England’s manager complains about NFL schedule at Wembley

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As the NFL grows in England, the stewards of a much more established sport believe American football is encroaching on their turf.  Or pitch.  Or whatever.

In response to upcoming game between the Jaguars and Cowboys at Wembley Stadium, the manager of England’s national team has complained about the proximity of the game to a qualifier for the Euro 2016 tournament.  The English team plays Slovenia six days later.

“I don’t really think you could expect me to say ‘excellent, delighted, well done,'” Roy Hodgson said, via BBC.com.  “If I was asked if it was a good thing or not, I would have to say not. . . .

“It is a decision Wembley has made and I know the ground staff will work very, very hard to give us the best pitch they can give us,” Hodgson said.  “Hopefully in the future the pitch will recover to its normal level and when it has done that we will be better able to support this type of activity.”

Next year, the Dolphins host the Jets on October 4, five days before England hosts Estonia in another Euro 2016 qualifier.  So look for Hodgson to complain, again.

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  1. NFL is no go in England. Dallas sportswriter couldn’t find a single mention of the upcoming game in any English newspaper a couple days back. The fans go to the stadium as a one off, but more as a blood spectacle curiosity than anything.

  2. Loyal fanbases losing home games to go across the pond. I can’t wait for Manchester United to come play an EPL league game or Bayern Munchën to play a Bundesliga league game here. Oh wait that’s right those organizations would never alienate their fanbases by moving a regular season game to the states.

    Meanwhile the league is taking away home games from publicly funded stadiums which takes a day of work away from all of the jobs the owners promised would be created that allowed them to rob the public to build their playgrounds.

    The teams still split the revenue from Wembley games but the “home” team back here takes it in the shorts.

  3. Worked the game in London in September. Surprisingly solid support for the NFL, but the thing is a lot of people came from all over Europe not just the UK. The thing is that the bug fans who attended already support a team and won’t switch if there’s a London team, so it’ll take at least a generation if they go that route.

  4. People on here don’t understand that London is replacing Los Angeles as the NFL’s new stadium leverage since LA is gonna have a team in the next 2 years. A London based team would make money, but it probably won’t happen for 20 years just like Los Angeles. The leverage a city the size of London buys is priceless however.

    The London games are good for business, get over it.

  5. If it is a problem scheduling just three games, imagine if there was a team there and 8 had to be set….

  6. I honestly don’t understand this push to the UK. Really, I don’t. If someone responds with the word “brand” in their post I just might stomp my foot once or twice.

  7. Glad to see Americans aren’t the only ones who hate the NFL playing in the UK.

    That said, here’s a question: why do the fields over there seem so crappy and doughy? Would think they get a lot of wear and tear from all the soccer being played.

    Of course, an entire soccer team probably doesn’t weigh as much as an average sized NFL O line …

  8. It sounds like the only ones who like it are the NFL and some random British American football fans.
    I’m sure someone makes money from it, so that’s all that matters.
    I sincerely hope the league posts a team there permanently and it fails miserably.
    The almighty shield needs a comeuppance.
    I’ve already not given them a dime in any way for over three years. Not a nickel.
    Doing my part in the grass roots, guerrilla campaign against corporate football.

  9. England are selling around 40,000 tickets per game at the moment which is less than half what the NFL games are selling. The NFL should arguably be annoyed that England continue to ‘play’ (and I use that word it its loosest sense) there. I genuinely can’t remembee the last time an England game came anywhere near a sellout – maybe 10 years ago???

  10. I don’t get it. I really don’t.
    Europe NFL failed. They make plenty of money right here at home and they will keep on making more. So why bother?
    Fans don’t want it. Players don’t want it.
    Since there would be no NFL without them, why not listen to them instead of the Ka-ching of the cash register?
    And how can one team be thought of as “home” when both are away?

  11. ArmchairQB:

    Because the English FA are London-centric idiots. If they’d built the stadium in the midlands it’d have cost about 15-20% of what it cost to rebuild in London. If they’d done that they could’ve paid for a retractable pitch like the Japanese did for their new stadia for the shared World Cup with South Korea. Better light and airflow produces a better pitch.

    Alternatively they could’ve put a full roof on to protect it from the heavy rain London gets instead of that stupid one-third thing that’s proven useless.

    Maybe they should look at replacing it with a 3G surface if they want to carry on hosting so many events.

  12. I have images of five 300-plus Cowboy linemen now deliberately doing ‘snow angels’ on Wembley’s notorious loose, under-seeded & poorly maintained turf just to see this guy totally lose it.

  13. I just don’t see ANY NFL team going to London….not even the Jags. Mr Kahn just got jacksonville to ainty up huge money for a stadium upgrade. I just don’t see any of the other 31 teams moving.

  14. Next yr the Dolphins play the Jets in England which is a home game for the Fish. This game usually played in Miami will give a big advantage to the Jets,,,but the NFL is always propping up NY teams, so its business as usual.

  15. @ briscocountyjr said

    going to soccer is like going to church.. people do it anymore??

    If you are an atheist and ignorant, you’d not know about it. That is why you may be such an no fun league fan. :”-)

  16. England’s National Football team manager is in every right to complaint about it that a circus with elephants will ruin the field prior to a Euro football qualifier. Of course, to ignorant self absorbed egg all fans that means nothing, but on the other hand, an NFL game in even less than that outside of the circus enthusiasts.

  17. You think the NFL would let any event take place on the field at the Univ of Phoenix Stadium a few days before the Super Bowl? This guy’s got a point.

  18. Was in London the week leading up to the last game. Outside of closing down Regent Street and big signs, there isn’t a lot of buildup in the press. With all the EPL team

    Travelled within London on the Sunday of the game, and all the major train stations were chock full of every NFL team jerseey (ok, so no Browns unis) worn by Americans (can easily point them out, but all sorts of European people as well).

    So there is interest, but its still a novelty/event, similar to when the top Euro clubs play exhibitions in the US in July. Given the fractured nature of the fans that seem to be going, it may be tough to assume that all those people wearing 30 different jerseys for the odd game over there will suddenly decide to cheer for one team, and, go 8 times a year to games at the high ticket prices they charge.

  19. @ stampnhawk

    The NFL is known to try to manipulate things and make things of it which are not true and hide the inconvenient truth if it will affect them. The NFL in London “popularity” is not the exception when the goal to accompli$.h is obvious. Unlike European Football and National Football teams that play in the states which play often, novelty is not the main reason anymore. Again, ignorance , greed and manipulation is the best recipe some use to make money.

  20. This so confirms my view of today’s English football. One can’t expect miracles when one’s national coach gets his petticoats all in a swirl at the least little inconvenience.

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