Browns have a great opportunity to get deal done with Hoyer

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If the Browns wait to try to sign quarterback Brian Hoyer, they may have to give him so much money that it will be difficult if not impossible to keep Johnny Manziel around.  Which means that they’ll eventually have to choose one guy or the other.  And it would be the ultimate Browns move to pick the wrong guy.

There’s a way to delay the Hoyer-or-Manziel decision, but the Browns will need to move quickly.

Peter King of and NBC’s Football Night in America reported on Sunday that the Browns haven’t made Hoyer an offer since May 2014, when they extended a proposal that quickly was rejected.  With Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer tearing an ACL two days after signing his new contract, the Browns suddenly have an opening.

Hoyer, who tore an ACL of his own last year, surely realizes that he carries the risk of injury for the rest of the regular season, and perhaps postseason.  Because Hoyer, who was undrafted, never has received a significant payday, the Browns could offer a short-term deal that gives Hoyer real security, but that doesn’t compel them to dump Manziel.

Two years, $18 million, fully guaranteed.  With Manziel under a highly affordable contract through 2017 and the Browns holding fifth-year option for 2018, inking Hoyer through 2016 gives the Browns maximum flexibility.  Manziel may not like it; if he doesn’t, he should commit himself to beating out Hoyer.  If that happens, the Browns would be able to justify benching Hoyer, since Manziel by rule can’t get a new contract until after the 2016 season.

The alternative for the Browns is to wait for Hoyer to implode, making the decision to go with Manziel for 2015 an easy one, or to find themselves forced to pay Hoyer so much money that the Browns wouldn’t be able bench Hoyer for Manziel.

The offer to Hoyer could extend beyond 2016, with a year-to-year structure that gives the Browns until March or April to decide whether to keep Hoyer.  Ultimately, the goal would be to give Hoyer a chunk of money unlike any he’s ever seen, and in turn to secure the kind of flexibility that would let the Browns flip from Hoyer to Manziel, if that’s ultimately the right thing for the team to do.

The longer the Browns wait and the better Hoyer does, the harder that will be to do.  On the heels of the Palmer ACL tear, this could be the best time to get Hoyer to agree to a contract that gives him financial security but not complete and total job security.

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  1. This topic is very much on the minds of all Browns fans. The guys running the Browns face a difficult decision. Do they bank on Hoyer long-term, giving him a huge contract, in which case they have to trade Manziel for whatever they can get? Do they decide that Hoyer’s long-term potential isn’t that great, in which case he leaves as a free agent this winter and the team lives or dies with the unproven but tantalizing Manziel? The article suggests a path between those two extremes. However, whether it would be acceptable to Hoyer and the Browns is another matter.

    If the Browns make the wrong decision here, they could find themselves right back where they were from 1999 to 2012, when they basically didn’t have an NFL-caliber starting quarterback. This is a BIG, BIG decision for rookie GM Ray Farmer. (Unless of course Jimmy Haslam makes it for him.)

  2. Sure… Cleveland’s receiving corps is still a bit thin… but… 58% completions and a QB rating lower than joe flacco…

    Pump the brakes.

  3. There’s no guarantee Johnny Vegas has what it takes either. But they could probably fleece Dallas out of their #1 for him.

  4. Why would they find it difficult? Neither one of these guys is proven yet. Let the season end first.

  5. why do you think they need to rush to sign Hoyer? You blasted the Cardinals for signing Palmer early. And Manziel is cheap for 3 more years. Hoyer will be back and Johnny takes over eventually.

  6. There’s no question that Hoyer is a very solid starting QB at this point- it only took us 15 or so years to find one. If we let him go it would be an absolute disaster. Right now Manziel is a giant question mark and a work in progress.

    I say sign Hoyer no matter what, then worry about trying to keep Manziel as a backup.

  7. At this point, I think it’s safe to say we know what we are getting with Hoyer. He’s solid and probably has little risk of being accused of being an “elite” quarterback.

