Bruce Arians: It’s always next man up, but it’s different for quarterback

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The Cardinals have a lot of experience replacing injured players.

This season has found them scrambling to find fill-ins for starters all over the roster at various points in the season and they’ve done it well enough to win eight of their first nine games of the season. The most recent win came against the Rams on Sunday and it came after the team had to replace quarterback Carson Palmer, who they fear tore his ACL. Coach Bruce Arians admitted after the game that replacing the quarterback is a bit different than injuries at other positions.

“Anytime your quarterback goes down and he gets hit like that, you think it’s going to be serious,” Arians said, via “I wanted to go out and just see. It’s always different for your quarterback than it is for anybody else. It’s always next man up, but for me it’s a little bit different.”

The Cardinals didn’t miss a beat on Sunday, just as they didn’t when Drew Stanton was starting three games earlier this year while Palmer was out with a nerve injury. The confidence gained from that earlier experience should help Stanton and the rest of the Cardinals transition to life without Palmer quickly, something that’s vital with the Lions and Seahawks up in the next two weeks for a team trying to hold onto the top spot in the NFC.

11 responses to “Bruce Arians: It’s always next man up, but it’s different for quarterback

  1. If anyone can pull it off, it’d be Bruce Arians and his offense. Bottom line, the first move BA made was to bring Stanton to AZ. It was only when they found they could steal Palmer for a 7th from Oakland did they bring in Carson (low risk, high reward).

    Bruce Arians will admit that no one knows where the ball should go in his offense better than Drew Stanton. Next man up is cliché, but there is no other option. Should the Cards just split with Seattle then it’s still possible (even probable) they get at least a bye.

    Once they get in the playoffs, anything can happen.

  2. Palmer is an above-average NFL starting QB. Stanton may be the best backup QB in the league. Stanton is less talented, but the difference is not huge.

  3. If Drew Stanton was any good, we would have seen it in the last 7 years. We haven’t. Your seasons over.

  4. Coming in cold Stanton went 3 for 3 for 85 yards. The guy is better than half the starting QBs in this league. Only scary part is if Stanton goes down, I wonder if Dennis Dixon will be back.

  5. This is a replay of the Cardinals script from the late “60’s and early 70’s” when the team was in St Louis. Thet would start strong, lose their QB through injury and that was all she wrote. Sad to see as a football fan.

  6. Best Backup QB=Sanchize 2.0
    A bird will win it all, but not a red bird. Fly Eagles Fly!!!!! Get better Carson. At least u got a new contract last week….

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