Chiefs fans unhappy, Lions love London’s neutral field

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The news that the Chiefs will give up a home game to play the Lions in London next season has been met with very different reactions in Kansas City and in Detroit.

Chiefs fans are understandably unhappy: Kansas City has a strong local fan base that always sells out Arrowhead Stadium and gives its team a home-field advantage, and the Chiefs’ fans are wondering why they’re losing one of their eight home games. A poll on the Chiefs fan site Arrowhead Pride found that 83 percent of respondents disapprove and only 17 percent approve.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has said that he and his late father Lamar Hunt have always believed in growing the game abroad, and if the NFL is going to play games overseas to make that happen, teams are going to have to give up home games. But Chiefs fans want to know why those home games can’t be given up by teams that historically have struggled to fill their stadiums.

On the other side of things is Detroit, which now gets the advantage of playing a road game in London for the second consecutive year. That means the Lions get to play eight home, seven road and one neutral-field game in 2015, just as they get this year, when the Lions played the Falcons in an Atlanta “home” game at Wembley Stadium.

Lions President Tom Lewand said after the game was announced that the Lions view it as an advantage.

“It’s an incredible honor for us. It’s also an opportunity for us,” Lewand said. “We would not have given up a home game in Detroit.”

Chiefs fans would like to hear Hunt explain why the Chiefs are doing what the Lions wouldn’t have been willing to do.

76 responses to “Chiefs fans unhappy, Lions love London’s neutral field

  1. I can certainly understand why they would be upset about it. I think this is the league’s way of getting an additional regular season game in – you make it so that home team fans are unwilling to give up one of their 8 games, so you insert an additional game that every team must play internationally. This starts to build momentum for that.

  2. The Chiefs sold out their fans to go along with the NFL’s corporate greed. Let football be American; that’s what makes it unique. Let them have their soccer and their version of our NFL; the Premier League

  3. Maybe, in the interest of fairness, they should schedule four games that are between teams of the same two divisions (i.e., NFC East & NFC West) which already occurs the way the schedule is currently constructed. That way, you play the same number of home, road, and neutral games as everyone else in your division. For example, every team in the NFC West gives up a “home” game and hosts a different NFC East team in London. Each team in the NFC West has played 7 home games, 8 road games and 1 neutral game. Every team in the NFC East has played 8 home games, 7 road games, and 1 neutral game.

  4. So when are Kraft, Mara, Rooney, and Jones going to give up a HOME game? Especially Kraft. He is the one pushing so hard for a team in London.

  5. I’ve been to Kansas City as a visiting fan and absolutely LOVE their facility and the atmosphere surrounding the game…. It’s better than Lambeau!

    I can understand why they would be upset.

  6. I personally do not like that the fact teams go to London and play their games. Just as the Chiefs fans are displaying their anger with losing a home game, every team who loses a home game should as well. This just doesn’t affect the home teams involved, it also really affects the local economies as well. The amount of money lost in business and taxes has to be astronomical. The NFL will continue making their millions regardless but what about the local business’s who losing thousands of dollars to not having these home games? Ridiculous!!!

  7. Taking the neutral game while refusing to give up a home game seems shady. Makes it seem like teams can dictate schedule.

  8. Why does the NFL have to take away one of Kansas City’s home games? Can’t they figure a way to make it an away game for both teams? I can understand the frustration that the Chief fans are going through… Buffalo losing one of their home games to play in Toronto is along the same line… Yes, Toronto has a good 10,000 Bills fans because of it’s location being so close to Western NY, but 10,000 screaming fans is nothing compared to 80,000 In Buffalo… The NFL could figure it out, but money trumps all in this business.

  9. I believe teams that give up home games get bonus points for consideration of a Super Bowl.

    So, I think KC wants to be considered for a Super Bowl.

  10. The chiefs gave up the home game likely because – as Alex Marvez and others have pointed out – all the recent superbowl host cities have given up a home game in the last five years to play in London, which the league considers when weighing bids.

    So they traded a home game this year for a potential superbowl in the city’s near future.

  11. I’m unhappy too that the Patriots won’t have a home game taken away. That way the cheating would only happen 7 times instead of 8 times a season.

    All of us intelligent fans are outraged that the NFL lets them get away with it. Pathetic.

  12. This will be a sad day in kc. If u have never been to arrowhead during or before a chiefs game it’s one of kc biggest social events.

  13. Hmmm… Chiefs get to sell out a much larger stadium and certainly get a kick back from the NFL to give up the game also? Yeah… that is the definition of selling out the fans.

