Ravens take issue with CBS broadcast of Harbaugh post-game comments

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After Sunday’s ho-hum win over the Titans, Ravens coach John Harbaugh addressed his team in the locker room.  Cameras and microphones were present.  And chaos, or something like it, ensued.

It seemed like no big deal at the time.  Harbaugh talked about finding a way to win on Sunday after playing a hard-fought game seven nights earlier in Pittsburgh.  He pointed out how the Steelers struggled to win in New York after playing the Ravens last Sunday night.

“That team beat us last week,” Harbaugh said.  “Then they went and got their ass kicked this week.”

Harbaugh’s comments referring to the Steelers were broadcast by CBS.  And the Ravens have responded by issuing a strongly-worded statement chastising CBS for disregarding a directive to not televise the remarks.

“The comments made by John Harbaugh in the locker room following today’s victory over the Titans were meant for Ravens players and coaches only,” Ravens Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations Kevin Byrne said. “The CBS-TV crew that was in the locker room was told by Coach Harbaugh that it could not broadcast what he was about to say.  When Coach Harbaugh finished talking about various things happening around the NFL and in the AFC North, he told the crew that it could now use what he was going to say.  Inexplicably, CBS-TV then aired comments Coach Harbaugh specifically said were not to leave the locker room. CBS-TV immediately pulled the video and apologized to the Ravens.”

It’s unclear how much attention the comments got before the Ravens issued their statement. Issuing a statement necessarily will generate more.

83 responses to “Ravens take issue with CBS broadcast of Harbaugh post-game comments

  1. I’m sure other teams in the league say much worse stuff about their divisional opponents behind closed doors.

    Please don’t make this into something other than CBS needing to be fined for broadcasting that…

  2. A lotta trash talk. A lotta “rat birds” goin around… When was the last time your team won a Super Bowl??? Yep that’s right. Teams that win championships can always pull that out of their back pocket… Right Cleveland? Right Cincy?? Oh wait……….

  3. Ravens beat Pitt by 20; Pitt beat Ravens by 20. It’s a week to week league; that’s all he’s saying

  4. CBS was great when it covered the NFC before the NFL awarded the contract to Fox. Had great commentators, with Pat and John at the top. Since then, pretty marginal. Subpar game callers (Nantz needs to stick to golf, Simms is terrible) and a waste of time pre game show.

    Somebody oughta be fired for this.

  5. This is an example where I think media access crosses the line. I understand that fans want as much access as possible and the media is simply trying to provide them that, but where do you draw the line and give the teams and players some privacy???

  6. Keep them out of the room if they’re not going to respect instructions.

    I’m no Ravens fan by any means, but if the press won’t respect “off the record” throw them the hell out altogether.

  7. The video of those comments were to be put in the vault with the Ray Rice elevator video. CBS should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. It’s true, but it may now motivate the Steelers to beat the Titans. If it for this bulletin board material they may very well lose to them.

    Thank you Harbaugh.

  9. GIVE ME A BREAK! You can’t expect a television crew to suddenly stop filming your team and locker room when you have something to tell your players and coaches. This is just like a mayor asking a reporter to turn off his recorder in a public city council meeting.

  10. That’s why Harbaugh has guided his team into the AFC North cellar.

    More concerned about scoreboard watching than his own team.

  11. So the Jets did what his team couldn’t?
    Seems like an odd motivational strategy.

    And when did a 7 point loss in the NFL become an “ass kicking”?

  12. I remember when TV was not allowed in the locker rooms. Don’t know why they need to be there now with all the required post game interviews and HC speak.

  13. Truth hurts. Steelers playing way over their heads the last 2 weeks! They beat a Ravens secondary that absolutely sucked! But their star running backs (aka Doobie Brothers) didnt do anything against the Ravens! I thought the steelers would definitely beat the Titans next week…now…not so sure.

