Everson Griffen says Vikings players want Adrian Peterson back

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Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen made headlines in the offseason by snagging a $42.5 million contract despite having only one career start.  He has made headlines during the regular season by earning it.

After registering nine sacks in nine games, Griffen joined PFT Live to talk about the Vikings, his coach, Griffen’s performance, and other topics.

It starts with audio from rookie linebacker Anthony Barr, who told PFT Live last month that Griffen was responsible for Barr’s “welcome to the NFL” moment.  Griffen gives Barr a high letter grade for the rookie’s performance to date.

Griffen also talks about Adrian Peterson’s potential returning, and whether the locker room wants him back.  (Here’s a hint, if you missed the headline:  They do.)

For the full interview, click the thing in the thing below.

88 responses to “Everson Griffen says Vikings players want Adrian Peterson back

  1. The rest of the NFC north doesn’t,those cowards are too scared of how dangerous the vikings will become,especially with those laughable defenses.the bears are a mess,the cheeseheads are overrated bums and the detriot kittykats are overrated and never matter in the end.the vikings have peaked at the right time.BEWARE.THE DIVISION IS OURS,SKOL.

  2. So in other words, the Vikings players want an admitted child abuser back on the team. That only proves the team (if Griffin is to be believed) has the moral compass of a cucumber.

    I’m a Vikings fan and I already knew that much!

  3. Team X wants ‘excellent player Y who got into trouble’ back. Hey, teams and fans don’t care what someone does off the field. The Eagles signed a guy who tortured his pets to death. The team loved him … the fans cheered. Only wins matter.

  4. Great article.. if Everson Griffin thinks its a good idea it must be a good idea.

    I’m just glad he’s not on the one arrest per weekend program anymore. Certainly he should be the moral compass of the NFL.

  5. I’m sure the Ravens want Ray Rice back, too. Too bad.

    Ray Rice: Knocked out his wife, plea bargained down, suspended indefinitley.

    AP: Whipped his child’s scrotum with a stick, plea bargained down, needs to be suspended for more.

    Just because the guy is good, doesn’t mean he should be allowed to serve a lesser penalty. I wonder if these AP supporters would want him to play if there was a video of him beating his kid?

  6. The Vikings have 4 wins and are below .500

    4 wins is more than the Buccaneers, Falcons, Redskins, or Rams have. They also have the Jets coming up so they should be able to beat them as well.

    I guess if Vikings fans want to run around and pound their chest for beating the handful of teams that have struggled more than them the last few seasons, enjoy.

  7. I love my Vikings and I have a lot of respect for Everson Griffith. He’s a really good football player. I can also understand why the Vikings would want a talented running back like AP to return to the team right away. However, the issue at hand is much larger than football–this is about the physical and emotional abuse of a 4-year-old child by a strong professional athlete. AP hasn’t paid much of a price for his reprehensible behavior. Let’s face it: sitting out games while still being paid millions of dollars isn’t exactly doing hard time in prison, ya know? The NFL and the Vikings had better get this one right–AP doesn’t deserve to play football again this year. He needs to be suspended without pay and receive in-depth counseling before he’s allowed to play again. Just because you’re rich and a star running back, you don’t have the right to go around beating defenseless little children bloody and get away with it.

  8. 1. Arizona Cardinals – 7 1 0
    2. Detroit Lions – 6 2 0
    3. Philadelphia Eagles – 6 2 0
    4. New Orleans Saints – 4 4 0
    5. Dallas Cowboys – 6 3 0
    6. Seattle Seahawks – 5 3 0
    7. Green Bay Packers – 5 3 0
    8. San Francisco 49ers – 4 4 0
    9. Minnesota Vikings – 4 5 0
    10. Carolina Panthers – 3 5 1

    For a team that’s pretty much in the hunt for the Playoffs and a VERY favorable schedule coming up, its hard to say that the Vikings need to “Rebuild”. I would probably hold off on the “rebuild” talks for now.

