Cowboys commence putting the screws to Dez Bryant

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While I won’t be able to put quite as eloquently as Cowboys fan/Ginger hater Shea in Irving did on Monday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Sunday’s pregame shows included an intriguing report regarding Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.

One week after news emerged that Bryant had fired agent Eugene Parker and aligned with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports (to the chagrin of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones), someone leaked to the media company partially owned by the Cowboys the notion that the Cowboys remain concerned about Dez Bryant away from the field.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that police have been to Bryant’s home six times in four years.  The visits entailed, allegedly, a harassment incident, a robbery at his home, a fire, and an unlocked car with a baby inside.

This is why, Rapoport explains, the Cowboys offered Bryant a 10-year, $114 million deal, with only $20 million guaranteed.

But the Cowboys used a similar, ultra-long-term structure with left tackle Tyron Smith.  And rumors have persisted for months that Jones hoped to persuade Bryant, through direct negotiations, to make a similar commitment that, given the non-guaranteed nature of NFL deals, ends up being a one-way street with no way out for the player.

Now, it appears the Cowboys have opted for hardball, launching a P.R. attack against Bryant and in turn making potential suitors think twice about pursuing Bryant, who would be far better off forcing the Cowboys to use the franchise tag on a year-to-year basis than accepting a deal that gives him some security up front but ties him to the team for as long as the team chooses to keep him.

87 responses to “Cowboys commence putting the screws to Dez Bryant

  1. At least wait until the end of the season to piss him off. No wonder why this team is a mess every December.

  2. Jay Z will get Dez his money elsewhere if not Dallas. 200+ million $ endorsement deal for Kevin Durant & Nike. 240 million for Robinson Cano. Pay the man Jerry if anyone needs to be locked up its 88.

  3. He’s a man among boys out there. That being said, his very recent past can come back to haunt him if he doesn’t continue to develop his character as a man and a father if he doesn’t continue to get wise counsel and good guidance.

    This is a cautionary tale to many pros. Hand an ill-equipped guy some money, they can not only lose their drive, but lose their money just as fast and bad decisions can be made. Not many pro’s have a “handler”, but the fact he still has one, is to me, even as a Boys fan, a red flag.

    BUT, Jerrah has to pay this man. Thank goodness his son is pulling the strings for him in this regard. Dez is proving himself to be quite the player. But this team is being structured to be salary cap friendly to keep guys around for the long term and not just for a couple of years and then they seek the “big check” elsewhere. It’s a business, but somewhere along the line, it also has to be about your team, not just your pocket. If you say you love your team, your sport and craft, you should to be willing to make a shared sacrifice as well to further it and the team’s goals.

  4. You have no choice but to hold idiots like this down as long as possible. Common sense dictates being wary of social morons, and Dez is the very definition.

  5. you cant just suspend players…i cant see Dez anywhere but Dallas. i doubt Jerry lets him go.

  6. Interesting. Tell me more about how much better is to risk your career on a series of 1 year, franchise player deals that have no safety net whatsoever if you get injured, than to sign a contract that pays you over $100M.

  7. How is 20 million just “some security”?

    It’s 400 times what someone making a decent income of 50k a year makes. And that’s not including whatever millions he gets on top of that for actual game pay.

    SMH the amount players get paid is obscene and the press acting like 20 mil is nothing much is just so wrong.

  8. Dez has a lot of problems, but Jerrah is a lying scumbag who can’t be trusted. Pity the poor billionaire.

  9. Just when you think things have turned around after the loss to Redskins, Romo’s back is looking good, they played great in London etc. There’s BIG JERRAH popping his plastic face up saying, ” hey it’s about me, not them!”

  10. Yup. This is why I don’t care when a player holds out. They work for a bunch of cheap crusty old billionaires. Not saying Dez is the type of guy I want to have a beer with, but I love the hypocricy here. Cowboys been coddling and protecting his image for years now. Contract is up so now it’s time to crap on him.

  11. Can anyone say they have had the cops called to their house ONCE in two years much less 6 times?

    You’ve got to be a certain kind of special to have those calls get made…….

  12. Anyone who doesn’t think this guy is a loaded gun with a hair trigger is fooling themselves. With a top five league salary at the WR position it’s only a matter of time before it blows up. The amount of money his skill deserves, doesn’t match his maturity. Buyer beware.

