Philbin says Dolphins need Pouncey to have a big game against Suh


One of Sunday’s best individual matchups will happen in Detroit, where Dolphins guard Mike Pouncey and Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will square off.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said the Dolphins’ entire offensive line will have its hands full against a Detroit defensive front that’s strong across the board, but he specifically mentioned Suh as the defensive lineman who makes the difference for the Lions, and Pouncey as the offensive lineman who needs to lead the way for the Dolphins.

“[Suh] is an excellent football player. He’s strong, he’s quick, he’s athletic, he moves well, he gets off blocks. We’re going to have to play, Mike Pouncey, our whole offensive line’s going to have to play well,” Philbin said, via the Miami Herald.

The Dolphins’ running game has been strong this season, ranking third in the NFL at 4.79 yards a carry. The Lions’ run defense is equally strong, ranking second in the NFL at just 3.25 yards a carry allowed. Philbin identified that run defense as a key to the Lions’ success.

“Well, number one, they are very stout upfront,” Phillbin said. “They are a physical football team. They are active on the second level as well. Not only are they strong, but they can move and they are athletic. I think their pursuit is very, very good, and they tackle well. When you have those components, it makes it tough. What are they averaging, 3.2 or three yards they are giving up per rushing play? That’s way up there in the National Football League. They are playing good run defense.

Pouncey called Suh “a great football player” this week and called himself “a big fan of his.” Whether Pouncey can look like a great player himself while blocking Suh may determine who wins on Sunday.

40 responses to “Philbin says Dolphins need Pouncey to have a big game against Suh

  1. Its a good matchup. I suspect that Pouncey and Suh may well cancel each other out, and it will be OL vs DL that decides this one.

    That and Megatron anyway. Keep the ball out of his hands, and the Phins will be golden.

  2. Philbin is right, this is a game where Pouncey needs to win his battle. Tannehill has improved, but he is not at the point in his development where he can drop back 35-40 times and beat good teams from the pocket. Ergo, Miami needs to be able to run the ball and keep the pocket clean. The Dolphin offensive line is vastly improved from last year, but can it dominate against an elite front four? That is the fulcrum upon which this game will teeter.

  3. As if he’s going to be blocking him by himself…

    Really excited for this slugfest. Hoping for a competitive, injury free game.

  4. You call him out (not really) he will have his best game of the season bet on it phinsup. Resign that man also clay, wilson, and odrick

  5. The Dolphins need to harrass the QB like they did Brady and Rivers then it makes life easier. It should be a good game if both teams show up.

  6. As a lifelong Fins fan, this is the game Miami goes into knowing they need to win this to make a statement and progress as a team, even coming in with momentum. And as a life long Fins fan, these are the kinds of games ive watched Miami just flop in.

    Pretty nervous, ive fallen for this teams hype before.

  7. That’s assuming the Lions don’t move Suh around. In any case, I expect the Dolphins will be double-teaming him, even with Pouncey.

  8. Hoping for a good, injury-free game. This will test the Dolphins run game, o-line and CBs. The linebackers need a good game to slow down Detroit.

  9. I like this article. I’m glad they highlighted a battle in the trenches, especially one as good as this one. I like both players, and I love smashmouth football. Let’s take it back a decade or two and get back to FOOTBALL for one Sunday.

  10. Like other Lions fans posting here, I too am hoping for Detroit to not repeat what’s happened in years past and start a down fall for the second half. We have a lot of people returning, so I’m keeping my hopes up. Big test at home Sunday to see who real Lions are. From the West Coast, GO LIONS!

  11. Despite the opinion of those in the media Philbin has pushed all the right buttons this year. Let not forget that this team started the season with a new offense, a totally rebuilt OL and missing 3 starters and then Moreno went out week 2. So now with their full team and orientated to the new system they are hitting there stride. Great match up this weekend and the winner is prime for the 2nd half of the season. I wonder if Philbin got some inside tips from the Packers on the NFC North teams? Seems like they had the Bears figured out.

  12. You know pouncey wasn’t playing the kc and bills game right??? Learn what you’re talking about not saying we’re going to win cuz of that

  13. It’s keen insight like this that has helped Philbin become so respected and become such an awesome coach.

    Wait. What?

  14. @69finsfan

    Road wins vs Oakland, Jacksonville, and a reeling Chicago are not impressive. Your next four road games are at Detroit, the Jets, Denver and New England. Sweep them and you’ve got my attention.

  15. 6ball says:
    Nov 7, 2014 11:39 AM

    Road wins vs Oakland, Jacksonville, and a reeling Chicago are not impressive. Your next four road games are at Detroit, the Jets, Denver and New England. Sweep them and you’ve got my attention.

    Sweep those, and we’re going to a championship game – I think the Phins will have everyone’s attention.

    I think its more reasonable to say go 2-2 or better and we have attention. They’re the most crucial games. Of course, we did get to a “win 1 of your last 2 games against weak opponents and you are going to the playoffs” situations last year, and that didnt work out.

  16. With road games against the Cardinals and Patriots following this game, the Lions need this one.
    It should be a good one!

  17. Sorry but great players don’t just cancel each other out. Some plays Pouncey will win and some play Suh will win. The team that plays better football overall will win the game.

  18. Dolphins play like the Saints on the road, except for the England game against the pop warner team, the Oakland Raiders. Look for the Lions to play like Lions,,,,Detroit 27, Fish 13

  19. Play like New Orleans on the road? Yeah. Maybe like the New Orleans that creamed Carolina in Carolina a week ago. This team is a combination of figuring out the new offense and fully healthy on D. And Pouncey is back. He didnt play for two of our losses. They went from good to better when Reshad Jones came back. Either way, I expect a hard fought old style slugfest. Nothing but respect for the Lions.

    Phins up!!!

  20. Both teams have fooled fans before, but that only further highlights the importance of this game. Phins up!

  21. Go Lions but the 37-0 win over the Chargers is in my mind however with CJ back and Reggie Bush Lions will be a better team no question

  22. The Lions move Suh around, inside and outside. Sometimes this will be Suh and Pouncey +1, and sometimes the matchup will be different.

    I expect both teams to run a lot of different blitz packages to get the QB rattled (in hopes of creating INTs). Delmas will be extra fired up for Miami. I expect this game will be a bit messy when it comes to turnovers. Bot QBs will get knocked around a bit.

    The thing that hasn’t been discussed much is that Detroit is stronger both offensively and defensively than anyone Miami has faced. Stafford has become comfortable throwing to Golden Tate and Theo Riddick. On top of that he’ll have Megatron at 100%.

    I’m not convinced Reggie Bush is at 100%, but Theo Riddick gives us the same explosive speed out of the backfield.

    Home game right after the bye … Detroit has the edge.

  23. They will still have to double Suh, he’s a freak of nature and will dominate any 1v1 vs anyone

  24. Miami…HAS taken advantage of their homefield [ ie weather not crowd] advantage…having practiced all summer in 95+ both degrees and humidity level.

    NOW…they go into the phase where the tables are turned..traveling to Denver, and mid December NE, cold cold weather…Forget about playing the jets…is a joke.

    IF…they lose to Lions, and assuming the lose to Denver & NE…6 losses this year may not be enough even for a wildcard.

    Otherwise, their schedule filled w/cupcakes..w/maybe only Buffalo having a shot

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