Why not Shanahan as next Bears coach?

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If the Bears decide to clean house but opt not to let quarterback Jay Cutler walk away with $38 million guaranteed after one year of service, they’ll need a coach who wants to work with him.

How about Mike Shanahan?

It was Shanahan who traded up in 2006 to snag Cutler at a time when no one had an idea the Broncos were even remotely interested.  Cutler stayed in Denver until Shanahan was fired, and then the next head coach, Josh McDaniels, ran Cutler out of town as his first order of business.

With the Bears imploding and coach Marc Trestman and G.M. Phil Emery undoubtedly in danger (grave or otherwise), ownership may not want to cut the cord on Cutler.  So they’ll need a coach who’ll keep Cutler around.

Why not Shanahan?  He’s an Oak Park, Illinois native who played at Eastern Illinois.  He led the Broncos to a pair of Super Bowl wins.  And he somehow managed to take an inherently dysfunctional Washington franchise to the postseason in 2012.

On Tuesday night’s edition of Inside The NFL on Showtime, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall quoted the man who, like Cutler, drafted Marshall in Denver:  “Tough times don’t last.  Tough people do.”

Maybe Marshall was dropping a hint.  Maybe the Bears won’t need much of a hint, if they choose to make sweeping changes but don’t want to sweep away $38 million for the first year of Cutler’s latest contract.  If Cutler stays and everyone else goes, Shanahan makes the most sense to be the team’s next coach.

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  1. Because since zone blocking was learned/copied by nearly everyone he has nothing over any other average coach.

  2. “And he somehow managed to take an inherently dysfunctional Washington franchise to the postseason in 2012.”

    Funny, I seem to remember the conventional thinking at the time was the dysfunction was Shanahan’s fault- and now we find out it might not have been. Huh..

  3. “He’s an Oak Park, Illinois native who played at Eastern Illinois. ”

    This logic is embarrassing. Choose a coach by where he lived and went to school 40 years ago?Why do I think that a forensic of the blogger’s phone records would show a recent flurry of phone calls from Shanahan’s agent.

  4. The only way Shanahan gets hired is if the Bears somehow never heard about his time in Washington. Like, at all.

  5. Shanahan would bring intensity the Bears desperately need, but somehow I wonder if the game isn’t starting to pass him by. Not to mention I’m pretty sure Cutler hasn’t exactly turned into the QB he fell in love with in Denver and at Cutler’s age he has hit his ceiling.

  6. For an offensive minded coach, the bears are loaded. It would be a great redemption story for Shanahan, Cutler, and Marshall. That team needs a lot of work on defense, but should be much better than they are playing.

  7. On Tuesday night’s edition of Inside The NFL on Showtime, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall quoted the man who, like Cutler, drafted Marshall in Denver:  “Tough times don’t last.  Tough people do.”


    Do you really think Shanahan was first person to say that?

  8. Deja vu. This is the plot of the “Blues Brothers” where they get the old band back together to save the orphanage. But this time they are trying to save the franchise. The car chases will be replaced by a train wreck.

  9. Shanahan’s was hired the same time that Pete Carroll was hired to coach Seattle. While Carroll capped off his fourth year with a Super Bowl win and multiple playoff appearances, Shanahan’s four year tenure in Washington ended with a 24-40 record with one playoff game. And as much as he complained about the team he inherited, the Skins were only two years removed from the playoffs when Shanahan took over.

    He’s won exactly one playoff game since Elway retired. He won two Super Bowls off of Elway’s back but he also has worn out his welcome with three different teams. If he gets another go around, that might set some sort of record – how many coaches who have been fired three times get hired a fourth time? Is there that much of a shortage of people who can be NFL head coaches.

    I wouldn’t wish Shanahan on my worst enemy. Not even on the Cowboys. And that’s really saying something.

  10. How about because without Elway at QB, his head coaching record is 123-121. He will want total control. And he might have another Son he wants to hire.

  11. They won’t pick Shanahan cause they need a HC or at least a QB coach that can work with sub par talent.

    I guarantee that if Shanahan knew Cutler like everyone does now, he never would have drafted him in the first place.

    Everyone saw what Shanahan did with RG3andout. Unless Chicago dumps Cutler, they will never pursue Shanahan!

  12. So, you were saying that the man whom you have pretty much described as a fraud in the past due to his 1997 to 1998 Denver bronco teams violating salary caps to win Super Bowls is going to save Chicago???

