Hue Jackson on Andy Dalton: I’m joined at the hip with him

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There are times when coaches will support players after a bad game by trying to find some positives from the performance that can balance out the negatives.

Such exercises would be totally futile in the aftermath of Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton’s hideous outing in Thursday night’s loss to the Browns. Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson didn’t try to buck reality when he met with reporters Friday, choosing instead to point at Dalton’s history of bouncing back after other rough outings and reaffirming the team’s commitment to the quarterback.

“I’m joined at the hip with him. I understand that’s the way it goes,” Jackson said, via “I have not run from that. As he gets killed, I get killed. That’s the way it goes. That’s part of the business. But I don’t want us to think we’re going to have an issue with Andy. We’re not. We’re going to coach Andy. We’re going to help Andy get to where he needs to be. That’s my job. We’re going to coach him, continue to get him better, continue to grow.”

Dalton has bounced back before, including two good outings after a stinker against the Colts in Week Seven, but his performances in prime time and playoff games only got more abysmal with Thursday’s disaster. The Bengals are going to have to win games like that to take the step forward some thought they could take this season, so Jackson and company definitely have their work cut out for them in the near future.

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  1. Carson Palmer looks like a genius. He got out of Cincy, robbed Oakland of a few million, and went to Arizona.

    Andy Dalton is too inconsistent to ever be taken seriously, again.

  2. Give the Browns some credit, they blew up the Steelers the last 6 quarters the played them as well!

  3. I still can’t figure out why Dalton threw that ball on his lineman’s back vs. the Jags.

    I still can’t.

    One thing for sure though, he is always lucky when playing us. Deflections always seem to fall in AJ Green/Sanu’s hands for hailmary TDs.

  4. I’ve never been sold on Dalton. He looked HORRENDOUS last night. Probably the worst QB performance I’ve seen all year. I don’t care what CLE was doing…there is no excuse for that level of total incompetency. If I were the Bengals, I’d be lining up my draft board right now for a QB.

  5. I truly love that the story isn’t that the Browns won (because know they are NOT the better team, and we all know that), but that the Bengals let themselves lose.

    The Browns are no better than they were last year. The difference this season is that things are going their way–when last year they did not. Last year, they played teams like Green Bay and New England. This year? The Bucs, Raiders, etc… The entire division has winning records so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is rookie coaching staff AT BEST with marginal talent on the field.

    It is simply a matter of time–maybe a season or two–before the Browns return to a losing record, and the owner blows up the whole organization once again…and again…and again.

  6. Another posting about what the Bengals did wrong…nothing about what the Browns did right.
    There are teams that never get any respect from PFT. Browns, Chiefs, Bills, just to name a few. It’s always about what the other team did wrong.

  7. He is almost like an AFC version of Jay Cutler. What really stinks they both are tier 2 QBs,

    You can’t promise to get a tier 1 QB because those QBs are very rare in FA and hard to find in the draft.

    Then if you get a someone below tier 2 you get judged for letting that QB go.

  8. Some needs to tell Andy Dalton that the world has been introduced to “Bad Andy” on all of his primetime and playoff occasions and he doesn’t need to keep resurrecting him for these occasions…’s almost like the movie Pet Sematary…he comes back even worse!!

  9. Hue Jackson on Andy Dalton: I’m joined at the hip with him
    Maybe you both need hip separation surgery to get through this

  10. At some point Marvin Lewis should get the blame too. Good coaches find a way to get the most out of their team. Lewis is leaving a lot of potential on the proverbial sideline.

  11. Where is all this Carson Palmer is a genius stuff I keep hearing about coming from? Carson was never able to win a big game either. Look at his post game stats, well under 50%. Basically, the Bengals traded Palmer got Green, then got another Palmer again.

    Until Carson can actually play in a big game without fail, he will always be a mediocre Qb, no matter how good his stats are through out the year. “Same as Dalton”

  12. Imagine you are Cincy’s GM trying to decide which QB you want, got these two choices, both have 48 starts so far:

    Wins: 30
    Passes: 1630
    TDs: 80
    Int: 49
    Rating: 85.7
    postseason: 0-3

    Wins: 26
    Passes: 1679
    TDs: 85
    Int: 58
    Rating: 85.4
    postseason: 0-2

    QB2: Peyton Manning

    QB1: Dalton

  13. Way to go Hue, your way and play calling has Dalton throwing more INT’s then TD’s. Whats your encore hip man?

  14. Where is the story on how the Browns have 3 bruising RB’s? Each of which scored a TD last night!

  15. pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    Nov 7, 2014 3:34 PM
    Maybe it was *gasp* the Browns good defense that made him look so bad.