    I mean folks have to consider the fact that the Vikings could use his talents, on-field, to help push for a playoff push. Ultimately the Vikings (as well as all the other teams in the NFL) are here to “win” gvery game possible in a 16-game season.

  9. All deserve a 2nd chance.

    Adrian has paid his price via sponsors and reputation and time lost…..big time loss for Adrian.

    He has a misdemeanor, pleading no contest.

    His case is over, and it is time to move on.

    Adrian, welcome back……

  10. ….By the sounds of it the NFL is making AP go through a series of meetings/councelling sessions before they will entertain making a decision. This of course will take time and they are placing the onus on AP to get to these meetings if he wants to find out about returning to the field.
    The NFL is saying that the exempt list will or does not have to count as time served and that they can still suspend him up to 6 games.

    If I didn’t know any better I would think they are trying to stall him a few weeks so they can suspend him for the rest of the year.

    The vikes did lose sponsers after this. However they have also gained pepsi as a sponser in radisson’s place

  11. FYI, many in Philly did NOT cheer for Vick. Obviously many did, but I live there. That was not a 100% consensus.


    i live in Philly, it was more like 99%.

  12. He made a mistake? He beat a kid senseless with a stick!!!! Let that sink in for a moment!!! He whipped his son with a stick on his ‘parts’ and they swollen and bled.

    Let him sit in jail a year or two then he has every right to play ball AFTER e serves his time!!!!

  13. I am only 25 so I know I have a lot to learn with time, but, why is it that fans and those who are not, complain about the NFL allowing players back into the league if our fine judicial system isn’t even going to press charges?

    Since Adrian Peterson is not facing jail time, he should be allowed to rejoin his team if the Minnesota Vikings want him back.

  14. I love my Vikings and I have a lot of respect for Everson Griffith.

    If you’re going to pretend to be a Viking fan, at least learn the names of their best players.

  15. Translation – We’ll just look the other way on that whole child abuse thing, because AP’s cool dude, man!

  16. I’m shocked that football players would want the best player on their team back, I mean they are all model citizens that got arrested, amazing they’d be willing to give a second chance to someone.


  17. It’s more than a little obvious that a large number of negative comments on the Peterson situation come from fans of Vikings opposition. Certainly the “whuppin'” that Peterson applied to his child is beyond belief for many. However, what is now to be believed is the fact that he has reached a plea bargain. He has paid and will continue to pay for his actions. Ask your self Packer fans, if this was one of your revered players would you act with the same vehement rhetoric? Of course not. Your moral compass only points in the direction that gives you satisfaction knowing that an opposing team’s player is in big doggie grief!

  18. @cadera2014
    Thank you Captain Obvious. Of course.. NOTHING is ever 100% agreed upon.
    Point is people have almost COMPLETELY looked past Vick’s Transgressions now.

    And everyone seems to have amnesia that Ray Lewis in some way participated in a murder and only got off because of insufficient evidence (which he helped hide BTW)

  19. 8 games is a long suspension. With all of the charges and arrests Aldon Smith had he got a 9 game suspension and that was after being suspended last year as well. Petersen made a bad mistake and has been away from the game for long enough. Fine him for half or all of the games he has missed.

  20. bridgeh2o says:
    Nov 7, 2014 2:14 PM
    All deserve a 2nd chance.

    Adrian has paid his price via sponsors and reputation and time lost…..big time loss for Adrian.

    He has a misdemeanor, pleading no contest.

    His case is over, and it is time to move on

    Ray Rice had charges dropped after agreeing to counseling, and look at the mess it created. The NFL has to take time and get this right. A paid vacation is not a worthy punishment, for AP.

  21. And you can call it what you want (not defending it.. it was stupid) but he was never charged technically with “child abuse”

    He was charged with “reckless child injury”

    The difference between the two being INTENT. And legally speaking (as well as morally IMHO) it is HUGELY significant.

  22. Who cares what the players want?

    The Vikings have to look at this from a buisness standpoint. Would you want a man who stuffs leaves in a 4 year old child’s mouth and beats him bloody with a branch representing your franchise?

