NFLPA demands Peterson reinstatement based on September letter agreement

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When the Vikings return to action in seven days against the Bears, Peterson wants to be on the field.  And his teammates want him to be on the field.

His union does, too.

According to Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN, the NFL Players Association demanded via letter sent to the league on Friday the reinstatement of Peterson.  The NFLPA’s argument arises from the terms of the agreement that placed Peterson on the Commissioner-Exempt list.

PFT has confirmed that, indeed, the NFLPA has requested via letter the immediate reinstatement of Peterson.  PFT also has obtained a copy of the original letter agreement that placed Peterson on the Commisioner-Exempt list, at a time when neither the NFL nor the Vikings could do anything to keep Peterson away from the team, under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The letter from NFLPA general counsel Tom DePaso to NFL general counsel Jeff Pash states as follows:  “The player agrees that, effective as of yesterday (September 17, 2014), he is placed on the Commissioner-Exempt list with full pay until the criminal charges currently pending against him are adjudicated.  No discipline will be processed or imposed against the player, by the Club or the League, until after the pending criminal charges are adjudicated.”

The letter agreement, which bears signatures of both DePaso and Pash, doesn’t explicitly state that Peterson will be reinstated once the criminal charges are resolved, but the letter clearly implies that the arrangement ends once the legal charges have been resolved.

So, in other words, the NFL has reneged on the agreement.  And now the NFLPA plans to enforce the deal via an expedited non-injury grievance that will be filed unless the league honors the terms of the document that it signed.

39 responses to “NFLPA demands Peterson reinstatement based on September letter agreement

  1. This is where Goodell needs to step up and make a statement. I don’t care what he rules but be a commissioner and take charge of this. After all he is on your “Commissioner-Exempt list”

  2. I don’t care what any union “demands”. He’s a child abuser. He switched the kids scrotum. He’s supposed to represent the NFL. Even Nike dumped him. No amount of thumbs down can change those facts.

  3. He should’ve never been suspended. This world is becoming extremely soft questioning how parents discipline their kids. Everyone has different methods and opinions on how to discipline their kids however, YOUR way isn’t the ONLY way.

  4. On one hand you state the Vikings/NFL have reneged on the agreement.

    On the other hand you state that the letter does not explicitly state Peterson will be reinstated after the criminal matter is resolved.

    So which is it? We’re not talking about something that can be had both ways here.

  5. You must be a complete idiot to screw up the NFL. Can someone walk out of the NFL Park Ave. office, go to the closet elementary school and find a new commissioner? You could give him or her free madden, free PS4/X Box1, all the candy they can eat and pay for their college. That’s so much less than $44 million a year and a they’ll do a better job.

  6. ” No discipline will be processed or imposed against the player, by the Club or the League, until after the pending criminal charges are adjudicated.”

    So now suspend him for 6 games…

  7. All I see from tat letter is that the NFL has to take him off that Commisioners list. He should then be disciplined for real and not with pay as he has been during this process.

  8. Funny, no matter what the NFL says about “getting it right”, it appears impossible for them to do with Goodell at the helm. The man should’ve been reinstated the same day his case was adjudicated. No matter what you think about AP himself or what he was accused of doing, the fact is that he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor. I highly doubt any charges would’ve been filed in Peterson’s case had it not come on the heels of the Ray Rice ordeal. While views on child abuse/parenting differs in various areas, it is apparently more acceptable in Texas because two grand juries didn’t want to indict him, the prosecutor was more than willing to accept the plea and the judge was more than willing to sign off on the plea agreement. Those are the facts and I can’t understand what the NFL needs to review. Let the man play!!

  9. I guess Roger doesn’t like being pressured into making decisions, but that’s exactly what he’s being asked to do. Let him play or don’t let him play..but make a decision!

  10. Fidel Goodell: “I did not see the video or that agreement. Nor did anyone in my office, to my knowledge.”

  11. The letter says he can’t be punished until after the charges are adjudicated, so now if they see fit the NFL can suspend him for as long as they want.

    It also never says he has to be reinstated or gives any time frame to do so.

  12. The letter doesn’t say a thing about how soon after the conclusion of the criminal proceeding the league would take action. Those clauses (7 days, 10 days, etc.) are commonplace. The NFLPA and Peterson’s representatives should have negotiated such terms if they wanted them. They didn’t, or more likely, couldn’t. As such, the NFL hasn’t reneged on the agreement.