    Give it up. You are only obsessed about Chicago because you broke one story that related to their locker room.

    You are not a star when you act like this and neither is a Chicago Bear.

  13. Jeez. They weren’t kidding when they said Cutler was an organization killer.

    I don’t get why any of Cutler’s coaches in Chicago never copy-pasted the stuff Shanahan had him doing in Denver. Zone-blocking running game, West Coast offense-type stuff with playaction rollouts, moving pocket, etc. Cutler was at his best doing that.

  14. Don’t see it happening. Shanahan took the Broncos to a pair of SBs but that was over a decade ago, and taking the Redskins to a post season hardly merits a serious consideration to be a main reason to hire him–what did Washington do after THAT season?

    Shanny and Cutler are just washed up.

  15. Not to mention, why hire somebody who only makes an NFL franchise about his outdated ideas and nepotism?

    The Shanahans are bad coaches that only coach well or coach the way they need to do when their careers are on the line.

    You don’t need a retread who is well behind the game I would rather make the organization about him regardless of how wrong he is. That is why he got fired in Washington … and Denver.

  16. People like to rag on Josh McDaniels for his time in Denver, and a lot of the criticism is rightfully deserved, but in retrospect chasing Cutler out of town was the right move. If that never happened, Cutler would probably still be here and the Broncos would be a middling .500 team (at best) every season.

  17. Um, maybe because he’s terrible? He didn’t win with Cutler in Denver and he was 24-40 with Washington. So why exactly would he win now with Cutler in Chicago?

  18. Actually the Shanahan I’d want as head coach is Kyle.
    He’s gotten the best out of every qb wherever he’s been.
    Look at what he’s doing in Cleveland this year.

  19. I think he had his son in DC and that created a terrible dynamic and poor chemistry from the word go. Kyle may be great, but Dad promoting the son and protecting the son creates an imbalance in all the other relationships there. He may indeed be able to come back & be successful without him, why not?

    Meanwhile, what the heck happened to the Bears??

  20. Hire Shannahan and bring back Tebow. Can’t be any worse than the chinless coward throwing the ball now.

  21. Shanahan is done.
    Everyone has figured out that his rep came from having Elway as his quarterback.
    Without Elway, he’s been less than average.
    He’s one retread who has run out of employers as a head coach.

  22. But since it’s clear Mike has some serious control issues he’s not likely to take the job unless given a large amount of control over the team. Which would be unlike the Bears.

  23. How about because he sucks??

    Defenses always suck. Only ever won with a HOF QB in John Elway. Not since.

    Much better pick would be Todd Bowles, DC from the Cardinals. He’d get that defense back to where it belongs.

  24. Why not? The bears Players and fans already hate one head coach!
    It would be a BIG mistake.
    Get a young upcoming college Coach, or young Assistant like the Vikes did with Zimmer, don’t mess around rehashing Cash for Clunker re-tread coaches.

  25. Yeah Right. No NFL team is going to hire Shanahan after the garbage that he just pulled in Washington. He was intentionally making bad moves to get fired so he would get his contract paid off.

  26. lol Shanny. Mike, did you not see what a joke his last year with the skins looked like?

    It was a train wreck. I can’t think of too many worse hires than Shanny at this point. That’s 2 steps backward IMO.

  27. Shanahan got fired in Denver because the defense never lived up to the offense and inevitably got torched consistently to keep the team around 8-8 year in and year out except for 2000 and 2005.
    Of course, that will be an improvement over where the Bears are going.

  28. Shanahan without Elway = a coach you never gave a second thought to. Most overrated coach ever.

  29. As a Broncos fan who believes owner Pat Bowlen made a knee-jerk reaction in firing Shanahan, and who saw the promise and potential of the Cutler-Marshall connection forged by Shanahan before McDaniels (mishire) mismanaged and dismantled the team, I believe a Shanahan- Chicago pairing makes sense and would work.

  30. Why not Shanahan? Because he stunk it up pretty badly in Washington. There was a good reason he got fired.
    Why not Bill Parcells? Why not Brian Billick or Jon Gruden or Mike Ditka? (They all won Super Bowls and have giant egos).
    Because recycling is good for the environment but not good for an NFL team that seriously wants to improve and not get ripped off.

