Peterson grievance must be heard by November 17

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On Monday, the NFL Players Association filed on behalf of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson a grievance against the league and the team, based on the failure of the NFL to remove Peterson from the Commissioner-Exempt list after his legal case was resolved.

Under Article 43 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a hearing on the expedited grievance must occur within seven days of its filing.  In this case, the hearing will happen by Monday, November 17.  The grievance then must be resolved within five days after the hearing.

At the latest, Peterson’s status will be determined by Saturday, November 22 — one day before the Vikings launch a three-game home stand commencing with the Packers.

The grievance could, as a practical matter, be resolved sooner than that.  A conference call will happen as soon as Tuesday between the league, the NFLPA, and arbitrator Shyam Das.  The arbitrator, who undoubtedly understands that this matter boils down to the interpretation of the September 18 letter agreement that placed Peterson on the Commissioner-Exempt list “until the criminal charges pending against him are adjudicated,” could inform that parties that the hearing will happen this week, and Das could in turn rule quickly — possibly, at the hearing itself.

The letter launching the grievance focuses, as expected, on the argument that the agreement to place Peterson on the Commissioner-Exempt list expired when the legal case was resolved.  The league has reneged on that deal by keeping Peterson on the Commissioner-Exempt list pending completion of his personal-conduct policy review.

Regardless of whether the NFL has taken this action to buy time for the team or to secure cover against sponsor, fan, and/or media fallout for letting Peterson return to the field absent the equivalent of a court order, the league has violated the agreement.  It shouldn’t take Das very long to figure that out.

Why even have a hearing?  Das should ask the NFL a few pointed questions during Tuesday’s conference call.  Based on the answers, maybe the right outcome would be an immediate ruling that the league’s violation of the letter agreement is so clear — and that the harm to Peterson from not being reinstated immediately is so irreparable — that reinstatement of Peterson should occur immediately, or at a minimum pending the outcome of the hearing.

41 responses to “Peterson grievance must be heard by November 17

  1. Thanks to Mike Florio for making the legal complexities of this issue understandable for the average NFL fan.

    I won’t comment on what I think should happen, but what I think WILL happen.

    I think the league will suspend Peterson for six games and try to work it out so that completes the season. I do not believe that Peterson will play again this year.

  2. How exactly is the damage irreparable?

    He is getting paid, and nobody is questioning his ability. He has the best of both worlds, and if he was smart he would sit on that list until the end of the year so that he could let the furor die down, as it stands now it isn’t going to anytime soon.

  3. Adrian Peterson doesn’t care what he did was wrong. All he cares about is playing football and hosting parties in hotel rooms. He couldn’t even make it to his own son’s funeral. Why do you think he will learn from this. Take the guy out back and beat him to a pulp.

  4. What if Peterson had shoved leaves in his wifes mouth and beat her bloody with a stick? Would it be called discipline?

  5. It’s totally understandable that the NFL doesn’t have an answer ready for this yet. I mean, it’s not like they’ve had 2 entire months to prepare themselves for this or anything. This day truly snuck up on them and there was simply no way to be ready for this.

  6. You keep saying the agreement has been violated – do you know whether “deferred adjudication” applies in his case?

  7. Why did the NFL agree to those stipulations if they weren’t going to follow them? It seems to me that their best course of action would be to announce Peterson’s punishment (fines and/or games) as soon as possible. This way it would at least appear that they are being proactive.

  8. Condemning a man from doing his job ? Look at domestic abuse reports in America and think about how many people should lose their jobs by that flawed logic … Peterson has already been made an example of and been to court. Now it’s time to let him play. NFL has not stopped murderers, drunks, and druggies but they want to stop a misdemeanor…. The precedent they are setting will hurt the brand either way they choose.

  9. NFL is paralyzed with fear, and its Goodell that’s put them in that situation.

    Its great pontificating about the Sheild and justice when kicking around scrubs/special teamers, but it all gets a bit harder when its stars and starters.

  10. Ok. Just git ‘er done. Re-instate, suspend, whatever. Pull your heads out of yer a$$es.

    with winnable games vs Chicago, Carolina and the Jets up next these Vikings have a chance to make a point that they’re a good team. Not a playoff team yet, but moment can build for next year with or without AP…. but the DISTRACTION of not moving to a decision on Peterson will not help the players who’ve been practicing and playing since arriving in Mankota back in August.

