League unveils full slate of London games


For the second straight year, the NFL will send three of 256 regular-season games to London.  It’s not yet known whether one of those three games will start at 9:30 a.m. ET.

The Dolphins host the Jets on October 4, the Jaguars host the Bills on October 25, and the Chiefs host the Lions on November 1.  Per the league’s press release, times will be announced at a later date.

“We are very appreciative of the outstanding support from our fans in the UK, not only for the games at Wembley, but for all of the related NFL events we have hosted throughout the city,” NFL Executive Vice President of International Mark Waller said.  “We believe we have a great 2015 schedule that will continue to attract new fans to our sport and strengthen the bonds with our existing fans. To provide UK fans the opportunity to see games on consecutive weekends, to see new teams, and to attend a division game, which feature some of the most passionate rivalries in our sport, are signs of the growth and depth of our UK fan base.”

The release from the Chiefs hints that their game could be dubbed for the early Sunday morning time slot, since the Chiefs say that the contest will be televised “locally and nationally on FOX.”  If the game starts at 1:00 p.m. ET, it wouldn’t be broadcast nationally.

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  1. So the Lions have to go back to back years. Jacksonville 3 times. Packers 0? Maybe Roger knows the only people who would watch them drink Old Milwaukee Light Ice.

  2. I would have a problem with this if nobody showed up but fact is all NFL games in London are immediate sellouts so may as well keep it going as the $$ is there to be had (NFL never turns a blind eye) and eventually NFL will be played globally, probably 20-30 years from now.

  3. Funny how the “pillars of ownership” – rooney, Mara and kraft don’t seem to ever have to send their team to London. London games are a joke, but if they are going why not send a “model” franchise to showcase? I think we all know the answer to that…..

  4. Kansas City gives up a game. That’s wierd. Also how come the Dolphins have to give up a game but the Patriots Cowboys Redskins Giants never do.
    Let the Steelers give up one.

  5. I didn’t like waking up at 9 on a Sunday morning to watch football. I like football, but after a long week, I just want sleep, then to wake up to football in the afternoon. Not a big fan of NFL in London. Not to say it also affects the players performance due to the time change.

    As a European lover of this game, Roger must realize, Europe already has rugby, they don’t like football, which is why the NFL Europa failed. They have soccer, rugby, formula 1, and so many other sports to watch, football is just not going to happen. Just stay with the American/Canadian audience and enjoy your money Roger, stop trying to force football into the global stage, its not going to happen for a long time.

    If you need an example, just look at Australian football, tried going global, didn’t work, so they just stayed with the market they already have.

  6. Bad move NFL. I have no idea why they are pushing this b/c the British and European economies really suck due to socialist policies.

    There is no money is Europe. The NFL would be better off putting an NFL team in Japan.

    Canada has their own pro league. Mexico has no economy.

  7. Lions/Chiefs will surely be at 9:30. It’s the same day as World Series game 5 on FOX – expect the same schedule as this year: a CBS doubleheader at 1 and 4:25, FOX with a national 9:30 broadcast and regional afternoon games, then baseball at 8.

  8. For all the love they profess for the Brits, they sure send some crappy teams/games over there. How about Denver vs. New England? Seattle vs. SF? Baltimore vs. Steelers?

  9. Absolutely hate this idea. I do not want to our teams and fans to lose thier home games to London! They could give a crap whether we play there or not. It would not surprise me if the NFL wasn’t giving free or significantly doscounted tickets to get the stadiums to look full. Sick of this idea. Stop.

  10. The noise has calmed down from the scandals earlier this year and the NFL is right back on track with this moving a team to London and ignoring their fans crap

  11. Nobody on here seems to understand what the NFL is trying to do with London. Yes a team could make money there, but more importantly London can be used in the future like Los Angeles is being used now… For leverage in stadium negotiations. LA is gonna have a team in the next two years so the NFL needs to find new leverage. They are creating it in London.

  12. Sure they make money in London a few times a year, and London could probably support a team better than some of the 32 cities that have teams now. But expand globally? No way. There aren’t enough good QB’s now.

  13. So long as the NFL keeps rotating the teams (a shame about those Jaguars, though) they’ll continue to have near sellouts as there are pockets of support for almost every NFL team in the UK. Problem comes when some doofus in the NFL office connects the dots and thinks that London will support its own NFL team. Total disaster, but the type of self-created misery totally within the realm of possibility when it comes to Goodell and his junior legion of PR ferrets.

  14. Good thing that the Super Bowl will never be played in Heinz Field or Lambeau, so the Steelers and Packers have no reason to send a home game to London.

  15. Don’t understand under Goodell why he feels only certain teams either get to or have to go over multiple times when other teams have not been over.

  16. Play games in Japan! They LOVE football (not rugby or soccer), their economy is far better than Europe’s, they love heavy metal music, and the Japanese women are FAR hotter than British women.