  13. Sorry, 4 years. Either way, I don’t recall anyone I know, including myself, that has had the cops called to their home in their lifetime…….

  14. Real tough situation for the Cowboys. great talent but can you trust he won’t get arrested for 6 years. Guaranteed money is the key. Will he do a Haynesworth? If the Cowboys don’t I think they will, a team like the Jets or Redskins will over pay.

  15. Houston would happily put up the money to stick it to Uncle Jerry.

    20 players missed curfew, no wait Uncle Jerry let them stay out another hour.

  16. That contract looked silly to Dez so he fired the agent lol. This is 2015 elite wr’s make 15mil plus especially on there second contract. Rock nation will get his money. If Dalton and Flacco weren’t getting 20mill and the rookie contracts were still dumb it would be different, this maybe his last contract.

  17. harrisonhits2 says:Nov 10, 2014 10:43 AM

    How is 20 million just “some security”?

    It’s 400 times what someone making a decent income of 50k a year makes. And that’s not including whatever millions he gets on top of that for actual game pay.

    SMH the amount players get paid is obscene and the press acting like 20 mil is nothing much is just so wrong.


    You’re right, but we’re living in the real world. And in the real world, when you are outperforming guys who are getting $30-40M guaranteed, then you get $50M guaranteed. That’s just the way it works.

  18. I love this reporting. Everything I have heard from the Cowboys since the reports went out has been that the reports are completely false. Even if they are true is Dez Bryant just suppose to not call the police if something bad is happening? I thought that was the entire point of calling the police.. How is this a PR stunt from the Cowboys if they have been behind Dez Bryant 100% since he has been signed and they have said he is going to be a Cowboys for life out loud? To me that seems like Dallas wants the world to know he is a good young man and they are going to pay him regardless..

  19. In reality its jerrah who is stuck between a roc sorry) and a hard place. Bryants plays is worthy of top 4 WR money, any day of the week. His agent knows that. Everybody can see it. Jerrah doesnt want to buck up and end uo getting burned, so I am predicting franchise tag next year. But ultimately he will have to pay the man his money because can you imagine dez coming back to the house jerrah built with another team and tearing up that cowboys secondary??

    That along with frequent trips to the bathroom will keep jerrah up at night. Go get your money dez hahaha.

  20. Why pay a real WR in Dez Bryant when you can go bumble some first round picks away for talent like Roy Williams.

    Jerry was so darn lucky to actually get a great WR rather than try to steal one from another team.

    And now in having one he’s finding ways to ruin what he has.

    Only Jerry…..only jerry….

  21. This isn’t Desean Jackson we’re talking about. I don’t think there is any amount of smear the Cowboys could do that would limit a team from throwing a ridiculous dollar amount at Bryant. He is certainly a Top 5 player at his position, heading into his prime, with a skill set and body type that you would think would age well (Can’t say the same for Desean). If they really did leak this in some lame attempt to lower Dez’s market value, then they’re dumber than I give them credit for. And that is saying something.

  22. “and an unlocked car with a baby inside … ”

    Why is it that there’s always babies around, helter-skelter, at all hours with troubled people?

  23. Yeah, Jerry. Make sure Dez understands he needs to be a model Cowboy like Josh Brent and Joseph Randle. How could anybody not be clear about the fact that the ‘Boys have high expectations for off-the-field behavior?

  24. Isn’t leaving a child alone in an unlocked car CHILD ABUSE?

    Why isn’t Dez on the commissioner’s EXEMPT list?

    Total double standard.

    Let AP play !!!!

  25. That is a terrible deal… a horrible offer to an elite wideout… The way you show me your love is by the way you pay me and clearly there is no love for Dez in Dallas…Indeed…

  26. Let’s see — when you have a demented, egomaniacal GM/Owner, and an emotionally troubled star player wanting a mega-payday…
    This doesn’t end well.

  27. @tjacks7 says:
    Nov 10, 2014 11:43 AM

    An unlocked car with a baby inside? What?
    ==================================I was thinking that myself at first. Open the door and get the baby. Walk in your house and say, whose kid is this?

  28. $20 million guaranteed? Thats crazy by signing a franchise tag for 1 year he will have almost that much guaranteed alone. Then everything after thats just gravy.