  11. Whether AP receives no more punishment or if he’s suspended for the remainder of the year, the NFL has more than enough info to make a decision. The claim that they are waiting for info from AP, which he’s in large part precluded from disclosing because by law records on proceedings involving minors are sealed from disclosure, is even more ridiculous.

  12. I personally don’t want to see this psychopath on my TV this Sunday or any Sunday….simple as that

  13. the NFL clearly never thought he’d have a chance to plead down to a lesser charge when they put him on this list with a designation to return once the case was resolved. They thought it would go to trial and easily take up the entire season, and now that it only took 9 weeks they have no damn clue what to do.

    Hey NFL try and be more incompetent, you cant

  14. I guarantee this has a lot to do with the 2018 super bowl and corporate money. NFL has become a joke to watch, every play there might be a PI or a QB might get tackled and a flag comes out. I remember when it used to be a game and not a production. Fans and players Goodell, we come first.

  15. “The Exempt/Personal Commissioner’s Permission List has just become obsolete. No other player will ever use it again.”

    Exactly. Now it’ll be back to, deny, deny, deny, I’ll go to court to get an injunction to play.
    Which is where this may just end up if the Commissioner doesn’t live up to his end of the bargain. “APs people haven’t supplied the necessary info.” So now its his lawyers fault, and its never Roger’s. How much is the NFL paying for this “leadership”?

  16. Those who Want AP to sitdown for the remaining of the year are scared packer fan and as for Vikings being a joke of the NFL the Jaguars n Bears take that title

  17. If forced to come to a decision suspend him for 8 games under the personal conduct clause, without pay. There. Simple solution.

  18. Psychopath ? Most everyone’s uncle , brother or themselves have worse violence In them and yet these people are still there for Xmas bdays and thanksgiving etc… People shouldn’t be banished for those reasons either.

    The only reason goodell is making a clown of himself because it’s about money, it’s always been about money

  19. Appearances and moralities aside….they want him back for their second-annual SuperBowl on the 23rd.

    Priorities. Plain and simple.

  20. Goodell has led the NFL down a dangerous path of being judge and jury for its players and this type of situation was inevitable. The NFL needs to navigate its way through this mess the best they can and then in the off-season sit down with the players association and hammer out an agreement that sets up a series of prescribed sanctions based solely on the outcome of legal proceedings. There is no perfect system but the NFL has gotten way out of its area of expertise and is not acting in its own best interests by the untenable position of trying to function as an independent legal and moral authority.

  21. Another glaring example of Goodell’s lack of leadership. This ‘event’ was inevitable yet the NFL is once again waffling – no doubt stalling to try to gauge public reaction in advance of whatever decision might be made.

    With weasels running the show, maybe Cuban has a point.

  22. John – the NFLPA and players approved of it…

    johngaltwho says:
    Nov 11, 2014 11:07 AM
    Goodell has led the NFL down a dangerous path of being judge and jury for its players and this type of situation was inevitable. The NFL needs to navigate its way through this mess the best they can and then in the off-season sit down with the players association and hammer out an agreement that sets up a series of prescribed sanctions based solely on the outcome of legal proceedings. There is no perfect system but the NFL has gotten way out of its area of expertise and is not acting in its own best interests by the untenable position of trying to function as an independent legal and moral authority.

  23. Based solely on the law like what in the NFL did with Ray McDonald by not suspending him because no charges were filed in court. Peterson pled no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault. That should only be constituted as a first time offense no suspension based upon the crime he pled out too.

  24. Let’s not focus on the deplorable discipline that Adrian Peterson talked on his child….we know what he did was absolutely wrong!!!

    But here is $1 billion corporation without a human resources department that flies by the seat of their pants…I had stated previously that Roger Godell had done a fantastic job taking the NFL from where it was to what it is today but now he is lost total control..

  25. Its obvious that the NFL has a PR problem, not a legal problem. Image is important so what do you do with a child abuser who pleaded out for a favorable deal?

    Answer; suspend him for the rest of the year and make sure he gets professional counseling to deal with an attitude that its Ok to stuff leaves in a 4 year old’s mouth and whip him till he bleeds.

    Not sure counseling will even be effective but it does provide the necessary cover your butt tactics that the NFL needs to allow this child abuser to suit up again in a NFL uniform (using that term quite loosely given its the Minnesota Vikings)

  26. stunningtruth says:
    Nov 11, 2014 10:02 AM
    You keep saying the agreement has been violated – do you know whether “deferred adjudication” applies in his case?