    And it’s not like Peterson didn’t receive consideration for the agreement. He got paid during his suspension.

    I really do wonder if the NFLPA negotiates like this on purpose. Leave out key provisions in an agreement then later cry to the media about the evil NFL. Trying to get the opinions of the public and media on their side so as to pressure the owners to do what the NFLPA couldn’t get them to do during negotiations.

    Arguments like these just don’t stand up in court. The union is lucky the media isn’t as savvy as judges (or at least chooses not to be). Otherwise, the blame the NFLPA so quickly tries to hoist upon others would end up coming to rest on the shoulders of the true culprit: their own.

  13. Being told you cannot practice with the team, come to the games, come to the facilities is a punishment despite “being paid”. He could do those things without being punished further. He has served his time and the only thing left is the monetary fine, if any. He should have been re-instated immediately.

  14. The NFL should have been prepared with a decision the moment his case was adjudicated.

    I also do not think he is getting six games. I believe he was called to testify to the grand jury in the summer before the new conduct initiative was released.

    Games missed is sufficient penalty.

  15. As has been mentioned, there is no timeline stipulated in the letter, so they could reinstate him in 60 years and adhere to the letter of the agreement.

  16. To all you people saying “he got paid”, he also has performance-based clauses in his contract that, if attained, add more than a million dollars to his salary. Every game he misses, makes it unlikely he will reach any of those performance-based incentives.

  17. It doesn’t matter what you think about Peterson or Goodell.

    The facts are that Goodell violated the CBA by unilaterally changing punishments for domestic violence. He violated the CBA by coming up with the commissioner’s exempt list and using it in this fashion.

    Legally the league has no leg to stand on and if DeSmith had a spine and wasn’t a league lackey the union would have sued weeks ago.

  18. I hope the NFL punishes him, since the judicial system didn’t. 4 grand fine for a guy who makes close to million dollars a game is absurd.

    FYI, he wasn’t suspended, he was put on the commissioners exempt list.

  19. I hope the NFL punishes him, since the judicial system didn’t. 4 grand fine for a guy who makes close to million dollars a game is absurd.

    FYI, he wasn’t suspended, he was put on the commissioners exempt list.

  20. Name one nfl player that’s was suspended 8 games, with or without pay, for a misdemeanor. Just one…… Exactly now let the man play!!!!

    Free All Day!!!!

    Let the man play!!!!

  21. Goodell is probably conducting polling and focus group feedback to determine what he should do. He’s just waiting for the okay from NFL PR and legal counsel.
    Goodell has shown himself to be morally adrift.

  22. How can one follow the rules if all the rules have a grey area?

    Im not talking about right and wrong. Im talking about rules after a error is made.

  23. Simple, the guy made a bad mistake, he did something to his child that was part of his upbringing. Legally, he is not guilty, his employer punished him,. I can not see how this one action should ruin his professional life. Ask, Ray Lewis.

  24. These charges have not yet been adjudicated and thus it is ridiculous to assert that the NFL has reneged on their agreement.

    Peterson agreed to have the adjudication deferred for a period of two years as part of his plea bargain.

    No determination of Peterson’s guilt has yet been determined by the court and won’t be for another two years.

    The “agreement” clearly says “until adjudication” and adjudication has clearly not occurred yet.

    It is absolutely irresponsible to make the assertion that the NFL has reneged on this agreement.

  25. Please note that the letter only states that the player agrees, not that both parties agree, and that it came after Peterson had already been placed on the exempt list.

    These seem to be possibly fatal flaws in considering this a contract that requires Peterson to be removed from the exempt list according to the terms of this letter.

    Unless the NFL’s attorney’s signature was preceded by something that indicated he agreed with the contents of the letter it could merely be an acknowledgement that he had received it.

    Thus we don’t even know if there was a valid agreement in the first place, much less that the NFL has reneged upon it.

  26. Petersen should never play a down in the NFL again. He went after someone that could not defend himself. A child. Maybe we should put Petersen in jail and cuff him and see how he makes out. It sickens me that a child abuser is going to be playing in the NFL. Why not let a child rapist.

    Florio you are looking for something to get behind why not stopping AP from playing another down in the NFL after abusing his child.

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