  14. The Redskins should give up a home game since they don’t have a home-field advantage to give up. They are actually under .500 at FedEx all time and don’t ever fill up the stadium anyway.

  15. Keep it in perspective, the Lions are getting out of Detroit for a week….who wouldn’t like that idea!

  16. Unless all teams within the division are playing in London during a season, there is a huge disadvantage to either team (home or away) playing this game. Why haven’t the packers played this game???

  17. Greed, pure and simple. It’s not enough to be number 1 in the U.S. The NFL has to be number 1 in the world, and that’s just not going to happen.

    They’ll lose fans at home for those abroad.

  18. I guess Hunt prefers to make $ for himself rather than pleasing his fans. Guess the fans will have to gorge themselves on beer and BBQ on the couch rather than the parking lot.

  19. The league offered to have Oakland play in London, but the British Parliament enacted laws to prevent such a travesty.

  20. I don’t understand why fans keep complaining about the NFL trying to increase revenues, either by extra tv packages like Thursday Night Football, hosting games overseas, etc.

    A lot of fans here think this is some “greedy” money grab by the owners to make even more money. But they are missing a HUGE point.

    The players benefit also!

    For every $1 the NFL brings in, the players receive (I believe ) $0.48 by way of salary cap increases.

    So while it seems trendy to complain about the NFL’s “greed”, these moves actually benefit the players almost as much as the owners. The players deserve EVERY DOLLAR they can generate, because their careers are so short and the game is so dangerous.

    So next time you complain about the NFL’s “greed”, just remember the players are benefiting as well. And they actually deserve it.

  21. Red vs Blue on a neutral field. Just like last weekend’s Florida/Georgia game.

    At least allow them to both where home jerseys. It’s such a cool sight to behold.

  22. I’m not a Chiefs fan but I do have great respect for their fan base. No matter the sport, KC fans are some of the best supporters. I have no doubt Wembley will be packed with Chiefs fans making the trip from KC.

  23. Here’s an idea, how about playing the probowls in London, it is unfair to the team and unfair to the fans to take away a home game. Home field advantage is huge for all teams and to play on a neutral sight could be the difference making of losing a game. Not to mention these games are hardly ever broadcast on tv due to the big time gap. These London games are pointless and I feel the league is messing up something that’s not broken

  24. It is pretty unfair for the Chiefs, especially when the Lions get two “road” games in London in consecutive years. Why not force the Lions to give up a home game? As a season ticket holder, I’d be pretty ticked off. They already force us to buy tickets to two worthless preseason games (20% of the total tickets) for the “right” to get tickets to 8 home games. Now they crank that up to 2 out of 9, meaning that almost a quarter of your season tickets are on completely worthless games. The NFL needs to add a 17th regular season game, give every team 2 bye weeks, and eliminate 2 preseason games. The 17th game would be on a neutral field for every team. NFL could do 5 games in London, 2 or 3 in Mexico, 2 or 3 in Canada, and a few more at some “neutral” college stadiums (Cinci-CLE at Ohio State, Seahawks-Niners in Portland, Cowboys-Texans in Austin would all be really cool games). They could even do 2-3 consecutive “neutral” games at someplace like Cowboys Stadium. Would be pretty cool.

  25. Remove a preseason game and make it a 17 game season with two byes. With the extra game the NFL can host 16 games in London, and 16 games in Los Angeles. Fans only lose a home preseason game and can give a full NFL football season to London and LA without expansion or relocation.

  26. It is not just the teams that lose a home game. Local businesses get shafted out of one of their busiest days of the year.

  27. The #1 cheerleader for the London experiment is the owner of the Patriots, when will the New England Patriots give up a home game to play in Old England?

    Until that happens, the London idea is beyond stupid.

  28. Wait, I thought it was an honor to be selected to play in London…in front on people who don’t understand the rules and aren’t really fans of your team and certainly not season ticketholders? Godell must see huge $$$$ in order to keep this up.

  29. I’m sure that Clark Hunt will be glad to lower all costs for season ticket holders by 1/8. Not.

  30. why cant they do it were both teams lose a road game when they play in London.

    8 games at home
    7 on the road in US
    1 London

  31. It’s the NFL….Key word her is National. Not the International Football League. Keep Football in America.

    I hate the NFL. I wish there was another option.

  32. This is a complete outrage for Chiefs season ticket holders who will continue to pay because they are the most loyal fans in the league (and the waiting list is so long somebody has to die for a vacancy to open up).
    This London thing is one more way the NFL is sticking it to the fans by taking away a home game while shifting the “level playing field”.
    It has nothing to do with rewards of a Superbowl. Arizona has hosted two SBs now and has never had to go to London ( more BS being shoveled by the league) because it is a resort town and it’s profitable because of it’s appeal as a vacation spot.

