Hoyer moves to 9-3, pushes Browns deeper into a corner


Deion Sanders is very generous, especially with money that isn’t his.  He continued his periodic crusade to get certain players more cash after Thursday night’s resounding win by the Browns over the Bengals.

“There was a $100 million quarterback on the field tonight, and I didn’t know which one it was,” Sanders said on NFL Network.  “But the one that’s sitting right here. . . .  And I don’t talk a man’s money unless his game is funny.  That’s my rule.  Tonight, that game was funny.  If that kid can make a hundred, this kid can make a hundred.  Pay this man.”

Of course, paying Hoyer anything close to what the Bengals paid Andy Dalton 2.0 in the offseason will mean indefinitely delaying the start of Johnny Manziel’s career as the guy the Browns presumed he’d become when the Browns made him the 22nd overall pick in the draft.

Besides, it wouldn’t take a nine-figure contract to keep Hoyer around.  He’s never gotten a big contract, so he’d be more likely to jump on a strong but not spectacular contract offer, especially if an offer of that kind is put on the table while Hoyer still carries the risk of injury during the seven remaining games of his current deal.

Before the season, agent Joe Linta said Hoyer’s value won’t be known until November 1 at the earliest.  Hoyer is now 2-0 in November 2014, and 9-3 overall as a starter.

While his numbers don’t scream “franchise quarterback” (he had no touchdown passes last night and fewer than 200 yards passing), Hoyer could be the right quarterback for the franchise.  Sooner or later, the Browns will have to decide whether they want Hoyer to be the starter in 2015 — and then the Browns will need to figure out what it will take to keep him around.

With each passing week, it could be getting a little more expensive.  Especially with Deion Sanders on the case.

158 responses to “Hoyer moves to 9-3, pushes Browns deeper into a corner

  1. Sign him. Continuity is important and he’s by far the best qb us Browns fans have had since Bernie. Trade Johnny and let’s move on.

  2. To be fair to Hoyer last night, who needed a TD pass last night? The ground game worked fine, and throwing with that crazy wind wasn’t looking like a good idea.

    I don’t know that he’s $100M money, but he does deserve to be paid like what he is- a starting QB. As for Johnny Cokeball, well, if Hoyer’s the guy it might be time to see if there’s a QB-starved team that would take him on- Houston, Oakland, Tennessee (let’s be honest, Titans fans)… depending on how things go for the rest of the season, maybe even Washington or Buffalo.

    Hoyer’s not flashy, but he’s getting it done- and there’s a long list of Browns QBs who couldn’t say that. Pay the man for that effort- and boot the guy who you no longer need in favor of getting more weapons for the suddenly-scary Browns offense.

  3. I don’t know if he’s worth $100MIL, but pay the man to stay!
    Johnny can keep riding the bench.

    GO BROWNS!!!

    Way to punch Cincy in the mouth!!!

  4. This is a damn good situation for Cleveland to be in.

    I would like to see Hoyer hit the market because you know Lovie Smith would pounce on him in Tampa.

  5. as long as he manages the turnovers hes a solid qb and can be a game manager like Alex Smith etc. (except with a slightly better arm). Probably would put up a few more points if Gordon and Cameron could stay on the field.

    Solid run game + solid defense+ QB who dont turn the ball over = Wins in the NFL

  6. 5 years $50m with 25 guaranteed should be more than enough to get him to sign long term and isn’t a killer contract for the Browns. Per Manziel, if and when he gets better than Hoyer, he can start. Until then, the media needs to back off on their Johnny Football fetish.

  7. A real franchise QB always makes the team around him better. In the odd case, it’s the team that makes the QB better.

    This situation is the latter…….

  8. So they can pay Hoyer and keep Manziel. He is under a reasonable rookie contract anyways so let him sit. If Hoyer continues to play well so be it. Nothing in Manziel’s contract that states he should be the starter by default. Myself, I think Cleveland has a nice setup QB wise. Either way Hoyer is getting paid…in Cleveland or elsewhere.

  9. Looks like the Brownies have themselves a QB for the first real time since Bernie Kosar. Speaking as a football fan, that’s pretty cool.

    Johnny Football’s gonna get traded this offseason. I fear to my team, and that’s not cool. We don’t need any more drama.

  10. Pay the man, he has thoroughly outplayed Andy Dalton, and if a historically cheap franchise can afford to pony up the money, why won’t the Browns? Acting like they’ve been thus juggernaut over the past 15 years, when they’ve been anything but. This is why it is tough for people to empathize with them and their fans. They finally get a QB to build around and then they do this. Manziel should be trade bait. The guy is nothing but a freelancer and would set the team back two years while they try to mesh along with him learning how to be an actual QB.