    His completion percentage is low and he makes a lot of questionable passes that are nearly intercepted. He seems to be significantly more comfortable and effective throwing out of play action when the running game is working. Few other quarterbacks are as poised and able to perservere like Hoyer…just look at the comebacks he led in week 1 against Pitt, weet 2 at home against the Saints, and the big one in Nashville. He’s far from perfect, but as Pettine says, “he’s good enough to have us at 6-3,” and by extension, first place in a tough division.

    The question is, do the Browns want/need more out of the QB position?

    Manziel has been learning on the sidelines since the spring. Though his in-game reps are small, he leads our scout team, has been coached by a solid coaching staff, and has had plenty of time to observe and learn. This experience, along with the draft pick used to acquire him, makes up his trade value to the team. I highly doubt anybody would make an offer that would be worth trading him.

    I say sign Hoyer for 2-3 years at a fair market rate and keep Manziel on as a journeyman backup. The Browns have plenty of cap space, so there is no reason to dump him off for a loss.

  8. Hoyer is a very solid starter, without question. I say sign Hoyer and then try to sign Manziel- who is a giant question mark and a work in progress- as a backup.

    I’m tired of us gambling on long shots. It took us 15 or so years to find someone as good as Hoyer. Sign him no matter what.

  9. Why not just franchise him and see if he can play well again next year? If he does, then you won’t mind signing him to a long term contract at the conclusion of the 2015 season.

    Not to mention, you can deal Johnny Football for a pick next season for at least a 2nd round pick.

  10. Could be worse – you could have recently given $100M to your QB who cannot win a primetime game.

  11. This makes no sense

    Every team has a budget for each position
    Johnny has 4 years left on his rookie deal and Hoyers current contract is back-up money. The Browns are way below any teams QB budget.

    They can sign Hoyer to a 3 or 4 year deal at starter money and cultivate Johnny the same way the Packers did Rodgers and the Browns did Sipe.

    But to think it’s one or the other is plain dumb, especially for a team that averages 3 different starters a year do to poor play and injury.

  12. Regarding Hoyer and the Browns…
    Bottom line– the Browns “must sign” Hoyer at all costs and let it play out. Johnny is NOT going anywhere next year and there is time, the future is still bright for him. His value is dependent on Hoyer’s performance but not his future. I t will not harm Johnny’s career one-single bit to sit on the bench 2-years for the Browns. It will work itself out by then…either Hoyer fails physically (gets hurt) or loses that tiny % of physical talent that is keeping him (along with his leadership) on top, the starter. OR, he plays out this season and next VERY well, well enough for the Browns to trade Johnny AFTER the 2015 season for the max the can receive, and also find a young QB (Conner Shaw, who is already there and shows promise) to learn from Hoyer to take his place in 2017, etc.

    Because the fact is—> every team wants an unquestionably bonafide, starting Qb, who is both physically gifted and able to lead a team. Problem is, they do not always come with BOTH those two qualities but are good enough to win some games. I think that is exactly what Cincinnati has and knew they have in Andy Dalton when they designed his contract. This past game aside (although saying that is getting harder and harder with Dalton) the Bengal fans know they need a better Qb– but the smart also know they are so, so many worse than Dalton out there that keeping/signing him had to be done because they have no alternative. His contract is not guaranteed, and I think the Bengal FO did a good job on that contract, actually. They just need to find a new QB but they have him for now.

    The Browns dilemma is similar in that, no one honestly knows can say or believe for sure that Hoyer can and will take them into the playoffs (ala Dalton for 3 years) then, win playoff games vs. the best competition in the NFL (which Dalton has proven he cannot do.) So from that perspective, I like what Florio suggest here.., I just don’t see Hoyer taking them up on such a deal based on the words and actions from he & his agent since May. What ads to the dilemma is, with Manziel the Browns have virtually “no idea” what they have there, so, no real leverage or can’t (should not) take a posture that Johnny is there, so Hoyer better play ball or hit the road. So until Manziel gets a chance to play, he is just insurance, albeit with potential for upside. But Manziel (who I really like and want to remain a Brown) can’t just be handed anything he hasn’t earned because the players would really take issue with this and for good cause. What Hoyer HAS PROVEN FOR CERTAIN is he can lead a team, he is just not physically gifted.

  13. If Tim Couch had this offensive line and receiving corps… he would have been MUCH MORE productive than Brian Hoyer.

    Tim Couch played on an “expansion” team of nobodies (after modell closed up shop and moved to baltimore).

