Nick Mangold: Mike Mitchell trying to jump line on kneeldown was a dirty play

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The Steelers didn’t have Troy Polamalu at safety on Sunday, but one of their other safeties earned the ire of the Jets for trying one of Polamalu’s moves when the Jets were in the victory formation at the end of the game.

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell tried to leap over Jets center Nick Mangold as Michael Vick took the snap before kneeling down, which earned him a body slam from Mangold when he didn’t quite get enough air to clear the Jets center. There were plenty of other Jets expressing their displeasure with Mitchell on the field and Mangold issued a verbal slam at Mitchell after the game.

“It’s a dirty play,” Mangold said, via Rich Cimini of

Mitchell may also been the target of some anger from Jets coach Rex Ryan, who was caught on video, via, using the same four letter word that former starting quarterback Geno Smith used toward a fan to earn a fine earlier this season. Ryan also got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during the game for yelling at the officials for what he perceived to be a lack of protection for Vick.

45 responses to “Nick Mangold: Mike Mitchell trying to jump line on kneeldown was a dirty play

  1. The Jets are whiny about EVERYthing … even KICKERS. What a miserable franchise. Rex Ryan is always predicting Super Bowl Titles and he never delivers. He anoints Mark Sanchez as “the Sanchise.”

    The Jets’ one and only appearance in the Super Bowl was BEFORE man landed on the moon — and man landed on the moon, and returned safely to earth nearly a half century ago.

    Even Fireman Ed had enough of the Jets and Jets Nation.

  2. They really need to end the victory formation. It ruins the last 2 minutes of football games. They should make it a 10 yd clock stopping penalty. While I’m at it, spiking the ball should be a fumble. Force teams to play it out.

  3. Can’t stand the steelers and very happy to see them lose but the guys just trying to win a football game. Not like he was diving at knees or blindsiding anybody. Give it a rest nick.

  4. Bush league play for sure.

    Think of it this way, if it had happened to Ben, you think Pouncey would have stood there and done nothing? Of course, not.

  5. Well if theres one thing Nick Mangold knows about its dirty plays….

    On the plus side Coach Schiano was awfully proud of Mike Mitchell ‘s play, he cheered loudly from his lazy-boy in his living room…

  6. crisorio58 says: “wininngness”

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Ever hear of a place called school?

  7. Any worse than the hit roethlisberger took in the first half after the play was whistled dead? Certainly not because this was not after the whistle.

  8. “The reason you people hate the Steelers because they are the most wininngness franchise in the NFL so jealous haters. Lol keep hating”



    Also, the Bears have the most Wins of any team, and the Packers have the most championships.

  9. crisorio58?

    “. . . most wininngness [sic] franchise in the NFL. . . .”

    Is that ‘Highest winning percentage for regular season’? Actually, it’s the Chicago Bears who hold that record (.575).

    Is that ‘Highest winning percentage for post season’? Actually, it’s the Baltimore Ravens who hold that record (.667).

    Is that ‘Most games won (regular season only), franchise history’? Actually, it’s the Chicago Bears who hold that record (.712).

    Maybe ‘Most games won (including playoffs), franchise history’? Actually, (again) it’s the Chicago Bears who hold that record (.728).

    Winningest? Maybe in some categories since the merger in 1970, but franchise history? Not even close in most categories. Remember, the Pittsburgh Steeler history goes back to 1933, not some randomly selected date since then.

    And also remember, if Pittsburgh had not combined with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1943, and then with the Chicago Cardinals (yes, the Cardinals did NOT originate in St. Louis) in 1944, the team might not now be in existence.

  10. What a sore loser he is as well as the whining steelers fans on here. One thing I will say is all the steelers fans I ran into at the game today were class acts. And I like Tomlin a lot….

  11. steelerfan1 says:Nov 9, 2014 7:11 PM

    Jests had biased officials on their side. It was predetermined earlier this week that they would win.


    Wrong. Terrible towels, terrible team, terrible fans.

  12. Yep, Pittsburgh isn’t exactly famous for class or sportsmanship. Just look at how they treat their own veterans.

    Even Mean Joe Greene knows its a city full of low lifes. Why do you think it took him 30+ years to go back and have his jersey retired?

  13. The reason you people hate the Steelers because they are the most wininngness franchise in the NFL so jealous haters. Lol keep hating

    Did you hear that at lunch or in study hall?

  14. Lol 15 yard FG. That made me laugh. Just due to the math involved. I can just picture kicking the backside of the snapper. Shakes head.

  15. It would have been even a sweeter ivictory if we can beat the Steelers on their home turf, but alas just beating them is fine with me during this winless season. Go Jets!

    Buffalo and Miami lost…playoffs here we COME!


  16. I hate the Jets with all my heart, but I was glad to see Mangold flip that twerp in the air. Dirty, classless play by Pittsburgh. Schiano is a scumbag.

  17. Let’s not throw around the term “dirty” for something like that. At least Mitchell was showing some pride in trying to play to the whistle. And Mangold handled him as I’d expect Pouncey to handle an over-enthusiastic player if the situations were reversed.

  18. Congrats to the Jets on their superbowl win. The steelers will continue to move on to next week after a bad day at the office, grind out some more wins and enter the postseason. 10-6 could win this division.

  19. Awful waste of what was clearly the largest takeover of an opponent’s stadium in history. I was there, I know, way more Steelers fans than Jets. Had the Steelers played even half decently the crowd noise would’ve forced Vick to go to a silent count, and Rex to eat his words. Tsk tsk. Steelers, you let down the best fans in football.

  20. This is just another example of how little class Mike Tomlin teaches his players. The Steelers are the kings at producing over rated head coaches and Tomlin is just the latest example.

  21. What??? The Steelers are the kings at producing over rated head coaches??? You obviously have no clue about the history of NFL football.

  22. No surprise here. The Steelers played their Superbowl against Baltimore last week and had a nasty hangover.

    This team will be lucky to hit .500 when the season is over.

    More steel town mediocrity.

  23. But wait Steelers fans, I thought Suggs was the only “dirty” player in the league. You sure were calling him out last week….Pot meet Kettle….

    Oh well as least all the fairweather Steeler fans will hide their flags and towels this week, you know, since they lost.

  24. Didn’t work for Greg Schiano, didn’t work for Mike Tomlin but it is a bush league play supported by bush league coaches.
    I hope the only time I see it is when Big Ben is in a victory formation and we will see how Steeler nation reacts

  25. Mitchell’s play wasn’t dirty. But neither was Mangold’s block.

    ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

  26. I grew up and lived just north of Pittsburgh my entire life until 5 years ago I was able to leave the hell hole. I can tell you there isn’t a steeler fan who thinks they have ever lost a game. The other team cheated, refs helped them Jerry paid off Neil lol according to the loser steeler fans they have never been beat. Living there all my life I can tell you all they do is whine at every loss. By the way Ben should be getting what he gave in prison

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