  11. As much as I’d like to see Johnnie Football get a shot at QB I like better how Hoyer has handled the situation. Sometimes you need the pressure of knowing nearly the whole fan base wants to replace you with a rookie to play better. As long as the coaches and team believes in you still that’s all that matters. Hoyer haven’t been just lighting up the stats column but like Alex Smith he’s a winner.

  12. Same old Bungles. This is the absolute last time I will ever put Andy Dalton in my lineups. What a douche!

  13. I like Hoyer. He should be the starter. But Cleveland ran the ball 52 times for 170 yards. That’s what they need to keep doing. The fact that they were +3 in turnover differential and 7/16 on third down is strictly a bonus.

    Contrast that with Dallas, where the NFL’s leading rusher is now barely seeing the ball. Do we think he’ll even get 20 carries against Jacksonville?

  14. The Johnny Manziel pick will haunt this franchise.

    The Browns could have and should have picked Sammy Watkins. As a Ravens fan all I can say is, thank God they didn’t. Josh Gordon on one side, Sammy Watkins on the other would have been a nightmare for years.

  15. Didn’t Derek Andersen win a couple games and make a probowl for the Browns a few years back. Good thing they didn’t pay him.

  16. Desperate Jets will pay Browns an early first round pick for Manziel plus a 3rd rounder, as much as to give the New York media a Broadway Joe II story for the offseason as to address a gaping problem in a team’s most important position. Both Vick and Smith are history.

  17. Why do people like Sanders have to interject stupidity into things. 100 million dollar qb? I mean he is as good as Peyton? or Brady? You know Sanders, people actually read this crap.

    Is Hoyer good? Yes, but is he 100 million good? Hell no. He isn’t 50 milion good. When Hoyer has to carry the team, he finds ways to win, but win very ugly. That does matter, every teams luck runs out. Just look at the Browns last year, 0-5 in games of 3 points or less, but this year it’s different.

    Browns need to sign him, but lets not get stupid here.

  18. I think Jerry Jones would trade next year’s first for Manziel. Browns should take that deal and maybe ask for a 3rd or 4th. Jerry gets his clown and the Browns make out well.

  19. It’s nice to see the Browns winning. The city deserves it. It was always a blue collar city and Hoyer fits there as a hard working, get the job done kind of QB. I am glad for him, the team and the city that they have this problem

  20. Is it me or does Dalton almost always have a slack jawed, vacant look in his eyes ? The guy is a really dim bulb.

  21. Key words….. (he had no touchdown passes last night and fewer than 200 yards passing), ….. Again people… (he had no touchdown passes last night and fewer than 200 yards passing),…… Seriously.. Start Manziel …..

  22. It’s a good problem for the Browns to have, especially since it’s been a VERY long time since they’ve had a long-term quality QB in place.

    If they’re convinced that Hoyer is their guy going forward, then they need to listen to offers for Manziel, and not be afraid to pull the trigger. That said, I would wait until at least mid-December to see how things play out with Hoyer before signing him to a long-term deal.

    The Browns can also take comfort in knowing that if they trade Manziel, they’ve still got Connor Shaw around, and honestly, I think Shaw will make a better pro than Manziel.

  23. If the Browns were smart, they would franchise him for next season, paying him the average of top 5 QB’s for next season. Then let him perform next year, and if he does well, they can sign him to a long term deal. If you have to pay the guy a bunch for one year, it’s better than being tied to him for 5, with a $100 Million, and underperforms. The Browns are in a good postion, for once, at QB,

  24. So the thinking on this thread is since the Bengals overpaid Dalton, then the Browns must overpay Hoyer. Two wrongs won’t make it right.

  25. I don’t get the trade Johnny campaign. He’s a rookie, under a rookie contract. You sign Hoyer to a nice contract extension, with a nice guarantee. However, like most NFL contracts it would essentially be a year to year contract after the second year. By the time Johnny’s rookie contract is approaching the Browns will know who the qb of the future is. If Aaron Rogers can sit on a bench for 3 years I think JF can too. Let the kid learn the right way and when/if he’s ready he’ll get his opportunity.

    Go Browns!

  26. Manziel would benefit greatly to sit 2 full years. And that’s just so he can humble himself a little and grow up. Play whoever gets you a win. Nothing else matters.

