Bears technically aren’t stuck with Cutler

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The new deal signed earlier this year by Bears quarterback Jay Cutler carries $54 million in guaranteed money. But there’s a caveat.

Like so many other long-term veteran deals, the Bears can stop the bleeding in March of 2015 or March of 2016, cutting off the flow of guaranteed money by cutting Cutler.

For example, if the Bears dump him by March 2015, they’ll avoid $16 million in guaranteed money. If they part ways with him by March 2016, they’ll save the final $6 million guaranteed.

The problem is that, by cutting Cutler before March in either of the next two years, they’ll be watching a lot of cash walk out the door. Already, he has triggered $38 million in fully-guaranteed pay under the new deal. After next March, if moves to $48 million.

The best bet could be to trade him, if they can find someone who’d give value for the privilege of standing in the Bears’ shoes. Given his regression and at times indifference, there quite possibly would be no team interested in taking the contract off Chicago’s hands.

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  1. Yes, the Bears are stuck with Cutler.

    They are not, however, stuck with the pathetic excuse for a defensive coordinator-Mel Tucker.

    After all, his unit has had 42+ points dumped on them in the past two games. (not counting the TO td’s)

  2. Jay Cutler is Jeff George’s younger brother in the 2014 NFL. His indifference and poor play last night against the Packers was astounding to Bears fans and NFL fans alike.

  3. Everyone says “he sucks, trade him”. To who? As bad as QB play is in this league, who is going to take a flyer on a 30+ yr old, with a huge contract who is so instantly dislikable? You want to be the GM to makes that trade? Granted, there is always someone who sees that arm and thinks “I AM THE GUY who can fix it!” The best the Bears can hope for is to ride it out for a year or two more, dump him and start over.

  4. Cutler has the maturity of an 8 year old and never seems to have progressed past that point.

  5. I can’t defend his play as of late, but Unfortunely for the Bears neither can their defense. There are only 4 players left from the drafts between 2009 to 2012. They way this team has drafted it just as inexcusable. It may be too tall a task for Emery to change things around on just 3 draft classes.

  6. As a long-time Cutler apologist, I can’t believe I’m typing this, but cut him now, let Clausen start the last seven games, and let Fales back up Clausen.

  7. It would not surprise me to see the Bears come out angry and destroy their next opponent.

    It is about time for that good Jay appearance that happens so often.

  8. That contract sets a franchise back 5 years. Can’t reach for QB that are not that good. Redskins and Dolphins are in the same position. They have to be sure they are the guy.

  9. If Jay Cutler and Mel Tucker had any sense of honor whatsoever, they would both just retire today. Someone please hand them the samurai swords.

  10. The Bears need to overhaul. Living off of Butkus, Halas,Sayers,Sweetness…the 85 team, the list goes on. It’s time they started drafting and building from within like the Packers, Lions and now Vikes are doing. Stop paying free agents who are at the end of their game so much money, stop dreaming of landing “the” quarterback. Figure out your philosophy. Heck, Lovie Smith had the team competitive even with 8-8 records. For now, you’re hooked with Cutler, use this season to move up in the draft and add a few pieces…young pieces and start to build.

  11. Trade him to the Vikings where he can mentor Teddy Bridgewater for three years like Brett did for Aaron.

  12. Cutler may be a goofball prone to real lousy games, but seriously, what are the Bears other realistic options? Believe me, this is coming from a Viking fan that is very experienced in watching an endless succession of mediocre to lousy QB options.

  13. I would of fired the Emery and Tucker today. Emery drafter McClellan over Chandler Jones. What happened to Lance Briggs? He should be the defensive leader. I was embarrassed as a Bears fan.

  14. I don’t care either way for Cutler. But he’s not the only problem with the Bears. I do kind of sympathize some as I’m also an unemotional person.

  15. Where is the pass rush? This defense is soft. They can’t tackle. Jennings all of a sudden can’t cover anybody. They should try to get Jim Harbaugh or Rex Ryan. U never hear about there teams being soft

  16. I’ve been saying Cutler is a mirror image of Jeff George…fantastic arm but believes in tht arm way too much. Cutler is surrounded by outstanding talent Forte Marshall Jeffery Bennett and even though he has been absent Holmes is still a decent target to have so there’s no excuse way Cutler shouldn’t shine. I was blown away when he got tht huge extension in the first place..there’s a lot to blame in Chicago and Cutler isn’t the only one who should be on his way out

  17. Last time I checked Cutler doesn’t play defense….it’s a team game and he’s not the problem.

  18. Can’t blame Cutler for the defense giving up 42 pts by halftime, just a little bit of pride on D please. The fact that tucker had 2 weeks to gameplan and that was the best he could come up with? Fire tucker and promote Reggie Herring to coordinate the D. What’s more worrisome is trestman backs him. Time for a new management from the g.m down to the scouts.

  19. Honestly, I think Cutler needs to follow Marshall’s lead and seek professional help. There is something going on with Jay, and it’s been part of his game even before he got to Chicago.

    As a Colts fan, I really appreciate having Luck, and fully realize how fortunate we are to have “the guy”. The only other young guy I’m sold on is Russell Wilson.

    Look at the league. It’s Peyton, Tom, Aaron, Drew, and Andrew. Big Ben and Rivers are in the next group and very solid, but finding a real franchise QB is so difficult to do, and when you don’t find it, you overpay a mediocre talent like Cutler or Dalton.

  20. Cutler isn’t even the biggest problem, Emery spent money on Jared Allen, Houston, and even Marshall in the off season, and they look to be about though.

    The Bears are going to suck for a long time with all the mistakes Emery has made.

