Carson Palmer knew immediately he had torn his ACL


Because he’s rehabbed a previous devastating knee injury, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has a frame of reference.

So while the team waited a day to confirm the news of his torn ACL via an MRI, he didn’t need it.

Palmer told reporters today that he “felt a pop,” and knew immediately his season was over as he was being carted off yesterday.

The 34-year-old quarterback also admitted the frustration of losing a chance to lead a team to the playoffs, as the Cardinals are 8-1 and could control home field advantage all the way to the Super Bowl if they keep it up.

He said the “toughest part is that I’m having more fun now than I’ve ever had in my career,” and that this was the best team he had been a part of.

Palmer said he “cried like a baby,” last night, the first time he had wept since learning the news of the death of former teammate Chris Henry.

But at the same time, he’s also aware of the business implications of what happened to him yesterday. Though he just signed a three-year contract extension with the team last week, he also knows this injury could compromise that.

“I’m going to play football again. I hope it is here,” he said. “I just know how this business works. The team will do what is best for them. They should. Hope I’m part of it.”

Having been around so long, that awareness of the uncertainty has to hurt as much as his knee at the moment.

44 responses to “Carson Palmer knew immediately he had torn his ACL

  1. Damn shame. I don’t care how he was in the past or any of that, he seems genuinely upset and it is pretty crappy to lose out on a good chance for the play-offs. And I can’t stand the freakin cardinals and thier fans(mostly the fans, they are so dumb). Hope next season is better, it should be if they can get all the injured stars they have back.

  2. Injuries suck big time, very introspective hopefully he is able to recover, but at 35 the body doesnt respond as well when one is older.

  3. As a Niners fan, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. I dislike the Seahawks and the Cardinals mainly because they have a shot to win this year. I know they feel the same way, but I respect them. When your division is tough it makes it all worth while. So here is hoping that Palmer gets well and comes back better next year.

  4. Seeing Palmer almost fall down on the sideline gave me flashbacks to when I tore my right ACL.

    Feeling the ACL stretch and then tear was almost surreal, like it almost happened in slow motion. You know something very bad has happened, but your mind can’t quite process it. I was able to stand up and gingerly put a little weight on it, but when I went to take my first step my leg immediately gave out like somebody had kicked me in the side of my knee and I fell down.

    I hope Palmer can make it back.

  5. Not a cards fan but man you have to feel for this guy. Now my lions will have to take on our ex backup Stanton this Sunday. Should be great game!

  6. Absolutely terrible this happens to AZ at this time. But……the defense drives this team. Stanton can play. He’s an extremely scrappy player who isn’t intimidated by anything. When my Detroit Lions come to town next week, I expect no less a battle between 2 of the best teams in the NFC.

  7. I love Arians, but he had to go in Pittsburgh because he was getting Ben killed the last three years there, leading the NFL in sacks during that time and constantly limping into the end of the season with busted feet and ankles and ribs. Don’t say nobody ever warned you, Arizona. He who holds the ball the longest gets more shots downfield, but also takes a lot more hits.

  8. As a Rams fan it was painful to watch..felt bad for the guy. The homer in me thought ” well with Stanton in we might have shot to win”. He then proceeded to pass for 85 yards in his first series and remind me once again why it is painful to be a Rams fan.

  9. I’ve always liked Palmer, even as a Browns fan. He seems like one of the good guys. I hope he gets back soon.

  10. Ah yes, Steelers guy with the “Arians had to go” take. Watch the video: it was basically a non-contact injury; he moved laterally to avoid pressure – and his knee popped.

    Palmer’s injury is not a result of Bruce Arians’ system. Thanks for playing though. And nice job against the Jets yesterday. Maybe I should be telling you why Todd Haley had to go…

  11. Feel really sad for him.
    Also the Lions seem to be catching good and bad breaks this year. Mostly good.

  12. As a Packers fan, this could open up a lot of doors for NFC teams.
    Still, hate for it to happen this way.

    Cards are a very dangerous team.
    We’ll have to see just what Stanton can do long term.
    Devastating news for Carson, hope he has a positive rehab.

  13. @dioalice – oh, I watched it – don’t you think the Ram player yanking his shoulder the opposite direction of where he was running had anything to do with it?

    It wasn’t direct contact on the knee, but there was definitely the meeting of opposing forces.

    Again – I personally love Arians to death. He is a brilliant coach who helped the Steelers win two Super Bowls and nearly win another. However, year after year his play calling was implicated in not getting the ball released fast enough, and Ben’s injuries were quickly piling up to be career concerning.

    And by the way – I love Haley. He hasn’t had the same success yet, but then again he hasn’t had the NFL’s top defense year after year like Arians had during his Pittsburgh run.

  14. Not a Cards fan, but wish him a very speedy recovery….I know he’ll do his best to come back, he’s a quality guy, and I’m sure the players will come together and play their hearts out for him.

    Get well soon, Carson…Pat’s Nation.

  15. I work with 3 lifelong Cards fans who knew this would happen the minute he signed his extension. Poor tortured souls those guys are.

  16. Great competitor….Sad to see him out for the year. Make no mistake tho, AZ. is still relevant. Seahawk boy, your ignorance is showing…and I am a Seahawk Fan.

  17. Regardless of what everyone is saying…you still don’t want these guys on your schedule.

  18. The guy had the stones to say he’d hang it up if he didn’t get to play with a team that played hard and had a future and he meant it. That meant giving up a lot of money when he said it.

    Now he finally gets a shot with a really good team, plays well, gets a contract and bam.

    I’m a Seahawk fan through and through but I want to beat the best. Too bad for him, hope he comes back next year.

  19. As a Packer’s fan, It sucks when you’ve got a loaded team that’s got a real great shot at winning the Superbowl – only to see the team fall apart with a million injuries.

    Keep your head’s up Cardinal fans.

  20. It is very sad to see this happen to Palmer, particularly when he and the Cardinals were having such a great season. As much as Palmer wants rehab and come back next year, I think that realistically his days as a starting QB are over. He will be 36 years old with bad knees, that is not the profile of an NFL starting QB. His only real chance of being a starter again would be if AZ does in fact keep him on the roster and Stanton struggles. If Stanton is able to keep the Cardinals going on their current pace, it is highly unlikely he would go back to being a backup to Palmer. If Stanton gets the Cardinals at least into the second round of the playoffs, he will be a starter somewhere next season. Then the only question becomes whether that is in AZ with Palmer as his backup or with some other team. In all likelihood Palmer will begin next season as the number 2 QB on the depth chart either in AZ and remain there as long as Stanton plays well, or with some other team. It is likely Palmer will stay with AZ, because the team will want to keep him as a strong backup to Stanton and as a replacement starter should Stanton stumble.

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