    Couch’s receiving corps makes the 2014 crew look like a Pro Bowl roster.

    Couch CAREER Stats (before anti-defense/pro-qb NFL officiating:
    59% completions
    75 QB rating

    Hoyer CAREER Stats:
    58% completions
    85 QB rating

  14. Part of the success of Hoyer is the offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Kyle has always preferred the traditional drop back and check down QB. With the Redskins he preferred Rex Grossman over Donavan McNabb and Kirk Cousins over RGIII.

    There is no way in hell he wants to work with improvisational type player who will ruin or take over the game plan. Kyle going to make sure the Hoyer thing works and as long as there are wins that’s where the Browns are going.

    There might not be a future for Manziel in Cleveland.

  15. I’ve been saying that the Browns should extend Hoyer and trade Manziel. But now I think they should keep both. I think part of the reason Hoyer is playing so well is because Manziel is always on deck in case Hoyer flops. Therefore Hoyer is doing all he can to make sure that doesn’t happen. They need to keep Manziel for at least one more year and see what happens.

  16. The Browns have already made their decision. And they have chosen Johnny. Manziel will be the Browns QB next year.

    Hoyer is a great guy, a team guy, a great back story… all of that… we get it. But, he will never be a top 10 QB. And for the most part, top 10 QB’s are the only ones that win Super Bowls. Hoyer can take his #19 of 32 QB status to Houston or Tennessee or wherever. Maybe Cincy, I think we all know that they need a QB.

    I believe that the backup plan will be to push the extra 1st round draft pick to the 2016 draft via trade. If Johnny busts, then they’ll draft a new QB in 2016.

    These are not the old Browns. Farmer is playing the business side of things very well. The guy has a plan and knows what he’s doing. Proof is in the FA’s, the UDFA’s, the Alex Mack TT, the 2014 Draft, etc.

    Hoyer has played well, but decidedly within the firm boundaries that Shanahan and Pettine have set up for him. The Browns can only do certain things offensively with Hoyer, which is why they lay an egg periodically when teams guess right on how to scheme for them.

    Seriously, stop with the Brian Hoyer bandwagon. I realize he’s good enough to keep the Browns 0.500, but that’s not what the Browns want. That’s not what any team wants! They all want the Lombardi! And on that, Hoyer cannot deliver despite his play being better than Frye, Quinn, Holcomb, etc.

  17. I agree with the comment above that points out Rodgers playing behind Favre for several years. When the time came he was better prepared than when drafted. Same for Johnny Football. Sign Hoyer for two years at good money and after that time you will know for sure about Hoyer or they will have already switched to Johnny Football.

  18. A lot of haters fail to accept that Manziel was an accurate passer in college.

    Manziel doesn’t need to run AND should be encourage to refrain from running.

    SEE: Cam Newton

  19. kwjsb says:
    Nov 12, 2014 11:44 AM
    This makes no sense

    They can sign Hoyer to a 3 or 4 year deal at starter money and cultivate Johnny the same way the Packers did Rodgers.


    Took the words right out of my mouth. So many teams look for that impact/franchise qb right out of school. Brady sat and learned behind Bledsoe, Rodgers sat and learned behind Favre…

    ….there’s no rush here. Sign Hoyer to a 3 year deal and push the tough decision (a la Rodgers) down the road as to whether you resign Manziel or keep Hoyer.

    Hoyer has proven he can do a good enough job – he might even get better, who knows? There’s enough cap to pay Hoyer decently and keep Johnny football.

    Don’t be hasty, here….

  20. The Eagles may have to make that same choice with Mark Sanchez before the end of the season, if he continues to play well, and thinks he can get a starter gig somewhere next year.

  21. “And it would be the ultimate Browns move to pick the wrong guy.”

    Totally different people in the building. I for one think they deserve a little credit for A) 6-3 record & B) Picking Hoyer in the first place. Let’s let the process take shape, why rush w/a contract 9 games into a season. If the Browns go 11-5 and get to the playoffs I’m sure they will be convinced that they should invest in Hoyer. Looking to save a little bit now with the uncertainty of almost half the season remaining is foolish.