  17. The first thing to understand as an NFL fan is that the NFL does not care at all what you think.

  18. Why don’t they send a couple of games to LA and see if anyone shows up, before just handing a team over to LA.

  19. I don’t get why they don’t just play preseason games over there. It works for European soccer and those games almost always sell out over here. Fans here won’t have to lose real home games and they also won’t be forced to pay for preseason games that many don’t attend. Most Brits won’t know the difference between the starters and scrubs trying ot make the team.

  20. Of course people show up to these games, its a novelty act for them..something to do. This may work for a few games a year but the more games you add like say a permanent team, it will lose its luster and people in the UK will tire of it.

  21. London games are stupid.
    The NFL certainly is full of more knowledgeable businessmen than I am, but I simply can’t imagine that this is a good idea.
    We Americans love our football. It is OUR game. I feel that sending games, or worse, a team, weakens that sentiment somehow. It feels like trading tradition for greed.

  22. I’m glad Buffalo didn’t have to lose a game to London right after it looked like they were finally getting rid of the Toronto series.

  23. I love the idea of 930 am sunday football. Of course, it’s only because of the gambling aspect, which the NFL doesn’t want to admit is what helps their ratings.


  24. So, is this “Early London” game going to become Thanksgiving version 2.0, with Detriot every year? When are Kraft, Jones, and Mara going to have to give up some home games?

  25. I’ve actually turned corners on this one. I want the NFL to move a team like the Jags over there. Does anybody even realize the fun we would have with the media coverage with all the logisitical issues, the players being ticked off, the eventual lack of support of a team as the novelty wears off? Priceless entertainment!

  26. To those who commented about the Steelers going. They already played in London in September 2013 vs Minnesota and just for the record, the Giants and the Patriots have already played there too.

    I really hate the idea. I don’t get the idea of sending teams over there and with the time difference, then send them back to play again in the same week. If it is such a money maker, let them start there own league. There are plenty of players out there who would probably jump at the chance. But the NFL likes there money I guess. I would like to know how the players feel.

  27. They should first look at the schedule in terms of which teams are playing which next year.

    Then target teams with the lowest attendance rates for the year. The bottom 3 get a HOME game in London.

    Then look at these 3 teams opponents and take the worst attendance figures of these opponents and make them be the AWAY team for the London game.

  28. Too bad they don’t just do an NFL-Europe or something similar and leave the US games in the US.

  29. Not a huge fan of the London trips, but it was nice watching football at 9:30am…

    …with that being said, there should never be a division game played in London.

    All London games should be out of conference games. Division games should be left to the fans of those cities.

  30. Is this really making the game more popular over there? The English I know don’t understand the game and find the commercials tedious. I guess if you figure America is saturated you have to go somewhere, right?

  31. The NFL’s greed is unbelievable . The most profitable league in the U.S. Will someone tell me what the fascination with London?. The only people that go to these games are dressing like “Clowns” or they get their tickets for free… and trying to get on TV. Mexico City, Toronto, would make more sense. Or even L.A..

  32. For the so called football fans talking about the giants playing in London they have already been there and done that im not sure if they bought the t shirts though???


    The Miami Dolphinshosted theNew York Giants atWembley Stadium in London, England on October 28, 2007. The Giants defeated the Dolphins 13–10 in the first regular season NFL game held outside of North America. 

  33. Good, glad there are no Eagles games in London. These games are rip offs to season ticket holders. Who pays for their lost game? This is just pure NFL greed. And NO, I do not want 9:30AM games. Many people including me are at church at that time and could not see it.

  34. If they are going to continue to play these games over there, they should take advantage of the five hour time difference by starting all of the London games at 9:30 EST, that way we get a full day of football. And perhaps send some better teams over besides the Jags every year.

  35. People, the teams “hosting” the game in London get a large share of the ticket sales. The home fans lose a home game, but the team does NOT suffer ANY financial penalty. In fact, according to a PFT article in the past week, the Jags and other teams make MORE money off these London games than they would for a regular home game.

  36. As a Colts season-ticket holder, I wouldn’t mind losing a home divisional game. I don’t care to see the same teams play here every single year.

    But if we lost an interconference game, that would cause a 16-year gap between appearances in our stadium by that team. That’s a problem, IMO.

  37. celticsforever says:
    Nov 6, 2014 10:52 AM
    Funny how the “pillars of ownership” – rooney, Mara and kraft don’t seem to ever have to send their team to London. London games are a joke, but if they are going why not send a “model” franchise to showcase? I think we all know the answer to that…..
    I personally hate the London thing, but for the record, the Giants had to play Miami in London in 2007. They beat Miami, and oh yeah — ended up winning the Super Bowl.