  31. Shanny was the only one ever to get through to cutler and still kept Marshall in line. Hire Rex Ryan as the d coordinator and you got yourself a helluva staff that can motivate these guys. Trestmen comes off like a grandpa that spoils his grandkids. Sometimes like AP ya need to take the switch out

  32. Ill tell you why not… he is an asinine offensive coach who stinks at offense, never won anything, has a terrible personality, and excels at nothing. I’m sure there are more reasons but those are just the first I could think of.

  33. What? Did Adam Schefter pay you to plant this story? Shanahan has zero chance of getting the Bears job ( if it opens). And given his previous relationship with Cutler, that probably makes zero into the negatives.

    Shanahan destroyed any chance he had of working in the NFZl as a head coach in the wayne acted with the Redskins.

  34. How is Trestman already in trouble. They had surprising success in his first year, and now they’re gonna toss him after a down year.

    This seems premature…

  35. i wonder if that would be some kind of record? a QB gets the same coach fired from 2 different teams?

  36. Cutler ran himself out of town acting like a 5 year old and not even taking or returning calls from the man who’d paid him mega millions.

    He cap cheated his way to the SB wins the Donks were the scandal of their day.

  37. As a Redskins fan, I wish we would have kept Shanahan. He was behind the 8 ball fixing Cerato’s and Snyder disaster of a roster and deal with the Haynesworth contract. He righted the ship and a least got it pointed in the right direction….then along came Snyder…..

  38. Makes sense. I think Shanahan can still coach. I don’t think anyone will succeed in Washington as long as Snyder is there.

  39. Jay Cutler needs to be traded to St. Louis. Jeff Fisher/Jay Cutler combo would be deadly. A first round pick and Sam Bradford being cut will clear the money.

  40. Well for starters he hasn’t been relevent since Denver and he really owes his success there to the skills of John Elway and a few other really talented players.

    He absolutely bombed when he was leader of the Red Skins… I would like to think that any team that is currently struggling would want a positive improvement when hiring a head coach…

  41. And he’s done what since Elway retired? Sounds like the Redskins were dysfunctional when he left anyway, so go ahead hire him and the Bears will implode anyway.

  42. Because he’s been so successful since Denver’s second Super Bowl win over 16 years ago. He’s had 1 playoff win since.

    The fact that this guy has been in charge of the rosters on his teams (remember, he had final say) is pretty damaging too. It might be terse for them to look elsewhere.

  43. Not a bad idea at all. And without Kyle around I’d give it a better chance of success than what you saw in Washington. Kyle has done better in Cleveland on his own and Mike could well turn out the same way. Only major hurdle would be who he got to run the defense. That was a revolving door in Denver his last few years and the D also never really came together in Washington.

  44. Why not? Because Cutler is no John Elway, and Shanny never won anything without ole Horseface. Unless you count the ’94 Niners, who steamrolled through the playoffs and crushed the Chargers in the Super Bowl. What a staff – George Seifert as HC, Shanny as OC, Pete Carroll was DC.

  45. This is why I love Florio. Spot on. Cutler’s reputation as coach killa is going to limit the coaching pool going forward anyway, so why not, and why not now …

    Only thing wrong with this post is that we beat you by a coupla days at our house; we were drowning our sorrows and speculating on this exact thing the second half Sunday night.

    Another name of a guy with an offensive mind who ran a strong defense as well – and this REALLY pains me, but desperate times call for desperate measures –

    Billick. He used to really mess with us when he was the OC of the the Vikes.

  46. one modification to the above – Kyle Shanahan is a deal killer. No way do I do this if he is allowed within 10 miles of Lake Forest. Kyle must stay in Mistake/Lake for this to happen.

  47. Snyder clearly meddled with the RG3 draft pick. Shanny wanted Tannehill who has become a decent QB and would’ve been even better under the Shanny’s. His son is proving it in Cleveland with Hoyer at QB.

    Lets face it, Snyder is the reason the Redskins will always suck.

  48. Coach isn’t Chicago’s problem…

    Lack of Talent on Offensive and Defensive Lines is the problem…

    Could care less personally for the Head Coach one way or the other….

    But you can clearly see the Bears Offensive Line is incapable of pass protection…

    And the front seven of the Bears needs to young, hungery guns up front…

  49. There’s a lot more than Cutler wrong in Chicago. Lot more than the coach. This is on the ownership and GM still living off of 1985. Tear it down and rebuild it.

  50. Not him again. He cheated in Denver by circumventing the salary cap, probably the most egregious offense possible as it clearly undermines the integrity of the League.

    Maybe he can do for Da Bears what he did for Da Redskins which is to say…nothing.

