NFL statement on Adrian Peterson

[Editor’s note:  The NFL issued a statement regarding Vikings running back Adrian Peterson on Thursday, November 6.  The full content of the statement appears below.]

The NFL advised Adrian Peterson this afternoon that following his plea agreement to resolve his criminal case in Texas his matter will now be reviewed for potential discipline under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

As part of the process, the NFL has requested that Peterson submit relevant information regarding his case and meet with designated experts who will make recommendations for the Commissioner’s consideration. Peterson also will have the opportunity to have a hearing prior to the issuance of any discipline.

Pending completion of the process, Peterson’s status on the Reserve/Commissioner Exempt list will remain unchanged.

8 responses to “NFL statement on Adrian Peterson

  1. From what I understand, since he entered a guilty plee, he’s considered to have violated the code of conduct. If they consider abusing a child as domestic abuse, what you will end up seeing is a 6 game suspension, which will probably be “time served”.

    He’ll be fined the equivalent of 6 of the 8 game checks he was paid while suspended with pay and will be reinstated (and can play against Chicago).

  2. more evidence that Roger Goodell is a complete joke!

    The man has missed 8 games for a misdemeanor.
    (not saying what he did was okay, but i gotta believe AP has gotten the message)

  3. Skol Vikings let’s win this game!
    Skol Vikings honor your name!
    Let’s get a first down, then get a touchdown!
    Rock em’ sock em’
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Adrian Peterson will be reinstated this week.

    And we won’t lose another game this season.

    The Dynasty Continues.


  4. Will anyone in the press ask Roger Goodell why he’s not responding as quickly to allow AP back on the field as quickly as he did to take him off the field?

    and press him on it.

  5. What a complete copout.

    Vikings ownership and coaches expect their players to play with heart, courage and commitment, yet have none themselves. Nor does the NFL.

    The man paid the price. The matter is settled. Take him back ASAP or cut him. Make it clear to the NFL that the team is not run by corporate sponsors. If you’re going to let them dictate now, you might as well let them into the draft room on draft night so they can tell Spielman who they approve of.

  6. NFLPA should file immediate suit demanding Peterson’s reinstatement.

    How any union could allow their members to be placed on indefinite suspension, where one man’s penalty is unrelated to what came before and subject to the whims of corporate sponsors is beyond me.

    Time to haul the NFL and Minnesota Vikings into court.

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