  27. Sipe sat, Rodgers sat whats the big deal?

    Johnny has 4 years on an inexpensive rookie deal.
    Sign Hoyer to a 4 year deal for $40m and Johnny will be 25 and ready, and if Hoyer gets hurt you still have a QB

  28. The Browns are actually in good shape for their future. They have 3 solid RB’s, including 2 rookies who will be cheap for the next few years, a solid OL and once they get Gordon back, they’ll have on eof the best WR’s in the game (his numbers last year blew Megatron’s out of the water with far less at QB.) The defense is average but that could always be improved through the draft. I say get rid of Johny DB for a draft pick and keep Hoyer. You don’t have to be a prolific passer to be a successful one. Look at Drew Brees. He throws for 5000 yards every year and his team has only been good once.

  29. For all you Browns fans clamoring to trade Johnny Football – remember what we had to watch after Hoyer got hurt last year?!

    Let’s keep a legit backup if they are able to sign Hoyer. No need to trade Manziel.

  30. Pessimistic Prediction: Browns trade high on Hoyer at the end of the year to a team that sucks and has way more problems than the QB position. Said team scapegoats Hoyer for their 6-10 season. Meanwhile Manziel flops in Cleveland. The Browns ruin 2 careers after a draft that everyone gave them a standing ovation for.

  31. head1994 says:
    Nov 7, 2014 7:17 AM
    If have one wish I will hope tannehill is better than dalton

    He may have had a terrible game for the ages but don’t forget that he’s helped his team make the playoffs every year he’s been in the league. Tanny has yet to take his team to the playoffs. Just sayin.

  32. Lets not get too far ahead of themselves. Once upon a time there was a QB in buffalo by the name of Fitzpatrick who was doing things a lot like Hoyer is today. Dont be fooled by mediocre play at QB. He’s still not a franchise guy. However even with that being said, pay him to be the starter for another 2 years. Trade Manziel this off season. I promise you Johnny football will be a Jet or Cowboy by start of next year training camp. The real question is what will be the compensation. I’m thinking 2nd, 3rd, 6th round picks as the package. If that is the case, I see him more a cowboy than a Jet

  33. Tough call for the Browns.

    Yes, Hoyer has been solid and the team is winning regular season games with him, but is he good enough to take them to the next level?

    If one thinks about it, one thing in common just about all of the recent SB winners had is a QB who was either elite (Brady, Brees P. Manning) or clearly capable of elevating his game (Flacco, E. Manning, Big Ben)(Russell Wilson is arguably the exception). I am not sure anyone can argue that Hoyer will fall into either category.

    So, do you go with Hoyer, even though he has probably reached the ceiling on his potential, thus essentially wasting a No. 1 draft pick on Manziel?

  34. Farmer isn’t going to overpay Hoyer. Period. Hoyer is NOT a $100 mil QB. He’s not worth $50 mil. Franchise him then let him walk.

  35. I don’t know, he really didn’t do anything except hand the ball off. Johnny 8-Ball could have done the same thing. Doubt you can win a championship with Hoyer at QB

  36. Look you give Hoyer a 4-5 year deal in the 50-60 range with half guaranteed and if you think Johnnie is the future (beyond me why you’d think that but they drafted him) you sit him and let him learn.

    At the end of the Boyer contract your franchise bust (sorry QB) is ready to go ala A. Rodgers.

  37. Steelers fan here.

    Happy for the Browns and Hoyer.

    Aint no rivalry if one team wins all the time as was the case with Steelers….until this year.

    Brownies in a good spot to keep Hoyer and ransom Johnnie.

    Who’d have thought that come Veterans Day the Browns would be in first place and the Cavs like in last.

    Go Browns!

  38. while i am excited that Hoyer is playing well. I am hesitant to call him the QB of the future. Look at all the flameouts we have had. DA, Kelly Holcomb, Garcia, one good year does not a great qb make.

  39. Hoyer is fine as long as the ground game is humming and the defense is dominant.

    If either of those lynchpins fail Hoyermania will come to a crashing halt.

    Yes, he didn’t make any mistakes last night, he didn’t make any great plays either. It was also just a week ago where the guy couldn’t complete easy passes.

    Noone is going to pay this guy starters money. If a team does it will be McCown all over again except McCown had much better passing stats going into FA.

  40. Manziel to Houston makes sense. The only other teams that would want him are the bottom of the scrap heap teams like Tampa Bay, Tennesee, Oakland, etc. Maybe I should add the Jets to that list.