  51. Shanahan will just hire his unqualified buddies to coach on his staff and the product will suck just like it did in Denver at the end and in Washington. Shanahan never coached Cutler to the playoffs and couldn’t beat San Diego when it counted.

  52. Seriously? What’s the love for Shanny? I will tell you why not. Because he’s 123 – 121 as a HC without Elway throwing it and Davis running it. That’s 16 seasons with 5 playoff appearances and 1 playoff win.

    And how did he even become a HC? Oh right, he was the OC for the 1992 – 1994 Niners with Steve Young at the helm.

    If you want to think he is brilliant because of a three year run (his first year in Denver he was 8-8), go ahead. I think 17 years of futility (counting that 8-8 season) are plenty enough to determine what kind of coach he is.

  53. Because he’s a lousy coach. They may as well keep Trestman if Shanahan is the alternative.

  54. I want Dave Toub (former Bears and current KC special teams coach). He knows football. He’d make a great HC.

    I want Rex Ryan as Defensive Coordinator and I want him to bring back the bears defense.

    For next season I’d be happy if Rex runs the offense as well. Hopefully he runs it so poorly that Cutler quits and then the Bears can start again with a new QB (and a new offensive coordinator)!

    Trestman isn’t the answer. But whoever comes in next has to get rid of Cutler, not attempt to fix him. It’s his playing skills that ruin the franchise (although they dont help). It’s his lack of leadership. When the Bears were a defensive team he made some mistakes but he did enough to win. But he’s now paid like a leader and plays in a position that need leadership. He has none.

  55. Ring….Ring….Ring….

    Elway: “Hello?”
    Shanahan: “John! Johnny! How are you ole’ buddy!”
    Elway (cringing): “Oh, hello Mike.”
    Shanahan: “It’s so great to talk to you! How are things, pal?!?!?!?”
    Elway: “Everything is fine, Mike. How can I help you?”
    Shanahan: “Well, buddy, I was just reminiscing about those Super Bowls we won together, remember?”
    Elway (rolling eyes): “Um, yeah…”
    Shanahan: “Well, you may have heard I’m unemployed now and I was just remembering how I crafted the offense for you and how I raised your game to the next level and how I got you those championships and I was just wondering if you could put a word in for…”
    Elway: *click*
    Shanahan: “John? Johnny Boy? Helloooo???”

  56. Is SHAMahan bringing Elway with him to be his QB? No? Then it won’t work out too well. SHAMahan was never anything without Elway.

  57. Cutler is a good QB but he’s not HOF-caliber. Shanarat has proven to be a mediocre HC without a HOFer at QB. I also recall that the Donkeys were less than spectacular during the time that the Rat was together with Cutler.

  58. “And he somehow managed to take an inherently dysfunctional Washington franchise to the postseason in 2012.”

    But Shanahan was the main cause of the dysfunction, as he has been everywhere he’s coached. The guy is a mental case and so is his son.

  59. “…coach Marc Trestman and G.M. Phil Emery undoubtedly in danger (grave or otherwise)…”

    To paraphrase Col. Nathan R. Jessup in A Few Good Men, is there another kind of danger?

  60. In 2006, Cutler didn’t look like a bad idea. Eight years later, it’s pretty clear Cutler sucks. They should have kept McCown. It wasn’t broken. But they fixed it. They could have kept McCown for two or three years and drafted and groomed their future QB.

    Quarterbacks like Cutler make coaches and GMs temporarily insane, or expose permanent insanity. Remember when the Ravens got rid of Dilfer and brought in Elvis Grbac? Billick called it an “upgrade.” How’d that work out? They just don’t pay enough attention to chemistry, because chemistry can’t be quantified.

    If something’s working, stop trying to fix it.

  61. I can think of one really good reason. Kyle Shanahan. Show me a coach who hires his coordinators based on nepotism, and I’ll show you a washed up coach with his best years way behind him.

  62. Well, one reason is that he’s just not a very good coach anymore. As a Skins fan, his 4-year regime definitely had some good spots, but was more often than not just filled with tear-out-your-hair moments.

    I could go into all sorts of stuff (staking his reputation on John Beck and Rex Grossman comes to mind as the most egregious), but just from an overall coaching standpoint, he didn’t even seem to have the concepts of when to call timeouts down.

