Austin Davis to remain Rams starter

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With a victory Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, the St. Louis Rams had the opportunity to climb back into contention in the difficult NFC West.

Despite holding a 14-10 halftime lead over the Cardinals, St. Louis couldn’t complete the task of defeating Arizona as the Rams fell to 3-6 on the season.

Starting quarterback Austin Davis struggled in the second half against the Cardinals. After starting the game 8 for 10 for 110 yards and a touchdown, Davis was intercepted twice in the second half and completed just 9 of 20 passes as the Rams were held scoreless the rest of the game.

A 21-point surge in the fourth quarter propelled the Cardinals to their eighth victory of the season.

However, the Rams are sticking with Davis as their starter for the time being.

He didn’t have his best half,” head coach Jeff Fisher said, via Nick Wagoner of “He missed some opportunities, he made some bad decisions, had difficulty seeing at times. And over the last couple of weeks he’s thrown four interceptions but we’re going to hang in there. He’s working real hard. So we’ll see where it goes.”

After Sam Bradford was lost for the season, the Rams gave the starting job to Shaun Hill for the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings. But Davis assumed the job when Hill left the game with an injury and has held the job ever since.

The Rams are likely headed for yet another Top 10 draft pick this season. Whether it is Davis or Hill that starts the rest of the season, it likely won’t do much to change that outcome.

10 responses to “Austin Davis to remain Rams starter

  1. Dump Davis? It was only a couple of weeks ago on MNF that Jon Gruden was saying that this guy is the next Drew Brees and that he was the the greatest QB he had ever seen and that every pass he threw was just amazing and that “this guy” was special. Granted Gruden did refer to every other player on the field that night as the greatest player hes ever seen and was weeks removed from refering to Bears safety Chris Conte (aka the worst player in NFL history) as a first ballot Hall of Famer.

  2. He had a bad half. But was there really any question, outside of the media, that he was in danger of getting benched???

  3. Cards have caused a lot of QBs and offenses to have bad 2nd halves this year, and especially brutal 4th quarters. Davis isn’t the first, and likely won’t be the last. Cards are legit.

  4. No, for God’s sake, do not replace him with Hill. Davis will improve, and when the offensive coordinator uses some imagination, come creativity and gets his O line to protect the QB, the days and nights will improve. One int. was off the helmet of a Rams player. Fisher seems to lose more games when he is leading at halftime than he wins, ergo, better coaching and strategy.

  5. Davis looks like he could be okay. I mean hes pretty decisive and makes decisions quick. A lot of young QBs get scared and get those happy feet too quickly. I think he’ll be ok but EVERYONE needs to remember 1 thing. Hes a rookie…give em time to grow…

  6. Pretty sure I read that Fisher has 6 winning seasons over the past 14 years!? How does this guy always get a pass? I’m just glad he’s not coaching my team.

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