Carson Palmer signs three-year extension with Cardinals

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On Friday afternoon, Mike Florio reported that the Cardinals and quarterback Carson Palmer could agree to a contract extension soon.

Soon didn’t take long. The Cardinals announced a bit later on Friday afternoon that they have signed Palmer to a three-year extension through the 2017 season. .

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports the payout is $50 million, although there aren’t any details about how the deal is structured in terms of guaranteed money and injury protection at this point. Palmer could have become a free agent after the season, which was apparently something the Cardinals didn’t want to risk.

Palmer’s season was interrupted by an injured nerve in his right shoulder, but he’s played well since being back in the lineup and has posted his best numbers since his early days in Cincinnati. Palmer’s first year in Arizona got off to a rocky start, but he’s thrown 25 touchdowns and 10 interceptions while the Cardinals have gone 11-2 in his starts since the midpoint of the 2013 season.

With Palmer off the market, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer stands as the most attractive of the potential free agent quarterbacks. His record as a starter over the last two years is almost as good as Palmer’s, which will make for some interesting decisions in Cleveland if things keep going well for him over the remainder of the season.

78 responses to “Carson Palmer signs three-year extension with Cardinals

  1. Smart by both sides. Palmer playing the best football of his career, best QBR of his career, winning games, and best QB in NFL on 3rd down.

    In addition, Palmer has never had weapons like Floyd, Fitz, Brown, Ellington….nor the protection.

  2. they need to let ray rice back in the league. feminists and white knights are ruining the league. and palmer isn’t even worth a 30m deal, but whatever.

  3. I would have waited to see how the playoffs went. At $50 million it’s not like you saved much by signing him now, plus you risk him mailing in the rest of the season.

  4. Palmer is being resurrected in AZ by BA. It’s all good. Of course, his favorite target in Fitzgerald likely won’t be there next year, but it’s a good move for both. (Then again, something about Fitz tells me he’ll get creative in order to stick around and win a championship as a Cardinal.)

    Now, cue “he sucks” guy. For a QB with a rating approaching 100 this year, 12-4 in his last season of starts, 5-0 this season, I’d think most fans of the Cardinals are pleased with his leadership and ability.

  5. He’ll never go 3 years, but good to lock him up. This way Logan Thomas can get good training behind him too.

  6. with the warner interlude the only respite from an endless array of incompetence at the quarterback spot, the redbirds have every reason to try to tie up the most successful qb since their super bowl appearance.

    my take however is that both the durability and continued good play by palmer are questionable over a three year term.

    it also appears that coach ariens may well have better luck adapting to the talent presented at the qb spot than previous arizona coaches and may have success with many quarterbacks.

  7. Dumb. There wasn’t anyone giving him anything close to that this offseason. Worst case, the cards could have franchised him. He’s gonna be 35 next month.

  8. Cardinals could win it all if things break right. I personally wouldn’t have locked hin up right now but if forced to… I’d only guarantee $15 million of that $50 million deal.

  9. Fitz is definitely gone at the end of this year, the Cards cap situation is diabolical

  10. I don’t know the exact structure, but roughly $17 million a year for Carson Palmer is a lot of money. Especially on a young team that will need cap space to resign key players soon. Based on this contract, either Palmer wins the Cards a Superbowl or he busts.

    PS..why not wait until post-season? I don’t think he would have left for free-agency from the best supporting cast he’s had in his career.

  11. Good move. To the haters, there’s no guaranteed money. If he burns out, ties will be cut. Look at it more of an insurance policy. If he can keep winning games and (possibly) championships, that $50 million will look pretty solid. Good job Cards.

  12. Palmer will allways let you down when it really counts. that INT is going to be there every time the big game is on the line.

    clump him with the flacco, cutler, matt ryan, dalton, over paid over-rated group.

  13. Man it’s too bad the Bengals can’t find a qb with half Palmer’s ability.

    No fan of either team (although AZ is the easiest team in that division to route for) but who would honestly want to be committed to Andy Dalton for twice a team is committed to Carson for?

  14. smackingfools says:
    Nov 7, 2014 5:30 PM
    Wow. I wouldn’t want my team to give him 1 million.

    17 38
    Thank you for your feedback. We will look into it.

    “Your team” must be better than 7-1…..wait…

  15. Good move Keim !!! With Fitz gone they still have WR talent and RB talent.. he has fixed what Whisenhunt and Graves tried to destroy … BA Coach of the Year

  16. Seattle Fans thank you for committing that much money to a guy with Nerve Damage in his throwing shoulder. That being said, i wish him the best and good health.

  17. seattlerogueburner says:
    Nov 7, 2014 6:08 PM
    Good move. To the haters, there’s no guaranteed money. If he burns out, ties will be cut. Look at it more of an insurance policy. If he can keep winning games and (possibly) championships, that $50 million will look pretty solid. Good job Cards.
    No guaranteed money? Yeah, like he would sign that. Plus the article, or any article says no details about guarantees.

  18. Its good to see him getting this. It’s been like the perfect marriage in Arizona for Palmer, Ariens and company. That whole operation is a well oiled machine right now, and their record proves it.

