Giants vow to keep throwing deep, despite struggles

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Against the Colts, Giants quarterback Eli Manning completed none of six passes that traveled 21 or more yards.  Will that stop New York from taking their shots against the so-called Legion of Boom.

Never,’’ offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo said this week, via the New York Post.  “You don’t ever go into a game scared.  You go in and trust your plan and trust your preparation.  We hit those throws and made those plays in practice last week.  We are going to practice hard and take care of the execution and fundamentals and the physicality this week in practice and go out and expect to execute on Sunday.’’

McAdoo also disputed the notion that last week’s deep passes resulted from G.M. Jerry Reese’s plea for the team to be more aggressive.

Every week is a different week,’’ McAdoo said.  “You put together a plan that you think gives you the best chance to win, obviously. We felt that gave us a chance to win.  We did a nice job with protection early up front.  We had some chances down the field to make some throws and make some catches and we didn’t come up the way we would like to.”

The season to date hasn’t come up the way the Giants would like, with five losses wrapped around three straight wins.  If it continues, both the Giants and the Jets could be looking for new coaches in less than two months.  Possibly, new General Managers, too.

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  1. I love Coughlin, but coaches have expiration dates. He needs to move to another role within the organization. Reese is a miss. He is not a Tannebaum type debacle, but he is over his head. Both Championships were won with inherited pieces, and his only strong draft was his first. The outgoing GM assisted the process. They are both good football men, but no longer fit in current roles. Hopefully Mara drives the process, Tisch is more Hollywood than Football.

  2. This team is an unmitigated, undisciplined, untalented disaster. There is no drive or passion in any game or play. Everybody wants to blame Eli but he is the only one trying on offense and seems to be the only one in general who knows what is going on. How many passes did the WRs drop last week? 8? 10? Why do we always draft pre-injured players? Amukamara. Odell. Wilson. JPP looks like a flop also. Not even one of you deserves to put on a Giants uniform and get paid to play football. I wouldn’t pay for that kind of effort to get me coffee let alone touchdowns.

    You act like you’re deserving. You don’t.

    You act like you’re entitled. You aren’t.

    You play like a soft suck. You are.

  3. We hit those throws and made those plays in practice last week
    That might be because your defense is bottom tier this year. Other teams are making those plays I games against the Giants, no?

  4. Hawks secondary which is getting better every week will be FIRED UP for this home game.

    Defensive front will put the pressure on Manning EARLY and often.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  5. As a Hawk fan I’ve only seen the game last week and the Giants looked terrible . I heard the announcers say something about having changed Eli’s footwork and he plants on the opposite foot now … why change the mechanics on a Superbowl MVP ?!

    They have a lot bigger problems than Eli Manning at QB , and I highly doubt it’s going to get any better for them on Sunday . Coughlin has been a great coach but it might be time to move on now ..

  6. Reese is one of the best GMs in football. He will be GM for next decade or longer.

    McAdoo is being groomed as next HC. I’d guess Coughlin remains HC next year than hands over the keys to Coach McAdoo.

    Time will tell. Go Giants!

  7. The problem is definitely NOT Coughlin. The problem is the personnel.
    Get rid of Reese. Get rid of Ben McAdon’t & those glass CBs. Get some real WRs & some linemen. Clear out the locker room trash. It will work magic.

  8. The Reese plan of re-build of FA’s in the off-season looked ok, but the price of 116M?
    Yes I bought in!
    Now, there all on IR and there roster back ups are about to get whacked by Seattle.
    TC does not put the roster together, but has a great deal of input as one with his resume would.
    Blame starts with Reese/Ross and filters down to the field. The 53 guys we have, most will be gone after this year.
    Mara is a lost owner, not like his dad, just a high class lawyer like some other rich kids.
    He has to make some serious decisions and that will unfold at years end. Giants come home at 3-6 with the Niners in a must win mood, see the picture?

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