    See the forest for the trees.

  22. Is Manziel the best backup in the league? If not, why are we having this conversation? Was anyone crying for Sanchez to start when Foles was the starter? No…but Sanchez has done pretty well. Is it the system or the QB? Hoyer keeps the job as long as he’s winning and Manziel is poised to take over in a few years or days depending on Hoyer’s ability to stay healthy. He’s one QB slide away from letting Manziel show what he can do. He should take any deal now to maintain his starting position.

  23. The Browns have been waiting for a solid QB to come along for YEARS. They had to have the insurance policy with not knowing how Hoyer would be coming back so I understand drafting Manziel.

    I think Hoyer will be a better NFL QB over the course of the next 4-5 years, which is right around his next contract should take him.

    As far as Manziel goes, I would want to see him traded, I think the Browns could get a few players or picks, probably not a 1st rounder, but maybe a 2nd and 4th. It may sound crazy but maybe that would be something a team like the Bears, Bills, or Jets might be intrested with being unsure on long term QBs

  24. @scrp2 I disagree that Shanahan’s offense is better with a drop back QB. I think if the Browns need to or choose to go with Johnny Football the offense will look very similar to what the Broncos had with Jake “the Snake”. The bootleg run/pass options that are part of that offense work well with a mobile QB.

  25. NFL minimum is a “significant payday” to about 95% of the people on the face of the planet.

    He’s been in the league several years and has made a couple mil at least. Most people could live on that the rest of their lives and never have to work another day.

  26. Hoyer is a rookie/journeyman QB, let him walk. He was undrafted for a reason and there are other QB’s in the league that could be doing the same or more than Hoyer with the Shanahan offense. Hoyer has underthrown every long pass, has been off target many times and almost intercepted several times, cannot run for a first down etc. Bring on Manziel for 2015 and sign a veteran backup. Go Browns!!

  27. Again people, enough with the trade Manziel for this pick and that pick. He is under contract for 4 years with a team option for year #5. There is no rush, unless he starts to become a cancer in the locker room, which at this point, he is far from that. Realize everyone, that the Browns trade up for Johnny, a 1st and a 3rd or 4th I believe. So trading him for a 2nd and another garbage pick just because you have Hoyer is just stupid.

  28. Spend that money on offensive linemen and wide receivers.

    Cleveland’s management might actually do it… unlike… cheap Bengals owner mike brown.

  29. Manziel for Dalton, even-up trade. Bengals would jump at that, and Dalton would be a great back-up, assuming he never has to play.

  30. I agree with many of the posters in what’s the rush? No other team is going to offer Hoyer a large, long-term contract. If anything, the Browns have most of the leverage because Hoyer has never made big money and has an injury history.

  31. What does a QB have to do to please some of you people? Hoyer has shown he can win. Shove all of your stats.

  32. The new thinking in the NFL is not to waste your budget on one player. Build a TEAM.

    Chip Kelly

  33. Hoyer will be the next Fitzpatrick after he got that contract in Buffalo.

    A year later they’ll figure out he isn’t really all that good. I wouldn’t want this situation at all. They have two question marks at QB.

    6-3 is great, I like to see the Browns doing well but lets be honest….who have they beat?

    The Saints? They aren’t what they should have been.

    Tennessee, Tampa and Oakland??? Yeah. It counts as a W but come on.

    Pittsburgh is bi-polar. They could beat you 42-10 or you could beat them by the same score.

    Cincy is a joke.

    6-3 Rah rah! If they can beat Indy and Baltimore at the end of the season and not get blown out of the playoffs if they make it, then they should talk QB contracts. Until then they have nothing but poor choices in front of them on a soft 6-3 record.

  34. ocgunslinger says:
    Nov 12, 2014 12:01 PM
    I agree with the comment above that points out Rodgers playing behind Favre for several years. When the time came he was better prepared than when drafted. Same

    For the Browns and Manziel’s sake, let’s hope that Hoyer is not as egotistical and arrogant as Favre who refused to mentor Rodgers and flat out wouldn’t even say hello. Rodgers had to learn by osmosis rather than any sort of mentoring from a vet.

