Broncos pump the brakes, don’t plan to sign Richie Incognito now

Getty Images

The Broncos are desperate enough up front to take a look at a guy other teams won’t touch.

But they’re not sufficiently desperate to sign Richie Incognito today, after he visited and worked out for them.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Broncos aren’t going to sign Incognito, at least not yet.

Part of the issue at the moment seems to be their upcoming schedule, as their next two games are against the Rams and Dolphins. Those are the teams he’s spent most of his NFL career with, and there’s no point in offering them any additional inspiration.

Taking a chance on Incognito would be a bold move at any time, since he’s been radioactive to NFL teams since his role in the Jonathan Martin bullying case, which led to his ouster from the Dolphins.