Report: Newsome testifies Rice told Goodell that Rice struck fiancée


So much for that gag order.

Now that the two-day Ray Rice appeal hearing has ended, Don Van Natta of ESPN reports that Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome testified that Rice told Commissioner Roger Goodell in a June 16 disciplinary hearing that Rice had struck his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer.

That’s consistent with things Newsome has said publicly.  In September, after the elevator video was released, Newsome said that Rice hadn’t lied to Newsome about what happened.

Van Natta also reports that the notes taken by the league and the NFLPA during the June 16 hearing conflict regarding what Rice said.  The union’s version of the notes show that Rice said he struck Janay; the NFL’s version suggests ambiguity regarding what happened.

But does any of this matter?  It was known that Rice had knocked out Janay Palmer in the elevator.  Whether he used a closed fist, an open hand, an elbow, a forearm, or some other part of his body, he knocked . . . her . . . out.

And if there were any ambiguity at all, the NFL should have gotten the video.  It could have gotten the video.  It failed to get the video.

Regardless, the idea that the NFL would see any ambiguity at all in the information from Rice suggests a lack of empathy for the victim of a knockout blow.  Alternatively, it’s entirely possible that the NFL is simply feigning ignorance regarding what actually happened in order to support the knee-jerk second suspension, which came only hours after the video of the incident was published.

37 responses to “Report: Newsome testifies Rice told Goodell that Rice struck fiancée

  1. At least Ozzie is trying to stand up for something in this mess. It takes balls to stand up to the commissioner like that.

  2. This might take Goodell down, especially if the Judge rules that he knew more than he did when handing down that ridiculous suspension

  3. Looks like, he said – he said. However, as the GM, Newsome should have taken immediate action when he found out about it, and he didn’t.

  4. Goodell will quickly form a committee to review the task force assigned to cover all this up in the first place.

  5. Not surprised. Goodell lied about the Saints “bountygate” ordeal to protect the NFL and it’s owners against the upcoming concussion lawsuit brought about by former NFL players. He threw the Saints organization under the bus and cost Sean Payton millions of dollars in lost pay by suspending him. He’ll say anything to protect the shield. Even if it means lying.

  6. Not using all means necessary to get the 2nd video seems incredibly negligent.

    Were I the Commissioner of the NFL, I would have done everything I could to get that video, watch it, discuss it with my team and THEN adjudicate the matter.

    it’s not at all believable that they didn’t seek out that tape.

  7. so the great and powerful Oz knew all along what happened in the elevator (as anyone with half-a-brain did). Yeah, it’s all on Goodell.

  8. Thank you, Ozzie, for being the only person with any integrity in this situation. Roger is here lying his butt off and everyone is trying to cover up for him. If he is into punishing everyone, take your own medicine, Rog.

  9. Goodell has every incentive to say he didn’t hear this. Newsome has every incentive to not piss off the NFL Commish and he’s doing it anyway. Believe Newsome.

  10. kissmytaintpatriotsrule says:
    Nov 6, 2014 6:34 PM

    The Ravens will never get a close call ever again. Oakland you have been removed from the penalty box.


    Probably not. Now its 3 on 5.

  11. Ozzie Newsome, Hall of Fame Player, HOF GM, HOF person.

    The only guy who ALL along told the truth. Everyone knew Ray knocked out his fiancé in that elevator. The Real question is what Steve B will now do with Ozzie because if the Wiz knew RR knocked out his wife so did the owner and dick cass.

  12. Goodell knew what was going on from jump street,,,as nebbie as he is about knowing everything a player does even before they do it,theres no way in hell he didnt know not one clue of what went down

  13. Ray was standing in a fixed position, not moving towards Janay. Fact is, had she not lunged at him, his swing would have missed. She walked in front of a moving car so to speak. Much like the Stallworth-Reyes situation.

  14. Good for Ozzie. The guy refused to compromise his integrity to “protect” the shield. Ironically, Goodell is too stupid to realize that his very efforts to protect the shield have had the exact opposite affect.

  15. Ozzie is just as bad as Rog, he knew what happened and did nothing. Scumbag like the players he employs. Ray is done. No one is touching him this year and a year of no football after declining performance means he will not get signed.

  16. Ozzie has been straight up about this from the get-go. The only person trying to mince words is Goodell. It’s a shame this hearing was delayed until after the public outcry had died down. That probably means Goodell will skate on his management mistakes and his blatant lies to the public and the judge.

    Too bad he isn’t subject to a lifetime ban.

  17. ozzie knew ray rice decked his fiance and still played kept him on the team

    Wizard of Low Character.

  18. It never made any sense for Rice to lie to Goodell. He’d already told the team he’d hit her so telling the league a different story would have been idiotic. He had his attorney at the meeting with Goodell and they had no way of knowing if the league had seen the second tape or not.

    Meanwhile, Goodell’s version of events is totally illogical. He wasn’t sure what happened in the elevator but doesn’t even try to get the tape? But by some crazy miscommunication league sources ended up telling Mort and Peter King they had seen it?

  19. I am so sick of all this BS attacking Roger G… Did he punch a woman and knock her out… Keep focused people!!

  20. Yeh for Ozzie. he told the truth!!

    Not everyone is like Goodell. So glad the liar was exposed!

  21. If this report is true, its already over for Roger. Newsome wouldn’t bring anything like this to the table if the Owners had not already agreed on an Exit Strategy for Goodell.

  22. If Goodell makes it to the next draft, the whole auditorium should be chanting “Liar! Liar!” as he walks out.

  23. I have a scenario that I want you to think about. What if Ray said he hit her but there was mutual combat? Couldn’t both Ozzie and Goodell both be telling the truth in this scenario? Then the tape comes out publicly and shows that Janay didn’t attack Ray.

  24. Goodell needs to go, not for this, but for sending games to London. He is the puppet for the 32 owners, so we need to start bashing the Jerry Jones the Mara’s Rooney’s etc…

  25. Why does it really matter what the NFL knew or when they new it? Like the article says, he knocked. her. out.
    Deal with Rice and his anti-social, criminal behavior in a manner which it deserves, addressing the fact that he is a violent, uncontrolled creep who cannot control his temper and has violated any number of clauses in anybody’s morals clause. Finish that.

    THEN address the idiocies, insensitivities and just plain wrong-headedness of the NFL and Goodell’s goon squad.

    Two different issues, really.

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