  35. This all comes down to talent evaluation…. If the Browns feel that Manziel has what it takes , then you don’t go overboard on Hoyer….If they feel Manziel is a long shot , then they dont have much choice but to give Hoyer what he wants….. Farmer and Pettine get paid the big bucks….so it’s their job to get this right, and as a fan am not going to worry about it!!!!!!

  36. Hoyer is not a championship qb, not even close. All I see him doing is handing the ball off and throwing short passes.

  37. There’s one option not considered here. They let Hoyer walk and move on with Manziel and find another back up or even use one or both of their first round draft picks to get one of top 3 QB’s in 2015 draft. Just sayin’.

  38. No way in hell he takes 2 years $16 mil. He would get more than that in a franchise tag, and if he goes on the open market some team will give him $15 mill average with more than $16 in a signing bonus.
    He’s too old to expect more than one deal, and your hypothesis that C. Palmers injury would spur a deal, HA! No way, he more than likely is looking at how Flacco rolled the dice to riches.
    And finally Cleveland guy or not, he saw the writing on the wall with J. Foosball being drafted, no hometown discount coming. Pay him or he’ll play successfully for another team while J. Foosball flames out gloriously.

  39. Needless speculation.
    The Browns will do the right thing and get him signed.
    Manziel is the backup. It’s that simple.
    The media cannot stand Cleveland having sports success, this is like the espn article rumoring Love leaving after this year. BS all of it.

  40. DoctorRustBelt:

    You don’t live in one of those “legalized medical marijuana” states, do you? Let’s take a quick look at what you’re criticizing here? You are knocking Hoyer’s 58.5% completion percentage for 2210 yards, along with his 4 INT’s this year, where Browns are ranked 4th in NFL for best t/o ratio. What’s Hoyer thrown…like 4 INT’s? Didn’t your boy Dalton (who’s otherwise not a bad QB except for some occasional bed-wetting probs) throw 2 just the othernight when your Bengals failed yet again in Primetime ? Doesn’t Dalton have something like 1960 yards this year ?

    Moreover, the Browns didn’t put up 40-50 passes last Thursday at the Jungle, instead, to control game & clock, they repeatedly pounded the rock about 55 x to keep Bengal DB’s away from the ball. Some 170-175 yards. Not record setting but plenty good enough for a 3 TD win over Cinci. All 3 RB’s, as I’m sure you know, scored one.

    The Bengals will be back, the Steelers got surprised by the Jets, whom I’m suspecting they looked past last Sunday, but they’ll be back, and the Ravens are always capable of absolutely anything. This is the league’s only division where every team is 2 games over .500. A team could finish 9-7 or 10-6 in this division, split games with all conference opponents, yet not make the playoffs. Other divisions will find a 9-6 team either with a W/C or Division title. I’m not ruling anybody out, but if you think that this year’s Browns under Pettine are last year’s under Chud, or one of those sad-sack squads that Romeo, Shurmur & others tried to round into shape, I believe we’ll all find that they are finally turning the corner. Once 16 games are behind us, it will have sorted itself out. Tough division …. respect your opponents & be careful who you chirp… payback’s always a bitch. Look at the abuse some decent Steeler fans have had to endure owing to the pissy comments that one or two Steeler trolls have posted, incurring the wrath of one and all.

    I’m not saying that the Ravens, Steelers or Browns are this year’s SB winners or even contenders. We’re repeatedly learning that ALL teams are vulnerable week-to-week, that’s why the NFL has no undefeated teams this year. Very much the parity-ridden league that NFL H.O. strives for, fortunately or unfortunately ! Should be an interesting next 7 weeks.

  41. At the halfway mark of the season I highly doubt the Brownies are in a rush to resign Hoyer. He hasn’t looked mesmerizing. He should be paid around Alex Smith range. If he doesn’t like it, let him walk and have some other team give him a megadeal if that’s what he wants. And before we call Johnny a bust, he did look slightly better than Hoyer in the preseason.