  23. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Peterson has served his suspension, he’s gone before a judge, fine him and make him pay back 6 game checks and reinstate him. We all make mistakes, he’ll be on probation, if he slips up again he’ll be gone for a long time.

  24. AP hasn’t been suspended yes he has missed a big chunk of the season, but the NFL had nothing to do with that, the Vikings put him on an exempt list.

    He has not faced an ounce of punishment from the NFL.

  25. And for the record Adrian Peterson WAS charged with child abuse but plead out to the lesser charge.

    People who quibble over semantics in regards to intent scare me to death. What does it matter what his intent was? He repeatedly whipped a 4 year old child with a branch until the child was bleeding and stuffed leaves in the child’s mouth.

  26. Whoever leaked the case file on Adrian Peterson should be in hot water.

    I don’t condone what he did, but I hate the fact that the court of public opinion seems to be more powerful than those of our courts. Not that it matters, because it does. People will hate this guy for the rest of their days no matter what. Adrian’s kid probably doesn’t even understand why his dad is a monster on TV. Kids in school will say things to him based on their parents conversations. Will his kid ever be able to have friends come over, because his dad is such a monster. It’s just more pressure on the kid all around.

    People need to quit judging. Adrian got switched as a kid and thought it was what his parents and family members did out of love to teach right from wrong. To keep him from the streets. It worked on him. Now that this has happened Adrian and others know even if they think this is an act of love to teach their children right from wrong, it’s a practice no longer acceptable in today’s society.

    I rather have a parent that loves rather than neglects me. The police, family, prosecutor have all said without a doubt Adrian is a loving father.

  27. @pats3rings..
    That really isn’t the question at hand. And if you think it is, you are severely naive.

    The question the Vikings are struggling with is PURELY political/social/financial.

    Of COURSE they want him back. He’s possibly the best RB who ever played and still has stuff left to give.

    What the Vikings are caring about is the PERCEPTION of media, sponsors, advertisers, fan-base, etc. of bringing him back before everyone calms down about it.

    AGAIN.. people who have driven drunk and killed people, purposely abused their spouses, killed dogs, used drugs, cheated, stolen.. all of it.. have played again in the NFL.

    It’s truly just an issue of timing. Will the media and the attackers calm down soon enough to allow him to play again is the only question.

  28. Ok..so I am and always will be a diehard Vikings fan. I honestly have no problem if Adrian Peterson does not play another down for the Purple. If the NFL chooses that this is best all I ask is that they are consistent with their actions and hold all accountable for their actions. I cannot see them not letting him play again according to how things have gone in the past. Isn’t there a guy playing that killed his teammate in a DUI crash? He needs to go also.

  29. savagenation2011 says:
    Nov 7, 2014 1:48 PM
    The last time the Vikes were relevant, Tarkenton was QB


    Let’s see since Tark retired in 1978, Vikings have won 8 NFC Central/North titles, made 17 playoff appearances, 4 appearances in the NFC title game, numerous All-Pro’s and HOF inductees, a 15-1 season with record-setting offense …. yeah you’re ignorant.

    Time for you to go back to what you might actually be good at, commenting about the Kardashians on Yahoo.

  30. The Vikes would have to go 6-1 to have a chance at the playoffs.

    With 2 games with GB, and road games vs DET, CHI, and MIA …….8-8 at best . 7-9 is probably more realistic

  31. You posers kill me… If AP is such a danger to his kids why is the court system still allowing him to have access to his children??? Even the child’s own mother says she wants AP in his life. He is a good dad let’s move on AP deserves a chance to play if you Vikings fan don’t want him then cut him immediately.

  32. He can’t play in the NFL again. It’s that simple. Nike and other corporate sponsors realize how toxic he is, surely it’s the same for the NFL. They have to sell their product as well.

  33. Is it just me, or does fantasy football value seem to be having a great influence on the forgiveness factor for AP and Ray Rice ?

