Jadeveon Clowney: Knee not where it needs to be right now


The Texans kept linebacker Jadeveon Clowney on the sideline for last Sunday’s game against the Eagles a week after he made his return from a long spell on the sideline following knee surgery.

Clowney’s absence was chalked up to an illness that led to a report of team frustration with the first overall pick. Coach Bill O’Brien addressed them and sounded more frustrated by the series of medical issues that Clowney’s suffered since joining the team than by Clowney himself. Those issues aren’t going away with the Texans on their bye week.

Clowney said Wednesday that lingering soreness in his knee joined his illness as the reason why he wasn’t able to play against the Eagles and that the knee problems haven’t subsided to the point that anyone feels comfortable putting him on the field.

“There are certain things going on with my knee still. I’m not able to do the things I want to do. It’s just not where it needs to be right now. We’re taking a step back and trying to get it to where we need it be so I can play,” Clowney said, via the Houston Chronicle. “There’s some concern [about making it worse], but a lot bigger concern is playing with it now and not being able to do the things I want to do, that I was doing before I got hurt. We’re going to keep working to get back to that.”

Clowney said he hasn’t been bothered by those outside the team complaining about his absence from the field and that there haven’t been any issues with the Texans because they want him to be in peak condition. Still, it’s hardly been what anyone anticipated from the first overall pick in the draft and that’s going to be a source of frustration in Houston until Clowney is back on the field for good.

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  1. The Texans should IR the guy — they are not going anywhere, anyway and he needs time to heal up completely. He sure seems fragile, like in a Percy Harvin way.

  2. Clowney said he hasn’t been bothered by those outside the team complaining about his absence
    …heck no, I’m a diva and I’m getting paid for virtually just showing up…why should I be bothered?

  3. The league is not for the soft. A track record of being pillowy soft in college should have shown the Texans that. One highlight play was all it took for this chronic underachiever to get paid. That’s why the Texans are the Texans.

  4. Cool. So when I originally commented that torn meniscus injuries are not guaranteed to be fixed, I got 1 billion thumbs down. Maybe something has changed since but as of five years ago a fully torn meniscus had no permanent fix in a sports application.

  5. Only the Redskins or Jets would give him JJ Watt money. This guy will never amount to anything. Thank God for the Jamarcus Russell rule. This guy would of take 50 mil to the bank without doing anything.

  6. This guy doesn’t like playing football. In college, he didn’t want to play for fear he’d get hurt and lose millions.

    As a pro, he has made his millions and simply doesn’t want to get on the field that badly.

  7. It never will be with this guy. Congrats texans swell job on drafting CLOWNey. Made his name on one huge hit and then did nothing since then

  8. Clowney is a malingering first round bust.

    Had idiot GM Rick Smith done the same due diligence as the rest of the league he would have known it as well. Spurrier called him out publicly.

    Another worthless draft for the Texans

  9. He just wants to collect a paycheck while sitting on the bench. Usually those types at least have the heart and decency to show up and play on Sunday while only skipping practice all week.

  10. this dude got paid and is now in operation shutdown. He’ll be in the league for a little while because he was a #1 pick but he won’t be a star.

  11. Said it at the time of the draft and I will continue to say it now….

    Texans should have drafted Blake Bortles.

    Other than one good season, Clowney was a lazy, unproductive, and drama queen player at South Carolina. The word “athletic freak” is too commonly thrown around in sports.

  12. At this point, just what is the point? Playing hurt is a joke for a team who is totally out of it.

    Let the kid heal to 100%.
    He’ll be better for it in 2015.

  13. Clowney had high “Goldbrick” potential even before he entered the draft. SC’s Coach Spurrier himself tried to send up a warning flare.

    Houston could’ve had Khalil Mack. Their front office must be silently and miserably gnashing their teeth.

  14. I think this is karma for the Texans to allow players to play on that joke of a field. Worse than old Veterens Stadium.

  15. Everybody needs to calm down. Do I see red flags with his attitude? Yes. But calling him a bust because of a bum knee is idiotic. Call him bust when he plays two full seasons and totals 7 sacks or something. Not because he and the team don’t want to ruin his knee in the first year of his career.

  16. Goes directly back to what some were saying before the draft. Got to question his want to! Is he injured or is he just having sorenenss? Big difference. “Ice up son!”

  17. This is a tough call and rightfully frustrating. Yeah, you can call him a best or brittle (I don’t know his history) or you can play him like RG3 and make it a lot worse.

  18. Too bad they don’t give you a bust in Canton for being a BUST!

    This guy does not want to play. I recall on the MNF game where he wanted to play, thought he was going to play, said he felt fine, and then he didn’t play.

    Maybe he’s intimidated by JJ Watt, because he knows he’s only half the athlete of JJ and in no way can be as good as him. Forget living up to being the next LT. First, he’s gotta live up to be JJ Watt’s teammate.

  19. “Caveat Emptor”

    Latin for “let the buyer beware.”

    As another poster said last week, players either have a “motor” or they don’t. For all his faults, Ray Lewis had one; so did Jerry Rice. J.J. Watt clearly has one.

    Clowney, by all appearances, does not.
    The Texans should have known it when they drafted him.

  20. I’m always impressed by the the tough guys who take shots at a player who is injured. They question his motivation and work ethic. You know what they say about people who automatically think the worst of other people? Yeah, you know what they say, don’t you.

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