    I’d love to hear Mike Florio’s take on the “deferred adjudication” aspect of this case. The matter won’t be permanently resolved until AP pays the fines, performs the community service, the two-year waiting period elapses, and the Judge issues the final adjudication.

    To draw some parallels, would the NFL allow a person that is on Probation to play? Would the NFL allow a person on a Work Release Program to play? Would the NFL allow a person on Parole to play?

    I’m sure there are some precedents for people on Probation being allowed to play. Was Mike Vick on Parole when he returned the the NFL and signed with the Eagles?

  27. Suspend him or not but the making it up as you go stuff has to end. The league office is multi-car pile up in the fog and they keep stacking up. Goodell and the Owners play fans and players like fiddles to keep the advertising dollar coming in.

    Attention Owners: Fantasy Football is what is holding your league up. When that is gone you are back to baseball when only the die hards tune in every week.

  28. Once again, the NFL got it’s bluff called. Roger just assumed that the Vikings would cut Peterson, (ala Ray Rice) and he wouldn’t have to worry about this until the off-season. This man gets compensated 8 figures and is a complete buffoon.
    Note to the NFL owners- You’re going to make billions whether this clown is in charge or not.

  29. The NFL should have set the precedent to only react to situations when they are resolved in court. Set up the expectation that if you are convicted of a crime, you then will face league punishment….if you are not, then society has spoken…not the mob. But they want to take this dangerous path of double jeopardy. You get tried in a court of NFL before you even have an opportunity to prove your innocents under our given rights in the constitution of the US and all state constitutions. Now you are in the perpetual cycle of hey I am innocent but being punished by the NFL for a crime that I didn’t commit. AP would not even be in this situation if this policy was followed.

    Now understand this…people continue to say what AP did was wrong…but by what standard are you basing this off of. I would not punish my child like this, but I was not raised to believe this was a fair style of punishment. The court in Texas did not find this to be Child Abuse, but more of an accidental occurrence or injury that occurred during an accepted form of punishment. That is what the court said…you bleeding heart moral authority don’t even know that in your own family there is this going on, are you treating those people the same. At the end of the day he made a mistake in the public eye. He admitted to it and has vowed to change…isn’t that what we want for him in his future and for his children…not to destroy, but to educate and move forward. If it happens again, then he needs to be locked up for good because he is a horrible person…but right now he is just a human that made a mistake.

  30. Interestingly the letter agreement said “until the criminal charges pending against him are adjudicated”.

    Peterson’s plea included a 2 year deferral of adjudication. So, technically, the NFL could try to keep Peterson on the commissioner list for another 2 years.

  31. NFL is trying to buy time to get to the point that they can suspend him under whatever new D.V., flavor of the day, policy Goodell has come up with. If it’s 6 games, Goodell is trying to stall until there is 6 games left before suspending him. It’s all a joke. Just like what this league has become….the Blowout Football League

  32. lol. People are stupid. All the negative snyde remarks of the vikings being a joke. I’d like to see the Packers best player (Rodgers by far) get arrested, get plagued by injuries (offensive lines, TE, ) and do much better. Also be forced to use a rookie QB due to injury. The fact they are just about .500 shows the coaching staff is doing well and doing ok despite adversity. Packers fans don’t want AP to play becaue the Vikings might steal a costly game from them. The fact is the Lions are the best team in our division, and the Packers can’t afford to lose to any other division teams.

    AP was disciplining his child. The fact he is being compared to Ray Rice is stupid. The fact of the matter is, how he manages his kids is his business. Also – the NFL should let him play. People still have to work while they go through legal troubles (unless the crime is committed on the job). People don’t have to like what he did, but he held up his end and went through the process, and was cooperative. It’s also pathetic how he is called scum because he made one mistake.

    Packer fans need to shutup and stop hiding being Aaron Rodgers (the only thing separating them from being a horrible team).

  33. I was whipped with switches as a child
    and I’m here to tell you it’s horrid
    he is not at all sorry for his actions
    or the pain he inflicted on his son.
    he still thinks he was deserving.
    This is a ploy to get him reinstated
    Quicker. He’s not rehabilitaded not at all, not enough time has past. Nor has he had efficient amount of counaling
    he’s a piece of crap. This is all politics
    this is their way to get him back on the field with out the NFL getting
    the brunt of the decision.
    COWARDS are all working together on this mark my words.

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