Report: Rams owner trying to buy old Hollywood Park site


Technically speaking, the Rams are talking to Missouri officials about a new stadium deal which would keep the team in St. Louis.

But Rams owner Stan Kroenke keeps buying land in California, just in case.

In an column by Nick Canepa of U-T San Diego outlining the impact on the Chargers of a team moving to Los Angeles (perhaps even themselves), Kroenke’s recent interest in real estate is revealed almost parenthetically.

After mentioning the 60 acres in Inglewood he bought earlier this year, the report says Kroenke is “said to be negotiating to purchase” of Hollywood Park, the 300-acre defunct racetrack.

While the stadium issue in Los Angeles is a hot potato that stays in the air longer than teams have stayed in L.A., Kroenke having such a stadium-sized parcel should be a concern to any Missouri politicians who have serious hopes of keeping the Rams in town.

If, of course, they’re serious about trying to keep them.

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  1. I can’t believe the city of St. Louis is actually open to letting the Rams walk. After the Kurt Warner years just a decade ago? And now with the promise of having Jeff Fisher on hand and just needing a true franchise quarterback? … Wow.

  2. will there be a follow up to this? My understanding is they’ve done the tear down and began the infrastructure work to support the new development that is going to replace the race track. I’d think if Kroeneke was looking into the rest of the land he’d have looked a year ago.

  3. The NFL will not be running back to St. Louis after only 8 years again, either. Get your tickets to the home finale to see the last game in St. Louis for quite some time.

  4. The perfect location, big parcel so lots of room for a stadium and FINALLY enough parking. Easy access to freeways, hotels, and tons of LA venues. Really couldn’t be better.

  5. They are trying to keep the team. A riverfront stadium proposal will be unveiled at months end.

  6. I for one am getting tired of seeing NFL franchise owners going hat in hand to the taxpayers to subsidize their private businesses. Owning an NFL team is a license to print money these days. Obviously times aren’t too tough if Kroenke can afford 300 acres in Hollywood. I can sympathize with Rams fans. It’d be tough to be caught in the middle and potentially see your team leave town. But enough is enough…

  7. Everyone who has the nerve to comment about LA and what we deserve or not is BS. We got cash and love sport hear. We are all not Hollywood stars and most of us are blue collar hard working americans who love the NFL. Georgia took my Rams when I was 15 years old because LA and OC would’nt hook her up with a stadium. The Rams new owner has his own cash and can build his own stadium. Sorry ST. Louis but you should have never lost your (Arizona Cardinals). You stole LA’s team and have the nerve to call them your own. until the Rams are in the STL for 49 years they will always be our team. LA Rams2015 and happy 5oth !!!!!!

  8. I feel bad for St. Louis fans, but I want a team in LA so the NFL can’t continue to threaten to move teams there if taxpayers don’t build them a new stadium.

  9. The reason Kroenke’s interest in the land is listed “almost parenthetically” is because Sam Farmer had the report in the L.A. Times on July 19. Understood if you don’t remember four months ago.

  10. I think southern L.A. somewhere will end up with two teams sharing a stadium, probably the Rams and Chargers. The Rams belong there and the Chargers get to keep most of their current fans while adding a huge potential for new ones. The Raiders seem to get to choose between Oakland and San Antonio. Good luck with that.

  11. Perfect location, I’ve been saying this for years.

    4 major freeways nearby (105, 405, 110, 10), one of our few rail lines runs close by to the track, a level 1 trauma center a block away(Centinela Hospital), LAX is very close, and the racetrack on the land now is closing. The Lakers played on the property for decades and proved Inglewood (The City of Champions) can handle a major sports franchise in town.

    Finally the NFL is returning to LA!!!

  12. The 1% rule the NFL. They always get what they want. We are just pawns that pay the bills. Face it. We all love the NFL so griping and complaining just falls on the deaf ears of the super rich. They are amused by our continued spending on their product. We can appeal to the US Congress to do something. Only they are more of the 1% of super rich. Just grin and bear it.

  13. Kronke is part of the Walton family, the richest family in the world….He can afford to do anything he wants so affordability is not the issue…

  14. My problem is finally the Rams have talent, all those early round draft picks, and right now this team needs no outside drama. Wait 5 years so we can see what happens to the team. I am not a fan but I think talent wise the Rams cound dominate. No idea if fisher is the man to lead them.

  15. No welfare for billionaires. The CA voters will never approve hundreds of millions of welfare for the Rams when the state is a financial disaster.

    If they’re smart the St Louis / MO government officials will know this and know that if they don’t pay for the stadium in St Louis that the CA voters won’t either.

