 game suspension, (and just signed a contract extension), and some of you want AP out for the whole season?

    Bring him back after the bye, fine him an amount that the NFL will be able to use going forward, so as to not set a bad precedent, and get on with the season.

    And all of you that are going on and on about child abuse, I hope you apply the same indignation to others that don’t play in the NFL. If not, you are guilty of class envy….

  55. I think this qualifies as a domestic violence incident to which he pleaded guilty and was convicted.

    automatic 6 game suspension, and lifetime ban if it ever happens again

    yeah that minimum punishment doesn’t sound so good now does it?

  56. Put it on the vikings to make the decision. Do they wanna risk the public backlash of putting an admitted clid abuser back on the field. (Yes, a no contest plea is admitting guilt).

  57. Mt take, like the Prosecutor, they tread lightly on this. The reason the pros dropped it was he would have been taking on the black culture of child punishment as much as AP.

    I think the league may do nothing since AP missed a lot of games already. Maybe they fine him some money and give him a probation?

  58. Funny how most of these folks on here that are bashing him was just on his peanut sack right before the season started……SMH funny how that happens.

  59. iamedreed says:
    Nov 5, 2014 1:21 PM
    I think this qualifies as a domestic violence incident to which he pleaded guilty and was convicted.
    And I think you’re wrong. “Qualifies”? What qualifies you to state the courts are wrong and you alone should label this domestic violence?

    And, he pleaded “no contest”. He admitted no guilt. He was sentenced (not convicted) on a single charge of reckless assault, which will be expunged in 2 years with no further incidences.

  60. I assume anybody, in any career in society, should be fired from their job for life if they plead to a misdemeanor reckless assault. Right? Because being a plumber is a privilege, not a right. Because doing any job is a privilege, not a right. Right?

    I mean, this isn’t just about people here going after a rich athlete, right?

  61. This was plead down to a deferred sentence as of now he hasn’t been convicted of anything. Let the man play!!!

    haters hate that’s what they do but that doesn’t change the fact that this won’t be on his record in 2 years. No violation has occurred. Let the man play!!!!

  62. If I was Adrian I would immediately donate all of the money I had earned during the time on the Exempt list to a DV charity in a very public manner.

  63. Enough comparing AP and ray rice. Sure on the surface theyre similar situations…but can we agree that rice, with malicious intent, rocked his gf in public then kicked her hand around til she woke up. And can we give AP the benefit of the doubt (which in my experience as a human we generally give out willingly in 1st offense instances) in thinking maybe he really was just trying to be a parent. Obviously he overdid and i dont agree with what he did but did he maybe just maybe make a mistake? I know for sure it was no accident that Rices gf was on the floor of that elevator.

  64. NFL will have to reinstate Peterson immediately if they have to follow the CBA. He has served what essentially is his 8 game punishment for a misdemeanor. Make him pay back that money and he is free to practice immediately and play the Vikings next game. IF they don’t reinstate him, I forsee a lawsuit since they would be violating the CBA. The man made a serious mistake and will have to pay the price (which isn’t that different from normal 1st offenders). Put him in the drug program and monitor him for other admissions/positive tests.

  65. A better title would have been, “Whatever the NFL does with Peterson, it needs to do it quickly and quietly. ” It is obvious that is the way things are done there as long as it does not come out to light. Anyone who is a blind supporter to criminals/criminal activities and shows sympathy towards the criminal because he /she is a sporting personality yet overlooks the victims says a lot about those persons and the society in which we live in. These are the criminal activity that somehow NFL was not able to hide. It makes you wonder the activities who never get to see the light of day.

  66. But if the NFL decides that it should take more time because of the precedent that will be set, then reinstate Peterson and let him play until a decision is reached regarding his suspension.

    My opinion is this is 110% wrong. We are talking about a grown adult that abused his child. It doesn’t matter that he plead down to a misdemeanor in court. The Vikings/NFL are his employer and can choose what they want to do in regards to a suspension, fines or whatever.

