Cowboys see former Jaguars problem as a defensive leader


It’s been a strange last year for Jeremy Mincey between trips to London.

He was run out of Jacksonville for being a persistent headache, ended up getting a trip to the Super Bowl out of the deal when the Broncos signed him as an injury replacement, and then signed with his favorite team, the Cowboys this offseason.

It’s strange how it all worked out,” Mincey said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Just last year, I was with the Jags, and we were getting ready to play the 49ers [in London], and I was going through kind of a tough time, because I wasn’t allowed to be myself. I’m like, dude, I’m a leader. This is who I am. All the teammates, everybody gravitated toward me. It was just hard for me not to be able to let it all out, because you’ve got a coach who don’t know you, really, genuinely.

“… You’ve got to have players that are willing to die for the cause, and I want to win. I play to win, and that’s my mentality.”

The Jaguars obviously didn’t see him in the role of a leader. Then again, they’ve gone 1-11 since cutting him, while Mincey’s 10-4 with the Broncos and Cowboys since the transaction.

There were reports out of Jacksonville at the time that he was missing meetings and otherwise not focused on football. But he had a different version.

“I don’t think they looked at my positives,” he said. “I was going through a lot. It was tough, man. There are a lot of things I can’t talk about, but there were a lot of things that happened to me that I don’t speak on, and I swallowed that pill, because I’m a man.

“I get knocked down, and I just get up and come back stronger, work harder. You just focus on what I’ve got to do. Right now, I’m trying to be the best Cowboy I can be, and we’re doing a good job.”

The 31-year-old Mincey only has a single sack, but his 19 pressures are tied for the team high. And while the Jaguars didn’t see him as a positive influence, the Cowboys do.

26 responses to “Cowboys see former Jaguars problem as a defensive leader

  1. A change of scenery can do wonders at times. I can’t think of a single player that has good things to say about the Jacksonville Jaguars beside their paycheck and weather.

    I am not trying to slam the Jaguars, I want them to be relevant, just hard to blame players for being unhappy.

  2. name a better GM at picking up players off the scrap heap and turning them into really really really good players?

    Keep bashing JJ everyone, but look at this team of “no names”, all of which are playing at a pretty darn high level. Yeah, that’s the GM’s handy work

    JJ is the best hated GM in the league;

  3. The thing about Mincey is that he was a horrible player for his entire career… had one decent year with the Jags… Got paid… stopped trying (going from a decent player to horrible player)… got shipped around… landed in Dallas as a role player… still thinks people care about him.

    At least he got paid… for a bit

  4. I suppose you probably don’t watch Jags games, but their defense is miles and miles better than last season, secondary kinda blows, but it has since Mathis left. Couple of lineman, another year or so for Bortles and receivers, and the Jags might be contenders.

  5. I used to respect Mince, but his getting cut was solely on him missing meetings and being late several times and his excuse was he was concentrating too much on his music production.

    Gimme a break about being a man when you try to throw shade on the Jags for your sorry work ethic.

  6. So he skipped meetings and practices, didn’t bother to tell anyone why, then rode two other teams without contributing much and you’ve decided he’s a leader. Ok…

  7. Keep slamming Jerry Jones. Leary, an undrafted free agent is the starting left tackle, Rolando McClain, two teams gave up on him is the starting mike linebacker. Even the almighty Parcells wanted Merriman over DeMarcus Ware and Jones went with his instinct and took Ware, where is Merriman these days?

  8. Pretty sure the Broncos and Cowboys have a better record since picking him up than the Jaguars did because they’re just better teams in general.

  9. Has he missed any meetings or been late for the Cowboys in such a way that he has been unable to produce the team-high in statistical pressures during game meets?

    Nope = more power to the Cowboys and less power to the Jaguars

  10. He was on a team that was 0-8 at the time, and the way he exercised his “leadership” was to miss team meetings because he was more interested in his music career! How can a first year coach with an 0-8 team NOT cut a guy who does that?

  11. Mincey will lead cowboys to 8-8 season. I believe while in Jax, he was concentrating on his own business and used to travel to Atlanta on Tuesdays, not focus on team come late to meetings. Gus gave two warnings before having to cut him. He was the only player in Gus’s tenure to be disciplined. He was that good a leader while he was in Jax.

    If he was a leader before as he claim to be, he wouldn’t have been cut by two teams in the span of one year.

  12. Jeremy Mincey is a scrub. PERIOD. The guy had one decent year, got a big paycheck from the old Jax GM, and then checked out.

    The Jaguars are better without this clown.

  13. One important thing left out. He’s a traditional 4-3 DE that fits the Cowboys scheme. He does not fit the Seahawks/Jaguars scheme. Not fast enough to play LEO nor big enough to play strongside DE.

  14. It’s nice to see any player have success, and even though I am not a Cowboy fan one has to be impressed with how their defense has come together. But honestly, I’ll believe in the recipe after the pie is done. Maybe all these guys have really changed their tune. Maybe they will help get the team in the playoffs.

    My experience is when you put a bunch of bad apples in pie, it tastes like bad apple pie. I think in the end the team is 9-7. An improvement, but not a real contender.

  15. Mincey has played well and he’s always a half second away from a sack. I do recall hearing how Scandrick called him out at practice for “lack of intensity”.

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