Dalton throws three INTs as Browns earn 24-3 victory over Bengals


The Cleveland Browns took advantage of a horrendous performance by Cincinnati Bengals starter Andy Dalton Thursday night. The Browns intercepted Dalton three times and held Dalton to just 86 yards passing as the Browns earned their first road victory, 24-3, over a divisional opponent since 2008.

Dalton’s 2.0 passer rating was the lowest by any starter this season, surpassing the 22.2 rating posted by Josh McCown in Tampa Bay’s 56-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sept. 18. In addition, Dalton’s rating is the worst by any starting quarterback since Bruce Gradkowski posted a 1.0 rating in a start for Cleveland against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Dec. 28, 2008.

Gradkowski completed just 5 of 18 passes for 18 yards and two interceptions.. Thursday night against Cleveland, Dalton was 10 of 33 for 86 yards and three interceptions.

Per STATS, Inc., it’s the worst passer rating for a quarterback with at least 20 attempts since Jeff Garcia posted a 0.0 rating (again for Cleveland) against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 19, 2004. Garcia completed 8 of 27 passes for 71 yards with three interceptions.

Isaiah Crowell, Terrance West and Ben Tate each scored touchdowns and Buster Skrine twice intercepted Dalton as the Browns as they moved into a tie for first place in the AFC North. It’s also the first time they’ve won at least six games in a season since 2007.

Brian Hoyer fared much better in the blustery conditions in Cincinnati. Hoyer completed 15 of 23 passes for 198 yards for the Browns.

Cleveland had not won a road game against a divisional opponent since a 20-12 victory over the Bengals on Sept. 28, 2008. They snapped an 0-17 skid against the AFC North in road contests since that victory led by Derek Anderson, Jamal Lewis, Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards.

81 responses to “Dalton throws three INTs as Browns earn 24-3 victory over Bengals

  1. Officially off this burning bus crash… Most uninspiring performance since David Klingler.. DONE. And ya’ll can “thumbs down” this ish all you want, but its not just the “one game” i’ve watched. It’s the complete lack of inspiration and fire that I’m over. Finding new things to do on Sunday is officially my mission the rest of the season. This team ain’t no super bowl team and everybody in Cincy knows it, but just won’t admit it. Fire Lewis and be done with it already… His job to fire up the troops and it’s never done. now 2-9 in primetime PROVES IT

  2. This team will be fool’s gold every year with this atrocious QB/Coach combo. Dalton is a complete disaster and gets worse every week. (Hate to say that he went to my high school) How Marvin Lewis still has his job is unbelievable. You can have all the talent and expectations in the world but with this type of HC/QB combo, you can urinate in one hand and defecate in the other. I know- I’m a Texans fan. Sorry Cincy, welcome to the club.

  3. I don’t think the Bengals are much more than a mediocre team, but these Thursday Night games seems to bring out the worst in teams. This greed grab by the NFL is bad for the sport.

  4. What a disaster of a game for Cincinnati. On a side note, I’m not a Browns fan, but I can’t help but cheer for the underdog. They really have something good going for them for once and hopefully it will get even better once Gordon’s suspension ends.

  5. Andy Dalton proved just how smart of QB he is when he accepted that recent lucrative contract extension. Smart move, Andy.

  6. I believe I have the solution to the bengals problems. Andy dalton starts all Sunday 1pm games, Sanu starts all prime time games. That might be enough to get over the hump.

  7. Ducktons disastrous. The team loses by 21 to the browns at home. NO TDs in week 10. lol….Embarrassing! Back to NONE in done this year for cincy. Their a wreck.

  8. With Hoyer locked in as starter, I wonder if the Browns could snow the Redskins into giving up three first rounders for Manziel.

  9. Watershed moment. The team is on course with only the ability to get better with cap space and two first round picks. Couldn’t be happier being Browns fan… Once a Browns fan, Always a Browns fan…

  10. Coming from a bengals fan hats off to the browns lucky you played the bengals tonight. As for Dalton AND Marvin Lewis they have taken this team as far as they can and they both have to go!!

  11. Worst QB performance since Colin Kaepernick @ Seattle Seahawks last season:

    13/28 (46%), 127 yards (4.5 YPA)
    0 TDs, 3 INTs,
    3 sacks, 1 fumble (lost)
    20.1 passer rating

    2011 was a truly terrible QB class. How these particular two trashbags managed to wrangle $100 million dollar contracts from their organizations is appalling!

  12. Bengals like da Texans from last year. Fire ya coach and cut QB, be in first place like da Texans dis year doe…

  13. Browns / Bengals … what’s the difference ? The only place the Lombardi trophy will ever reside in Ohio is Canton.

  14. Wow. I keep thinking back to the extension the Bengals gave this guy. Who came up with that idea? What did they see that everyone else didn’t and still doesn’t ? Whose making the decisions around there and what’s wrong with his mind as well as his vision ? And why does Marvin Lewis still have a job ? Wow .

