Dolphins confirm Branden Albert out for season


Left tackle Branden Albert’s first season with the Dolphins has officially come to a premature end.

Coach Joe Philbin announced that Albert will miss the rest of the season because of the knee injury that forced him out of Sunday’s loss to the Lions. Albert was targeted as the key to a rebuild of the offensive line after the group imploded on and off the field in 2013 and Albert was just what the team hoped he’d be as the anchor on the left side of the line.

Rookie Ja’Wuan James moved from the right side of the line to the left after Albert was injured and veteran Nate Garner took over as the right tackle in what’s a likely alignment for the Dolphins to adopt in the wake of Albert’s loss. It would be a stretch to expect James to play as well as Albert has played this season, but the drop can’t be too drastic if the Dolphins are going to navigate their way to a playoff spot.

Albert will be headed to injured reserve and it looks like running back LaMichael James will be replacing him on the roster. James’s agent Jeff Sperbeck announced the move on Twitter and James could be helpful in a short week with Lamar Miller still battling a shoulder injury that limited him against the Lions.

18 responses to “Dolphins confirm Branden Albert out for season

  1. Huge loss… Dolphins had chances but all credit goes to the Lions; that’s one tough football team.

  2. GET WELL SOON!!! Really could have used him against Buffalo but no balls Philbin will insure we will get beat by 19 AGAIN!!! Hope I’m wrong but he just is not a good coach!!! GO FINS!!!

  3. Get well and come back strong next year Brandon. You’ve been a positive part of this team’s changes in attitude and culture this season as well as a damn fine player.

  4. Albert…has arguably been the Dolphins offensive MVP this year…especially after what happened to them last season…as they now have NFL line.

    But, injuries a part of game, NE lost Mayo & Ridley, Buffalo has lost some players like Alonso..and the jets,,,well the jets had no one to start with, so they’re about the only team w/no losses…of players that is.

    Last 8 games of the year…you find out how well a GM built the bottom 20 of roster..and thats where Dolphins have lacked badly, for years.

  5. Tough loss… at 5-4 with a tough AFC… not sure the Fins would be in the playoff hunt anyway. It’s roughest for Tannehill, still trying to convince mgmt that he is franchise QB.

  6. Some of you write complete rubbish on here, just go and get a “real ” life. The Dolphins are going to miss Albert bigtime, but someone else has to step up now.

  7. Philbin,,,who called the time out yesterday when the Lions had the ball with less then 2 min to play?,,,,Philbin says “not I”,,,and once more the stork has no clue whats going on inside his own team, the Fish were charged a time out and the Lions were able to regroup,,,,,Now with Albert out, Gardner moves from the bench to RT. Last time he played there he allowed 2-3 sacks. Old mother Hubbart when to the cub-bard to get her OL and new bone, when she bent over,,,,,, Well, the cub-bards are bare of OLmen,,,nothing but scabs sitting the pine. Can colledge play RT?

  8. mackie66 says:
    Nov 10, 2014 2:25 PM

    Philbin,,,who called the time out yesterday when the Lions had the ball with less then 2 min to play?,,,,Philbin says “not I”,,,and once more the stork has no clue whats going on inside his own team, the Fish were charged a time out

    Hey genius, if you had watched the game you would have known that the Dolphins were given their timeout back….as they in fact didn’t call it. You must have missed that part….

    Albert is a tough loss. He played great this year and will be missed. James played very well after switching over to that side once Albert was injured.

    Tough loss for the Phins and to a very tough Lions team. Good defensive game by both sides and a hard fought victory for the Lions.

  9. Pittsburgh Steelers says:
    They are a better team without him.
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

  10. 4TH & GOAL @ 2 HE SETTLES FOR 3??? NO BALLS!!! 42 seconds left Lions in a hurry sure to screw it all up no balls Philbin calls the final timeout & let them regroup!!! FIRE PHILBIN he is NOT a coach just an offesive coodinator!!!

  11. Miami lost 2 games in under 60 seconds…Players have to step up and make plays! Watch the game the timeout was necessary Cam Wake was gasping for air and on that 4 th down Calvin Johnson made a great( lucky)catch

  12. The biggest fear most of us Dolphin fans had was our players getting hurt on that HORRIBLE excuse of footing/turf. Don’t remember the nmbrs but i’ve read how many players have been hurt vs other stadiums. We not only choked and lost the game, more importantly lost our best Offensive player. I really wish for all the players in the NFL they’d force Detroit to do resurface that damn place.

  13. James may be able to make the switch, and Garner too.
    But these first 8 games have shown you need depth.
    Hickey needs to make one call.
    A call to a guy who helped us out in the same situation last year and has a home IN Miami.

    Bryant McKinnie, white courtesy phone.

    Depending on his conditioning or how many cheeseburgers he’s had,
    McKinnie can be at least good bench depth or even contribute as a starter.

    Just a thought.

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