  42. What on earth does the man have to do for some of you people? Hoyer has brought us to a place we’ve not seen in a very long time…and he did it without ANY of his prime targets. Josh Gordon suspended and Cameron Jordon injured…rookies and free agents taking up the slack and quite well I might add. Hoyer was looking even better until Mack got hurt…and you wonder why he had a few tough games. Come on people, that line is EVERYTHING! When Mack went down, we saw the same kind of play we’ve seen from the Browns for years. Now that MacDonald (?) is getting better, the running game has improved as has Hoyer’s effectiveness. It doesn’t matter what his stats are as long as he’s winning games…and we are winning! Go Browns. Oh, yeah, pay the man!

  43. NasaElvis….so Hoyer’s played 12 whole games for the Browns, recovered magnificently from a torn ACL, yet you’re pronouncing him not good enough ? Give the man a chance ! I’d be surprised if Brady or Rodgers lit it up the minute they stepped on the field, or Steve Young after Joe Montana was done in San Fran, either. As an NBA fan, I can tell you Kobe Bryant was no hell his first season or two in the NBA (right out of H.S., mind you). Athletes can & do get better with time, experience & decent coaching, which all of the Browns appear to be getting. Waaaayy to early to call Hoyer “middling” as the English say. If, however, he washes out, I’ll be on the same bandwagon, but not until he’s had an opportunity.

  44. Knowing the Browns and their fans haven’t been in this situation in 30 years, I’ll just kick back and watch the dog chase its tail.

  45. Hoyer will get you to 8 and never be Great!

    Somebody mention Rodgers Brady and Kobe in same breath as Hoyer???

    Seriously??? Brian Hoyer is a poorman’s Chad Pennington.

    The difference about Hoyer is he 29 will be 30 in 2015 and he does have that Bad Knee.

    Hoyer Future is such a short window. Best prepare Manziel for 2015 and get that kid some time and find out in a year if he Legit.

    Let Brian Hoyer go sign some deal with The Jets or Texand or Bucs. He might get them to 8 wins? But who really gives a ratazz about 8 win seasons? Oh? Romo and The Cowboys do I guess? But, 8 wins and being a Avg Qb who relys heavy on his Run game and Defense isnt gonna win you the Big Games when push comes to shove.

    He a nice Cinderella story and soon will turn back into that Pumpkin.

    The Future is with Manziel………..


  46. Hoyer ? Why did the burn two draft picks to get Johnny Football? No way are they getting a 1st rounder for him. This is the same city that chased the best coach in a generation out of town. Brilliant

  47. I’m not sure that Hoyer would take a two-year deal, even at a massive salary. He is an efficient quarterback but is and probably never will be a great one. If he can lock in an extended contract with guaranteed money with another team, I imagine that he’ll take it, if only to safeguard his future. The Browns probably won’t give him a long-term deal because they clearly believe that J-Football is the future for the team.

  48. “And it would be the ultimate Browns move to pick the wrong guy.”

    For the first time in 20 years I feel the Browns have a front office that is more than capable of making this decision.

    One thing I know for sure is the Browns front office today is much smarter than the people at PFT, something that couldn’t be said in the past but also something PFT needs to get used too.

    In Ray Farmer we trust.

  49. What is interesting about all this constant talk about Hoyer is that they keep missing one crucial issue. Although the Browns have been winning, Hoyer has NOT been playing incredibly well, nor as good as he was last season before his injury. He has CONSTANTLY underthrown wide open receivers down field this season. At least three TDs could have been scored if wide open receivers did not have to stop running and wait for the ball to arrive or run back to get it. He has also been throwing behind a lot of receivers. Grant it again that they have been winning and he seems to play better when he needs to be, but if he wants a really good payday with security, he needs to show some big improvement and consistently throw accurately, leading the receivers. Game against the Bengals is the best game Hoyer has played this season…lets see that continue.

    Finally, signing him should NOT be at the cost of losing Manziel. I am not sure why the Browns did not throw Manziel in the last series or two against the Bengals, but you don’t get rid of a low cost QB with potential just because the other QB is insecure about keeping the starting position. It would be great if Hoyer can keep playing well as the starter and Manziel can continue to learn behind him the why Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers did. He’ll get his day.