    Cleveland did ok, but take it down a notch. I don’t think the Browns can take credit for dalton throwing the ball 5 feet over the head of wide open receivers…

  16. Has there another QB that imploded under the bright lights of prime time with such consistency as Dalton? Put him on national TV and he’ll crap the bed. His illegal forward pass – not a yard over the line, but 5, was just embarrassing.

  17. Hate to say it but Hue’s play calling reminded me a lot of Jay Gruden from last year..totally abandoning the run even while Dalton was clearly struggling & flustered. I think Hue & Andy are both equally to blame for last night, & let’s not give Marvin Lewis a pass either – he’s the head coach & must ultimately be held accountable

  18. OMG! The Bengals lost a football game to an improved Browns team last night! They’re % points back in the AFC North race with 3 big games to play. So what? Get over it. If they beat the Browns in Cleveland (not exactly the most difficult of tasks) and win 1 out of 2 @ least to The Steelers, they’ll be there in the end. Are they a playoff team? Maybe. Are they a SB team? Probably not. Are they a better than average NFL team? Absolutely…Still. They are what they are! Where’s the big surprise!

  19. pfu2, true the Browns probably should have swept the Steelers. But they didn’t. They split. It was during the part of the season where the Steelers were up and down. The route still only counts as 1 win.

  20. Hue Jackson is a horrendous coach, period.

    He was atrocious during his time at USC – I never understood how he continued to find employment after his time at USC.

  21. What Jackson says and what he does are two different things, he’s a snake in the grass who will stab anyone in the back to help himself.

  22. Hey Hue, what about your predictable play calling? Do you think your inconsistent play calling strategy had any factor with your QB’s bad performance?

    Hey Hue, what about your game plan? I mean DO YOU have one? Why didn’t you choose to establish the run game first? Are you familiar with play-action passing?

    Hey Hue, are you thinking about replacing the magic 8 ball you use to call plays?

  23. Did Dalton lose 37-0, like Philip Rivers did? Did he fall flat against the inevitable elite rival like Peyton Manning has done this year against Seattle & New England? Is he having as bad a year as Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, and a lot of other “top” QBs?

    Dalton gets too much scrutiny for things that other QBs get a pass for. Criticism of him should begin and end in the postseason, because unlike almost every other NFL QB, that’s where he’s gotten his team the last 3 years.

  24. Dalton gets clumped in with Flacco, cutler, matt ryan as the all over paid and over-rated QB group.

  25. Hue is such a cliche kind of guy. Sorry to hear he’ll be looking for work next year along with Dalton. Talk about a guy with absolutely no swagger it’s Andy Dalton. What a complete dud. His Pepsi commercial is embarrassing. If it was me I’d try to figure out how I could dump Dalton, and I guess Jackson – since he’s tied to he hip of Dalton, and figure out a way to draft Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Oh, another thing. What kind of a bozo is RB Hill for spouting his mouth off regarding the Browns. What does he hope to gain? The only thing he has done is provide the Browns with billboard material for their next game. He’s not looking at the big picture. This is the NFL kid, not college.

  26. kevpft, ok he’s 0-3 in the playoffs and what’s his postseason numbers? The guy buckles in the spotlight, 2-9 in prime time including giving up a game winning OT safety against the Dolphins in prime time last year.

    Granted Matt Ryan got paid before he won in the playoffs but didn’t he make the NFC championship game?

    Wasn’t Eli a SB MVP and has to rings to his name? There is one guy I agree with, Rivers is a huge underachiever, but did the Colts win 27-0 over the Bengals a few weeks ago?

  27. getyourownname,
    Your comparison is not the full picture. The rules have changed so much in favor of the QB even since Manning was a rook. Manning never ha as good of a defense Dalton has. Dalton will never carry a team on his back.