  41. If I remember correctly, early this season the author chided the Browns for not starting Manziel instead of Hoyer, calling him the future of the franchise. Another illustration of why media types, who are not held accountable for their never-ending judgments of others (unlike real GMs and coaches whose job-dependent decisions are always scrutinized by desk jockeys) should not be taken so seriously.

    But the difficult issue for the Browns is – is Hoyer a long-term solution, or another Derek Anderson?

  42. Buffalo sure looks a lot better with Orton than EJ Manuel. KC looks better with Alex Smith, and SF is falling apart with Kaepernick. I’m not sure when “game manager” became a bad thing, but it sure beats losing. Pay the man.

  43. As much as I hate to say it, the Browns are serious contenders to win the division. The Bengals are returning to being the Bungles and the Ratbirds are getting their wings clipped. So, it looks like the old rivals will be going 1-2 and hopefully it will end up that way after week 17. Of course if we meet in the playoffs, it will be a knock down drag out fight. Good luck Browns from a long time Steeler fan.

  44. Send Johnny to Dallas. Everyone in the universe wants it, he doesn’t fit in Cleveland. Hoyer is PERFECT for the Browns and the style of football they play.

    The fans have grown attached to Brian, he is winning games and more importantly, he WANTS to be there. Don’t blow this

  45. Fifteen years ago, a historic game in Nashville (the Music City Miracle) changed the direction of an NFL franchise. The AFC’s best team of the ’90s, the Bills, never returned to the playoffs. Once again, it appears a historic game in Music City (the biggest home field collapse in NFL history) has changed the “destiny” of a franchise. The long hapless Browns have been a different team ever since. How ironic if they turn out to be the AFC’s best for the next 10 to 15 years. … Yes, the Titans are terrible, but they’re as relevant as ever.

  46. Why not keep both? Pay Hoyer ok starter money and let Johnny try to beat him out. Manziel needed time anyways, let him develop until he’s more ready to play. Simple.

  47. I’m all for trading JFF. I didn’t want him to start off with. Gotta strike while the iron is hot, and before JFF is exposed. Washington didn’t trade Cousins last year and now they couldn’t get half a Twix bar for him. I know Johnny is 1 read, 2 read MAX and go – not to mention the spin to run style that totally turns his back to the football field. I wanted Teddy. I would trade JFF for a #2 and a #4 at the very least if someone wouldn’t give up a #1, but a #1 and a #4 preferably. I love my Browns, and oooooh yeah Macho Man Randy Savage loves this.

  48. The Texans will take Hoyer….not Manziel. No way, no how. Can you imagine how JJ would receive Manziel? He blasted an opposing QB for being on twitter the week of the game…the Manziel circus wouldnt work here.

  49. Does everyone finally acknowledge that Kyle Shanahan is a damned good offensive coordinator in his own right?

    Consistently puts together top 10 offenses without elite weapons.

  50. Anyone else worried that Hoyer might be Derek Anderson 2.0 and Manziel Brady Quinn in waiting? Feels too similar to me, the Browns will have a good year, Hoyer will get paid, hopefully he’s not a flash-in-the-pan and they can trade Manziel for something similar to what they paid for him.

  51. Dalton is not a franchise QB either–just a guy who has been good enough to get a big contract from a team that didn’t want to risk losing him and going backwards.

  52. I just wanted to thank Greg Little for “making us pay”. If it weren’t for the free 15 yards and dropped passes, the Browns might have lost that game. He’s still one of the best players on our team! Maybe next time he’ll keep his trap shut.

  53. “While his numbers don’t scream “franchise quarterback”” ….. if he keeps winning at a 9-3 clip that’s not franchise???? This kid is a true leader and everyone plays better around him. The Browns would be insane to let him walk at the end of the season.

  54. Trade Johnny for a 2nd and 3rd, draft well, pay Hoyer $50M, build a stronger D.
    Remember, Dilfer won a SB.

    Texans, Bucs, SD backup, Dallas all possible for Johnny.
    Carr is far better, they have their QB but nobody around him.

    Not a Browns fan but love seeing them win.

  55. People act like Manziel has a birthright to the Browns starting QB position. What’s he done to even be considered?

  56. Hoyer and Manziel can coexist. If Hoyer can ride the bench behind Tom Brady for a few years, Manziel can ride the bench behind Hoyer. This is the first time I can remember that the Browns have depth at the QB position. Let’s not forget that practice squad phenom Connor Shaw who was the Winningest Quarterback in South Carolina Football History. There’s no reason to get rid of any of our quarterbacks after years of being without one. I know there’s too much hype around Johnny Football to leave him on the bench, he’ll eventually get his chance. I want to see his chance come in an Orange and Brown uniform. In the meantime, he’ll be one of the better backups in the league! If Hoyer goes down to injury…we’ll keep trucking.