  29. Jay Z shouldn’t be allowed to be an agent. Every player he represents turns into a self absorbed, gangsta rapper wannabe. We saw it with Geno, Cano and we’re seeing it starting with Dez after he threw up the roc sign. Jay Z is a parriah and it’s a shame he is ruining sports.

  30. I’m guessing sources for this information must be too much to ask. Because you wouldn’t have a reason to lie and assert the Cowboys leaked this information to force Dez to sign a favorable contract … would you?

    Guess we’ll never know.


  31. Im pretty sure when police are constantly visiting your home and no charges are ever filed, it is either police harassment or a neighbor whose last name may or may not be Mara. Haters gonna, you know…

  32. Oh crap, I had more than six times in a single year once, a couple decades ago. Youth is wasted on the young. When Jerry Jones gets cheap though, you know the fit has hit the shan.

  33. The PR campaign won’t work. Someone will pay Dez, even if it’s not Dallas. Not that I think anyone should. But someone will.

  34. Dick Nixon “dirty bag of tricks” strategy? Facts are facts, what is fabricated versus what is public information? Someone, anyone, including any of his neighbors could pull copies of incident reports and spread them around

  35. The biggest joke is a long term contract for an ELITE wr with only 20 million guaranteed. If bryant signed that and then blew out his knee jerrah would kick him to the curb. Get yours Dez. Hold jerrahs toes to the fire.

  36. Sign him to a 8 year $156 Million dollar contract
    $58 million guaranteed over the first 3 years

  37. As QBs like Brady , Manning and Rodgers gave proved WRs and RBs are interchangeable parts. The exceptions are few and far between (see: Johnson, C.; Fitzgerald, L. and Peterson, A.) that are worth in the 10 mil range but not many.

    And certainly not Bryant.

    Spend your money on a good to great QB and a really solid O-line and top 10 D and you’ll be playoff competitive for years to come.

    Divas are a headache and highly replaceable.

  38. I think that this whole three-ring circus known as as the Dallas Cowboys is going to implode at some point in the near future. 20 guys break curfew in London,the head coach is nothing more than Jerry Jones’ puppet,they keep Romo and his fractured back in a while they are blowing out the Jags,Dez Bryant is a ticking time bomb,and the owner is just plain nuts. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Playoffs? One and done at most.

  39. Every time I watch the Boyz, someone like Tirico or Collingsworth will wax poetic on the maturing of Dez Bryant. How he has struggled, and come a long way.

    Then a report like this will come out.

    The Dallas pr department polishes this guy every week, now they’re trashing him. Classy org.

  40. Blah Blah Blah Dallas, you cheapskates. Pay up or let him go. Why waste time with the mind games. They are concerned with Bryant away from the field? Kent Please. We all see how concerned they are still carrying that murderer D-lineman on their roster. You got no morals or ethics Jerry so just pay the man and put this issue to rest. Throw some more guareteed cheddar on the table and it’s done. If you don’t, someone else will.

  41. Hey Dez is a great athlete. he had a rough upbringing. Not condoning his behavior just stating a fact. I think he’s better off with the Cowboys and work endorsements etc. as a Cowboy – my opinion. He’s a competitive guy with a little bit of an attitude and I’m sure Jerry doesn’t want to have to deal with Jay Z’s crew – but business is business. I really don’t think Dez will “bust” if he gets paid, to me he seems like he really does have a passion for the game. Good luck Dez – stay strong – stay a Cowboy!

  42. I think I’ve documented my disdain and vitriol for the Cowboys NUMEROUS times but I’ve also given them props when due. That being said, the Cowboys need to pay this man. He may not like Jay-Z but the man is the head of a music mogul and he did;t get there by being stupid. I do follow ALL thing NFL and I haven’t heard anything bad about Dez in well over a year. Jay-Z will make sure that Mr. Bryant continues to try to avid negative headlines. Because not only does it effect Dez’ livelihood (bonuses and potential endorsements) but it could effect Roc Nation Sports’ ability to pick other clients.

  43. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that police have been to Bryant’s home six times in four years. The visits entailed, allegedly, a harassment incident, a robbery at his home, a fire, and an unlocked car with a baby inside.


    What ever the situations, it appears he wasn’t charged.

