Lovie Smith chews out rookie Austin Seferian-Jenkins for Instagram-ing penalty

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Buccaneers tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins made a couple of rookie mistakes yesterday, and coach Lovie Smith was quick to call him on both.

Seferian-Jenkins punctuated his touchdown by placing the ball on the ground and putting on leg on it, Captain Morgan-style. That was a 15-yard penalty for using the ball as a prop.

Then he made it worse by posting a photo of it on Instagram with the caption “Everybody has a little captain in them. #Itsabucslife.”

“When guys make mistakes, I confront them immediately, which happened this time,” Smith said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “How’s that?

“The penalty of course, right away. And when I found out about the Instagram, . . . I’m on Facebook a little bit so I can get pictures of my grandchild. Besides that, I’m not really into the rest of the stuff. Once it came to my attention, then I confronted him.”

Naturally, the photo is gone now. And so is a chunk of the poor kid’s rear end, based on Smith’s tone, the fact the Falcons were able to start a game-winning drive at their own 35, and the Bucs’ subsequent 1-8 record.

“It is a teaching moment, though, for a rookie,” Smith said of the penalty . “You hate…you know with rookies you want to have those teaching moments before something happens out there. We go over the rules, of course, you can’t use a prop after a touchdown. But when you do it in that situation, it’s just not good. I’d also tell you he’d like to have a lot – not a lot – but a couple plays [back]. He jumped off-side one time. He’d like to have a couple things back but the guy really plays hard and we’ll clean those things up.”

Seferian-Jenkins is probably lucky. If the ship in the Bucs end zone were real, he’d have been a candidate for a good keel-hauling.

34 responses to “Lovie Smith chews out rookie Austin Seferian-Jenkins for Instagram-ing penalty

  1. Want to know the real reason the Buccaners are struggling?

    Leslie Frazier.

    Minnesota Vikings overall defensive ranking w/ Leslie: 30th.

    Minnesota Vikings overall defensive ranking w/o Leslie: 8th.

  2. Penalty fine kid deserved to be addressed, instagram come on Lovie, you have much more pressing issues than to troll or have your staff troll social media. Any way i guess most teams do that, but come on you are 1-8 fix something and not social media.

  3. Hey Lovie, I think you have bigger things to worry about. Like maybe you deciding to go with a journeyman career bakc-up instead of seeing what you have in a young guy. Or maybe the fact that you have no idea how to defend against today’s NFL. Among others, of course.

  4. Poor discipline is a result of poor coaching. Give that mirror a good talking to as well OK Lovie? Maybe think about hiring a replacement offensive coordinator or something you know???

  5. The Bucs have repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with a bevvy of false starts, personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Somehow they manage to incur these penalties at exactly the wrong time.

  6. Yes Lovie he’s the reason your team is 1-8…. Can’t be that you also hired Leslie Frazier to be the DC either.. I know you both are good men but the game has passed you both by

  7. Cut this kid now and send a msg to the rest of the team that this is not a joke. This is a classic me first kid. If you don’t cut him you will lose the locker room and your job by this time next year Lovie.

    Not a Bucs fan – Just sayin.

  8. In the next 2 years you’ll see the Bucs go from what they are today to a Contender because of Lovie Smith. The players would run through a brick wall for him.

  9. It must be the coach. After all, rookies can’t be expected to understand the concept of penalties that hurt the team, right?

  10. idk man I’m inclined to believe it was quite original. A clean Segway from team to drink, where the team either needs a drink, or the team has been drinking before playing.

    Idk, either way I thought it was pretty cool.

    Panthers fan

  11. A stupid penalty,
    from the fact that the No Fun League call it one,
    to the player doing it anyway,
    to the coach giving a flying pig if the player instagrams it afterwards or not.

    Oh well.

  12. Give the draft bust a break. It’s a big deal getting a TD for this guy. Let him have some fun. Not like that’s a real football team down there anymore.

  13. Maybe rip yourself for continually starting Josh “no future in this league” McCown. Seriously, I don’t get his love affair with him.

  14. The fact that he did not slip and destroy his knee and go out on IR proves the Buc’s are better than the Bears. Idiots, losers, self promoters, and lazy bums are the trademark of this team. Think of it, a total moron Warren Sapp was the best they ever had.

  15. ASJ antics are low-hanging fruit. Lovie has bigger issues to deal with. Come to think of it, Lovie should join in celebrating every TD his poorly disciplined team can pull off.

    If he wants to be seen as a “tough” coach, he can begin by getting his players to show up on Sundays.

  16. On a solid team the veterans would have handled this and the head coach wouldn’t have had to even be involved.

  17. There is definitely a lot of immaturity of the Bucs. During training camp, you should start weeding them out before the regular season starts. After playing 9 games into the season, to me, there is no excuse for this to be happening to this extent. False starts, personal fouls, unsportman like conduct, and plain stupid penalties are killing the Bucs. At this stage, coaches are as much to blame as players. The coaches keep putting them back in, so why should a player learn from his mistakes?

    The Tampa 2 is no longer a dominating defense with out making a lot of adjustments. Lovie refused to make adjustments like Rod Marinelli did in Dallas. Lovie may be too stubborn for his own good. I suspect there will be another of players in Tampa this off season, and some coaches will be out as well. Basically the team and the coaches are a bad fit.

    I still blame it on the stupid uniforms the players are forced to wear. The players play down to those ugly uniforms. Get some decent ones and watch this team get better!

  18. After Brian Celek did this in 2009 the League said the next person would be fined 100k

  19. Not using the ball as a prop, going to the ground to celebrate, etc…. Are some of the dumbest penalties the NFL has.

    Work on getting the calls right on the field, defining a catch, what def PI looks like and so on.

    Let the players have a little fun

  20. I think it is clear why Schiano was so hard on these guys. As a collective group they need it. How has treating them like men worked for you? Schiano was just taking the approach that guys like Vermeil, Coughlin and Belichick have done successfully in the past. Put the screws to the players and test their character. See who can be relied on. Unfortunately the team had a mutiny and ownership was dumb enough to buy into it. They brought in a kindergarten teacher and this is what you get.

  21. jjb0811 says: Nov 10, 2014 3:18 PM

    Lovie didn’t chew him out. In all the games I’ve seen of him, he never talks just stares.


    Maybe that’s how he chews people out. He sits them in a chair in an interrogation like room and just stares at them.

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