  50. If I owned the team, I would want to protect my investment. Keeping that in mind, I would sign Hoyer to a 3-4 yr deal to ensure that I have at least an “adequate” QB, in case all else fails. Give him some guaranteed money for his own protection. Hoyer would continue to start unless the team developes someone better.

    Meanwhile, determine if Johnny can fit into Shanahan’s Offense, or not. I would put his name out there (Chicago, TB, NYJ, Hou, etc.) as being available but, there is no need to just give him away. You’re not losing anything with Johnny on the roster, especially at the rookie rate.

    We missed out on Bortles and Carr but, there will be others in upcoming drafts. Maybe Mariota? Stay away from head cases and Florida’s future felons. Let the Cowboys deal with them. (Best way to guess at future behavior is to look at past behavior)

  51. Will all you hacks, including Florio, please leave your phone number in the comments so Ray Farmer can call and ask your opinion of the right thing to do? Your opinion means NOTHING. They do not care what you think, they will make the best decision in favor of the TEAM – as it should be.

  52. Do your homework PFT and commenters. Linta, Hoyers agent said early last summer they were done taking offers because they felt Hoyer’s true worth couldn’t be determined until after Hoyer played this season. Its a gamble for Hoyers agent but it might get a contract way better from somebody if Hoyer stays healthy and wins. Linta was Flacco’s agent too that did the same thing and Flacco won a SB and got paid handsomely for it. This is why there have been no further contract offers from the Browns. Florio, do your freaking homework before just spouting off, please.

  53. If i was the Browns i would sign Brian Hoyer to a one year deal at least with an option for more years if needed.By the time that contract expired Manziel might ready to be the starter because he would have had at least one more year to learn.Plus lets say Hoyer gets the Browns to the playoffs this season and then he signs with another team then Manziel might have the pressure next seasoon to repeat what Hoyer did this season.Plus if the Browns sign Hoyer some teams might want to trade for him when Manziel is ready to be the starter or the Browns could trade Manziel.Either way the Browns could have a quarterback that could be traded in the future.

  54. #1 – This is a great situation. Everyone’s acting like we’re in such a tough spot. Manziel needs time to learn. Look at Bortles and the number of interception this year. We could be dealing with that right now.

    #2 – Let the season play out. We have a tougher schedule ahead of us, but we’ll have offensive weapons like Cameron, Hawkins and Gordon coming back. Also, there will be a lot of pressure if we stay in playoff contention. I suspect that Hoyer is the kind of person who will respond well to that.

    #3 – Injuries happen and having two good starters on a team could be the difference between a playoff year and “re-building”

    #4 – If Hoyer gets us past the first game of the playoffs, he deserves a good contract.

  55. The current situation is great…for the Browns. But neither QB will sit through something like this for another year.

    Hoyer will jump without them making a big commitment to him which probably means dealing JFF. But Hoyer is getting credit for a lot of luck and a really solid defense and a simple matter of few turnovers by ANYONE on the offense and a good, solid running game.

    The Browns are not that good yet and teams will start to pick this offense apart and then Hoyer’s going to be exposed. He MAY step up, but it’s doubtful he can when things turn against him. He’s just not that good.

    Yes, the Browns are in a tough spot for the medium term….and possibly the long term if they make the wrong decision.

  56. Other things the media has said the Browns “must” do this season.

    – Not pick Mike Pettine as head coach

    – Draft Sammy Watkins.

    – Cut Josh Gordon.

    – Start Johnny Manziel right away

    In other words stick with the pretending you know what’s going on behind the scenes and let the experts do their thing. Ray Farmer is on track at being executive of the year by doing the OPPOSITE of what the media wants him to do.

  57. Some guys didn’t like my saying that Browns may just let Brian Hoyer go but it’s actually true. I recently heard an interview with Ray Farmer and wouldn’t say he exactly gave Brian a ringing endorsement moving forward. All he said was Manziel is under contract. Take it for what it’s worth but that is what he said. Unless Hoyer has a stellar finish this season. I don’t believe Browns will throw tons of money at him and just may let him go. I don’t want that. I like Hoyer and have abundant respect for what he has done this season and way he fought back from what could’ve been career ending injury. At this point, he deserves some love and money. Let’s just let season play out. I have no qualms with keeping both guys. But that’s just me.

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