  34. See green bay, if you gave contracts to guys like Everson instead of your bums like Fabio, Tricia Williams, Kasidy Heywards and Samatha Sheilds your guys might actually be relevant come January!!!

  35. Yes, AP has paid for and been punished for his actions.

    Not interested in having him back on Vikings.

    Besides being prolific with having 7 children out of wedlock, there’s some issues thta can’t be overlooked no matter what.

    If Vick served time for his brutal behavior of dogs, AP should sit out for remainder of this and next for his actions/behavior.

  36. And the combined winning percentage of all the teams MN has beaten?


    Color me less than impressed. What are they, the least skid-marked tighty whities in the laundry basket?

  37. of course he wants the Child abuser back there. Of course the emergence of the backups might just prove that ANYONE could be all-day behind that O Line. But my guess is no one will print that.

  38. @2ruefan

    I think it’s naive to assume the Vikings want AP back. From an orginazational standpoint it’s makes zero sense; the negative publicity off the field would far outweigh any on the field benefit AP would bring to the team.

    But even from a football standpoint it doesn’t make sense. The Vikings are in full rebuild mode. AP doesn’t make the Vikings contenders and plays a position that is becoming more and more undervalued in the league by the day. Why bring back an aging RB making top dollar when you can play a kid like McKinnon and begin to build for the future?

  39. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Nov 7, 2014 3:00 PM
    Nice interview – SKOL! Vikings defense is finally formidable

    Until they need to stop guys like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, or Kyle Orton.

  40. You have to be a complete moron to believe Peterson didn’t intend to harm the child. Harm is what’s intended when you HIT WITH A STICK!

  41. Unfortunately for AP, the court of public opinion cannot ignore objective facts that live on despite plea deals. What is the relative value of AP to the league at this point? Could he ever be an MVP?

  42. The Vikings lead the NFL in arrests so I wouldn’t put much stock, if any, in what any one player says he wants. The Vikings can’t be counted on to do the right thing, the NFL needs to let Peterson know if and when he is allowed to suit up. Child abusers have no place in the NFL.

  43. And in related news, children in Elementary schools every where say they would like ice cream for lunch today.

  44. ariani1985 says:
    Nov 7, 2014 3:24 PM
    See green bay, if you gave contracts to guys like Everson instead of your bums like Fabio, Tricia Williams, Kasidy Heywards and Samatha Sheilds your guys might actually be relevant come January!!!


    You mean if you like taking gambles on young players in hopes they live up to it, because guys leave town, because they want a chance to win a Championship.

    Just ask Jared Allen.

  45. He should probably be suspended a couple more games, but those that are saying he shouldn’t play again, or even play again at all this year are obviously either Packer fans with the intelligence equating your average cheese curd or fans letting their emotions overcome any semblance of logic. Punish the guy, let him repent/apologize, and then let him earn the living he is entitled to under the CBA with the Vikings or another team. The same fans dumping on him now would be cheering with glee if the Vikes released him and he signed with their team.

  46. Typical packer fan response: He shouldn’t play.

    Then, after the vikings cut or trade AP, packer fans will call the vikings idiots for cutting or trading AP.

  47. ariani1985 says:
    Nov 7, 2014 3:24 PM
    See green bay, if you gave contracts to guys like Everson instead of your bums like Fabio, Tricia Williams, Kasidy Heywards and Samatha Sheilds your guys might actually be relevant come January!!!

    And yet, the Packers still OWN the Vikings. Why do you suppose that is?

  48. sadly for him, the public doesnt.

    choke on it viking fans.

    your boy stole money from his own cancer charity to buy escorts…has like 10 kids with 10 women…beats his children….. he probably puts ketchup on his hotdogs as well.

    piece of trash.

  49. Some of you people hear what you want to hear, Your so far to the right that you don’t think anymore and are led by the media telling you what and how to think. This isn’t a Child abuse case, And most of you have done worst things in your life, Get over it. This has been blown so far out of what he did for him to be ban from working. What you guys what is like being abuser yourself. These guys are not role models and once you get that in your heads the better off you will be. They are human being that make mistakes just like you and me, Giving a helping hand up to a man that didn’t mean to hurt his child, But never deny hurting his child or lied through the whole process even if it hurt his chances at playing football this year. Peterson paid more than enough for the mistake made. PC people are ruining this Country.