  19. Need to see what the actual guaranteed money is – and it’s always a LOT less than the initial figures – but sounds like a smart move by AZ to lock him up for the short term. Am a Vikings fan but have always liked Palmer’s game. He’s been injured a lot but always seems to land on his feet, kudos to him for his success this year and very deserving of this extension.

  20. I had no hope of the Palmer experience succeeding in AZ but even as a Hawks fan, I must admit Palmer and Arians have turned the Cards into a team to reckon with. The NFC West is about to get fun and we’ll see what each team is made of as we are all about to play each other in some crucial games that will shape what the playoff picture looks like.

  21. Palmer is a good QB who is thriving on a solid, complete team. Still can’t believe the Raiders gave up three first round draft picks to acquire him then turned around and shipped him to Arizona for nothing before they were done shipping draft picks to the Bengals. Only the Raiders.

  22. I’m a Cincy fan and I would normally be all about the Palmer bashing.

    But I also watched last night’s game, so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut and just say good for him for getting paid.

  23. For the people saying Carson Palmer didn’t deserve that money, you are very wrong. First of all, I like pigs, which ultimately affects the way Carson thinks on that football field. Second of all, I am extremely efficient in using the bathroom, so when Carson doesn’t know what to do in that pocket, he srambles away like if he were smelling the bathroom I was dominating in., Carson is a very good QB, having one of his best seasons in his career, and deserved every little bit of that contract. Just hope they can keep that defense in tact.

  24. As a long time cincy fan I hope now that he finally has good coaching and a solid organization around him he can win it all. I might even break my old Palmer jersey out if they make the playoffs.

  25. Depends on the details of the contract. For a team that has gone 14-3 in their last 17 games a signing like this is expected. But what tools will Mr. Carson have next year and the third year.
    For $50 million this is perhaps what the market dictates especially if the Cardinals keep winning.

  26. Cards are all smoke and mirrors. They should be 4-4 at best and this is another bad move for them. Paying a guy who’s never win a playoff game that much is folly.

  27. Laughing all the way thru the playoffs! GREAT job Cards!! Congrats Palmer, you deserve it!! Looking forward to the seeing us stomp the Lambs this Sunday.

  28. LOL at AZ getting Palmer and Veldheer from Oakland for one swapped 6th and 7th rounder. At this very moment Oakland is breaking in a rookie QB who will be Arians’ next QB in three years. Oakland is AZ’s development league.

  29. It’s nice to hear some kind words from a couple Seattle fans. Should be a good division for years to come and the Cards and Hawks will play some exciting football. Anyone’s division from year to year. Cheers.

  30. .. this just PROVES how bad my Raiders really do SUCK.
    I still fly the swag and people point at me and laugh.
    It is what it is.
    A Central Pa. boy growing up a Raiders fan and this is my reward.

  31. As a Bengals’ fan, I always loved Palmer – until he flat-out quit on the team. Still, I’m glad to see him enjoying some success. So long as “Bad-Andy” is around, I guess I’ll cheer on the ‘Cards.

  32. Bruce Arians makes this a solid move. Everthing that coach touches turns into wins….no one can deny that!

  33. Not a mistake, a good signing; Palmer’s playing good football this season.

    I went into this last offseason fearing the Cards much more than the Niners, and the Cards have come through in spite of major personnel losses.

    If we don’t take the division this year, I’d far rather the Cards take it than the Niners.

  34. humb0lt says:
    Nov 7, 2014 6:56 PM
    Palmer is a good QB who is thriving on a solid, complete team. Still can’t believe the Raiders gave up three first round draft picks to acquire him then turned around and shipped him to Arizona for nothing before they were done shipping draft picks to the Bengals. Only the Raiders.


    The Raiders gave up 3 first rounders now? They gave up a 1st and a 2nd over two years.

    Palmer played two and a half seasons in Oakland.

    Nothing you post makes sense other than it wasn’t a very good trade after RM took over and didn’t want to pay him what he was worth.

  35. I am not a Cards fan at all so take that into consideration when I say this…the Cards are legit and I’m honestly shocked. Bruce Arians has done a ridiculously great job coaching that team, the defense has overcome serious injuries and suspension issues to still be a great unit, and Carson Palmer looks reborn in Arians’ offense. Both Arians and Chip Kelly have done a much better job as coaches than I initially thought they would. Their ability to lead and organize a team and get the absolute most out of their personnel is impressive. The Cards look like a force to be reckoned with that won’t be going away anytime soon.

  36. Paying an old QB that kind of money? Look what happened to the Patriots and the Bronco’s signing up even older QB’s.

  37. danpatrickisatool says:
    50 million for an interception machine.
    Best post of the day. Although, if a “machine” only made two of something through half the year, I’d be more than a little disappointed in it.

  38. Most of you guys wish you had a QB as good as Palmer with a scheme as good as what BA has put in for him! And all most all of you wish you had a coach as good as BA! So just keep bad mouthing the Cardinals and we’ll see you in February!

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