  15. Congrats to Browns fans. You guys supported us Seahawk fans when California carpetbagger Ken Behring, who owned the Hawks from 1988 to 1997, tried to take advantage of what Art Modell did to Cleveland in 1995, and tried to move the Seahawks to Anaheim in early 1996. We will never forget the Browns fans’ solidarity with us – we both know what it means to have had a scalawag owner, and how many years it takes to recover from such an owner. Now go sweep PGH this year!

  16. Here we go again!! I’ve been a very strong supporter/defender of dalton & Marvin Lewis but something has got to give here. I understand professional athletes shouldn’t have to be told or need a reason to get pumped up about prime time games but this is getting out of control!!!

  17. Dalton finished just behind Curtis Crabtree, with his own line of, “Buster Skrine twice intercepted Dalton as the Browns as they moved into a tie for first place in the AFC North.”

  18. I like the Browns. They are fun team to watch and support. They are playing very good as a team. Every player embraces their role and I didn’t see any lack of motivation among any players last night. They should’ve won the game against my jags.

    It would be great if they make it to the playoff and go deeper. I was very impressed with their CBs yday on AJ Greeen & Sanu.

  19. Why doesn’t CBS carry all 16 Thursday night games. There are many out there that cant afford to pay for the extra cable channel packages required to get the NF channel (which is a worthless channel anyway other than for 3hrs on Thursday nights

  20. Dalton is a terrible QB that talented players often mask. If it’s not a checkdown, it’s an overthrow or spectacular catch. Bengals fans never appreciated how Gruden simplified things for Andy. Now that he has more control in the offense, he’s deficiencies are magnified. Also, of course, he just won’t win you big games because he shrinks when the pressure is on. $100 million?

  21. Thanks Dalton for ruining my fantasy week before the weekend even gets here. Now the rest of my team needs to play lights out just to make up for your dumb mistakes.

  22. Congrats, Browns fans. Your team was ready to play. And once again, Marvin Lewis’ team was not.

  23. I’ll start out saying I’m a Saints fan. When we lost to Cleveland earlier this year, I said we just lost to a bad team. I was wrong, Cleveland is playing well, and are much better than I originally thought…

  24. Loving the AFC North right now because nobody can be written off. I don’t think this division gets decided until week 16.

  25. Let me just say how great that felt last night! As a life-long Browns fan, it has been extremely difficult dealing with year after year of disappointment and heartbreak. Last night, my Browns played like world-beaters and on national tv! We’ve had a few weeks of issues when Mack went down, but good to see the 3 headed monster of our running backs back on track and then Hoyer….no words! I think we may have found our coach!

  26. As an official Dalton apologist… I have to say that was the worst game I’ve ever seen by someone I consider a legitimate starting QB at any level (ie not some ill prepared 3rd stringer walking in mid-game and throwing 3 picks). It was embarrassing. He normally does some things very well (his intermediate accuracy is usually really good & he’s normally pretty resilient guy). Last night he couldn’t do anything, a complete mental and physical failure. I think these prime time/playoff games are clearly a mental thing now with him and Marvin… which is sad because he was a good “big game” QB in college. It’s in his head. Greshem didn’t help at all with that early pick… but it clearly got in his head and he was awful.

    This was a make or break year for Dalton. That big contract he signed was more team friendly than people think, and given how inexpensive top end rookie QBs are at this point I could see the Bengals pulling the trigger on the next “QB of the future” for next year and letting Dalton sweat until he plays himself out of a job. It won’t happen before next year (Campbell and McCarron aren’t going to start), but that is definitely now in play for next season if he can’t right the ship.

  27. As a Ravens fan, I knew this was coming. Browns have been playing tough in all three phases all year. I would argue that they have been the most consistent of the AFC North teams. With my team reeling, if I had to pick another team to represent this division it would be the Brownies. It has nothing to do with getting swept by Cincy and that horrific game that finally exposed my team’s weak secondary from Pittsburgh. The Browns legitimately deserve the division if they keep it up and I have more confidence with them in making some noise in the playoffs than the one-and-done Bengals and a Steelers team that will come off of its hot streak sooner rather than later if either actually makes it. Congrats on a statement win Browns fans, good luck until our teams play again in the season finale.

  28. Also – Browns fans should be excited. Your team played great. Last year when the Bengal’s D was really good band (and a healthy Geno was helping make Brady, Rodgers, Ben, etc. look terrible) – Hoyer was the only QB that really caused us any problems. He showed it was no fluke last night – can’t argue with 9-3 as a starters. Given the Haden-AJ dynamic, thought it would be a tough day for him, but was shocked how much the Browns DBs owned Bengals receivers.

  29. Great game by the Browns.
    The division will come down to Pittsburgh and Cleveland. They are the teams playing the best football right now. Pittsburgh isn’t the same team the Browns beat a few weeks back. Much more dangerous offensively now and the defense is rounding into shape.
    Should be a fun sprint to the finish line between these two, I see Pit winning the division but Cleveland qualifying as a wild card

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