  50. AP-led Viking teams are 3-7-1 against the Packers all time. He gets his yards, GB gets the wins. Hardly a game changer in that series. 1 playoff win since he’s been in the NFL? Big whoop. He can’t pass block, can’t catch, and disappears on 3rd down. AP needs to make an impression on some other team so the Vikings can try to get a 6th round pick for him. His contract is ridiculous and that’s all he’s worth at this point. It’s time to send him on his way out of MN. Or keep him and continue to get pummeled by the three better teams in your division for years to come.

  51. Of course the Vikings want Peterson back. He’s their best player. But that doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t excuse him for what he did.

    Peterson should be slammed every time he steps on a field for the rest of his career. I never want to see any player injured. But if it happens to Peterson and it’s career ending, justice would be served as far as I’m concerned.

    No adult should ever do what Peterson did to that 4 year old child, period. Battering a child is one of the most heinous things anyone can do.

    I’m glad Nike dropped his sorry butt, too. If the Vikings had any class, they’d have cut him already.

  52. @pondersucks07

    I don’t know about you but I have NEVER done anything in my life that even comes close to beating a 4 year old child with a branch.

    And again what Adrian Peterson did was text book child abuse. He pleaded to a lesser charge but that doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty of abusing his child. Haha, if whipping a 4 year old bloody with a branch and stuffing leaves in the childs mouth isn’t child abuse then I don’t know what it.

    Wow I hope you people don’t children of your own.

  53. What should be the most shocking thing is that an african american man is actually in his childrens lives and tries to instill discipline (albeit harsh) so they learn about consequences and don’t end up filling you local prison cell in 15 years.

  54. cheeseisfattening says:
    Nov 7, 2014 5:37 PM
    Julius Peppers says Packer players want the never ending pasta bowl back at the local Olive Garden.

    Who doesn’t?

  55. Seems like many of these Vikings fans are so desperate to get AP back on the field they will ignore what he did. They also don’t understand AP won’t be on this team next year, not at the $12.5MM he is due to be paid. Have some dignity and self respect Purple fans; move on from him…

  56. A professional football player picked up a stick, swung it and hit a 4 year old child numerous times in the thighs and scrotum, hard enough to cause them to swell, open and bleed, but he didn’t intend to cause injury? Is he that stupid? Honestly?

  57. I can’t believe the people saying cut him. It’s not that easy. He’s been paid millions to play this year. Cutting him is like flushing money down a toilet. At the very least a willing team might want to trade for him. – The guy has been the best running back in the NFL for years and you want the Vikings to cut him so another team can pick him up and use him as a weapon. Months from now when the media forgets all about it and Nike comes back in, future PFT articles will have Packer trolls laughing about how dumb the Vikings were by letting him go for nothing.

    Yeah yeah, now you’ll say he’s old and the vikings don’t need him. Tell that to the Seahawks who thought Lynch was at the end of his days and could be cut/traded on his mini hold out this summer. The guy has been the MVP of the team so far.

    The Vikings also have a new QB they are trying to build around. There is no better a friend than a RB. When AP plays you stack the box which leaves open pass routes.

    Mainly after listening to Griffen, people just want to know what’s going on. This reminds of Josh Gordon and the Browns having to wait forever to hear what was going to happen to him.

  58. To all of you IDIOTS who act like this is a minor thing and everyone should move on, would you feel the same if he had done this to YOUR son????? He has paid the price???? He’s been given several weeks off and only paid $700,000 per week during that time! He lost his Nike contract??? He should have lost a lot more than that! It’s a sad day for the human race when support for your sports team takes precedence over the welfare of inocent children. This is still just a game! This low-life weasel should never play professional sports again. I could support no team or league that looks the other way on a stong moral issue such as this because of a player’s ability. How shallow have we become? How shallow have YOU become?