    He was also a Bill Belichick-style grouch with the media, and would explain horrible losses with the same, “Well, you know, any time you have guys who… blah blah blah” nonsense, would talk down to anyone who dared to question him, and then on his way out of town thanked the media for being so nice to him (???).

    Oh, but he did LOVE the media when it came to using Sally Jenkins from the Wash. Post. as his under-the-table mouthpiece for releasing petty “I was going to quit the team before our playoff game” bridge-burning stories. Cause you know, RGIII’s relationship with Snyder was the main thing that led to Shanahan’s total Skins record of 24-40.

    The only area where Shanahan seemed to actually do consistently well was the draft. He was able find some really good or even just solid roll-fill/depth guys in all rounds (Williams, Perry Riley, Kerrigan, Helu, Niles Paul, Morris, Tom Compton, Amerson, Jordan Reed). Jury is mainly still out (but trending downward) on Griffin and Cousins doesn’t look so hot… but there are still a lot of key players on the Skins that Shanahan brought here. I think overall, he’d make a better GM focusing on just bringing in players and should stay far away from coaching.

  63. Mike Shanahan to Chicago sounds like a recipe for continued dysfunction at best.

    His likely demand for total control is just the start.

    BTW, his Super Bowl victories can be attributed to his unleashing John Elway and fudging the salary cap.

    This sounds as promising as an ethics lesson from George Costanza.

  64. I speak for the rest of the NFC North teams in hoping, praying, begging for Shanahan to be the next head coach. If there is a more over-rated head coach in the NFL than Shanahan, I don’t know who it might be.

    We are used to seeing the Vikings make bone headed moves, the Bears, not so much.

  65. Because he is 115-109 (.513 winning % over 14 seasons – the definition of average) post-Elway, with only one season advancing beyond the wild card round.

  66. NO NO NO!!!! Are you nuts? The first person you get rid of is CUTLER! There is no hope for this guy. I don’t care who you bring in as coach. It ain’t gonna work with Cutler as qb.

    However the Packers would like it if you kept Cutler around for another 5 years.

  67. HA! That’d be hilarious, Shanahan may be a fine coach, but his egotistical need to control the roster has been his downfall of late, just look at the Redskins offensive line and secondary, they’re in shambles thanks to his neglect of them.

  68. You do realize that the Broncos superbowls were founded on illegal payments to players to keep them in Denver? People don’t like to mention that part of the Superbowl wins.

    That’s part of the reason why people are so eager to cheat if it helps them win in the NFL. The NFL will never take the trophy away or the money those wins earned you.

    The Broncos violated the rules and won. All that’s remembered is they won.

    The Patriots are a similar story, give it a few more years and all anyone will remember is they won as well.

    Those 2 wins bought Shanahan 2 decades on the coaching carousel as an offensive genious regardless of results to the contrary. The legend is stronger than the truth.

  69. As a Packer fan I think that is a great idea, if it comes to firing Trestman after only two years. Shanahan has been a bust since Elway retired, he didn’t do squat with the Redskins. I would rather keep Trestman around to beat on, but Shanahan would be acceptable if it comes to that.

  70. Is this a joke??

    Other than not showing a whole lot of fire and maybe lack of originality in the offense, I’d say Cutler is the bank of the problem in Chicago. You can’t blame that defense entirely on Trestman or the D-staff. Emery has wrecked that team completely. The rest of the team knows he’s a donkey and that he’s going to mess up each week….oh and that part about him being the highest paid player in the league this year, too. I’m sure that’s sitting well

  71. I believe that Elway led the Broncos to two Super Bowls. Shanahan was just along for the ride.

  72. Props to Josh McDaniels, he made a tough decision at the time, in hindsight it looks lilke he made the right decision to dump Cutler. If Cutler were still QB in Denver they would be under 500 this year.

  73. Oh, I’ll tell you why NOT Shanny:
    * he’s become a meglo-maniacal d-bag who “insists” instead of actually coaching. Players hate him.

    And you know who tortures SHANNY? Mrs. Shanahan. She is a terror!

  74. eagleswin says:
    Nov 12, 2014 9:00 AM


    EVERY team cheats.

    Just the smart ones who don’t get caught as frequently.

  75. “a Jeff Fisher/Jay Cutler combo would be deadly”

    LOL, sure it would. Two guys who inexplicably remain in professional football year after year, despite their lengthy bad-to-mediocre resumes…they would really light things up down in St. Louie.