  57. I do not get the “trade Manziel” people…why not have two quarterbacks on your roster???? The only reason I would trade Manziel is if he is an issue in the locker room and no one posting comments on any website really knows the answer to that.

  58. Imagine just how much better the Browns would have been had Haslam not listened to the homeless guy and drafted Manziel…

    Watkins and Gordon as the starting wide receivers, Cameron at tight end, West as the starting running back with Tate as his back-up.

    Not a bad set of skill position players if you ask me.

    But NOOOOOOOO, Haslam just had to have the media darling / seat filler Manziel.

    Someone ought to go find that homeless guy and chew him out but good !!!!!!!

  59. Yes, being 9-3 with a young QB is terrible “corner” to be backed into. I’m sure as long as they are winning they couldn’t care less about Manziel.

  60. The perception of Hoyer as a great QB is based solely upon expectations. If he was a highly touted #1 draft pick, people would look as his numbers and wonder what was wrong with him. But since he’s an undrafted free agent who’s been with 4 teams, all of the sudden we have to give him $100M.

    No team is signing Brian Hoyer to an elite QB level contract. Surely he’ll get paid, but if he’s looking for top 5 money, he’s in for some disappointment.

    And I will tell you something else. Despite the rantings of Neon Deon and his one game sample size, 31 out of 31 teams other than the Browns would STILL take Andy Dalton over Brian Hoyer.

  61. The Browns have had a lot of problems over the years- this is not one of them. They drafted a guy lower in the first round and he is learning the offense while the previously injured starter tries to prove himself (again) to management, which he is doing in spades. Leave it alone, let it play out. Brady is on his second highly drafted backup who, like Mallett, may also never see the field.

  62. As a Browns fans “hello my fellow brownies” I will stick with Hoyer “till he proves otherwise” seems every game he plays he proves he belongs u sit behind Brady for years “learning” and bounced around the nfl and learned from others
    hope u get Ya payday and hope Johnny manziel gets traded

    Attention Ray Farmer: if u do trade Johnny Manziel u ask for nothing lower then. 1st-3rd round picks
    “we’d pull off a big time heist if we get a 1st-2nd for him” what kinda damage can we do if we can get another 😱 1st round pick in 2015 and have 3 1st with other teams needing picks and wanting too move up “they’d offer us more picks and maybe some good quality players”

  63. Hoyer is nothing more than a game manager. The Browns would be very wise to think long and hard before they pay him franchise QB money.

    All the Browns had to do was look on the other side line last night to see what happens to a team (Bengals) when they pay a QB (Dalton) much more money than he is worth.

    Dalton has had a much more successful career than Hoyer. Still, Dalton is far too inconsistent to be getting paid franchise QB money.

    Earlier this season, the Patriots exposed the Bengals for the team they truly are. The Bengals are an under performing team with an immense amount of talent.

  64. Blab lab blab, pay the quarterback, blah blab blah! when is this site going to learn it is not about the quarterback, it is about your 53 man roster. The Pittsburgh Steelers have Rothlisberger (a franchise quarterback)….yet they have not made the playoffs in three years. It’s not that Ben is not that good, he’s very good! but he didn’t have a good roster around him! Now he does and the Steelers are playing well. Andy Dalton is a good quarterback, no more than that, no less than that….he’s been surrounded by a very good and talented Bengal team for three years, but now Cincinnati has had a rash of injuries and the roster is not as deep as it once was. So say all you want about what you think Dalton should be paid, but he is only as good as his roster. Just like every other quarterback in this league not named Brady, Manning or Rodgers. And that is the truth.
    Hoyer is avg. @ best! Cleveland is a good up & coming football team. But lets not crown them contenders yet…or put Hoyer in the HOF for that matter…..lets just say Cleveland is relevant again and thsts good enough for now

  65. I liked Hoyer when the Steelers signed him. Why they didn’t I.R. Leftwich to keep Hoyer through the end of the season is one of those strange moves that fans, and maybe players, won’t ever understand. Maybe if the Steelers treated him right he would have signed with them. But better to be starting in Cleveland (or anywhere) than backing up Ben. Good luck Brian.