  59. Also, be certain to be around when this child grows up (assuming he will get to grow up) and explain to him that the reason no one stepped in to protect him was that his father was such a good football player and we needed him on our team! I’m sure he will understand… Be sure and give this comment a thumbs down if it makes you feel a little guilty.

  60. I don’t care what anybody thinks who want him back.
    I only care about what myself and others think who don’t want that child abuser back.

  61. No surprise that a loser of a losing team wants him back. They and all the Viqueen fans are willing to overlook the FACT that AP tortured his kid just so they will have the best chance to get some wins.

  62. To those that say it is only rivals of the Vikings that don’t want Peterson to play – WRONG! I am a lifelong Vikings fan and I hope he never plays in the NFL again!

    What Peterson did to his son was heinous at best. Yes, there are others that some could make a case that did worse and obviously the NFL got it wrong with those players by letting them play. LETS GET THIS ONE RIGHT!!

    While I will never cheer for Peterson again no matter if he plays for the Vikings or elsewhere, I absolutely would not let my children (if I had any still at home) cheer for him, nor will I let my grandchildren cheer for him. I would rather turn the TV off than let them see him run another friggin yard!

    I don’t care what the Texas court said, I don’t care what plea Peterson was able to negotiate. I care about that poor little kid whose daddy was STUPID enough to think he could stuff leaves in his child’s mouth, he could whip him with a tree branch to the degree he did and try to justify it by saying it was how he was disciplined as a child. THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT YOU MORON!!!!!

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that thinks he should play, think of this…….what if it was YOUR child that this happened to……..

  63. Vikings fans need to look at the Hardy thread on the Panthers side. The majority of those fans posting there DO NOT want Hardy playing again this year, IF EVER!

    They have it 110% right.

    Vikings fans wanting Peterson to play should be ashamed of yourselves! What if it were your child Peterson whipped bloody? What if it was your daughter that had been abused by Hardy or Rice? Think about that the next time you say a player of ANY team be allowed to play after committing domestic abuse, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN A COURT OF LAW!!!

  64. I hate the Vikings why because of their ignorant fans
    No respect for them at all
    Da Bears I respect smart fans they don’t predict Super Bowls every year and brag about division titles

    The Vikings have never won a World Title and never will KARMA

  65. All I gotta say is AP was long time forgiven by our true fans and most importantly by God. Haters will lose and AP will prevail. He will be playing for the Vikings again and soon. To those fake fans, you can stop being Vikes fans and go screw yourself. AP is a good man who just make a mistake. He’s better than most of you clowns. He disciplines his child but you rape and murder. Until AP do the aforementioned, he’s always welcome back with open arms from true fans.

  66. purpleman527 says:
    Nov 7, 2014 4:31 PM
    Typical packer fan response: He shouldn’t play.

    Then, after the vikings cut or trade AP, packer fans will call the vikings idiots for cutting or trading AP


    They’d be screaming for Thompson to sign him immediately to replace Eddie Lucy’s worthless butt.

  67. he is forgiven only by stupid Vikings fans, you think God forgave him for that act? beating a child with a tree branch causing injuries, very sad group of fans.

  68. The only way this will work out is if Peterson win the favor of the fans and sponsors. The only way that will happen is if he goes on TV with his son, and apologizes to him for his actions, and promises to never use that form of discipline again. He should then turn to the camera and apologize to all of the fans, sponsors, NFL, and teammates, and ask them to forgive him. He needs to back up his action by donating the 5.5 Million he earned during his absence to child abuse awareness, and becoming an outspoken advocate for the prevention of child abuse. If he does that, all will be well. Yes sure, there will still be some who do not forgive, but that will be on their heads, not on Adrian.

  69. “Nike realizes how toxic Peterson is.”

    You mean the company that’s heavily involved in the exploitation of the poor in the Third World? Yeah, it’s the ethical beacon by whom all should be judged.

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