  76. oh please please bring in Shannahan. He clearly deserves another chance after his splendid career in Washington. Remember how well he took care of RGIII when he kept playing him with the bad knee. Or when he coached Denver and tried to force Terrel Davis back on to the field during the Super Bowl who was sidelined with migraine inducing blindness. That’s right, he couldn’t see but get back on the field!!! That Shannahan always taking the player’s safety as a top priority and I’m sure he would be great for Cutler’s health!

  77. They need a defensive minded coach that hires an experienced offensive coordinator. Dan Quinn would be a fresh hire and he could hire Shannahan or a guy like Loggains.

  78. Nobody wants to accept that Josh McDaniels is a quarterback who worked with Tom Brady.

    Then he became a head coach with Cutler and after working him he decided…….. naw i’ll just scrap the whole thing and start over.

    Meanwhile Josh McDaniels has continued success as an offensive coordinator and Jay Cutler is still….. Jeff George

  79. How is anyone still hung up on Mike? Kyle has never, in a seven years as an OC, had a team finish outside of the top 10 in the league in offense– literally. Were the Redskins a disaster in 2013? Absolutely, but they still had the no. 9 overall offense. Mike’s totalitarian coaching style created that same disaster, while managing to alienate his entire coaching staff (including his son), owner, and players, and severely damage the career of a promising young quarterback.

    Kyle, meanwhile, is well past due for a head coaching shot. When a 3-13 team finishes no. 9 in offense; when a Browns team with no offensive talent whatsoever sits at no. 13 right now, that man needs to be in charge of an NFL team.

    Point being, “Shanahan”, in a headline should only refer to Kyle from now on– he has earned that right, and Mike has lost that privilege.

  80. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind Shanahan but the Bears’ brass and he would have a hard time getting along. Shanahan would probably want more control and a longer leash than they’d allow him. I don’t even see that one working out at all!!!!

  81. If I were running the Bears I would seriously consider David Shaw (Stanford) as HC and bring in a high profile DC. Rex Ryan would be good but his personality might cause problems under a brand new NFL HC. If he gets fired in NY and doesn’t find a HC job, he might want to resurrect the Bears D to set himself up for another HC shot after a year or two. Maybe Ron Rivera would work also. As for OC, find a guy that compliments Shaw and works well with QBs. It is easy to blame Cutler but he has talent. He just needs help with decisions and not being overconfident with his arm. (Know when to bail on a play and move to the next snap)

  82. 2 key pts. first the graphic from sun nite tv showing bears roster has more players who played for other teams than any other roster. second cutler is a coach killer.

  83. Seems like this has brought out Skins fans en masse!

    Remember his first action? He signed McNabb from a division rival, thereby implying he knows QBs better than Lurie and Reid.

    Then he brings in all his buddies, including his son who alienated everybody by bringing in HIS buddies, some of whom didn’t even have Pee Wee experience. He signed his old buddy Smith to run Special Teams, creating one of the worst units in the history of the NFL.

    On and on and on…..

  84. Eureka!!! Yes, folks… I know its hard to believe but the QB is THE primary factor of whether a coach is successful or not.

    The points have been made throughout this post. Shannahan has done nothing since “Elway”. McDaniels is a great coordinator with “Brady”. Bad head coach with “Tebow”.

    Guess what… Belichick is closer to average without the gift of “Brady” as well. Yes… it’s true. Time and time again.

    In the case of the Bears, it’s more than just Cutler but he’s proven he is not a winner in this league.

  85. If you look at what Kyle did with the offense in Washington and Houston. He is a very special offensive mind. check out his stats as OC from both teams. Surprisingly strong asset as a OC, But the Browns know this!

    His daddy is a clown that even Kyle had problems with agreeing on most everything. If Kyle stayed with his Dad he would have and was dying a slow death as a respected OC. Head coach material before long.


  86. Yes, Shanny is SO horrible. We all know that T.Davis was drafted by John Elway and Elway named him the starter when he was the 3rd string running back on the team. Elway also promoted Rod Smith from the practice squad and signed Ed McCaffrey. Shanny had nothing to do with building the offensive line and the team in general around Elway whatsoever.

    Dan Reeves and Wade Phillips never won a Super Bowl with Elway.

  87. Shanahan ended Jake Plummers career for this bum Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler doesn’t have HALF the heart and passion and competitiveness Jake Plummer had in his pinky finger.

  88. The Bears have a terrible defense. Shanahan’s teams from his last few years in Denver to his time in Washington had terrible defenses. So setting aside the fact that Shanahan is a dishonest snake that leaks stories to the media, why would the Bears want them?

