Report: Aldon Smith failed to complete counseling


San Francisco linebacker Aldon Smith is serving the final game of his nine-game suspension today while the 49ers play the Saints, and that came as a surprise to some in league circles who thought Smith was on course to do everything asked of him and therefore have the length of his suspension reduced.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the reason the suspension wasn’t shortened is that Smith didn’t fulfill his obligations when it came to counseling that the NFL told him he needed. Smith missed five games during the 2013 season to undergo substance-abuse counseling, but he and the league are apparently at odds over counseling the NFL believes he still needs.

Smith was also required to perform community service during his suspension, and according to Werder, Smith actually did more than required of him on the community service front.

The 49ers will get Smith back at practice this week and he will be eligible to play next Sunday against the Giants.

38 responses to “Report: Aldon Smith failed to complete counseling

  1. Without ongoing counseling – and a support structure or group, this guy will have a slip/relapse. Bank on it.

  2. My first thought was just how stupid it was but I remembered they were talking about Aldon Smith. Just when I thought someone couldn’t be any dumber he decides to blow off the counseling which would have possibly allowed him to get on the field sooner. That speak volumes about his desire to get back on the field. It also tells me he has learned exactly nothing.

    Way to let your teammates down knucklehead.

  3. Maybe continue it thru the final half of season and serve as a wake up call…idiots like this will be dead broke 2-5 years after football if not dead period.. Get the guy some real help

  4. This is what happens when an organization hires a GM with no cares about image, a head coach who has no ethics or integrity(and multiple faces), and continues to draft players with questionable morals. and no home training. This is an embarrassing franchise that places winning(which isn’t happening as long as Pete Carroll is in Seattle)above ALL else, including the safety of opposing fans. The team consists of as many questionable characters as the fan base contains

  5. Please correct me if I am incorrect on this: It reads as if the counseling was a condition for re-instatement. If he, in fact, did not meet all the conditions for the suspension to be lifted; how, or, why is he being re-instated?

  6. Counseling is really only effective when the person accepts they have a problem and wants the help. Forcing someone in to counseling is like forcing a bull in to a car wash, no one is going to get fully clean.

  7. I feel terrible for Smith. I can’t believe the NFL is destroying his career by expecting him to be a regular citizen when he is clearly an exceptional human being. He’s famous and this deserves to treat us peons and the law with whatever disdain he deems necessary. Long Live The Smith!!

  8. The four-letter network just reported that even after he returns, he’ll end up OWING the 49ers money. Apparently he owes the 49ers $1.18M due to signing bonus forfeiture. He’ll “only” make $525k this year and the Niners will take all of that and he will still owe the Niners another $661k. OUCH.

  9. Just look at that picture. Now ask yourself, does this look like a man in need of counseling?

  10. Why does he get to play if he hasn’t fulfilled the terms of his suspension? Keep on rewarding bad behavior. I am not a fan of the 49ers but I feel this way about any person in the spotlight. Why do persons of certain professions get away with more than the average person living a spotlight-free life?

  11. I dont think this has anything to do with the Santa Clara curse, however the downward spiral at which this franchise has fallen since moving is incredible.

    So close!

  12. He’s a 49er of course he failed.

    Seriously this is getting to easy. Its like making layups at this point.

  13. The 49ers can’t use the San Jose PD anymore to run interference on this wild man. Maybe tbey can bribe a counselor to fake the paperwork

  14. How does this happen at this level?

    Between the player himself, family, friends, lawyers, handlers and the team SOMEONE isn’t on top of this?


  15. Maybe Scooby should have someone else read the posts for him.
    It’s obvious he can comprehend.

  16. Counseling can only work if the counselee is actually engaged and invested in the counseling process. Obviously that isn’t the case with Smith. He’s apparently a self-absorbed idiot who cares more about doing whatever he wants than about doing what’s necessary to straighten out his life. I look for him to implode–again–very soon, and predict that he’ll be out of football completely before long. His kind never learn.

  17. I think it’s more a case of him not getting enough of the counseling done..they make it seem like he just up and stopped going..i dont think thats the case here.

  18. As with any binding contract, if one party fails to perform their required duties that are outlined, the said contract is null and void. Apparently, the NFL isn’t going to hold this guy accountable. There’s no way he should be allowed to take the field until ALL of his requirements have been met. With the exception of the Santa Clara Vaginer fans that will have a negative reply to this, that contract should be torn up and he should be suspended indefinitely. His lack of respect for his team, team mates, the NFL, and his signed agreement to fulfill his obligations is just a preview of coming attractions with this guy.

  19. Dang. Too bad for Aldon the league isn’t on the 9ers payroll like the SJPD and DA’s Office are.

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