    FACT – Peterson whipped his child with a switch.
    FACT – Peterson stuffed leaves in his child’s mouth so he couldn’t scream, yell or whatever.
    FACT – Peterson admitted in text to the child’s mother that he *may* have gone too far, basically admitting guilt.
    FACT – Peterson cooperated fully during the investigation of this crime
    FACT – Peterson basically got a slap on the wrist for his crime and it will disappear from his record if he does everything needed during his 2 year probation.

    What the court decided doesn’t matter in regards to what the NFL or Vikings decide to do. Yes, they can take it under consideration, but they can impose whatever fines or suspension they deem fit. There is no such thing as double jeopardy in regards to an employer/employee relationship. Peterson could be suspended the rest of the year, the next 5 years or the next decade.

    Lots of things can happen in the next week or so. Peterson could be cut, he could retire from football, be suspended, be fined or he could play with no further consequences. None of us know what goes on in the mind of Goodall.

    I hope he never plays professional football again or if he does, NOT for the Vikings.

  67. He already missed 8 games, 2 more than the max penalty for the first time domestic abuse policy which was implemented after the Ray Rice video became public. Is his offense considered to have occurred before the penalty? Is the penalty relevant for felony abuse or a misdemeanor? Either way he served his time and admitted fault in a court of law. He should be reinstated immediately. I personally feel he should voluntarily donate money to shelters that help abuse victims.
    That’s beside the point. AD has payed a huge punishment for his mistake. Some say not nearly enough, some say way to much. Some say he should have never even been indicted in the first place. IMO, he abused the child. While he must fix his relationship with his son, his debt to society and the NFL has been filled. The silver lining is his popularity and high visibility will shine a light on how to discipline your child properly his PSA’s will help people better understand what is right and wrong when punishing a child. That being said in all fairness the NFL must reinstate him post haste. He served his suspension. Now turn this negative into a positive.

  68. No matter what side you’re on, why doesn’t anyone bring up the weed violation? He admitted it and no one refers to or talks about its implication.

  69. torot23 says: Nov 5, 2014 10:17 AM

    lol. now the “legalize it” guys are calling for APs head because he admitted to smoking weed.

    you guys are always good for some needed work laughs.


    Doesn’t matter if one is for legalization or not. Peterson violated the terms of the CBA and his contract by smoking marijuana.

  70. Florio, so Peterson allegedly told a pee test admin that he smoked pot, which is very hard to believe. Did the test comeback positive for marijuana? There has been no further news on that. Was the tech lying?

  71. I agree with Pete1211.
    He beat his son, and there is no denying it. Why make him out to be a hero now. It’s ridiculous.
    He’s no “Holy Mary” and that’s obvious. Get’s his sentence reduced, because he had a lawyer that most of us couldn’t even afford.
    It’s a big joke. Normal people would probably be in jail for all this. Money gets you “far”.

  72. If Peterson was a “stand up” guy he would just say “you know what, I’m not coming back until next season”

    Wait….Peterson is not a “stand up guy” as he kicked the %@(* out of a child.

  73. I’m one that thinks smoking the green stuff is what it is, illegal and should always be that way BUT, were starting to see states legalize this crap and let felons go who had cases on the docket. I’m only 33 and never thought I would see this stuff legal. A different world were living in these days. Sadly, the smoking thing will be play a minor role in his reinstatement.

    As for his situation, he managed to get a Texas court to agree to a lesser charge, which in its self is a huge success for him and his legal counsel. He has been out several weeks, that alone should satisfy the suspension that would been handed out by the NFL. He should be fined, I will agree, but not 4Million bucks, up to half Million perhaps and entered into counseling. If he agreed to all that, let him suit up.

    The AP situation and Rice are 2 different situations, Rice lied and wiggled around questions and the situation. Peterson has been straight forward from the get go. He admitted his guilt . Big difference.

  74. Its not for us to judge. Its for us to forgive and give support for him and his family to be a better father with some counseling. Football is his lively hood. The courts are done and now its time to move on. Let the NFL do its part and move on. Skol Vikings, Skol AP!!!!

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