  66. There are 5 Elite, Franchise, HOF, whatever you want to call them, QB’s in this league: Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger & Luck. Thats it….no more. The next 20 guys are EXACTLY the same, they can win you four or five games during a season but for the most part, they will only go as far as the rest of the roster and coaching staff takes them. After that you have guys like Gabbert, Locker, Carr, Fitzpatrick, G.Smith, Manual, Tannehill & any Buccaneer QB. It’s easy to hate on an opposing team quarterback. That is always the failsafe of the opponents fan. But the truth of the matter is if you do not have one of the top five guys or bottom eight guys…..everybody is in the same boat, whether it be Dalton,Flacco, Eli, Kaepernick, Wilson, RGIII or whoever. They’re all the same person.

  67. Hoyer bacled up a guy who lives by the belief that only one thing matters, and that’s winning. If you’re winning, and Cleveland is, stats don’t matter and it doesn’t matter if your QB is “elite” or not. Hoyer is 9-3 as a starter, why would Cleveland do anything to change that trend?

  68. I said it from the start: Hoyer is a franchise qb. Browns wasted that pick because they gave up on Hoyer before giving him a shot to return. They better trade Manziel directly after they give Hoyer a contract. You absolutely cannot keep Manziel on that team if they sign Hoyer.

  69. I would not Franchise Hoyer… I bet he would accept a 2 year 19 mil deal that would be basically the same cost as a franchise tag except you have him for another year if he is good. I would have to think they could even sign him to a 1 year 10 mil contract for 2015 and not even a 2 year. Save some cap space and save a franchise tag.

  70. I don’t see them trading Johnny unless he’s become a total pain in their rear or somebody just makes them a crazy-good offer. Rookie contracts are no longer really expensive so he’s not hurting their cap situation and Hoyer could get hurt or hit a bad stretch.

    Nobody is going to give up a first rounder for him, so the Browns would need to be willing to come out behind on the deal. And after a single season I doubt they’ll be ready to do that.

  71. Funny how I got thumbs down almost 2 years ago for saying he would do well and was the only “NFL” QB on the Cardinals in his short stint at the end of 2012.

  72. Hoyer perfect place perfect time. Cleveland don’t screw it up. What’s the hurry? Unless, you get an offer you can’t refuse. Money in the bank.

  73. Hoyer stat line for the season:
    9 games, 58.5% accuracy, 10 TD, 5 TO, 245 yards/game….

    Yeah, he deserves a starter level contract.. /sarcasm, LOL

    Browns win despite of him, with their D.

  74. Neither of these guys has had as much to do – or will have as much to do – with Cleveland wins as the real offseason acquisition that has made all the difference: Mike Pettine. I knew the minute we lost him that it was a good move for Cleveland and a loss for the Bills. Don’t forget, he was a last minute hire after a debacle of a search.

  75. Hoyer can play. Period. Even when Kosar was with the Browns they had a great running game when they were successful. You have to in AFC north weather like the windy conditions last night. He’s smart, calm and steady. If he makes a mistake he normally doesn’t let it overwhelm him. Having said that, all teams in the NFL need a competent number two man as they’re always one play from having to go in. Manziel needs to be prepared. I worry about that.

  76. He’s a game manager with marginal talent, he can get them to the playoffs, but he won’t win in the playoffs, he’ll have to be replaced sooner or later, unless the Browns have no desire to win a Superbowl. I can only see him being signed to a team friendly deal that allows the Browns to keep their security blanket while slowly bringing along Manziel. Everything about Hoyer is marginal. Paying him big money would be a huge mistake, just like the Bengals made in paying the Dalton, who as pedestrian a talent as he is, is still far more gifted than Hoyer. The talk should be focused around the running game and Pettine’s defense, all Hoyer’s doing is not getting the way.

  77. …”pushes Browns deeper into a corner”

    Great problem to have, .. although it’s not really an issue.

    Manziel is a 1st round pick, therefore, Cleveland has complete control of his salary for 4 years, and an option for year 5.

    Manziel is being paid $8.2 million over the first four years of his rookie deal with $4.3 million guaranteed….. that works out to just over $2 million a year, or about 1.5% of the team’s salary cap.

    IF Hoyer is still playing great at the end of next season, the Browns will need to make a decision on Manziel, until then, he can sit, learn, and be insurance in case Hoyer gets hurt.

    I really wish the press would shut the hell up about Manziel, if he gave the Browns a better chance to win right now, he’d be playing, as he’s not playing, Hoyer is the better option to win.