  44. Most of the negative posts on here are from guys who would take Dez on their team in a heartbeat. Dream on, though. Deal or Franchise Tag, 88 will be wearing the star for a long time. Your team should have drafted him instead of passing on him. And before anyone gripes about using the tag, that’s the way it goes. Simply put, the Cowboys are doing what is in the best interest of the team, and that is driving the price down and trying to sign him to a team friendly deal. If Robert Kraft, Mara, or one of the other media darling owners were using this tactic it wouldn’t be an issue. But because it’s “Big Bad Jerruh” then it’s considered putting the screws to the player. More anti-cowboy bias. Sad.

  45. A lot the fools that commented before me are commenting about Dez(as well as other players) without knowing first hand facts about them but instead buying into sensationalized stories fed to them via espn’s soap opera journalism. I’m sure you wouldn’t agree with a conclusion that I may come up with about you stemming from some random couple of stories of your personal lives. So show some respect and let’s only judge what we see on the field and leave people’s lives alone.

  46. jerry is way too smart of a business man. I do not see this report motivated by or anything leaked by the Cowboys against Dez. This again is just knuckleheaded reporting trying to find a story. Jerry would love nothing more than to sign this kid long term and pay him a fair price that works for both sides.I now see them signing Dez before the end of the bye week..

  47. This is a made up story, about a made up problem. No sources, no facts, just the author trying to stir up trouble involving the Cowboys, which will get his face back on tv.

  48. You people throwing stones keep an eye on your own closet. With all the social media going on you can find out pretty much what ever you want about anyone. Private should mean private. He didn’t whip his kid, didn’t punch his girlfriend in the face on an elevator with a camera. These are alledged reports not facts. So stick to intelligent football post ( if you are capable ) and mind your own business….

  49. If this was any other receiver on any other team this wouldn’t be a story and if it was 20 players on any other team the curfew thing wouldn’t be a story either. It’s the fact that its the cowboys and Dez Bryant. That’s why the media is blowing it up because the media is completely aware that a bunch of morons who hate the cowboys would suck it up and be drawn in by this story or lack thereof

  50. I doubt Jerry allows Dez and Demarco leave the Cowboys. The Cowboys will need both for the long haul. Can’t see Jerry letting both out of Dallas. As long as Romo is healthy , Dez and Demarco isn’t going anywhere. How About Them Cowboys! ! Super Bowl Bound Baby! !

  51. I love how so many people take this story at face value. This is a hot topic, gets people to read the site, click on the link and gain ad revenue.

    Dez didn’t like the contracts being offered, switched agent, so what. The “reports” could have come from anywhere. As for the police coming to the house, how many times did Dez himself call them? Come on man, don’t buy everything you read on the internet.

  52. It’s called Cowboys Cap Mgt.
    Keep tying up Cap money with extensions to Romo and ask everyone else to give concessions.

    How about a 20yr Contract Jerruh?
    That should help stretch those numbers.

    The reason players make crazy amounts of money in the 1st place is, because owners make crazier amounts of money for longer periods of time.

    Business is business Jerruh.
    Goes both ways.

  53. Calm down, folks…

    1. Baby in locked car – I supposed it’s impossible to have someone close the door with the keys inside and the doors locked. Nothing to see here…

    2. Harassment – last I checked, when the police are called to a house on a harassment call, it’s because the people at the house are the VICTIM. Next?

    3. Robbery at the home – again, if the police are begin called to a home for robbery, that’s usually the VICTIM.

    4. Rumors one of the calls was about a fire – really?

    None of the calls ended in an arrest. NONE.

    As for Roc Nation, Dez himself has stated to the Dallas media that Roc Nation will be handling his endorsements and marketing, and CAA Tom Condon will continue to handle is contract negotiations.

    Curfew? According to the CBA, a team can institute a curfew during the regular season only on the night prior to a game. So how can they miss curfew on Friday night if there can’t be a curfew on Friday night because the game was on Sunday?

    Dez Bryant will be signed to a long-term deal with the Cowboys. Bank on it.

  54. Long time Eagles fan here. Without Dez Bryant, their offense becomes close to one-dimensional. He is the Cowboy that I fear most because without him teams could load the box and focus on Murray (when he’s healthy). I can’t believe they would try this smear campaign to low-ball him. It’s well known that he is emotionally fragile, and if they want to remain competitive they NEED him.

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