  21. You can’t hang ALL of this on Cutler. I’m a lifetime Packer fan. I watched the game last night. Granted they didn’t move the ball very well in the 1st half but what the hell happened with that defense ??? Answer that before lynching Cutler.
    They pounded us on the ground in Chicago and yet they barely tried to run the ball last night, even in the 1st few series. Ya, you get down 21 – 0 and you have to change it up and pass to get back in, but still, the defense looked like they gave up.

  22. masterrez32 says:
    Nov 10, 2014 5:34 PM
    Where is the pass rush? This defense is soft. They can’t tackle. Jennings all of a sudden can’t cover anybody. They should try to get Jim Harbaugh or Rex Ryan. U never hear about there teams being soft


    Trust me, the Jets are soft. Beating a half dead Steelers team doesn’t change that.

  23. I agree Mel Tucker has to go I don’t think the defense is soft I despise Cutler as a starting quarterback in this league but with the defense wouldn’t you be tired too if you had Cutler as your starting quarterback and you was always on the field but if it was up to me and I ran this team I would definitely try to trade Cutler for any type of talent I could offense or defense start Jimmy Clausen and work with david fails and see if he could be our quarterback going on in the future if not get rid of him and seek a quarterback in any which way possible we have way too much talent that we are wasting behind Jay Cutler and I don’t even want to get started on the way we draft talent if it was me doing the picking I would pick the best available talent on the board for that round and that pick you would have all training camp and offseason to get things situated after getting rid of the major problems In Jay Cutler and Mel Tucker. I love my Bears I’m behind them even if they go 0-16 like Detroit did.if we get rid of Cutler and Tucker I think we will be pretty set to go forward.

  24. Cutler is soo soft. No leadership abilities, nice arm but a turnover machine. Thank you so much for taking him from Denver. What was it, a 1 and a 2 plus a 2b? Enjoy him. He is a total loser!

  25. Josh Mcdanials let him go and drafted Tebow. Who ever would have thought that was the right move?

  26. I’ve got a 1999 Honda CR-V to sell $1000 obo.
    Water pump is leaking.
    Control Arm bushings are shot.
    Passenger Rear Window Blown out.

    Or I’ll babysit Jay Cutler

  27. The biggest mistake was not keeping Josh McCown as backup. He won games and right now could be the starter if the coaches would have enough balls to sit Cutler as an example of what happens when you don’t perform.

  28. Browns fan here… Johnny’s yours for two 2nd rounders, ’15 and ’16. Get back to us when you can, we got the Jets on the other line talking 1st round and Idzik just might be stupid enough to pull the trigger.

  29. If Cutler could keep the offense on the field, he’d do well in NY. Rex is great with D, but when your guys are on the field all the time, of course you can’t win games with an exhausted defense.

  30. Tucker must go now. He has had two perennial pro bowl DEs and they come up lame. The middle of the field is unoccupied and our backend can’t recover. Trestman’s offense works and we’ve all seen that last year with a career backup. I’d dump cutler before March 2015 draft a QB TO SIT and try someone like hoyer or even Marc Sanchez Anybody that can run an offense and move the ball.

  31. Jay Cutler and his wife Kristen Cavalari should go and make another crappy reality show. Only problem is that the writers couldn’t make Jay interesting.

  32. Every accountant knows the difference between sunk costs and future investment. cut him in March of 15 and you are 16 million to the good. Also cut whoever did work on that contract to begin with. He could have been franchise tagged for 1 year for a great deal less.

  33. Maybe the Bears can get Adrian Peterson (who has a lot to prove). Along with Forte, the Bears could institute a ball control offense to keep the inept defense off the field. Honestly, I have never heard of a Bears team lacking in toughness or quitting or laying down for a team, especially the Packers. Even when 1 and 13 back in the 70’s and the Pack going to the Superbowl, the Bears DID NOT quit.

  34. Cutler might not be part of the solution, but he is not even close to being the biggest problem on this team. His two interceptions were tipped and the offensive line was back to being brutal. DL’s were running around them untouched.

    The defense, for a second year in a row, is historically bad. Back to back games giving up 50+ points? The opposing team has had to punt a total of 4 times in the past two weeks and all of those punts occurred once the opposing team had their reserves in. So they haven’t stopped a first team’s offense once in two weeks.

    There is enough evidence on Emery now to say he’s been a failure as GM. His hiring of Trestman, his draft picks have been brutal for the most part and his FA signings haven’t brought about the change he expected. His Cutler deal is the cherry on top (they could have just franchised him and gone year to year for awhile before signing him or cutting him loose).

  35. True but this is a QB driven league. Look at all the highly rated teams and there QB’s. Either you have to be a manager of the game or not contribute to a loss. He turns the ball over puts the defense in bad field position and cannot sustaine drives.

  36. How is it “guaranteed money” if they team can find a way out of paying it? I hate Cutler, but I am kind of sick of the teams holding all the cards when it comes to these contracts.

  37. why not call Tim. I’ve been suggesting same for 2 years. At least there will be less on field pouting.

  38. Why not go out and get him an offensive line and while your at it what about a defense! Since when does a QB have anything to do with allowing an opponent to score 50 friggin points in two consecutive weeks! This is an awful team all the way around not just at the QB position. Common at least pretend you understand this game before you start throwing out comments that this is only a QB issue…schhhiiiisssssssshhhhhh

  39. I just hope George Mckaskey is listening. He is doing something that even his brother couldn’t do…… Loose fans that are LIFE LONG fans. Embarrassment. The worst situation I’ve ever seen.

  40. The Bears single-handedly screwed up the salary structure for quarterbacks by signing Cutler to this ridiculously lucrative deal. Now teams around the league are forced to pay quarterbacks the same amount. If the bears lose big on this bum deal, then they themselves are the only ones to blame and it would be well deserved.

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