  14. Seriously… Steelers fans you and your team are irrelevant… The Ravens own this division. Come to grips with reality and stop talking trash. Most recent SB Champs… Out

  15. The locker room should be the team’s safe haven to say and do what they want, away from prying eyes. I’ll say now what I said when the hullaballoo was about inappropriate things going on with women journalists in the locker room – get everyone out of there except for the team. When they’ve met, showered, and dressed, then have press conferences to your hearts’ content.

  16. There’s nothing wrong with cameras being present for the times that it is established that they have permission to air the recordings. CBS needs to find a way to make this right, perhaps a donation to a charity that promotes privacy rights is a good place to start.

  17. Its funny that on thread about the Ravens, almost every post is by a Steeler fan and then some Steeler fan talks about the Ravens having little brother complex. I’ve never seen a fan base as obsessed with another team as Steelers fans are with the Ravens.

    Also, nice classless play the end of the game trying to jump on a quarterback on the kneel down after trying to lecture the Ravens about unwritten rules last week.

  18. Total non issue. But I’ll tell you what, it’s pretty telling when a guy has to worry about speaking the truth so rationally to his team as if he’s committing some sort of ultimate sin.

  19. If this doesn’t lite a fire under the steelers butts. Nothing will. And maybe someday they will quit. Playing like chumps against these low level teams

  20. The guys from ESPN are kicking themselves now. “Why didn’t we think about airing secret tapes and creating a controversy for no reason?? We’re slipping, guys!!”

  21. What a shock!!! This is the day and age of video cell phones, pocket mics etc…and Harbaugh is surprised…REALLY?!?! If CBS didn’t didn’t air it today, it would have come out by Tuesday anyway!

  22. Simple fix. No media in the locker rooms… ever. Get your sound bites from on field interviews and at the podium. We do not need to see anything that goes on in the locker rooms. If the teams decide to record it and release it, great. If not, fine.

  23. I find it just awful that he would say something bad about another team. I’m appalled. In fact I haven’t been this appalled since the vermin Cowbiys and their oil huckster owner said something or other.

  24. Hairbaugh continues to show his character and he continues to whine about everything.

  25. Yeah, so the Steelers crapped the proverbial bed today, but Harbaugh needs to look at the stat sheets and cards at the moment.

    – Last in the AFC North
    – 2 losses to CIN, one to PIT, total of 3 in division
    – One game left against CLE, 2 left for PIT/CIN
    – Sub .500 record against AFC as a whole

    Maybe instead of talking trash, he should be more concerned about not going .500 in the division (well, that’s a possibility, given there’s only one game left).

  26. ravensdominate says:
    VincentBoJackson… Super Bowl 47 Champs pal. When’s your last one??? We win superbowls. You don’t.


    Ummm, Steelers have 6. More than anybody. I know, counting is hard.

  27. luz56 says:
    Nov 9, 2014 7:02 PM
    I agree… What’s said in locker room stays in locker room… It’s off the record.
    Yep. Agree. There must be some sanctity.

    Lisa Olson anyone? Or was it Olsen? Oh, who cares?

    Stinking paparazzi!

  28. The prime time loss to the Steelers obviously got Harbaugh rattled if he’s still talking about it a week later.

    Judging by the comments, Raven fans are still having a lot of trouble with it too.

  29. Next time I’d make the cameras and media leave – then bring them in when your ready. If they aren’t going to respect your privacy then make them respect it by keeping them out or save your team only conversations for later. Give them the bare minimum required by the league. “Yes” and “no” answers. It sounds like they took advantage of him and the situation. Make them pay for taking a mile when you offered an inch. No wonder these coaches ban the media from practices and dread pre and post game interviews.

    By the way, I wouldn’t care if they banned the media from the locker rooms all together. It’s not right for these dudes to be walking around with their hogs hanging out and having a female reporter shove a microphone in their face. Plus, I don’t need to hear them ask a player how he felt after scoring the game winning touch down – because, guess what, I already know.