  33. To all the people complaining about the Patriots giving up a home game to go to London they did it in 2009 and 2012. Although I can certainly understand why the Chiefs would be mad about giving up home field given the atmosphere they have.

  34. Dear NFL fans… Goodell doesn’t care what we think. It should be very obvious.

    But let me guess… the NFL will still make season ticket holders purchase all of the preseason games.

  35. Why not just axe the Thursday night games and play one game in London per week if they’re so determined to put British fans before American ones.

  36. I hate the London games. The field is awful! Learning just how awful the field is (during this year’s game) gives the Lions a real advantage.

    I know Chiefs fans. Some are already booking their trips to London. That stadium is going to be filled with red. It’s going to be KC crowd. The only real issue is working out the logistics for the bbqs. Will they even let you do that in London?

    But surrendering the home field advantage of Arrowhead doesn’t seem like a bright idea. I agree with the other people who are wondering when Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft will give up home games.

  37. greenbay4ever says:
    Nov 6, 2014 1:32 PM
    It’s the NFL….Key word her is National. Not the International Football League. Keep Football in America.

    I hate the NFL. I wish there was another option.


    There is an option. College football. It’s a better game anyway, and stays truer to the sport.

    They should just make teams like the Lions and faiders play these games. No one cares about them.

  38. Oh, I see. KC fans should not be shorted home games but fans and ticket holders for other NFL teams should. Got it.

  39. trumb1mj says:Nov 6, 2014 12:35 PM

    Unless all teams within the division are playing in London during a season, there is a huge disadvantage to either team (home or away) playing this game. Why haven’t the packers played this game???

    I agree that all teams in the division should play in this game, and I’m not opposed to the Packers playing in London as the “away” team. Green Bay will never voluntarily give up a home game because they will never be in consideration to host a Super Bowl. They are dangling that carrot to get teams like Kansas City to agree to give up a home game, but there really is no incentive for Green Bay to do that unless under extreme duress from the league.

  40. 1. The NFL doesn’t ‘make’ you buy season tickets, you make that choice yourself and you buy them from the TEAM.
    2. London Lions? Probably forgot that HENRY FORD’s family owns them…
    3. Patriots have played 2 regular season games in London in the last 5 years.

  41. I think KC fans have every right to be pissed

    they have a packed house right now and a good team, it looks to be a REALLY good team next year with 11 draft picks and most of the team returning.(houston tagged, only 2 other starters of significance are FA’s) they are set to be solid

    so why are you sending away a home game, when they sell out every week, have a rabid fan base, and the experience is one of the best in the entire NFL? why not give away a game from one of the many teams in bad venues?

    its just a pretty big disadvantage when your thing is having a team that wins at home and has the loudest crowd in all of American Sports.

    just seems like a penalty for a fan base that has suffered enough with a lousy team for a long time and now has one less chance to see their team in person in a town where there is not that much to do

  42. what are you talking about? KC Fans are arguing you should take away the away games, or just games from teams that aren’t selling out. Arrowhead should never lose a home game. same with Green Bay, same with anyone with a strong fan base and a good team and a historic stadium. period.

  43. mshawn75 says: Nov 6, 2014 12:13 PM

    So when are Kraft, Mara, Rooney, and Jones going to give up a HOME game? Especially Kraft. He is the one pushing so hard for a team in London.

    I wish I could give this 10 thumbs up.

  44. Any sensible fan would just suck it up, get up early and have a killer bloodys n brunch tailgate party. But noooo they need the same experience they’ve had for decades

  45. Um, they enjoy watching a bunch of dudes in short shorts kick a ball around and yet we give them our entertainment as a novelty? Hasn’t the NFL lost enough money pushing this product over there?

  46. Huge Chiefs fan and former KC resident.

    The only losers here are the local businesses and if the Chiefs are having a winning season, they’ll be fine. If the team can’t beat an opponent on the road, neutral field or not, they’re not a playoff caliber team.

    Winning cures everything…even this.

  47. This should be NO SURPRISE to LOCAL Chief fans in Kansas City. It’s sad they are all reacting like this, but quite frankly? They need to remember that Clark Hunt is the CHAIRMAN on the committee to bring the NFL to Europe. This has been going on for YEARS……. Nobody wants to lose a home game. Especially at Arrowhead. But this is Clark Hunt’s vision. You either support him? Or you don’t.

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