    As suspect as Cutler is, the defense is the biggest problem the Bears have. Shanahan has proven time and again that he can’t put together a solid defensive staff. He’ll just bring in his cronies like Slowik and the Bears will continue to have a bottom 5 defense.

  89. It would be better to bring ditka back than give this uniquer loser shanahan onboard.he’s a joke!

  90. The Bears will never hire him. They have had five head coaches since 1982. The commonality: none of them had ever been a HC in the NFL. Other teams are willing to do that. Not this organization. Last time there was an opening, they didn’t go after anyone with previous NFL HC experience. Arians was the best candidate and he’s proving it in AZ.

  91. No one can succeed with the mess that is the R-skins due to the 2nd most meddlesome owner in the NFL.

  92. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Not Mike. Kyle.

    Mike can be a chairman emeritus, or whatever it is that Tom Moore does in Arizona these days.


    That is all.

  93. Let’s be real, no Shanahan hasn’t won anything since Elway, but then again, I don’t think anyone can win in DC. Jim Zorn couldn’t win and Jay Gruden isn’t having much luck either.

    The Redskins were bad last year because RG3 was too scared to take any chances with his knee, and he clearly wasn’t 100%. But what about a healthy Cutler? The talent is definitely there.

    I say give Shanny a shot, as long as he isn’t planning to hire his son as offensive coordinator. He’ll be with a functional franchise and then we’ll truly know if he still has it.

  94. Mike Shanahan SUCKS. He is one of the most overrated head coaches of all time. Instead of recycling the same handful of mediocre head coaches, teams should bring in excellent coordinators that deserve a chance to be head coaches. Look at what Bruce Arians is doing in Arizona.

  95. Jim Harbaugh returns to the NFL team that drafted him. He’s on the list to be their new head coach especially if he’s on his way out in SF. Even though this isnt’t all Mark Trestman’s fault. The Bears big mistake came by firing Lovie Smith. And it’s showing!

  96. It is Bears policy to never hire a person that has previously been a head coach in the NFL. That would explain why the team has been so lackluster for so many years.

  97. Elway as a starter without Shanahan. 83,88,92,93,94. 36 wins 32 losses. Averaged 7.2 wins a year with 1playoff game with no wins.QB rating avg 74.
    Elway as a starter with Shanahan as a coordinator(asst coach)84,85,86,87,89,90,91..70 wins 35 losses. 3 Super Bowls 1 AFC championship.6 out of 7 years 12win seasons. 7-5 playoff record.
    Elway as a starter with Shanahan as a head coach. 43 wins 16 loses. Playoff record 7-1.Most wins ever over 3 years. Pro Bowl 3 consecutive years plus SB MVP. QB rating avg 89.
    Elway without Shanahan with avg at best.
    Plummer without Shanahan as a starter at Arizona 30 wins 52 loses. 5 wins per season.QB rating over 6 years 69.0.
    Plummer with Shanahan as head coach 39 wins 15 losses. 72percent compared to 36percent at Arizona. 1-3 playoff record at Denver.
    Same stats with Steve Young 92 93 94.Griese,Cutler,Griffin all Pro Bowl players under Shanahan.

  98. ballsoharduniversity52 says: Nov 11, 2014 9:54 PM

    Why? What has Shanahan done anyway since Elway retired? The guy is senile.


    What did Chuck Knoll do after all those Steeler HoF’ers retired? What did Jimmy Johnson do after he left Dallas? The Elway argument is weak and lazy, did he Shanahan not go to a AFC title game with Jake Plummer? I still believe he is a good coach, you can see slowly that it may not have been completely him that was the problem in DC, when you win 2 super bowls it should still count for something and not as a fluke.

  99. It is a ridiculous idea, because Shanahan always demands total control, which would mean the present GM either has to go or be subservient to him. Not gonna happen. Shanahan already failed once with Cutler, didn’t he?

  100. Shanahan was able to make Gus Frerotte look like a Pro Bowler back in 2000, even without Terrell Davis, so I have to give him credit for that.

    I know he hasn’t “won” without Elway but we can’t deny that he’s had success with multiple QBs since.

  101. Shanahan’s days as a quality head coach are gone, he looked runned over and overwhelmed in DC. maybe it was mostly working under Dan Snyder; nevertheless he’s irrelevant and this point no longer and NFL worthy head coach. It would be like bringing back Marty Schottenheimmer or Dan Reeves.