  30. And I think his comments were intended to show how it’s a week-to-week league. You can be a dominate record-breaking team one week and defeated humbled team the next. It just so happens the Steelers happened to fit that profile and were the team that dominated his the previous week. Reading anything more into it than that is pure speculation.

  31. So freaking what? If the situation was reversed, you think Mike Tomlin would say something different??

  32. My Steelers got their butts kicked today. No one to blame for that except themselves. What Harbaugh said is no different than what any other coach would say to motivate his players.

    However, you don’t want private locker-room moments being used as bulletin-board material by other teams. And when reporters make an off-the-record agreement, they should keep it. The Ravens have a right to be angry with CBS. They probably should have addressed the network privately, though, because making it public just draws more attention to it.

  33. Wineshard says: Nov 9, 2014 8:11 PM

    Was there a video of Harbaugh saying “no video”? And when did Goodell know about it?
    Yes. CBS carried the “don’t record this” moment right before Harbaugh spoke about the Steelers. Absolutely ridiculous! If he thought it would generate controversy, Harbaugh should have closed the locker room doors, give the speech, and then open the doors to the press. It’s unprofessional and unreasonable to ask a member of the media to turn something off while an interview or a speech is happening. It’s just like a politician giving a stump speech that’s open to the public, but then demanding the media not record something mid-speech.

  34. Translation: since we can’t beat the steelers, let’s cheer every week that they lose and we win.

  35. steelerfan1 says:
    Nov 9, 2014 6:59 PM
    ratbirds nearly got their butts handed to them after getting completely dominated by a clearly superior team last week! LOL


    How in Hades did your clearly superior Steelers lose to the Jets today? Pittsburgh fans are sooo stupid.

  36. Crown – we did beat you this year…….

    And Bo Jackson – most recent SB bud. Most recent. 4 of your 6 that we all must hear about all the time were also before any of us were born.. What have you done for me lately?!

  37. It’s obviously hard on the ravens brass being the little brother. Next thing you know he’ll be reminding the NFL that the rat turfs don’t want to play prime time games in Pittsburgh in the future. These clowns are the biggest whiners in the NFL.


  38. Since when is losing by 7 an “ass kicking”?

    Johnny has it all backwards. The Ravens were the ones who got their “asses kicked” last week, the Steelers were the ones who simply got beat.

  39. Good win, now it’s on to X team.
    – most coaches

    Good win, remember last week?
    – harbs

  40. Seriously, the protest was worse than the comments. The Steelers got their asses kicked. I’d have more respect for Harbaugh if he owned the comments rather than try to run away from them. — Steelers fan.

  41. crownofthehelmet says:
    Nov 10, 2014 7:56 AM
    Good win, now it’s on to X team.
    – most coaches

    Good win, remember last week?
    – harbs

    3 4
    Report comment


    Wow- our team has been 8-8 for two years and remains wildly inconsistent, losing to two of the worst teams in the league this season.
    – most fans

    SIX RINGS!!!
    – steelers fans

  42. “…losing to two of the worst teams in the league this season.”

    Can’t argue that – I’d love to have the TB and Baltimore games back.

  43. ravensdominate, own the division? Please explain. Last year they were 3-3, Pittsburgh was 4-2. This year they are 2-3, would not be surprised to see them go 2-4. Steelers can go 4-2 again but 3-3 is more likely. Steelers are the only AFCN team to have a winning record against all the other AFCN teams. Steelers have a winning record at home and in Baltimore since the Ravens came to be. Steelers and Ravens are both 14-12 in the last 26 games, last year the Steelers was 2nd in the North, Ravens 3rd. This year the Steelers are 3rd and the Ravens are 4th. Right now the Browns own the North but they will find a way to screw it up.

  44. The Ravens talking about ethics…….funniest thing I have heard this year. Have you forgotten the lies surrounding Ray ” heck of a fella” Rice already. If you fear the repercussions for something that was leaked then maybe you should be adult enough either to not say it in the first place or have the guts to stand by your comment. Coach you have it wrong last week you got embarrassed by twenty…this week the Steelers lost by seven.

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