  78. Brian Hoyer doesn’t even have much to work with in the passing game right now. Jordan Cameron, Andrew Hawkins and Josh Gordon are all out for various reasons right now. Hoyer has played well enough to be a starter for at least 3 seasons and if he’s good enough that he lasts longer than that then he’s your franchise QB and you build around him. Manziel isn’t starting material right now because he’s a rookie. It isn’t hard to figure out give Hoyer an ok contract and if he outplays it you pay him more he’s not too picky about money considering he was cut from multiple teams and is just happy being on a roster. Congrats Browns you might have found your guy.

  79. Dalton was bad against Browns, because AJ Green can’t get open against Haden. This happens every time they play, and ppl talk like it never happens. When was last time Dalton had good game against Browns?

  80. Stop Stop Stop! There is no need to trade Manziel now and offer Hoyer $100Mil, $50 Mil, etc. Life long Browns fan here. Be happy Browns fans, best start to a season since 1994. I know you wewant to be psuedo GM’s and say trade this for that and get me 4 draft picks for Manziel. Or cut ties with Hoyer and let him go to the highest bidder.

    Browns have one of the biggest cap spaces in the league still, and Johnny’s rookie deal isnt that much $$ tied up at all, so there is a good chance we have both on the team next year. Just let the season play out and then at the end of the season, we can all say who we want to stay and who we want to go.

    I honestly dont care who the QB is as long as the Browns are winning, and this is coming from a Manziel fan. I just want my Browns to keep it going and make a push for the playoffs!

    Go Browns!

  81. After watching Hoyer walk over and embrace Still last night, I’ve decided that he is now my second favorite QB. I hope the Bears dump Cutler and insert Hoyer. With Forte and the receiver talent available, he’ll be just fine in Trestman’s scheme.

  82. Love the folks comparing Hoyer to Derek Anderson. As if the fact that this year’s success is in any way reminiscent of the success they had in 2007. If you know ANYTHING about football or QB smarts, mechanics, etc- you know that Anderson and Hoyer are apples and oranges. Anderson is an immobile QB with a strong arm who can take advantage of opportunities, but is easily frazzled and isn’t a good game manager. Hoyer is an EXCELLENT game manager, plays extremely smart, has far more tenacity, is not easily discouraged, and can play from behind. Anderson is/was none of those things. He was merely a rocket arm who got some good breaks during one season.

    Stop comparing Hoyer to Anderson. Not the same style of mental or physical play at all.

  83. If Hoyer continues to play well, and steers them to the playoffs, and plays well they should consider trading Manziel.
    Not because they might not need him, but because his trade value may never be higher.

    Remember Rob Johnson? Matt Flynn? Kevin Kolb?

    All guys traded after showing a very SMALL sample size of success and teams drooled over their potential based on just a few games or even ONE game.

    Right now everyone remembers Johnny Football in college running around doing magical things.

    If he ever plays in an NFL game, his trade value might go drastically down.

    So, if you don’t want him… trade him now. Not later.

  84. The Bengals are at a clear disadvantage. They have Marvin Lewis as their coach. How is he still a head coach. 0-5 in the post season gets most coaches fired

  85. The browns would be a fool not to lock up Hoyer long term. Manzeil is right where he belongs and if he don’t like it, he can retire. Imagine how much better the offense will be once Gordon return next week, be careful I think the browns are the sleeper in the playoffs

  86. Hoyer’s stock is very high right now. If I was management, I’d sign him and trade him while his value is high. The imbeciles talking about trading Manziel are nothing more then Hoyer mouthers. I mean this guy has a cinderfella type of year and you’d think he was a perennial all pro or something. Scarface has done an adequate job as a game manager, but that’s the extent of his abilities. When the run gets stuffed, he certainly can’t beat teams with the pass to open up the run.

  87. How too pay Brian hoyer. Based on this season only

    1. For every non divisional win.
    Give him 1 million
    2.For every divisional win give him 1.5 million
    3.for every playoff win give him 2 million
    4.And these numbers are based per year
    give him a contract extension over a six years

  88. I felt Hoyer needed to be paid before I watched my team melt down at the feet of Cleveland last night.

    At minimum you gotta lock him in through 2015. Locks him in a bit longer in case he pans out, minimize the risk to the team in case he flames out like Fitzpatrick does every time he inks a deal… … …

  89. How about trading away Manziel???

    I know he’s got a long road ahead of him, but after he flipped off the Redskins I knew that he wasn’t going to have a good future.

  90. pondbridge says: Nov 7, 2014 7:52 AM

    Desperate Jets will pay Browns an early first round pick for Manziel plus a 3rd rounder, as much as to give the New York media a Broadway Joe II story for the offseason as to address a gaping problem in a team’s most important position. Both Vick and Smith are history.

