Josh Cribbs gets a tryout in Indy

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Free-agent receiver Josh Cribbs has been available for anyone to sign, ever since free agency opened in March.  On Tuesday, he got a rare sniff from a team trying out players.

Per a league source, Cribbs had a workout for the Colts.  Joining him was receiver Willie Snead and defensive tackle Ben Bass.

Cribbs played for the Jets in 2013, after being cut by the Raiders in August.  The Browns had cut Cribbs in March of that same year.

Cleveland’s MVP in 2009, Cribbs in his prime served as a versatile weapon, returning punts and kicks, running the ball, catching the ball, and playing a little quarterback from time to time.

He hasn’t been signed by the Colts.  As more and more players suffer injuries throughout the league, however, Cribbs name could keep floating to the top of the free-agent lists.

13 responses to “Josh Cribbs gets a tryout in Indy

  1. The Browns never cut Cribbs. He played out his contract and became an unrestricted free agent without the Browns offering a new contract.

  2. You mean to tell me that the Browns aren’t even willing to part ways with WR Marlon Morre to at least get Cribbs to stabilize the punt, kickoff fiasco which is the only weakness of the Browns right now? If you other Browns fans are wondering “who is Marlon Morre?” … MY POINT EXACTLY!

  3. Man Cribbs… I love you, your attitude, and your consistency. Get back on the Browns. We probably have the worst return game in the league right now and we’re somehow winning the AFC North. We have ‘designated catchers’ for punts because that’s how bad our return game is. Fumblitis.

  4. Your return team is averaging a league low 3.2 yards a return and you refuse to even give Josh a try-out…….

    He isn’t just a returner, he is also a kick cover guy, and yes an “EMERGENCY” receiver who has shown to be a devastating blocker at that position.

  5. I think people are afraid of his health. No one wants to rely on a guy that has been knocked out more than once on the field.

  6. As usual, another shining example of the Raiders failing to develop a potentially good player. But wait, you got Flynn, Schnaub, Carr Wreck,,,,,,,,,,how’s that treatin’ ya?

  7. Browns have a rookie kick returner on the team but won’t let him field kicks… Go back and watch some of Justin Gilbert’s return highlights when he played at Oklahoma St… But I would never be opposed to having Josh back on the team

  8. I also love Josh Cribbs, as well, but realistically he would be a role player on any roster, and he first came into the league in 2005. That’s a lot of hard hits (and injuries) for a former running QB at Kent State and special teams player.

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