  28. The fan in me says this team will get it together and all will be well. The realist in me tells me they’re cooked mentally and you can only say so many times we’ll get better and get it turned around. That’s what I heard after the New England game, the Colts game, the Panthers game and now the Browns game. As of right now they have beat a 5-4 Ravens team twice, the bottom of the AFC south in Jacksonville and Tennessee, and a horrible Atlanta Falcons team. The games against the Colts, Browns, and Pats weren’t even competitive. The Panthers game should have been a win but wasn’t but they still looked awful against them. This team is just not good they’re undisciplined. This is shades of the team with T.O. and Chad Johnson where everyone just quit. Dalton is inconsistent but we’re going to just have to put up with him for another 2 years until they have the option of getting out of that contract. Then you have to find who will replace him. If there’s not an answer to that question you’re stuck with him and just have to live with his ups and downs. Bengals should be looking into at least bringing someone in that would push him and could actually start. If the Eagles let one of their qbs go I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing in Foles or Sanchez at this point.

  29. Getyourownname:

    I like the comparison. It’s something that Peter King or Matthew Berry would do. But it’s also a little misleading.

    1. Peyton had a really awful rookie year, which skews the first 48 games comparison (especially when playoff games are not a part of the equation).

    2. You mention that they both lost in the postseason to begin their careers, but you don’t mention the fact that Peyton played at least okay in his post-season debuts, while Dalton wet the bed each time he went out.

    3. Peyton had 28 of those 58 interceptions in his first year. After the first year he had subsequent years of 15 and 15 interceptions.

    4. Peyton’s fourth year he won an MVP. Think Andy Dalton is on that path?

  30. Dogsweat says: Nov 7, 2014 5:09 PM

    Baby Huey next recycled coach of the San Antonio/L.A. Raiders in 2016.
    Mark Davis took credit for breaking off Hubris Jackson. If Hue comes back, it will be under new ownership.

  31. Cincinatti owner, Mike Brown has the reputation of being the tightest NFL owner because he is traditionally frugal. Most other owners are billionaires who made their money from other businesses, but Mike’s business is the Bengals. I wonder if Mike is having any buyers remorse after re-signing Andy Dalton to big money? He looked awful.

  32. A lot of bitter Bengal fans on here just figuring out their 100 million dollar QB is heartless ginger. You’d think that someone who’s playing with their head constantly on fire would be more productive especially against such a “bad” Browns team (6-3). I mean honestly, if I had two road flares hanging off my face where my eyebrows should be I’d play the best I could every game to make people forget that my naked body would explode in direct sunlight. But all red hair jokes aside, he’s an ugly human being and he’s not good at football. Welcome back to the basement Bengals, at least you had a successful playoff run.

  33. I’m not quite sure what all this putting of Hue in the spotlight is for anyway. Of course he has to be joined at the hip to Dalton, he has no say in the matter. He has no power to choose who his QB is or isn’t, that’s 100% on Marvin Lewis.

    And to add to that, here’s another theory I have, and that is that Marvin Lewis is meddling in the playcalling and forcing Hue Jackson to run a pass heavy offense with no running game in it. I say this because Cincy’s offense is no different in any of the formations and schemes that they’ve run last year or any year before. And I know for a fact that Jay Gruden and Hue Jackson both run distinctly different offenses, saw it first hand between Gruden coaching Washington and Jackson coaching Oakland. Yet their Cincinnati Os have had no changes at all in them.

    That tells me that this abandoning the running game that’s been going on is Marvin’s doing as opposed to Hue Jackson doing it. Marvin may not be calling the plays, but he is dictating them. That alone should get him fired.

  34. Just listen to Marvin’s press conferences. They say it all. After that disastrous implosion last night he actually said that 2 bad punts really hurt them.

  35. Hue screwed the pooch on this one. How can you abandon the run game when your QB is struggling that much? And how can you not take into account Cleveland’s ball hawking secondary? Gipson leads the league in picks, Skrine had two in the game, Whitner is always around the ball, and oh yeah there’s that Haden guy who covers tighter than saran wrap.

    Don’t get me wrong, Dalton was awful. But if your the OC, you can’t have your struggling QB lobbing raw steak into the lion’s cage all night long.

  36. The Red Romo… hes a joke. NFL history is littered with loser QBs like this, hes just the latest round. And Marvin Lewis? Why that underachieving loser of a head coach is still employed is beyond me… although i think i might know why. Cincy fans… enjoy your million dollar loser QB & your head coach who year in & year out goes home even if he makes it to the playoffs. Always the bridesmaid!

  37. What is white, red, wears a Bengals uniform and is increasingly looking like a clown?

    Ronald McDalton

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