    And when this happens I’ll be looking for a new team to root for.

  91. Sorry, Cleveland, you can keep Johnny Foosball. Oakland doesn’t need him. Young Derek Carr is far and above what Manziel could ever be at this point. And if that doesn’t work out, we’ll take Hundley or Mariota before we take JM.

  92. “If one thinks about it, one thing in common just about all of the recent SB winners had is a QB who was either elite (Brady, Brees P. Manning) or clearly capable of elevating his game (Flacco, E. Manning, Big Ben)(Russell Wilson is arguably the exception).”

    Wilson played as well or better than any of these other QBs did in any of their Super Bowls. Why doesn’t he get the respect? He made plays multiple times when Manning did nothing with far less pressure on him in the same game.
    I am a Packers fan, but Wilson is the real deal. It’s strange that some people still don’t see that.

  93. All the trade Manziel talk is just really dumb. All the Hoyer homers really fear him I think or they wouldn’t be the 1st ones up screaming to trade a guy getting paid very little to ride the pine for the next 4 yrs. They are afraid if Hoyer gets a mild sprain or concussed it will be the last time Hoyer starts. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hoyer and the way the Browns have been winning but I watch & DVR every Browns game. Hoyer throws some really crappy passes every game and I’ve seen him properly lead receivers only a handful of times. He hung Cameron out for this latest concussion. Yes, pay Hoyer and keep him if he doesn’t demand Dalton kind of money. He is just not a 10-12 mill a year qb quality. We paid something like 22 mill for a 2 yr contract to Derek Anderson after ONE good season and that really worked out so well, didn’t it?

  94. Isn’t this the second time the Browns had a bit of a QB issue… Derrick Anderson/Brady Quinn… And now this..

    Didn’t Anderson play good enough to get them into the playoffs, then signed elsewhere, and stunk? And then Quinn stunk as well? I can’t remember.

  95. If the OC, defensive coordinator call running plays, the QB runs a running play. Still, some interesting stats so far.

    QB rating #17 at 90.4%

    Yards/attempt #5 with 8.4 yds

    Interseptions , just 4 this season

    Total yds. #14 with 2212 and thats with a heavy running game.

    I’m very optimistic. Once we get receiving corps up with the running game, next week, I hope, I think the Brownies just might help us to forget our recent run of bad luck.

  96. 5 years $50m with 25 guaranteed should be more than enough to get him to sign long term and isn’t a killer contract for the Browns. Per Manziel, if and when he gets better than Hoyer, he can start. Until then, the media needs to back off on their Johnny Football fetish.
    That is probably wishful thinking at best with guys like Alex smith getting 4 yr/68 million dollars. Who knows, Hoyer is from Cleveland, maybe he gives them a discount.

  97. There is no corner. The Browns will pay him.

    This is not the old Browns. New owner, New Management, New Coaching !

    Remember, this is the same management group that made Mack the highest paid center in the league.

    They have a ton of cap room and an owner with deep pockets that wants to win!

    Hoyer will get paid and Johnny will get his chance when he gets his chance.

  98. I don’t see a real problem here. The Browns went into the off season hoping to find a good quarterback. They drafted JFF, but if Hoyer ends up being that guy, they still got the job done. Johnny can ride the pine until he shows in practices that he’s better. If he doesn’t end up doing that, they aren’t paying him huge money anyway on his rookie contract. They can always trade him to Jerruh in a couple years when Romo is ready to retire.

  99. I don’t see a real problem here. The Browns went into the off season hoping to find a good quarterback. They drafted JFF, but if Hoyer ends up being that guy, they still got the job done. Jimmy Haslem can pay Hoyer with all the money he obtained by short changing all those truck drivers on their fuel rebates.

    Johnny can ride the pine until he shows in practices that he’s better. If he doesn’t end up doing that, they aren’t paying him huge money anyway on his rookie contract. They can always trade him to Jerruh in a couple years when Romo is ready to retire.

  100. It’s too early to say. Let’s see how Hoyer finishes up. Will the Browns make the playoffs? Will getting Jordan and Gordon back cause his passing numbers to improve? If he keeps up the winning % the Browns have a problem. Are they willing to franchise him if necessary? And it may be necessary, because someone may be willing to pay him a lot of money.
    Is Manziel progressing? Growing up? There are a lot of things we don’t know yet, not the least of which is, “What will the Browns final record be?” It is just too early to know.
    My best guess is that if they make the playoffs, the Browns probably find a way to keep him. If not, they let him walk.

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