Dispute emerges regarding internal dispute in Minnesota


With a report emerging that the Vikings aren’t on the same page regarding running back Adrian Peterson, a dispute is now emerging regarding whether that report is accurate.

Earlier today, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that an “internal battle” exists in Minnesota regarding whether Peterson should return to the team.  A league source with direct knowledge of the situation insists that the report is not true.

The source contends that the organization is “100 percent unified” on Peterson.  “There has been no rift internally at all.”

The question now becomes whether Rapoport, who works for a media company partially owned by the Vikings, will back track or double down.

The question also becomes whether the report is indeed accurate.  The players want Peterson.  Presumably, the coaches do, too.  Ditto for the football operations personnel, whose job security hinges on winning games.  If there’s dissent, it’s likely coming from someone whose employment status is determined by factors other than wins and losses.

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  1. These people need to stop trying to be so morally self-righteous. The man didn’t go to jail, so let him play football. Theres nothing sacred about playing football. They act like the field would be desecrated if he set foot on it or something. If they would stop trying to act like the Vatican, there wouldn’t be all this mess.

  2. Of course there is a dispute. You’ve got two very good running backs getting the job done, an Adrian Pederson who is about to turn 30 amd commanding big bucks and you have a chance to get rid of him for a quality draft pick/s and cash.

    Especially when the fans, many will understand and not care as long as the Vikes are winning and have a running game, many of them will move on too and like the new picks.

    This is almost a no brainer.

  3. Interesting, the media covering the NFL has a serious case of tabloid paparazzi mentality. I base this upon the way they have reported on Seattle, Santa Clara and now Minnesota with smaller forays into other teams alleging internal issues. Seems to be more ‘create & stir controversy’ reporting.

  4. Rapoport can write “internal battle” and be correct or incorrect no matter how you look at it. I want AP to play because I want my fantasy team to do well. I want AP to stay suspended because, with him, the Vikings might keep my NFL team out of the playoffs.

    It’s semantics, but it’s an internal battle. Rapoport’s “battle” may be different from yours, mine, the NFL’s, AP’s lawyers’, and the Vikings’, but it’s all six of one, half dozen of the other at the end of the day.

  5. Pretty simple. He pleaded to a misdemeanor, per CBA, can’t be suspended. They either play him or cut him.

  6. I know a lot of people jump at assume that taking AP back is a no brainer for the Vikings but I just couldn’t disagree more.

    From a pure football standpoint it just doesn’t make sense to me. The Vikings are in rebuild mode and have a talented young back in Jerick McKinnon who has shown glimpses of being a star in the league.

    From a personal management standpoint AP is nearly 30, carries an extremely high salary, all while playing a position that is less and less valued in the league by the day. And again from a rebuild standpoint it just makes more sense to go young and cost effective.

    And from a franchise standpoint why would you bring AP back? He doesn’t make them a contender and if your the team owner do you want a guy who beats a 4 year old child bloody with a branch representing your orginazation? All while paying said player the highest salary in the league for his position?

  7. What Adrian did was, in the end, a bad outcome on a spanking, to me child abuse is getting pleasure out of hurting a child, my opinion ,for what it is worth, is he was spanking his son the way he was, and even though it left marks that he felt bad about, it was in no way intentional. Many people compare this to him putting cigarettes out on his arm or locking him in closets with no food or water. Lets say he was playing catch with his son with a baseball and he threw it and gave him a black eye, is this abuse also? Being a parent is hard, being a part-time parent is even harder. Not one of us were there, the judge and prosecutors seen all the evidence and decided on the best punishment. Let Adrian grow from this and help him as a man be forgiven and forget he plays a game. Not one of us is perfect and only one should judge him.

  8. I feel that Adrian has gotten from this situation what he is going to get.
    It is truly sad that the victim in both this and the Ray Rice case are the ones suffering by the relentless need to talk of this subject. Our judicial system has spoken.

    Love it or hate it Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the game. The Vikings and the NFL need him back sooner or later. They just need to figure out a way to do it without pissing off the majority.

  9. The only dispute is how large the angry mob will be once he is back. I think the trade deadline is over so he would have to be cut. That would just be stupid. With the money Peterson will make next year, the Vikings almost need him to play this season to see how much gas is left in the tank in order to pay him or trade him in 2015.

  10. Honestly the NFL is the most disfunctional league by a land slide of any of the major sports. They are so confused in everything they are doing this year with its players

  11. “according to a source with direct knowledge”

    name the source. if the source isnt willing to go on record, then its just gossip. 50% of sports media is things that are completely made up and attributed to “sources”. football is not the same as national security and doesnt deserve source protection.

  12. Love it or hate it.
    What point is being made?
    Your disputing he is the best? You must know more than the men who play on the same level against him. But hey… Good stat.

  13. Hmmm…..

    NFL Player gets in trouble and cooperates with the legal system,
    meets with child care specialist to correct the actions,
    gets his court date and remains out of the public eye while waiting

    Why are people throwing him under the bus? An NFL player who broke the law and didnt try to cover it up!

    Look at it from the Vikings perspective:

    AP will demand more of defenses giving teddy a better shot at making plays. IF AP comes back and is his normal self Dallas will take him in the off season for draft picks, something people have pointed out Minnesota needs.

    You already have to pay the guy for the season regardless of what you do, why not get something for your money. Not to mention the new backs are new to the league and may not do as well after a year or two of video at the NFL level is out there for defenses to study.

    Lastly and more importantly. The Minnesota Vikings fans love to watch AP.

  14. adoombray says: Nov 9, 2014 1:03 PM

    “according to a source with direct knowledge”

    name the source. if the source isnt willing to go on record, then its just gossip. 50% of sports media is things that are completely made up and attributed to “sources”. football is not the same as national security and doesnt deserve source protection.


    Name your source and your career is over because nobody will ever tell you anything, ever again.

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