  16. Kroenke is a great owner. He’s brought Stanley Cups to Denver and nearly a berth to the NBA Finals with the Nuggets where he was in the top 3 in payroll for several seasons. He will do whatever it takes to win. For the Rams it starts by moving the team to LA.

  17. That dome in STL is like playing in an empty warehouse. As a Chiefs fan here in KC, I say let them walk. Not a big fan of the city of STL anyway. While we are at it, we might as well let Illinois have STL.

  18. The 60 acres he currently holds just isn’t enough to build on and supply ample parking. This new 300 acre sight sounds plenty large enough for an entire “stadium district” – stadium, parking, shopping, and other entertainment options.

  19. Who is going to pay for the Stadium? I say if there’s enough corporate money to build a stadium in LA, then they can have a team. If it’s more tax payer financed garbage, then you might as well screw the citizens of St. Louis out of some more tax money.

  20. As a St Louis resident let me say “Who Cares!” If Kroenke wants to use his money to build a stadium here, great. If he wants public money to build it then I say enjoy L.A. I can be a fan of the game without having a team in town.

  21. The bonds on the St. Louis Dome (whatever it is called now) aren’t due to be paid off until 2020, and the Rams are ready to abandon the city.

    But as long as there are crooked politicians around ready to sell out their city for a couple of skyboxes in the new stadium, the people will continue to get screwed.

  22. jonathankrobinson424 says:

    I just hope the Rams bring back the old blue and white helmet and jerseys when they return to LA.

    No, no no. Blue & White is a boring look; let the Colts have it. Personally, I’d love to see a modern version of the 1950’s yellow jerseys over white pants. They’d be unique.

  23. It will great to have the Rams back in LA so we can begin to speculate where they will move next after nobody shows up at the new stadium.

    I remember seeing a Rams Opening Day game in the 90s before they moved, and the stadium was half full at best. So I don’t want to hear a damn thing about how LA will support an NFL team – they won’t, at least not for long.

  24. This is why Los Angeles does deserve the football team. There is no opportunity in St. Louis. Let that town be a baseball town and let the land of stars have stars ignite the game.

    I have one idea however: do not bring Jeff Fisher along.

  25. It looks like that even if the NFL forces the Rams to stay in St Louis, the new LA franchise is going to have to go through Stan Kroenke. He’s buying up all the prime real estate.

  26. Remember, the only reason the Rams can move is because the city chose to tear up the Rams’ lease, rather than fulfill their obligations of stadium renovations agreed to in that lease.

    You can say it was a bad lease, and it was. And the reason it was bad is because the city didn’t bother to put any effort into negotiating or even understanding what they’re agreeing to.

    That’s how high of a priority the Rams are to St. Louis.

  27. Hooray for Hollywood! City of Champions!

    I do hope the Rams owner realizes he’s going to have pay for his new stadium. Just like Staples Center was privately funded, his new football palace will be on his dime.

    I honestly believe the days of publicly funded football in America are over. Just like in Miami when the Dolphins owner wanted the public to pay for that team’s stadium improvements and the public responded with a “thanks, but no thanks.” Good for them. I think the pendulum of us subsidizing the 1% is finally swinging in our direction.

  28. It’s tough to say whether fans in LA will support a new team or not. On one hand people love their football there and are mostly blue collar (like said above), but on the other hand they are mostly proud fans of current teams. Raiders, Niners & Chargers all come to mind… (are other people in Long Beach Steelers fans too?)
    They could always take the 100 million a year from TV rights and build a stadium full of VIP boxes for the rich and famous without any regular seats and then the whole state of California could have another locally broadcasted game to watch (that’s not the Raiders or the Chargers…)

  29. Hollywood Park cannot sustain an NFL site due to overhead airline traffic from LAX affecting aerial coverage.

    Bring back the Los Angeles Raiders instead and let them play at Farmers Field.


  30. It’s funny how uninformed people are when dealing with things in LA. Hollywood Park is nowhere near Hollywood. It’s just the name of the building and Kroenke is buying land in Inglewood, not Hollywood. Hollywood Park is in Inglewood and you can’t build a stadium in a flight path unless he gets an exemption on that rule/law or finds a loophole. The track sits in the LAX flight path.

    LA would more than welcome the Rams back as the LA area has more football fans than most NFL cities have people. It was a completely different NFL when both the Raiders and Rams left and from looking at the statistics of the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and Clippers, the stadium would be sold out every game. Even USC and UCLA pull 70k each on days when they both play. That’s 140k football fans going to a game on the same day and that happens usually once or twice a season here but they both average 60 to 70k people per game.

    …. Just don’t play in the Coliseum. Keep in mind also that LA has two approved stadium deals and just bends a team to commit to start building.

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