  38. It’s time we accept that Goodell and the owners don’t care what American fans think or what we want. They’re confident they have us (and our money) securely in their pockets. The last time they tried operating American football franchises in Europe–via the World League–it went belly up and cost them a fortune. The same thing will happen again if we give it time.

    Beyond that, we can hope the Ray Rice hearings provide the proverbial smoking gun that proves Goodell’s undoing as commissioner.

  39. Cant believe the Fins are playing in London again cant wait and against the Jets Christmas has come early. Cant believe we get a divisional game. I realise though no way this would happen if Miami sold out every week. Sorry for the hardcore that show up every week losing one of the blue chip games. Come over and join your British & European Dolphin brothers people.

  40. maybe they should just call it the Florida Bowl…..and just let the Jags and dolphins take turns hosting each other…nothing wrong with east coast teams crossing the pond, but making a team on the pacific coast play there is a joke.

  41. Anyone notice the competitive imbalance? The “home” team loses a home game and home field advantage and the “road” team gets a neutral site game instead of a regular road game. Teams like the Chiefs and Dolphins are borderline playoff teams so losing a game with homefield advantage could have a significant impact on their season.

  42. The Brits are going to think that my ‘Phins are World Champions.

    They watched them beat the Raiders so bad this year, that Mark Davis almost didn’t pay for Dennis Allen’s return flight.

    Next year it will be more of the same as NYJ’s new first year coach will be completely embarrassed.

  43. At least those Euro dumplings have the courtesy not to force their rugby and cricket down our throats here in America.


    Not for nothing, but the NFL is really American Rules Rugby and MLB is American Rules Cricket…
    …but I digress.

    Easy solution for all:

    The NFL wants to grow the game internationally (Increased Revenues; table of 32!) – the plan is obvious.

    How about dropping a pre-season game and increasing the regular season schedule to 17, with EVERYONE making a trip to London as a neutral site game.


    No .500 seasons (unless you’re 8-8 -1) – you either have a winning or losing season.

  44. Soccer Fans in the UK absolutely despise what the games do to Wembley’s field? It just simply isn’t made to handle it.

    A game or 2 / season over there is fine, maybe an international series rotating around may be cool too. Actually thinking about moving a team to London is about the dumbest idea I’ve heard in pro sports in a long time.

  45. Jaguars gave away 49’s home game to London last year and Cowboys game this year. It sucks. Well, not for me, I went to Wembley and payed (for the trip (2hr flight from Slovenia+ tickets) as much as year’s ticket price.

  46. Three AFC East teams, including one AFC East Division Game? Division games should not be played overseas.

    The NFL would be better off creating two new teams in Europe so that existing teams don’t lose their home games to line the pockets of NFL executives.

  47. I refuse to watch any NFL game on my TV that’s played in London. Want to make a difference and make the NFL think about what they’re doing, then do the same.

  48. The Pats blew out the Bucs in London a couple of years ago! so everyone complaining about the great teams not going should do some research first.

  49. I’m guessing that some people commenting have not attended the games in London. It’s all about money–that’s for sure. What’s also “for sure” is that the first two games this year were sold out!!! While there were MANY American fans there were equal amounts of Brit fans. They loved it!! It’s a great experience if you like to travel! London rolled out the red carpet! Yes, gas have to get up early stateside, but rest assure the fans that travel get up much earlier to get to the stadium. Lol! The teams get there an entire week prior to get over the jet lag. It really is a fun time! Try it! 🙂

  50. Some facts:
    – the Jaguars are in year 2 of a 4 year commitment to play in London. They don’t get targeted every year
    – the Jaguars are around 23rd (out of 32) in the league in attendance, the Raiders, Chargers, Rams or Bucs are a more likely team to be moved
    – the Jaguars make a lot of money on the London game. A lot.
    – the Jaguars now have a solid London fanbase
    – many Jaguar fans are OK with losing a home game. It reduces the cost of season tickets by 10%
    – the Jaguars are in London right now and UK fans are turning out for practices, receptions, parades…it is all good for the Jags
    – the Jaguars have pools, cabanas, palm trees and a night club in the stadium. It is a raucous atmosphere on game day and the stadium is selling out
    – it is a great time to be a Jaguars season ticket holder

  51. I’d like to see the market analysis that shows having NFL regular season games in London makes sound financial sense for the teams -not just the league.

  52. Dolphins again ?!!!!!!! I hate playing in London and now we lose a home game against a divisional opponent ! NFL needs to stay in USA! This is rediculous.

  53. Sad thing is that we fans think that the NFL can do what ever it wants and that we have sit back and take it. Wrong, the league is all about the almighty dollar and that’s all. So what can us so called powerless fans do? Simple, stay home the games or turn the channel. Think for moment. It’s that easy. Could you imagine what the sponsors would do? I just love this idea but not many would do it. Easier to sit back and cry about it.

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