  102. Agree with the Ditka idea. It’d be priceless to watch Ditka in his Bears sweater carrying a clipboard–go ballistic after a Cutler INT in the flat, and fire his gum to the ground.

  103. Since starting Cutler mid 2006 season, Shanahan did not post a winning season in 4 consecutive years with the Broncos being led by Cutler. Check it.

  104. Shanahan took Jake Plummer to an AFC Championship Game. That equals John Fox getting a playoff win with Tim Tebow. The New England Brady/Billicheck win streak was brought to an end in Denver that year I don’t know if you people remember how dominate the Patriots were during the Playoffs at the time they were undefeated. Facts he was fired from Denver not because of Offense but because he couldn’t keep a D-Coordinator and his defenses got progressively worse. Second problem was Pat Bowlen felt he had lost too much power and the Broncos didn’t see Shanahan giving up his say on personnel decisions. He was de-facto GM essentially and Coach. His final year they went 8-8 they had a chance at the Division they were in the driver seat before losing two critical games down the stretch setting it up so it came down to the last week of the Season vs. San Diego and the defense couldn’t get off the field and keep the Chargers out of the End Zone. Starting Quarterbacks since Elway during the Shanahan era Bubby Brister, Brian Griese, Gus Feorette, Danny Kanell, Jarious Jackson, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler. That’s not exactly what a plethora of QB talent. Let’s not forget two things about the Elway years. Number one Elway clamored for Shanahan at the expense of Dan Reeves. Pat Bowlen knew Elways hated playing for Dan Reeves everyone in Denver knew it so he chose his QB over his Head Coach. Pat Bowlen hired Mike because he felt that he would be the one to get over the hump and two he was someone that Elway wanted. Those two Super Bowls were at the height of Terrell Davis dominance. Let’s not forget the Super Bowl TD was so valuable at a point the game suffering from a migraine he couldn’t even see, yet they ran a play action pass to him completely fooling the Packers. Elway was not asked to do it all. Davis had an MVP 2,000 yard season the second super bowl year. They won a handful of games with Bubby Brister at QB handing the ball of to TD. Shannon Sharpe Ed McCaffrey and Rod Smith were no slouches either. Post Elway he made the playoffs ran into a couple teams that were just vastly superior the Baltimore Ravens I recall were a very good team you remember the 2000 Ravens who won the Super Bowl that year with a suffocating Defense. Start any of those QB’s listed against that defense and you would have gotten the same result. The other team that bounced Denver more frequently than any other team Post Elway, the Colts lead by Peyton Manning destroyed Denver on several occasions. Shall we talk about Washington, RG III looks worse than he did two years ago. Redskins players don’t exactly like him, Jay Gruden in private and to the Media has talked openly about his displeasure with his performance. Can’t blame all the Washington Struggles on Mike Shanahan when Dan Synder has played an even bigger role. Albert Haynesworth remember that contract, Jason Campbell, Patrick Ramsey. Synder babied RG III in a way that makes how the Jet’s handled Mark Sanchez look like abuse. He was coddled he was not forced to get better and to improve. You add Desean Jackson to the mix and he regresses? Kirk Cousins obviously wasn’t the answer either but he wasn’t drafted to be the Franchise in the first place. Shanahan gets more blame and less credit than he should. The measuring Rod of NFL Coaching Billicheck is 3-5 (0-1 in the Playoffs) Whomever said the Cutler started for 4 years in Denver you are incorrect actually. AFC Title game they lost, they drafted Cutler the following year. Cutler started half way through the season. Started the next two full season the latter coming to down to the last game of the season against the Chargers that is 2 1/2 full seasons of Jay Cutler as a starting QB. The last of which being the best of his career 4,000 yard season 4,526 to be exact. Will the Bears win a Super Bowl with Mike no the NFC is way to stacked can he get more out of Cutler than Trestmen yes he can! Can he properly use Matt Forte well ask; Terell Davis, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, Reuben Droughens, Tatum Bell, Peyton Hillis, and Alfred Morris all of which with the exception of Portis enjoyed their most productive years under Shanhan. He authored one of the best trades in Broncos history. Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis, Ashley Lelie, and a few nobodies. Portis eventually became injury prone, Champ while he didn’t age so gracefully last year put up a heck of a run in Denver. He can Coach just would make sure you have a strong GM in place who has final say on the personnel decisions.

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